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  1. I couldn’t believe it either.  But it’s twists like this that make me love this book.

  2. Apparently the next issue is the end of the arc.  So…maybe Gail has something up her sleeve to fix this??  I doubt it will be back to normal, but at the very least I’m sure it will be quite entertaining

  3. @drakedangerz  lets hope =)        btw nice pic lol League Of Extrodinary Free Lancers!

  4. deadshot will be back on the team in the next issue or in the next coming issues. one of the last panels of the origins and omens back-up had deadshot in with the group in a future adventure.

  5. yeah, he is obvioulsy under the control of the Mad Hatter, or other some such nonsense.  They aren’t going to kill of Scandal so easily, or the new character as such.  I think Jeanetter is making Deadshot live out his fantasy or something.  Catman was trading punches with Batman a few issues ago, it seems weird for him to go down after getting hit in the face once.

  6. @wadebeforeslade- they couldn’t kill off scandal off with a shot to the head anyway. she is immortal.

  7. That is actually why I love this book.  The Backstabbing!!

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