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  1. Is this the first issue of the second trade, or do I have to wait for the next issue.

  2. This is still the opening arc.  Not sure if this is the end of the arc or not.  Usually 6 issues is good, but I dont know for sure.  Sweet Christmas I can’t wait!!

  3. I LOVE this book.  Why aren’t more people buying it?

  4. @magnum240 I TOTALLY AGREE

  5. Its cuz of the iFanboy’s reluctantness to try it out as well.  If we could just convert one of them, our numbers will grow!!!  Both Josh and Conor are close, we must continue to press them, mwhahaha

  6. When this book comes out it should be one of the top pulled books.

  7. I’m just saying I tried this book and it wasnt for me, and I can see why others arent buying it but enjoy it and lets hope it isnt canned any time soon.

  8. I am excited every month when this book comes out.  Love it!

  9. @Ruo21 its probably the last issue of the arc.


    the previous issue set up the final showdown between the six and one of their siblings. lets put it this way the siblings took out bane.

  10. Solid. Every month consistant and fun.

  11. this is consistantly one of my favorite books.

  12. Yes, very good.  Again, I am here as long as Catman and Deadshot are.

  13. You guys can try and convince them to read this. But I learned from pushing Deadpool that they arent gonna be swayed so easily….or at all.

    So there’s the lesson for you: Never try.

  14. Thats because deadpool sucks

  15. Ha!

  16. Catman looks like hes about to become road-kill.

  17. Can’t wait for more nude shots of Junior. So sexy.

    PS — Pool doesn’t suck! =D 

  18. Sad to say, it was a disappointing issue.  The stuff with Jeannette’s past felt totally out of place in this issue.  And the confrontation with Junior was…anti-climactic.  Still a fun issue, but didn’t leave me completely satisfied

  19. from what i can read. dc probably said they wanted a 7 issue arc instead of six. So she threw in the origin story to fill in time. Junior……… was very anti climatic but the chance of her and mad hatter trying to kill ragdoll. cant wait. the only thing that sux was the potential breakup of the dynamic duo. im crying to sleep tonite

  20. Here’s this for the iFanboy guys who won’t try the book yet: I don’t even read D.C. (would like to, but my budget permits me to follow only ONE set of comic book soap operas). I haven’t since maybe 2001. I picked up this book at #1 because a friend who knows me well recommended it, and I haven’t had a problem getting into it. It’s great fun, and the art is just always amazing. I don’t know what more you can ask of a comic.

  21. Yeah…this one was kinda lacking…and the twist in this issue kinda leaves me cold.  Next issue will probably be make or break for me.

  22. Comparing this to Deadpool is like comparing apples and brake pads.

    Or more appropriately, a turd sandwich and something people want to eat. 

  23. ouch

  24. double ouch

  25. The art in Deadpool is good, and Daniel Way surprisingly is telling some good stories.  I am not looking for Eisner material there. 

     As to the more important topic of Secret Six, this comic is awesome, and really channels some of the best part of the Villains United stuff with Suicide Squad.  That and Deadshot is a bad ass.

  26. I thought this was another great issue.  The ending caught me off-guard – I think I had been lulled into a false sense of camarderie!  Now I’m really curious about where this series is going and what kind of tone it’s going to have.

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