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  1. 3.99 ahhhhhhhh

  2. is the guy in the middle suppose to be noran osborn?

  3. norman*

  4. 3.99! I’ll just move along….

  5. I really wish I could resist this after the shitfest that was Secret Invasion, but it’s just too tempting.

  6. Its on my pull list, but I am not sure if I’ll pick it up.  Most likely I’ll just read it in the shop.  I am trying as hard as I can to not pick up 3.99 books if I can help it.  Still…its Bendis and Maleev…:-(

  7. well i heard it was double sized, so the 3.99 doesn’t bother me

  8. My the hate runs thick.  I loved Secret Invasion, 3.99 is a bit much, but that’s the going price for anything except ongoings.

  9. @drake

    If you’re gonna read it, I think you should pay for it. 

  10. "If you’re gonna read it, I think you should pay for it. "

     Tell that to all the patrons of your local library. 😉

  11. I’m waiting to here if this is any good. 

  12. @eagle6002-My LCS doesn’t have a problem with it, so neither do I.  And if I end up liking it, I buy it.

  13. Gratuitous boobage. 4$. Pass.

  14. Argh, I’m tempted to boycott the $3.99’s now also. I’ll flip through it to see first.

  15. "I’ll flip through it to see first."

    Don’t! That’s how they get you!

  16. Well I am a little cold this year.

    Gonna need some paper for the fire on Wednesday 🙂

  17. I sort of hate myself for even thinking about buying this. Obviously Bendis and Maleev are great, but I’m still feeling burnt over Secret Invasion.

  18. I’ll wait to see what people are saying about Dark Reign before buying in.  Secret Invasion left a sour taste in my mouth. 

  19. @maudy.  Every time they check out a book it supports the company and the writer.  Some of our favorite writers do really well becasue of the library circuit with TPB’s.  Its what helped me get into comics.

  20. I’m really excited about Dark Reign. Not whatever event mini series thing results from it, but just the new status quo. Looking at the newly declassified solicits, it looks like Osborns regime will have a real and interesting effect on the other books. It looks like it will do cool things to Punisher, Iron Man, The Thunderbolts, and all the various new avengers books, plus that secret warrirors book. Theres a lot of interesting stories to tell here.

    I also think this special might be cool. It’s an oppurtunity to for bendis to hint at all the crazy stuff that this evll illuminati might do, without having to actually puill off a complete epic mini series about it. The stories that result from this will be handled by a variety of writers, so you don’t have to worry about the huge disappointment of a Secret Invasion type thing. Plus, I really liked the New Avengers Illuminati stuff.

    So I am cautiously hopeful.

  21. Damn.  The only thing I really liked about SI 8 (other than the Hawkeye stuff) was the setup for Dark Reign.  I’m honestly excited for some of the storytelling possibilities.  I just don’t know if I can afford this one this week.  Maybe I’ll just have to hope that my buddy picks it up. 

  22. I’ve decided that I’m probably gonna wait for New Avengers: Reunion to hit shelves, becasuse it’s definitely following one of my fav stories to spin out of SI.

  23. I just saw the preview pages and : wtf man, that’s not really namor? look like, I dunno, some fat has-been actor….

  24. oh and whats with Osborn’s haircut?!?!

  25. do. not. care.

  26. That’s a fucking awful cover.  Whats going on with Alex Maleev?

  27. Namor looks ridiculous, seriously, I know he’s had some hard times but I don’t think they would leave him looking like that. He looks terrible!

    Also is that Harvey Dent in the middle of the group? Oh, wait. that’s Norman Osborn

    Jokes aside, i’ll be checking this out.

  28. Loki’s breasts are almost hilarious.

    Typing that last sentence was a little surreal.

  29. Scientifically proven fact: Loki must have had a huge package when he was a guy if her boobs are this big as a woman.

  30. Big boobs can throw people off balance, like when Namor (uncharacterisitcally) acts like a goof around Loki.  I’m pretty sure thats the point of the boobage.  Namor is just nasty looking, I can’t understand why Maleev would go that route.

  31. I love Bendis. I love Maleev. But, Secret Invasion was the first time i have ever felt let down by a book that Bendis has written and i just don’t want more of that.

  32. I am excited for this. I loved Secret Invasion and this is gonna be freakin’ sweet.

    I think there’s a place in Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of Awesome.


  33. Namor’s a hobo! wtf?

  34. emma frost is evil again?

  35. Someone should really tell marvel that people will still buy comics even if there is no event going on….

  36. The only reason I’m slightly interested is because of Emma Frost. I’d hate to think they’d throw everything away with her just for a six month storyline. And let’s face it, that’s all this is: a six month storyline, because Marvel never actually deals with any of their big events. I might buy this to see what the deal is with Emma, but then I think I’m going back to just reading X-books from now on.

  37. I think that is Obama’s cabinet!!

  38. What’s Black Adam doing in the dark Illuminati…oh that’s Namor

  39. @wolf    no, but neither is namor

  40. dont assume these people are all evil now.  Just wait til this comes out to see why everyone who is here is actually in the group.  Geez, stop using your "jump to conclusions" matts 😛

  41. I really can’t tell yet if I’m on board with this. I pulled it on ifanboy, but I’ve really got to flip thru it. I’m debating giving this a pass and seeing how life is without the latest marvel event book.

  42. I’m treating this like Civil War: The Confession Civil War: The Initiative books or even the Illuminatti Special pre Civil War. They were real good books IMHO and setup/answered many questions/stories. That’s what this books appears to be. . . . .


    /Jury’s still out though

  43. That’s it, I just removed it from my list. I’m going to wait and see on this one.

  44. @wolf – Emma Frost has never been not evil. If that makes sense. I’m interested to see what Namor is up to, which is a shocking development because Namor has never been interesting. Does this mean that the real Sue Rickards never had the affair with Namor? ‘Cause whoever wrote that was a bloody fool!

  45. I pulled it, then I un-pulled it.  The only way the big two will stop beating us over the head with events is for us to stop buying into them.

  46. The only thing that’s interesting to me on this is Namor and Dr. Doom. Those two have a relationship together, if anyone remembers the little mini-series with Namor. Both shoke hands and became allies so I was wondering when that plot point would ever come back.

    Still wont get it though, not until I see the Bendis I grew in love with when I came back in comics. (about 2005-2006 Bendis)

  47. @kory its a good thought but I don’t think Dark Reign is an event. its just the brand for the new status quo. Kinda like how a few of the books had the Initiatve banner after CW

  48. @RoiVampire

    A few books? Try at least 84 books.


    Avengers: The Initiative #1-3
    Black Panther #26-30
    Captain America #26-30
    Civil War: The Initiative #1
    Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular #1
    Fantastic Four #544-550
    Iron Man #15-18
    Marvel Spotlight Civil War: Aftermath (2007) #1
    Mighty Avengers #1-6
    Moon Knight #11-13
    Ms. Marvel #13-17
    New Avengers #27-31
    New Warriors #1-8
    Nova #2-3
    Omega Flight #1-5
    The Order #1-4
    Punisher War Journal #6-11
    Sub-Mariner #1-6
    Thunderbolts #110-115


    Looks like Marvel will be putting banners on all books that would be even remotely affected by the current status quo. The Initiative was a status quo as is Dark Reign. Marvel sells this as a convenience to the customers so that they know and can make informed decisions. Sorry. But after dropping bank and buying 96 Secret Invasion books just to canceled out that the 100+ books involved with Civil War established I’m not sure I have the stomach for much more status quo tie-ins.

  49. You bought all of the Civil War and Secret Invasion tie-ins?  If so, don’t blame Marvel for your weak stomach and empty wallet, blame yourself.  Just because Marvel, or DC, puts a banner on something doesn’t mean you have to buy it. 

  50. Oh no, not Civil War. I wasn’t even reading comics then. My OCDcompletist self started reading comics a little after Cap #25. The first event I hooked into was Messiah Complex and loved it. Hoped on Sinestro Corps war and loved it so I hopped on board Secret Invasion with much enthusiasm. Now. Now I can say that I am wise to the ways of comic events.


    And yes, I know it’s more me than them. I just get suckered by a pretty banner and am overwhelmed with completing what I started. The South Park Chinpokomon episode comes to mind. "Gotta get them all!" "I must become the Chinpokomon master!"

  51. @Theoran-Chinpokomon!!!  >__<

    World War Hulk and Secret Invasion have taught me a lot about event comics.

  52. @Theoran Dude i was just saying it wasn’t an event like SI which had a mini series in addition to a few 4 issue mini’s in addition to bleeding into the regular books. DR will ownly bleed into the regular books it seems

  53. Very true RoiVampire. Looks like it’ll be the launching platform for a new Black Panther, Punisher, War Machine, Secret Warriors, and Agents of Atlas as well. Kinda like how The Order, New Warriors, Avengers: The Initiative and Mighty Avengers launched after Civil War ended. And many of them I enjoy greatly.

  54. @ Theoran  Agreed I’m hoping i get another book that i love as much as Avengers: The Initiative

  55. @ roi

    ownly?  are you serious? 

  56. Has anybody confirmed whether Osborne is as Skrull or not?

  57. Osborn, not Osborne.

    If he was a skrull, Reeds magical machine would have exposed him during the big clusterfuck fight.

    You know what I just thought of?  Why the  hell did they never address the Sentry!!  The bitch flew away…where is he?  I hope he flew to Pluto to cry and then just ended up staying there.

  58. @drakedangerz sadly, that is unlikely. He’s on the cover of Punisher #1, in frank’s crosshairs. sadly, it is also unlikely that we’ll get to see frank kill him.

  59. I have such high hopes for this that I’m not even gonna bother reading the comments of all the nay-sayers.

  60. @goat77-nay nay nay!!!!

  61. @drakedangerz

    DAMNIT I read that!

  62. I’ll give this thing a big pass…

  63. @JK43 – I wouldn’t say Emma is evil, she just doesn’t mind going over the line to get what she wants.  She’s involved in this group to serve her own purposes, which I’m sure is some sort of mutant rights.  The upcoming Uncanny X-Men annual should shed some light on her motivations

  64. I did just flip thru this at the lcs, didn’t read, but mostly checked out the art. I tend to like Maleev, but at first pass I found his work on this very off putting. Didn’t buy it, and am actually happy about it. It’s ok to resist.

  65. I won! I flipped through it and put it back on the shelf.

  66. Wow, well this is up for ‘worst art in an issue’ award wont it?

    Absoultely horrendus, Osborn looks like another creature towards the last few panels.

  67. Yeah, I read it in store.  It was a very well written issue…but the art was just so inconsistant!  I don’t know why Namor was acting goofy around Loki, seeing as how she was quite possibly the most hideous woman I have ever seen.  It just really brought the book down for me, too distracting. 

    Otherwise, good story.  Still don’t see why Loki trust Norman to help her get what she wants.  Maybe shes just sticking around to see how it goes?  be the wild card?

  68. Interesting reviews. On both ends of the spectrum. This is destined to be a love/hate book. It will not be universally pleasing. 😉

  69. MMMMmmmmm. This is the Bendis I love.

    @People complaining about Maleev: It’s stylized! Would you prefer Billy Tan’s "everyone-is-mark-wahlberg" incessantly consistent stylings? The only problem I had with it is one panel where he traced from JRJR pretty obviously.

  70. @goat77-nay

  71. Okay the art is ‘stylized’ whatever that means. Plus I have been hearing this from friends and others:

    ‘Oh well if you read Bendis’s Daredevil run with Maleev, it didnt look good at first. Then it got better as it went along’

    That might be fine, if this was a mini-series or an ongoing. But this is a one-shot, you dont have any other attempts to make this comic look good. Unless Bendis and Maleev is doing constant one-shots for the illuminati, you got one chance to impress with the art. Maleev failed for me and his characters look like shit.

  72. Jesus Christ, Namor looks like a hired thug from the Batman 60s TV series. Maleev is able to do so much better than he did in this issue…

  73. @TheNextChampion

    Pah, I liked the art!

    Anybody else think that the guy behind the doorway was The Sentry? ‘Cause I do.

  74. Namor looks like Jean Reno after a weekend in Vegas. Other than that it was awesome.


  75. Namor looks like Frank Miller

  76. Is Marvel so desperate for artists that they will put this guy on a book that is suppose to start the next big event? Horrible art…just horrible!!! 

  77. @cutty – I think he looks more like Robert Englund.

  78. I’m glad I didn’t pick this up after flipping through the art, and reading through all the spoilery reviews. Doesn’t sound like a missed much.

  79. Hated the art but liked Bendis writing.  Also it’s bad when I am so bored I don’t finish the 2 page preview to War Machine, Agents of Atlas

  80. Here’s something else that pissed me off (shocking I know)

    Why were there previews and ads at the end of this? I’m sorry, I know this is suppose to advertise Dark Reign but damn, I didnt buy a 3.99 book to get one story and then a ton of pages of ads. Maybe that’s why I felt everything was rushed or shoehorned in to make it work. Maybe if Bendis had ALL the pages in this issue he would’ve told it better.

    Then again that would’ve give Maleev more pages to pencil, so it’s a lose-lose situation.

  81. Maleev rarely puts out solid issues but, rather, good panels. The scheme in Emma’s dream had me excited but the look of Namor was blecch. Bendis effort here, not even worth reviewing for me as I don’t have much positive to say. Much of this seemed eerily similiar to Libra’s motivational speeches from across the way and, because of that, quite underwhelming.

  82. Look, for everyone saying that Maleev can’t draw Namor: Go back and read his Civil War illuminati one-shot. Namor looked completely normal and youthful in that. Do you still think that Namor looking like a hobo was unintentional?

  83. Did anyone else not cringe at the final pages Osborn appeared in?

    I scream loudly on how atrocious Norman looked at those pages. Like a five year old drawing.

    Namor wasnt that bad, although him and Hood looked like a hobo. Apparently I’m not the only one thinking that, reviewers felt the same way about those two.

  84. Oh, if there’s one thing I have to agree with about the art it’s that Osborn didn’t exactly look like Osborn. The interiors weren’t as bad on that account, but the cover had NO resemblance to him!

  85. I went straight here after seeing the usually-good-Maleev (remember the Daredevil days?) drew such comical looking Namor (who also doesn’t speak like a usual Namor in my opinion).  I guess I’m not alone in thinking Maleev might have dropped the ball on this one.

  86. Namor may be going through some tough times, enough to completely change the structure of his face.  

  87. I have to agree with the others, this art was terrible. Namor looked like he should be a garbage truck driver and Loki looked scary and not in a good way. It really took me out of the story. Bendis writing even seemed off. It was like he had not written Namor in those issues of Illuminati. Maybe he is still a Skrull. This was a let down. 


  88. Thank God I didn’t buy it.

  89. I’m waiting for the "Namor-becomes-a-alcoholic"- tie in that explains his looks…

  90. A comment on the Maleev art…

    I just re-read New Avengers: Illuminati. The characterizations are almost identical to those in SI: Dark Reign. The only character in common to the Illuminati and the "Dark Illuminati" is Namor. And he is drawn quite similarly.

    The outfit that some have described as North Jersey guy clubbing in Soho (or some variant) is exactly the same. The sketchiness and short strokes are identical. Namor’s face looks a little less haggard in NA: Illuminati. On the other hand, Namor has gone through quite a bit of misery in

  91. I loved it. Art and story. Extra buck killed the wallet… but then, this was the only book I bought yesterday.

  92. I’m still laughing about that Namor.  I bet Bendis and Maleev are laughing too.  They probably did that just for us message board people, ya know.  If I were of higher motivation I’d go check out the jinxworld boards.

  93. if you are ever feeling unattractive, just look in the mirror and tell yourself "well, at least I’m not as ugly as Namor"

  94. I love Maleev. His work on Daredevil is some of my favorite comic art. This was… mediocre.

    On the fifth page as Emma enters Avengers Tower, she has one round breast and one square best. Each of a different size.

    I can’t recall ever seeing an unshaven Namor. And it doesn’t gel with his personality. No matter how hard his times, he was always one to show up his rivals with his superior, under-water physique and dashing good loks. He looks like he should be in the Sopranos. (The costume is what it is. I think that’s been the default Namor costume for the past 10 years.)

    And on page 16, Loki suddenly looks strung out on drugs. When she should be looking regal.

    And in the panel where Osborn impales Swordsman, we suddenly Swordsman looks about 80 years old when just panels earlier we looked to be about 30-40.

    I won’t claim to be any good at art, and I do like Maleev, but the art seemed very rushed to me. ANd really, not up to his caliber.

    The story was a bit meh, as well. I picked this up to have an idea of Marvel status quo as I begin culling books over the next 3 months. But this hasn’t really inspired me to pick up any books. Infact, I was excited about War Machine until I read the preview in the back…. 

  95. Ouf, Maleev’s Namor sure is fug! I was reading some of the New Avengers today as one of the girls at work brought in one of the trades for me and I was blown away by his art in that, but this just looked sloppy. Since when has Namor been an unshaven douche? 


  96. Where Bendis has taken the time to build the The New Avengers into Secret Invasion and then try to shoehorn and continue the storyline into the next event fell short for me.  The price of the comic for $3.99 wasn’t disappointing for me due to the page count but the faces of Maleev’s interpretations of these characters and the tone of Bendis’ characters just disappointed me.

    BMB spoke to John Suindres on Wordballon and he stated the user shouldn’t judge the first issue about the story and let it build to the entire arc. I can understand that but when the tone isn’t to your liking you gotta just jump ship.

    Sorry Marvel, see you next event.

  97. Man I loved this! I thought the character interactions were fantastic!

  98. So help me, I loved this book. I was really let down about what came before, but somehow they pulled me back in. And Emma looks amazing in this issue. I can finally see what scott sees in her.

  99. I picked this up on a lark.  I decided before this that I was done with Marvel’s crossovers for awhile.  But I have to say this was really good.  DAMMIT!!

  100. For this I can’t read Powers? Oy vey! But thank you Bendis, you’re saving me money. I have no interest, nor inclination, to buy New or Dark Avengers anymore for $4 a pop nor any of the infinite Dark Reign tie-ins. So now I can check out Reimender & Opena (now theres some good art) Punisher series, or Agents of Atlas.

  101. Folks sound like they are serious about not buying some Bendis books.

    I didn’t like Secret Invasion mini either, but I enjoy Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers and Mighty Avengers.

    I will be following his Dark Avengers book in trade.

     And I bet the pulls on Dark Avengers will be up there with New Avengers/Mighty Avengers.

  102. @scorpion: I have no doubt NA and MA will be some of the highest pulled books when they come out. But they will still have one less pull from a certain member on here 🙂

  103. Why the hell does Namor look like Robert Dinero.  This makes no sense what so ever.

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