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  1. man, for the first time in a long time, I am excited for Secret Invasion. Not just because the last issue kicked ass, but also because my favorite books coming out of Marvel right now are Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. let’s hope for awesomeness.

  2. Nice cover work.

  3. Agree with JJ – cover looks great

  4. @NealAppeal: I’ve been loving Thor and Captain America too. I’m interested to see someone besides Brubaker writing Bucky.

  5. The final double-page spread of this issue will send chills down your spine, and that is a promise!!

     I am so pumped right now i could fight a bear


  6. @Neal – I’m with you, this is the first time I’ve been real excited since #2

  7. maybe this will be like the nick fury cover and only one of the characters will be in the actual book

  8. I hope this issue pays off the tease from the end of #4.  The cover seems to indicate it will.

    If this issue tarnishes what Brubaker has been doing in Captain America I will hunt Bendis for sport.

  9. I am very interested to see how Bendis writes Bucky. It’s wierd to see him written by somebody other then Brubaker.  Although Bucky was in Avengers Invaders (two Buckys technically. heh.) and that was awesome.

  10.  one of the best covers i’ve ever seen – remarkable!

  11. @ScottB and cman12

     I too am interested in seeing how Bendis will handle Bucky, and also Thor, for that matter. With both of those books, what is great about the characters is not something I could sum up quickly. There is no soundbite to them. They are just well written characters put into situations that bring out what is most interesting about them.

    After seeing this cover, I got the notion that it might be cool to see an old fashioned type avengers line up, with this current version of Thor, along with Bucky America. But it is hard for me to imagine liking these characters as much as I do in their solo books, unless this new version of Avengers were a collaboration between Brubaker and JMS, or something like that. Because it wouldn’t be enough (for me, at least) to use the characters, you’d have to come up with a tone similar to their solo books.

    I think Bendis is capable of a tone like that (look at Daredevil) but all too often these days he spoils it with snappy banter. Bendis’s snappy banter can really undercut his stories by sort of sucking the reality out of them. I don’t think Thor or Bucky are characters well suited to banter. What I like about both of their books is how dedpan they are. Brubaker and JMS never seem to be winking at you. In cap you will get a conspiracy between some of the most ridiculous villains in comics, but it will be dead serious, and they will be frieghtening. Same with JMS in Thor–even when there is humor, it is always natrual, it feels like the humor of the situation and the charaters, not the writer.

  12. Just this afternoon, I randomly read the first issue of this mini-series, then the to subsequent Mighty and New Avengers issues and they were much more engaging and exciting than I remembered. I truly think this will read great in trade, so I will recommend that before reading issue 8, go ahead and read 1-7. It will be worth it.

  13. Well I’ve dropped the series so I’m waiting for trade……Sorry but 4-5 issues of basically nothing is a good reason not to pick this book up.

    Oh I’m sorry did I just ruin the positive feelings in this thread? I seem to do that quite well. 😉 lol

  14. I am actually looking forward to this one.  Bendis somewhat redeemed the project with last issue.  So now I’m curious to see where he takes it.  Pretty much this issue will make or break the rest of the series for me.

    And out of curiousity, why would you buy the first issues…then drop it for the trade?  Thats just spending more money on the thing then you have to.  Especially if you end up not liking it in trade either.  I would just keep buying the singles and have my wife hide them from my until I picked up the final issue.  Then I could read them all LIKE a trade. 🙂

  15. I would frame this cover and display it proudly.

  16. @NealAppeal

    I agree that it would be challenging to make a team book with Thor and Bucky and still be true to the tone of their solo books. 

    Still, (and this is still very wishful thinking) if one of the outcomes of Secret Invasion is the formation of a line-up that looks anything like this cover, I might literally have a fanboy overload and spontaneously combust.

  17. Secret Invasion needs to result in the launch of a new "The Avengers" title with Cap, Thor, and Iron Man. It would be nothing short of amazing.

  18. no way tony stark is going to team up with those people, it’s artist cover licence again

  19. Regardless if that cover has anything to do with what happens in the book, it’s a very cool image.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I would definitely hang it up if it was a poster.

  20. Can’t wait

  21. Well, so much for a new title with the classic Avengers title. However, the "Dark Avengers" could be interesting. I’m all for a good Avengers book (though I haven’t read one yet).

  22. I cant imagine this issue will focus on the cover….Hell we just got out of the savage land! Why would we not focus on those heroes and suddenly diverge into the big guns?

  23. I actually think this could be the breakout issue. Last issue was good and finally saw everyone out of the Savage Land. Now its essentially an all out brawl with the skrulls. Hopefully Bendis plays it right and this could actually close the series strong after such a slow opening.

  24. I’m looking forward to this.  I’m anxious to really get Cap and Thor into the mix. 

  25. @Champ – most players are converging on NYC as this issue opens up. should be no reason we don’t get a good dose of the big guns. even you know this is the one to beat, no matter how much you trash it.  


  26. @Face: Ah you know me, I’m just the disgruntled comic nerd who got tired of 5 issues of nothing. Sorry that you enjoy nothing for 5 issues but to me I dont wanna waste another 4 dollars on a nothing comic. Especially with the rumors about the ending to this event, this will feel like nothing if the invasion isnt over at the end of this run.

  27. I’m really excited about this one… granted, I’ve always been excited for an issue (‘cept number 4, I didn’t give much of a damn about that one) but that’s not important

  28. @Champ – nothing for 3 issues, dammit! #1 and #5 had.. stuff 

  29. This series has been a pretty big bore.  Sorry I just don’t think it’s been very good.

  30. @FACE: Well duh #1 had stuff cause it was a first issue! Okay granted #5 had the plot FINALLY moving. But let’s put this in perspective:

    For 5 issues Maria Hill stayed in the same spot, Agent Brand practically in the same spot, All the heroes in the Savage Land fought in the same spot, Young Avengers/Runaways/Initative/Howling Commando’s in the same spot, Thunderbolts and Skrull Marvel? In the same spot for five issue (until the tie-in in Thunderbolts of course). The only big things that happenend in issue 5 was Agent Brand freeing Reed Richards, Maria Hill killing the SHIELD Skrulls, and the Avengers killing the fake Skrulls. By the end of the issue they were just leaving the Savage Land and the only big changes came in from all the tie-ins.

    You call that progession? Hell that’s like how our government says our economy is fine….

  31. @NextChampion Howling Comandos arrived, and left and took the young avengers away with them to the secret headquarters. captain marvel went into space in issue five. (he’s done plenty considering the number of pages he’s had, same with agent brand). In my opinion this series has been fine, apart from the fact that issues two three and four should have been only two issues.

    Sure it’s been slow, but what can you do? So many people have all this left over anger from earlier issues being disappointing and they carried all that over onto the last issue, which kicked major ass, and they are setting themselves up to carry it on to this issue which will likely also kick a lot of ass. Let it go already. The bad issues have already happened. Now we have only three issues for shit to go down. And a lot of shit just has to go down. Do you want to enjoy those next issues or do you want to stay pissed off at issues 2, 3, and 4?

  32. @Neal: Oooooo…..uuhhh……which one would entertain me more? Probably get angry over the last 3-4 issues 🙂

    Okay tell ya what, if I hear good things about this issue then I will give it a try….I wont buy it but I will read it at the story. Fair trade here?

  33. @Nextchamp that sounds reasonable. I mean, you shouldn’t have had to pay for issue two, anyway.


  34. @all the SI haters. not just you Champ – While it does appear that not much has taken place within the storyline, the real purpose of the series has been met, and it’s that which people continuously fail to recognize. This series sole intent is bringing the heroes of the Marvel U. back together. You might have missed it because you were too concerned with the skrull invasion, as if that’s what this is really about.

    You think Marvel’s just throwing you a bone in the shape of an alien invasion here and it’s not the case. They’re smarter than you think and they didn’t just decide to end SI with a skrull victory after they saw the success Final Crisis was having.

    "Let’s see a beat-em up brawl!" – but would that satisfy you? Do you want to see the Marvel heroes fight skrulls for 8 months? Of course not. You want character development. Check out Maria Hill, Agent Brand, The Hood, Fury, the skrulls, etc.

    "Well, when are they gonna kill Superman?" – Wrong universe. Whoops. 😉

    "Where the hell is the major reveal?" – It’s not coming. But in actuality there have been several key reveals including Hank Pym, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel. I know you’re clamoring for Wolverine to be revealed as a skrull but you already know the complications that would bring to his own, or any other major players’ independent series.

    I know you’ve got a good argument and a lot of resources from various podcasts and message-boards on how much SI sucks, but it’s not half as bad as you make it out to be. I’ve seen a lot worse: check out Glamorpuss or Marvel Apes. All the glorified hatred around here’s becoming more and more heresay with about as much credibility as the National Enquirer. 

    Words can hardly express the joy I feel in seeing the big three (Avengers) adorning the cover of this issue. Cap’s going to need some direction now that Brubaker’s opus is coming to a close. If he bleeds into the Avengers books a little more it wouldn’t bother me (I know, I know, bleed over destroys solo titles. Just look at what its done to Green Lantern and Batman), but it’s where he belongs and somebody’s gotta straighten that crew out – spec. The Sentry.

    I’m merely speculating. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, and don’t waste your time bringing the same old arguments. I’ve spent enough time here to hear all of ’em. From where I’m standing things are happening because I see the big picture, and it’s bigger than a world-wide skrull invasion, if you can believe that. 

    Dark Reign, if it’s what we assume it to be, is going to be a real trial for a group of divided superheroes. They won’t overcome it as a separated force and it’s likely that that’s what SI is going to reveal. Be there or be fair.         

  35. @FACE nice post

  36. You da man, FACE.

  37. @FACE

    I hope Dark Reign isn’t just the skrulls running things. I hope it’s something more suprising than that, something that won’t derail every book in the universe. I hope it has more to do with the Evil Illuminati, the Hood, and whatever the hell is supposed to be so shocking in this book. Skrulls ruling the world isn’t that interesting to me. Especially after this. As much as I’ve enjoyed the various SI books, in a month I’m probably going to be sick of skrulls, and in two months…well, it’ll be worse.

    also, i don’t think the anger at Secret Invasion is just people hating. After an awesome opening that just blew doors down, we had three months of mild to severe disappointment. That is not a small thing. yes, Bendis has seemed to maneuvered the Marvel Universe into much a better position, but that hasn’t been over five issues. He did that with the first issue. yes that is a big thing, but that doesn’t mean you should just follow that up with a brawl for an entire issue. the book should stay exciting. even if that means doing things that are merely entertaining but don’t get the universe anywhere new.

    The fact is, what happens in events isn’t actually that important. What is important is that they are epic and fun. A book like this or Final Crisis is not what sets a company’s house in order. Good writers and good artists telling good stories is what sets the house in order. Books like Captain America, Green Lantern, and Thor are the ones that set the house in order. Events can clean up the mess other events leave, but all you really need to do is tell entertaining stories, and if you are not entertaining, you are failing in every way that matters. 

  38. The Hood is one of my favorite villians at the moment.  I’m hoping we get to see his new regime of crime take to the streets and start messing up some skrulls.  Hopefully we also get to see Bucky deal with the invasion.  Should be interesting.  Here’s to continuing the trend of last issue and just keep making things better and better!

  39. @Neal – I know comic fans have credible reason to not enjoy SI and it’s not just hating for the sake of hating. Considering the current status of the book, though, I’m  beginning to wonder. Just feel that SI deserves more credit than what it gets for its role in the overall scheme of things.

    think i’ll read all six issues again before posting my review. see you soon

  40. More happened in FACE’s comment than five issues of SECRET INVASION.

  41. @FACE- I intended to catch up on SI after issue 3 came out.  But I kept hearing how nothing was happening, so I made the decision to wait until it is collected and read it all at once.  I may be weird but I can’t afford two major events with multiple tie-ins at 3.99 a pop.  So it may seem that people like me are ‘hating’ on SI, but that could’nt be farther from the truth.  I anticipated it would read better trade form, and I plan on picking it up when it comes out.

  42. Anticipation is a noun, and defining results in expectation or hope.

    I want to get this as clear as possible, I fucking loved the first Secret Invasion issue. After the 1 1/2 to 2 years of waiting, I was finally seeing a huge and sprawling storyline Bendis has been promising. The first issue had major players go down early and the last page showed just how confusing (in a good way) this series could get; I’m talking about the 1970’s heroes on the ship. That issue could’ve been my POTW and at first I thought this blew away any other event I’ve read in a long time.

    But then anticipation turned into eagerness which is defined as impatiently longing. The next issue was also pretty decent, okay so it was a big fight scene but it was beautiful fight scenes. Not much story came out of it, but I was sure that the next issue would show the Skrulls winning….or at least give us a clear indication for the midway point of the event.

    Next eagerness turned into annoyance which is defined as unpleasant. The third issue just left a bit of a distaste in my mouth. We’re still in the Savage Land? We’re still unsure about the heroes dropped in a SKRULL ship? Sure Nick Fury coming out at the end was pretty cool looking, but we’ve only really advanced the plot in about 1 hour?

    By the forth issue annoyance turned into down right ugliness which is defined as repulsed. Alright so some stuff happenend, mainly just Agent Brand moving from one ship to another and the heroes…STILL ON THE DAMN ISLAND! What is going on here? It’s the middle of the event and we’re still at the same location, pracitcally at the same time, and people fighting the same people? Is this the show 24 or something, and showing only a few minutes before a commerical….or in this case the end page? My distain for this issue made me ultimately drop the event, but I still lingered in picking up the 5th issue, not pay for it of course.

    Then, just like Ron, I was enamored that stuff actually happened!….Well sorta….We had a cool splash page of the Skrulls telling people they are the inferior race and will be destroied. Cool. Reed Richards comes in and shows all the heroes in the ship are Skrulls? Shocking! (sarcasm, will be explained) and our own heroes kill all the Skrulls and vow to kill the remaining ones? Pretty kick*** especially coming from Hawkeye. Only one problem with the issue….it’s still only a few hours into the event and the main heroes are still on that damn island! Not even showing them land in NYC or going into space to fight the armada…We couldnt have two or three extra pages to show the heroes prepare for the next issue? Oh that’s right we need to see a very lame preview that the big three (Thor, Iron Man, and Cap) will team up….somehow…

    I am not upset at the quality of the art in this book, the art is great. Hell given the circumstances the overall plot is not bad. If this was a film or DVD this would be really great. The only problem is that for a 90min film the first 5 issues would cover about 20mins and we still got an hour to fill. Not the perfect example but here’s a better one. The television show Lost has had 4 full seasons and very few questions were answered. I love the show and it has entertain me, but your expecting me to believe plying four years worth of stories can be answered in a shorten two years? No way is that gonna be justified and entertaining.

    You see, like manly pointed out before me, these five issues should’ve been 2-3 at best. For all the hype in the world Bendis has created, more of the tie-in’s and his Avenger books have had the more interesting storylines and moments for this event. It’s like reading the cliffnotes to War and Peace. You get the gist of it in cliffnotes, but in order to enjoy it you need to read all of it in one gobble. I dont know if it’s his writing (that’s a thread on quality of writers now on the main page here) or just the marketing….But overall this event has been a big load of nothing. Even if the last three issues are the best stories in the entire history of comics….you still have 5 pretty medicore issues to swim threw.

    If you love this event, hey more power to you. You see I’m not trying to argue here just to make people pissed on what they love….I’m just trying to tell you my opinion on something and seeing if it’s the right idea. It’s opinion, and if you dont like it…skip this comment and go right to the next. But conor has said it best, FACE’s (and probably mine) posts have had more stuff in them then the entire SI event.

  43. once again you’ve missed the point because you’re too busy coming up with witty comebacks and trying to explain why you have good reason to hate SI. i’m aware that there are many reasons to be down on the series. i’ve even sympathized with you. but it’s your lack of care for the overall Marvel U. that blinds you.  

  44. @FACE and everyone else – I want to like SI regardless of why it exists (bringing heroes together, killing skrulls, getting Bendis paid).  I buy the book to be entertained, not to keep myself up to date on the relationships between the heroes, etc.  If the book isn’t fun, it isn’t fun, regardless of why it was written. 

    I am glad a number of you have enjoyed the series and I hope I enjoy the next 3 issues as much as you have enjoyed the previous 5.

    I will now leave the thread to make room for more theses by TNC and FACE.  You guys crack me up.

  45. SI has been fucking awful so far.  That being said, there’s plenty of time to turn it around, c’mon Bendis!

  46. I hope Reed Richards is still pissed.

  47. the reunion of the guys on the cover SHOULD be awesome, just like how the illuminati were all on the cover two weeks back, and their reunion … didn’t … happen …

  48. What the hell do you mean ‘lack of care’? I’ve tried caring about this series and it’s just been bad plotting and overall just a waste of four bucks for (now) 5 straight issues. TehDave just said it FACE, you wanted a reunion of the big three on the cover….and you BARELY got it. Tell me how you loved the final two splash pages at the end. Tell me how that’s what makes a comic so great.

    This issue was once again, a set up issue. BARELY anything happenend. Hell the beginning of it was recapping the other Tie-In books! All the characters just moved from one small area to the next for a big fight….That I’m sure will be the only thing going for it for issue #7. Go ahead and read my review but I’ll state it here as well: This was a poor event and when we look back on it 20 years from now I know the majority of people will dismiss it for what it is. An event book written for trades.

  49. @TheNextChampion I totally respect you dont like the series cause tons of people dont but your way to early in judging how this event will be viewed 20 years from now. We still got two issues left and who knows what could happen. I think the overall assesment is the stories have been decompressed to the point where each issue is so slow that the fans dont care but who knows if the last page of the 8th issue doesnt change the Marvel landscape for years to come. I dont believe Marvel would let a series this important be 8 issues of set up (Of course i could be wrong as Quesada has done some pretty controversial things.)

  50. @Rift: Considering this ‘Dark Reign’ event could be the big results of this Invasion….I call this event a set-up until otherwise.

  51. "Yeah, well my god has a hammer." Fucking awesome line.

  52. I was pretty disappointed with this issue.  I mean, I understand that the stuff that was in this issue were necessary, it just felt like not a lot happened.  Yes, we needed to see that the Skrulls were having an impact on the human population, yes we needed to see all the avengers gather together in order to fight, but it still left me wanting more.  That being said, I am pretty excited about the next issue.  The main part that really got me was Bendis’ handling of the new cap.  I was really afraid that he would, to a certain extent, mess up what Brubaker was doing with him.  But even in his limited involvement this issue, Cap just seemed exactly like I pictured he would.  It was crazy that in such a small amount of space, Bendis and Yu could totally handle the new cap respecfully.  

    Oh, and I agree; "Yeah, well my god has a hammer." Best line in the whole book!

  53. Was Thor just slamming his hammer into the ground in Central Park to summon everyone or was he venting?

  54. There was hardly anything fun going on in this book. Just a bunch of two page scenes with not much going. The Thor and Cap bits were lamest of all. Nothing of substance. And what is supposed to be so great about that final double page spread? Why hype that up?

    Here it is, I’m sick of defending this book. The fact of it is SECRET INVASION SUCKS. It sucks so much, not because there is nothing good about it, but because there is just enough that is good about it for it to be constantly disappointing.

    It was a mistake to feel excited about this book.

  55. Neal’s a sad clown now. Is there anything sadder?

  56. I am not trying to offend anyone (I have seen what happens on this site when that happens and have no interest in repeating it here), but did anyone else feel like this issue was a summary of everything that had happened up to this point following by approximately two pages of newish content followed by a four page spread that was essentially a preview for the next issue?

    Again, no offense, but in my opinion the first six issues of this series could fit in two regular sized ($2.99) issues.  It’s not that there isn’t potential for excitement and it is not that there aren’t a few interesting things happening.  It just feels like they are really stretching out those interesting things with some less interesting filler.

  57. @stuclach

     I felt that way alot.  The beginning was pretty much a "hey, if you arn’t reading the tie-ins, heres whats going on!" sort of thing.  I am also inclined to believe that this story could have been told in about 5 issues.

    oh, and both Face and TheNextChampion make good points.  I am in the middle with this series, and expect to stay there until the bitter end.

  58. Hey I just noticed…why the hell does Wonderman still have that stupid costume with the jacket?  Didn’t Bendis replace it a while ago in Mighty with a real costume?

  59. @cman12: I couldn’t agree more. We need better Shane Black-isms in our comics.

  60. The only thing that bums me out has nothing truly to do with Secret Invaison…it’s that same feeling I had with Civil War–The only purpose of the event was to set up the next event. Remember how we all pondered if Civil War would lead to great stories because of the new "status quo"? Did it? ehhhh…dunno. I already feel that about Secret Invasion…it’s all setup for the next new ‘status quo’. I guess that’s just the nature of it all. I think I’m starting to long for stories with a definitive ending.

  61. I swear, first people say Bendis should’ve written Civil War…

    …now it seems like people think Millar should’ve written Secret Invasion. 🙂 ‘Cause everytime someone says "Nothing’s happened!" it sounds suspiciously to me like, "There’s not enough fighting & explosions!"

    Whatever. I like story and SI’s got story. If anyone’s not getting their fill of Skrull blood, go read Ms. Marvel (which is excellent).


  62. Hey if you dont mind me asking guys, since you got your 150TH PODCAST MILESTONE coming up this week….How did you guys feel on it? Since your doing practically mailbag the whole show I’d just like to know what your opinion on this issue was. Sorry to be noisy, just interested in what the trinity has to say about this issue and our compliants/praises of the book were.

  63. "Yeah? Well, My God has a hammer."

    I need that on a t-shirt so badly right now it’s not even funny.

     Oh, and hey, don’t like the book? Stop reading it. But does everyone who doesn’t like it and claims to have dropped it need to keep bitching about it. If you’ve dropped it-it’s done for you. Move one.


  64. @Nate I haven’t dropped this. I don’t plan to because I care enough about this story to want to finish it. And I also care enough about this story to be pissed off that it isn’t better. So I will continue to bitch next month (if it still sucks) and the month after. If you find my bitching tedius (I wouldn’t blame you), please note that in the future that I will head my coments with "Bitching" so you can easily avoid them.

  65. @Nate- I would buy that t-shirt.  Put that one out Marvel.

    About Secret Invasion and the lack of action- My opinion (which really does’nt matter) is that this should have been a six issue series so it would have a faster pace.  I think a lot of the detractors problem is that they had to pay for 4 issues before something happened (and 4 bucks a pop ain’t cheap nowadays).  Say what you will about Final Crisis, but with each issue that has come out in the main series the story has progressed, there is a deepening of the mystery and story is going somewhere.  I’m not saying FC is better, I’m just using it as an example.  Feel free to flame me, but just go easy.

  66. @TheNextChampion – If you want to get the Trinity’s attention and an answer to your question you might want to try their contact email:  I believe that is where they requested we send questions for the 150th.

  67. @stuclach: Well I’ve already given my question, it’s well written actually and I’m sure the quality of the question is perfect as well. (sucking up) But since they are talking about Invincible and then right to the mailbag….just curious on their opinions of this issue.

    Oh and people have brought it up, but what the hell was the point of the fake Mar-vell is he was just gonna die pretty much off panel? God that bug the s*** out of me, like why bother make a mini-series on the guy before hand if he was gonna die like a wuss?

  68. For the record, I have not been bashing the story, but Event-ism as whole. As for Kory’s thoughts on FC? I couldn’t agree more. THere’s something about FC that draws you along the story. It sounds as if SI will end with a Skrull conquest, think about FC, Morrison went to end of the world in what, Issue 3? It’s a very different take on this type of story. SI isn’t all that bad, it’s just there had been so much hype and mystery surrounding it for so long that it was hard to not have high expectations.

  69. The last 5 pages of this completely blew me away.  I’ve been waiting so long for the 3 pillars of the Avengers (even if it is Bucky, it’s still Cap) to meet up.  This is what has kept me buying each issue.

  70. @TheNextChampion

     Die like a wuss?  The dude went out after punching skrull warships in outerspace!

  71. FC is working because amost everything has a tight lid kept on it. Basically everything with the branding is done by either Morrison or Johns, with the exception of Revelations and Rucka is writing his own characters and not really interfering with anything the other two are doing.

    It isn’t TOTALLY problem-free, there’s the matter of Countdown and fans having to bite the bullet and accept that it was thrown out of continuity for being too awful, but that’s hardly the fault of any of FC’s writers.

    What’s crazy though is that SI should be doing something much simpler than FC. FC is essentially a reboot undoing a previous reboot, and requires almost all the main players to have their own individual reboots (Bats = RIP, Supes = Beyond, GL = Red Lanterns, Flash = Rogues and Rebirth, Wondy = Something Else.)  The point of Secret Invasion is to close the book on the registration, hero-fighting-hero era and go back to heroes versus villains.

    Marvel has been entertaining the "what if Hero A and Hero B got in a fight who would win?" crowd for long enough with Civil War, Avengers, Hulk beating basically everybody, Stark getting his ass kicked by everyone when guest starring in Thor or OMD or anything else. It’s time to go back to fighting villains again.

  72. This is Issue is okay, but I think I become a little uninterested….

  73. That’s ADD for ya…

    But seriously. I read this and was blown away. I say this as a reader who is tired of hearing Bendis’s name and who generally dislikes Yu’s art. But these guys are working at Marvel and I’m not, so that says something. Anyway, I tried to review this issue and couldn’t find the words. Until now. I’m gonna get back to the review.

  74. @kthx – Countdown was thrown out of continuity for being too awful? Don’t think so. The Gods wouldn’t even be in the position they are now it weren’t for Countdown. There is an issue with Orion’s initial involvement but doesn’t the Time Bullet explain that? 

  75. This thing isn’t very good.  It’s not bad, but it’s just…. *meh*.

  76. @cman Mar-vell did totally die like a wuss. Didn’t you notice all those feelings he was having at the end? I mean come on.

  77. @NealAppeal, Comment wasn’t directed at you, you never said you dropped it. 

  78. Just to clarify, if you’re still reading the book, you are very much entitled to your opinion. I’m just getting tired of the people who say that they’ve dropped it still complaining about it. If you paid for it, and you want to bitch, then it’s your right to do so. 

  79. Good moments but overall ‘meh’. 

     Do you know what would have been interesting?  A follow up to the Queen’s assertion that "God" loves you.  As in, do they mean the big G Judeo-Christian god like we have in the DC universe, where there are lots of pantheons and powers but only one big G.  She didn’t say "Skrullio the god of chin lines loves you."  She said "God." 

    There’s a lot of potential in that line and it could have been followed up with something insightful.  Instead we get a line that is cool but flippant and ultimately unrewarding.    

    The Avengers Assemble line felt weak too, maybe because there weren’t really that many Avengers there?  Second spread was good though.

  80. @Crippler – "Skrullio the god of chin".  That is my new favorite diety.  I am going to go shave, so I an worship Him (Her?).

    Seriously though, this whole Skrulls believe in God and will tell you He loves you every five minutes feels like an absolute rip-off of Battlestar Galactica.  IF the God they are talking about is the monotheistic christian God, I am calling Shenanigans on Bendis.

  81. @Nate I was more responding to that "Don’t like the book? stop reading it" part. I was trying to explain why I wanted to keep reading a book I’ve bitched so much about.

  82. @stuclach – Skrullio appreciates your devotion and takes the shaving of your massive chops as a sign of your conversion. 

    Along the God lines a bit further….    Have any of the ‘reveals’ so far been shocking at all?  Not to me, and I’m not even a hardcore Avengers reader.  In fact, the only thing I’ve really been interested in the during the entire series is was the whole "He loves you." thing.  That was new and interesting and honestly pretty creepy.  I understand that part of that mystery was resolved in Incredible Herc, but maybe that wasn’t the whole story? 

    Let me be more sucinct.  Skrulls have invaded before.  That’s not new.  A Skrull god? (sorry, I mean, Skrullio THE Skrull god)  THAT is new and interesting. 

  83. @Crippler – If the Skrull god ends up being named Skrullio, then I will agree that it is new and interesting.  If the Skrull god ends up being the Jewish/Christian/Muslim God/Allah, then I will assume Bendis has been watching Battlestar religiously (puns are the greatest thing ever invented by Skrullio).

    Can you fill a Marvel neophyte in on the pertenent happenings in Incredible Herc (anything that adds depth to this story is sorely needed)? 

  84. i don’t know why I do it to myself. Every time a new issue of SI comes out, I’m eagerly anticipating the book to pull me in and redeem itself, instead its more of the same, slow agonizing pace.

    Both sides have been killing each other … and they stop to line up and have a pose down before charging at each other? C’mon.

    I have to ask where is the Hulk? You’d think they’d want him to smash Skrulls. And I don’t know if it was a color error or something, but I notice Pym’s eyes weren’t green anymore. That would be a twist wouldn’t it? And whatever happened to the teases of Luke Cage and the baby that hasn’t even been touched at all in SI?

  85. @ All who say the purpose of Secret Invasion is to pull the Marvel Universe back together?  Where do you get your information?  I don’t believe Bendis has ever said this to be true.  We don’t know what the ending will be and though you may THINK you do, you do not.  I am loving this series, and I am hating Final Crisis, but I am taking a wait and see approach to both, only after all the issues are out will I decide if the overall project was any good and to do anything less is premature.

    On a side note… Janet Van Dyne is totally going to die… She really shouldn’t have taken that upgraded Pym formula PymSkrull gave her… but that’s just my prediction, really really large Wasp explosion is coming down the line…

  86. @anyone who didn’t notice that Bendis just spent six months telling a story which has essentially climaxed in a handshake between two of the mightiest Avengers and a converged effort between the two factions, New and Mighty, led by their signature battle cry "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"

    I’m not sure I can make it any clear for you. Maybe you should spend more time reading the stories and less listening to podcasts and hanging around message boards. While bringing the Avengers together may not be the only purpose of this series; it has spent most of its time achieving that goal, regardless of what follows.  

  87. @FACE: Okay they say Avengers Assemble and go into battle….We still have 2 more issues of this mate! You and others have said it to defend this, we still dont know where this is going. How do we know that either A) The skrulls win and there is no team-up again or B) some people actually die and again there is no team up?

    Hell look at the advanced solicitations! Mighty and New are still seperate so that seems to me there is not one huge avengers group still. The initiative is still up, so that means the registration act is still in effect, and we got one huge big question mark on the status of Tony Stark….I’m not here to totally make BS of your idea Face, but looking into the future it certainly doesnt look like this big event means the status quo will change drastically. Hopefully I’m wrong, cause I want something big to happen out of this, but like others before me, I just dont think anything big is gonna happen.

  88. It would be ludicrous of me to imply that Secret Invasion’s rectified everything that’s occured since the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act, and BY NO MEANS is it my intent.

    btw – "I" have two more issues of this. You’ve already deemed it the worst piece of literature in comic history. Yet, somehow, I suspect you won’t be able to avoid finishing it.  🙂 <—take note of the smiley! 

  89. @TheNextChampion & FACE – I think that regardless of why the story is being written or exactly what the outcome is, what we need is simply a better story.  I sincerely hope that SI isn’t just a means to an end.  If it is written well and leads into a very nice story, then that is a bonus, but the quality of the writing cannot be secondary to the build up.

    I find it funny that you two are continuing to argue after giving the book a nearly identical rating.

    I also find it funny that three (seemingly) DC guys are having this discussion in the SI thread.

  90. @stuclach: I try to stay 50/50….or how about 33/33/33 when it comes to my comics tastes. Okay so I like DC a tad bit more, but I try to be balanced and not be a Marvel hater or Indie hater. I also agree that we keep fighting about this issue when we both gave it the same score!!!!

    @FACE: Last time I’m commenting on this, cause I dont wanna start a war on this site. A) I didnt mean to say you think this event is gonna recon everything. B) Will I finish it? Probably, yes I’ve been trashing it for a whole week but damnit, I have to see what happens. This event is gonna bring something new to Marvel, what with the whole ‘Dark Reign’ event coming next year. It’s the same with FC mate, I mean I really like it but if I hated it, I’d still read it cause it’s a big event….But will I pay 4 bucks for it? No. I didnt buy this issue of SI, I just read it carefully at the LCS before I started my rant…Probably next month will be the same way. Oh and I dont recall saying it was the worst comic literature ever, it’s just the worst big event ever…There’s a difference.

    Okay now I’m done, I need to lay down for awhile and think about my role in this site now…

  91. @stuclach – It was my understanding that the "He Loves You" line was first explained in the Incredible Herc.. here’s the teaser

    "SACRED INVASION" reaches its cosmos-shattering climax! Hercules leads the ragged remains of his God Squad into desperate battle with the unimaginably powerful Skrull pantheon — and if they lose, Earth dies!

    So, I haven’t read it, but obviously there really is a Skrull pantheon and for now we’ll assume that pantheon is led by Skrullio.  Now, if someone could explain to me how God (big g) and pantheon fit together… well… I’d be happier.  Right now I don’t get it and I really hope it’s not a throw-away line.  The potential there is huge. 

    Oh, and Mr Face?  That handshake moment?  I dont’ think it was as big a deal as you do.  It’s not the ‘real’ Cap and it’s a different Thor too right?  Tony Stark is hopefully a Skrull and thus we are left with no actual resolution to these conflicts which have been dragging on since frickin Civil War!  Enough already!  I want some resolution goddamn it. 

  92. @Mr Crippler – i got called out "again" by Fractal514 and defended my argument. It’s not my fault Champ feels compelled to argue with everything I say about SI.

    Whether you think the handshake, which I’ve also joked about in my review (yup, that’s sarcasm in there), is a big deal or not doesn’t matter to me. I’d also mention that Bucky is currently the ‘real’ Cap, whether you choose to recognize him as such or not and.. that is the same Thor, or perhaps Thor A.D.

    Don’t expect to attain resolution thru picking fights. The last word is yours..

  93. Sorry, no fight intended.  I disagree, but nothing more. 

    Do you at least agree that at some point they need to address the real issue in the Marvel U – the Registration Act and all the Civil War items that have drug on for ages? 

  94. @TheNextChampion

    Worst comic event ever? Somebody here didn’t read Secret Wars II. 

  95. @cman: Yeah I heard that was terrible, and someone gave me the Galactus Conquest event too….I’ve never read either so I cant judge on if they are worse or not. Until that happens I think this is the worst marvel event ever…..or at least the most disappointing.

    Oh and my only positive note on the entire book, anyone notice Howard the Duck in the splash page at the end? Awesome 🙂

  96. It’s about damn time.  It took 5 issues to get the Avengers out of the Savage land, but now there’s finally some action happening and I’m actually excited for the last two issues.  Maybe Bendis can pull this off after all.

  97. Here’s the truth… most comic events are letdowns.  That having been said, I am enjoying SI far more than either 1.) Civil War, 2.) World War Hulk, 3.) Infinite Crisis, 4.) Infinity Gauntlet, 5.) Infinity War, 6.) Infinity Crusade.  "Secret War I" was better, I’ve never read COIE, "House of M" had stronger middle chapters but had a lackluster first and last issue, and I dropped "Final Crisis" after issue 1 because I didn’t care about any of it, I didn’t like the art, and I generally and not a huge Grant Morrison fan.

    @Nate – Good point.  How can you criticize a book that you aren’t even reading?  I have nothing bad to say about "Final Crisis" because I’m not reading it; same with "Batman R.I.P."  However, I’m not reading them because I didn’t like the parts I’ve read.

    I think "Secret Invasion" has been a huge success thus far, and I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing.  It’s been a lot of fun.  Remember, Bendis originally planned it to be solely an "Avengers" story, and if it had been, it would probably be playing with the masses better than it is.  (It would be right up there with "Kree/Skrull")  As a major company event, it gets graded a little tougher, because shoe-horning non-Avengers or non-Illuminati characters into it is tricky.  That’s not what it was initially designed to be.  

    That has not decreased my enjoyment of it. 

  98. Now that I think about it, the list of company events that "Secret Invasion" is better than is almost endless.  "The Final Night", anyone?  "Zero Hour"?

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