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*GASP* OH SNAP!!! ITS FREAKING DARK REIGN!!!!!!!!! this book sets up the following “status quo” for Marvel and brings us back to yet another “event” story. Which leads me to this statement. I am so glad I am a Marvel guy and don’t waste my time with “final crisis” and all the “superboy earth Malibu Prime” “death of new gods and Jesus” crap…

Bendis does a great job bringing these characters together and a gives solid points to why Norman would call them there. I gotta say, I am happy Doom is a big part of this. Doom to me has been under used and I think that more people need to use him other then FF. The only one I don’t really know about is the Hood. I like what Bendis is trying to do but I also feel having him a part of this is really forcing it. The hood is not on a level with these other guys…yet. I loved the reveal a few issues ago in NA and I will wait to reserve judgement.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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