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  1. It was never really clear if Carol was a Skrull or not, was it? I don’t think she is, but that may just be a personal bias.

  2. Wait, who’s Carol Danvers? I thought she and Ms. Marvel were one in the same?

  3. @ BrianBaer: I read it that she wasn’t a Skrull but that Fury assumed she was purely out of paranoia, which is great. And yeah, Carol Danvers is Ms. Marvel Paradiddle. I just have a thing for using the real names.

  4. The other reviews of this book are really ridiculous.  It drives me nuts.  I’m just envisioning Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons typing away with glee as he bashes this for no apparent reason.  So, obviously I agree with you.  This event is a great ride.

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