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  1. Halfway done after this….They better get off this fucking island cause we need plot development!!

  2. Theres plenty plot development…just not in SI itself..ya I guess its not the same.

  3. @NexrChampion I think what they’re trying to do is set up for the new Marvel Status quo, which is everyone lives in the Savage land and no one ever leaves.

    I kid! But seriously i’m enjoying this enough. As long as theirs some real plot stuff happening in the savage land, I’m fine with it.

  4. I just wish a little more would happen within the actual SI issues. I, too, am enjoying it, though.

  5. I’m looking forward to a 20 pages of a single talking head scene and 2 pages of action I can’t follow…All savage land all the time!!

  6. Wait…is the complaint that there is too much talking and not enough action or that there is too much fighting and not enough talking?  I seem to be seeing both and am not sure which banner to make to accompany my pitchfork and torch.

  7. Man i hope Thor and Cap come and rock this issue.

  8. Judging on this cover, I might not need to read the rest of the SI: Young Avengers/Runaways mini to find out what happens in it. 

    Is anyone else feeling wistful for the days when an Infinity War issue would end and the last page would tell you to buy Silver Surfer next week for the next part of the story and then Warlock and the Infinity Watch the next week and then the Warlock Chronicles the week after that before picking up the next issue of Infinity War in four weeks?

  9. I just have a question: Is Cap alive now… Was the one that died a Skrull. 


    And there is to much action.  Amost no plot has moved.

  10. @Harper: Well it definitely ruins the feel of reading a big event when you can just read another, smaller book to get more story.

    Hell, Ms. Marvel is fighting the invasion in NYC now….isnt she still on the island as of issue 3? Plus the flashback stories have been very entertaining and so has the new Captain Britian series. It’s embarresing that Bendis is telling his big tale he’s been talking about for months, but it’s his other books you need to get and not the main title. I wouldnt be surprised if there is still less stuff happening until the Cap/Thor/Iron Man team up in nexts issue. (Spoiled by the advanced solicitations…thank you marvel)

  11. @plasticphobia It’s pretty much been stated that the Cap that shows up in SI is a skrull, and the real one died in Civil War.

    I think the Cap in this issue is actually Bucky, I’m sure there was a preview image with him in it.

  12. I think i have to agree that this series has been all pointless action and banter that hasn’t done anything to advance the story so far.

  13. Wow, is it just me or have the pulls for this series significantly decreased? Like 1 in 6 readers have left the book, it seems.

    I have’t read this but I was actually thinking of picking this issue up just to see what was happening.

  14. It’s as if I just readed the 1 first issue and I’m still waiting for the next issue to come out. Nothing has happened that couldn’t of been done in one or two books.

  15. @flapjaxx this about how many pulls there always are for this book before comic book day. It’ll probably gain another hundred by sunday. And if you pick up this and the past three issues, you might acutally like it a lot, because it’s probably a lot more fun not dragged out over all these months. Not to say I haven’t been enjoying it. I am eagerly anticipating this book, despite all my bitching.

  16. Am I the only one thoroughly enjoying this arc?

  17. And who already rated it when it hasn’t even come out yet?

  18. I dunno eagle, I can’t say I’m thoroughly enjoying it, although I don’t hate it. Basically I loved ish 1, was excited for 2, but disappointed, excited for 3 but bored. Now I’m pretty much neutral on 4. The whole Nick Fury return doesn’t do much for me in concept, but whatever. I’m still buying it and will read it.

  19. The only page that mattered in this book was the LAST one!

    Instant NERDgasm!

  20. Deus Ex Comica!!!

    I think I’ve figured out what is going to happen…here’s my theory.  Queenie is right, the Skrulls do win, they get Earth, the battle was already over before it began yadda, yadda, yadda…..

     But then we find out that the Earth the Skrulls have claimed is actually a pocket Earth created by the Beyonder (who as you’ll remember was featured in Illuminati).  He like the 616 heroes and world so much that he’ll prevent it from being truly conquered.


  21. @finbarbat: Well I think a lot of stuff from the Illumini series should be hinted in this books. Stark, Richards, Xavier, Namor, Bolt, and Strange all had the Infinity Gems. You would think that it would be important that they have those gems on them.

    But this being a Beyonder type of Deus Ex is just a bad ending. It would make buying all of these issues and tie-ins worthless and it would piss off a lot of people.

  22. Wow, this is just not that good.

  23. Once again nothing much happens. The only thing Secret Invasion has done so far is bring Agent Brand to my attention as an awesome character. If the Spider-woman in the new ongoing isn’t going to be Jessica then I’m calling it now, it’ll be Agent Brand.

    At least that’s what I hope…

  24. I enjoyed the first issue but the series wasn’t doing much else until now.  I really enjoyed the narration alone from the beginning.  However, for me, the series got a little more momentum but I wonder if they’ll actually have more happen inside this series and not just in the tie-ins.

  25. The Beyonder?  Yeaah Marvel has waaay better characters than DC.  What a joke.

  26. Well…..I have a feeling the ifanboys are going to destroy this book; and some will most likely stop reading it all together…I know I’m on the fence to go and find Bendis and destroy him for making me waste money on a (so far) boring and repetitive event.

  27. @eagle6002 – Comics came out on Wednesday in Canada so someone could have read it and rated it as soon as the ratings became active at midnight.

  28. I don’t know what you other folks are on about. I thought this was pretty awesome. It’s been running in place a bit, but I’m entertained and excited. Can’t wait to see what brand is going to do on board that skrull ship. Plus the last page did have me pretty stoked, even though I already knew about those guys. Plus Black Widow was awesome. I thought this was a great issue and a competitor for my P.O.W.

    I don’t know what everybody is so mad about. You just got to stop hoping the pace will change and let it be what it is.

  29. @NealAppeal I totally agree with you.  This wasn’t the best thing i ever read but it was entertaining. Way better than the last 2 issues.  Im pretty new to comics and even newer to these kinda websites but if i’ve noticed one thing it’s that alot of comicbook fans are grouchy and love to hate.  Anyways, good issue AWESOME last page.

  30. I’m actually excited for this event again after reading this issue.  I felt that the pacing was alot better and the Stark story is interesting, except for the fact that Bendis said that Stark nor Rogers would be a Skrull because he doesn’t wanna mess with anyone else’s stories (ie. Millar’s Civl War with Iron Man or Brubaker’s Death of Captain America with… Cap Obviously.)  You’ll notice all of the characters that have turned out to be skrulls have been Avengers type characters like Pym and Jarvis.  Apparently he told Slott that Pym was a skrull before he started using him in Avengers: Initiative. 

  31. Is it just me, or is every last page (or pages) in this series just someone showing up? First issue, it was the Savage Land ship, second was the Skrulls, third was Nick Fury, and now Cap and Thor. I like Bendis, and I’m liking this series so far, but not really much in the way of cliffhangers.

  32. I think I set my expectations a bit too high.  This is pretty underwhelming, but probably just because I was assuming it was going to blow me away; instead of just being a series of fight scenes with snappy banter.  That being said, its not bad, its just a little repetetive

  33. @Dan That is weird. I didn’t notice that. But your comment begs the question. Who will show up on the last page of the next issue?

    Also, I’m not very familar with the Red Hood, but I do know that he’s from a BKV mini series. Who is that group of people he’s with? Are they something new for secret invasion, or just another thing I don’t know about?

  34. The issues was enjoyable. It just had a really unnecessary recap for the 1st third of the book. I guess Bendis thought people forgot what happened three months ago.They can probly leave this issues out of the trade and no one would notice. So cheaper trades for all.

  35. I think this series is picking back up. I enjoyed this issue.

  36. This thing was only so-so. It’s a weird state of affairs when "Mighty" and "New" are telling the bulk of your crossover, leaving not very much to the main book. The issue with Bendis is that he almost refuses to compress in any way, shape, or form. This makes the spotty "Civil War" look rapid in comparison.


    That said, I thought the most overlooked element of this ish was the Hood and his gang… keep watching.

  37. @Scurry: Hell that was my favorite part of the issue. I love Hood, and I love how Bendis has brought this character from obscurity. Many people were iffy on it, but I loved Bendis’s Hood run back in the New Avengers issues. Hopefully he’s a big part in this story.

    Still, very medicore issue….sure the art is great, but the story is moving at a snails pace. After reading these comments; it is laughable that this ‘event’ is most likely only an hour or two in real time. Hell at least Final Crisis is about a week into their time right now.

  38. I must be reading a different comic than everyone else.  This issue was excellent.

  39. I agree, Race. Very fun comic.

  40. ok, the book was good.  i think the only problem is that too much is going on.  i think that the shear magnatude of the invastion is the worst aspect.  the skrulls are invading the world, so that means that they are everywhere (I.E. all the tie-ins) but all the arcs seem to be involved in the main title as well.  Bendis should let the tie ins take care of all the other stories.  so far there is a story in (count them); savege land, iron man, nick fury, thunderbolts, young avengers, ms. marvel, avengers initiative (i better double chech that one), The hood, thor, captian america, the sentry, hill, agent brand.  did i miss any? i counted 13

    i like the story it just seems too much for just one book.  ill still buy it and am still excited about it.  i just think there are some things that should be left too the tie-ins.

  41. @CaptainJack I think you’re probably right that there’s too many story lines going on, but I still kind of like the overpacked feel of things. That’s what got me about the first issue. Just the feeling of things going wrong everywhere. Before you can get used to one problem there are three more to deal with. But that aspect of the book definetely is taking it’s toll.

  42. Agreed with Race and goat, very fun comic indeed.

  43. It’s not like this book doesnt have good action in it. It does. But it just seems ridiculous to me that this takes place all in one day (thanks to Frontlines)

    How the hell is this suppose to be a big invasion when it only took one day for this thing to end? I was expecting 2 issues of the heroes losing, 3 issues of the heroes tortured/captured/on the run, and the last 3 issues on them fighting back and winning the planet.

    But all we get so far is 4 issues of them still on the fucking island; barely showing any involvement outside of the NYC area, and just a lack of excitement in the main book. The tie-ins, they are fun, but this main title….not so much.

  44. I said this on my review page, but is it just me or does Thor and the Hulk seem to be a couple of HUGE loose ends that the Skrulls left untied?

    I mean they seem to have locked down a ton of possible strengths that the Earth has, but leaving those 2 as wild cards……..?

    Also. Where are the Mutants????? I know that they have their own thing going own and their own titles, but this is a WORLD WIDE invasion and they are SUPPOSED to exist in this world. How can you not involve at least ONE mutant team in a conflict of this magnitude? 

  45. Secret Invasion is kicking ass! I for one love the fact that they are giving us all of the action in the main book and story in all the other titles. I LOVE COMICS! Summer events done right make me happy. Well done Marvel!

  46. Yep, thoroughly enjoyed this one!

  47. I ordinarily love everything Bendis touches (Yes, i’m the one who really liked House of M….), but this is just not doing it for me. I loved issue !, thought 2 was pretty good, then things seemed to screech to a halt. I was kind of neutral on 3, and i actually disliked 4. I thought it was pointless. I don’t know exactly what’s going on anymore, and worse, i don’t even really care at this point. I think the build up was terrific, the start of it was great, and now I’m just thinking "it took 3 years to set up THIS!?!" I will read to the end, as I have faith in bendis, but I’m just NOT feeling this right now. I can’t believe the turn-around I had in just 4 issues. i LOVED the first one. now I don’t even care about issue 5.

  48. @Kory. Yes. Marvel does in fact have waaaaaay better characters than DC. Or at least more great ones. I guess it really depends on the writers… Wait, Marvel has the good writers, too. Nevermind.

    I kid, DC has good characters and good writers. However, when you laugh at The Beyonder… just remember Detective Chimp.

    As for Secret Invasion, I’ll say again that I’m just waiting for the plot movement. Just look at issue six’s cover. I can’t wait.

  49. After reading everyone’s comments, I’m convinced that readers have been conditioned in what to expect from major event comics. Every time a Civil War happens, we want the action from World War Hulk, and when WWHulk happens, we want the story development of Civil War. The idea of Marvel’s status quo changing from this series forward is a given, but we don’t know how that will affect our heroes and villains until the end. I mean, who predicted  all the mutants would be depowered after House of M? Or that the villains would sign up for govt. teams in the Initiative? I think the tag line of "Who Do You Trust?" is the defining theme for this series, and that major battles are only a small part of the story. It’s also interesting that the various components of "Illuminati" are being woven into the story, but we might not see all of them so that people who didn’t read that series can follow along easy enough.  Also, I want to see the X-men, too, but keep in mind the story is only a few hours old at this point and the mutants are all the way over in San Fran! Give them some time, and I’m sure they’ll join the fracus in either the Savage Land or NYC.

  50. @J4K3- Dr. Doom….nuff said I rest my case.


  51. @J4k3 Detective Chimp is clearly awesome.

    @Kory Doctor Doom is clearly awesome.


  52. At first glance, I thought the view on the last page of Thor was a Skrull because of what looked like Skrull ears on his silhouette, but then I figured out they were just the wings on his helmet.  I think it’s pretty cool that Fury came in to grab what was left of the Young Avengers and The Initiative, but how does he know whether any of them are Skrulls?  It’s also pretty sweet that The Hood is gonna send his villian posse in there to save Earth from the Skrulls, but it’ll be interesting to see how he and the other baddies react when they discover the Skrulls on their team (I’m calling it – it’s that guy from the Wrecking Crew who is always getting stabbed but keeps surviving).

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