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I think everyone needs to calm the fuck down. Sure the “Secret Invasion” main book was a bit of a let down, but there were some great stories told through it like “Captain Britain” and Jason Aaron’s “Black Panther” arc. With that said I think there’s going to be some cool stuff coming with “Dark Reign.” We all know where this is going; Norman is going to be loved and trusted by the public only to freak out and become the Goblin again. But , the journey is going to be the fun part and what I’m looking foreword to. We can bitch and moan about all the events that take place one after another, but the truth is we love them. Marvel and DC would not put them out if we didn’t gobble them up and then go on the net and bitch about them. There is no such thing as bad publicity and they know that.

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  1. the best review of an event that ive ever read.  and any review that begins with "everyone needs to calm the fuck down" is aces in my book.

  2. I’m not all worked up, but I was unhappy to have paid 3.99 for twenty minutes of irritation mixed with boredom.  The art in this comic was uneven, and the concepts and conversation presented were simply irrational and ridiculous.  I enjoyed the follow-on stories to Civil War, what little there was, and I’ve loved Brand New Day despite HATING One More Day, so I’m completely open to the posibility of enjoying Dark Reign stories.  But for me to enjoy them someone’s going to have to do a much better job of seeling the conceit than Bendis did in SI 8 and in this Dark Reign special, and than Diggle did in Thunderbolts.  So far I still find the public acceptance of Osborne to be laughably unbelievable, and the motivations offered to suggest that this dark illuminati would ever work together completely ridiculous.  If I can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to look past the concept then I simply won’t enjoy the stories.  And so far I’ve found he idea of a guy getting superpowers after being bit by an irradiated spider to be more credible than the human behaviors being depicted in these stories, and that doesn’t bode well for my future enjoyment of Dark Reign.  And yes, I’m pretty calm too.

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