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im caring less about this with each issue.
shouldnt there be big cliff-hanger endings to each issue? i think the
first issue had one, but i couldnt care less about the rest of them.

i think part of my problem with this is that in all honesty, the
storyline is too well written, in that theres no real way for the
humans to win this. the skrulls have won, and i dont see how (i guess
if they can make something that outs you as a skrull, no matter what,
that would work) the humans can realistically win this, so im just
going to be annoyed by the ending (jumping the gun, i know, yes). i also know this is comics, and they dont *have to* make sense, but… shouldnt EVERY book in the marvel U be affected by this? its annoying to read daredevil and not wonder why he’s not fighting the THINGS THAT ARE LITERALLY DESTROYING THE ENTIRE PLANET instead of worrying getting a man out of jail. i know, i know…. i shouldnt nit pick, but….

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Couldn’t disagree more with the last point you raised. I love that some of my favorite titles aren’t impacted by these major events. If a writer is in the middle of a story arc in his title he shouldn’t have to make changes to force some type of connection between his story and the event. It is cool that Cap is going to be a part of the main Secret Invasion story, but if they tried to force something about the Skrulls into Brubaker’s story I’d be kind of pissed off. Yeah I know the Captain America issues during Civil War were somewhat related to that event, but I feel that is a bad example because Cap was such a big part of the Civil War story. Although I agree about not giving a damn about Secret Invasion anymore. 

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