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  1. Do you think all 48 pages will be part of the main story? Or will some of it be filler like the character profiles in the back of the One More Day issues?

  2. It’s 48 pages of story according to Bendis

  3. I am psyched for this. I didn’t buy World War Hulk, 52 or Civil War. I have generally been skipping these big crossover or event happenings. This, however, I’ve been pumped for since the beginning. Should be a blast. 

  4. I’m going to be hitting my LCS at 11:00AM on Wednesday to get this.  I can not wait to read this!  Yay to Marvel for getting Yu’s pencils inked!

  5. I skipped Civil War and just read tha aftermath because of how bad I heard it was basically across the board. I’m actually looking forward to this tho, plus the concept makes it pretty hard not to read as it drastically effects so many storlines.

  6. Might as well read this while waiting for Final Crisis to hit the stands 😛

  7. I read this a few weeks ago.  Great issue.  Bendis learned his lesson from House of M, and the oversized issue really works well in terms of opening such an anticipated story (this is akin to taking the first 3 issues of HoM and cramming it into one oversized premiere).  We see a number of Skrull reveals, there’s some big action, and Yu has never looked better thanks to the great inks from Mark Morales (who I hope stayes paired with Yu beyond this series).  Civil War was a real letdown for me, especially the further into the series we got, but I loved everything about this book.

  8. @Simps — I’m curious about the contrast to House of M.  Can you go into how this is different, without spoiling the story?  Otherwise, we can talk about it later. 

  9. Crud, Yu’s drawing this? I thought it was too good to be true. Ah well, I’m excited enough for this that I probably won’t mind it. Although I can really see this going only two ways: really awesome or really bad, no middle ground. Hopefully it’ll be the former

  10. This is my first Skrull Invasion, I’m so psyched to see super powered Skrulls mixing it up with the Marvel U, we finally get some bad-ass Skrulls that can hold their own, and not a bunch of green Jay Leno’s, running for cover when they are caught. I just hope this event doesn’t disappoint me like WWH:)

  11. I have not read an event book after Secret Wars II. I am on board, for the first time I feel like the kid I was before Jim Shooter took my youth, innocence, and dreams away.

  12. Great Cover!

  13. lol yeah its a good cover, but dont forget there are like 4 other ones that are coming out.

  14. @ohcaroline The difference is really in the pacing of the issue, and the events Bendis crams into this first issue.  Granted, the extended page count helps, but were you to split this in half, each regular sized issue would not be as fulfilling (although I guess that sort of goes without saying).  Where House of M #1 left us with a bit of a shocker on the last page (Peter waking up to Gwen in his bed), Secret Invasion #1 gives moments of that caliber throughout the book.  This book doesn’t feel like the standard first issue setting up the event where information we knew is regurgutated and it ends with a last page shocker."  That’s not to say that we don’t get a shocker on the last page, but there’s also much more going on throughout the book.  I think this is a GREAT example of Bendis growing as a storyteller, and learning from his past works.  Stuff happens in this book, that’s the best way I can explain it.  Look at the first 3 issues of House of M, that’s kind of the tone for SI #1.  I excitedly yelled "Whoa!" a number of times during the issue, and stood while I read the last few pages.

  15. @Simps — Cool, thanks for expanding on that — trying to understand ‘House of M’ did horrible things to my tiny brain, so hopefully this one will work out a little better. 


  16. @ jaglo,

     Not even Onslaught or Age of Apocalypse?!  That stuff was a-w-e-s-o-m-e-!

  17. Oh come on, Onslaught was a terrible mess

  18. Onslaught rocked, just not as much as AoA.  I enjoyed Onslaught because we finally found out who the x-traitor was and we saw the realization of Bishop’s entire ‘from the future’ bit, whether or not it was planned since he showed up in 91(?).  They could very well have never touched on that again after his first appearance.  Although it’s probably why he sucked since then. Outside of District X of course.  I also loved it, because, characters outside the x-verse got sucked into the event, unlike previous X-overs, where it only ever concerned mutants (and an inhuman here and there).

  19. @actualbutt – Onslaught was probably technically a horrible storyline, but I will always be blinded by how cool the ‘fill in the blanks’ part was from Jean’s X-Traitor transmission first seen in Uncanny 297.  Say what you want about everything that followed, but that was great writing

  20. To reiterate: Onslaught = awesome.  How in the world was it a mess?  I’ll grant you that with every book in the Marvel Universe having "impact" issues it could be kind of convoluted, but the main story was heads and tails above all other Marvel-wide crossovers that I can think of.


    I just noticed that Secret Invasion # is currently at 402 pulls (and counting).  Is that the most for a single issue since this new feature here?

  21. This makes me almost regret ordering this book from heroes corner. Now I gotta wait till the end of the month to read it! Maybe I will buy one of the variant covers, just so I can read it now.

  22. I can’t believe people have given the book 5 stars and haven’t even read the book yet … I’m a huge bendis fan but I can’t see ranting the book b4 I even read it … If I bought book based on the rating here I could get skrewed cuz some of you guys … (rant over) anyway I’m looking forward to the book and I can’t wait to see if some of the spoilers I’ve seen online are true. 


  24. @Andrew – The record for pulls is currently held by Captain America #35, but I think this issue will break that easily.

    @JonBoy – Only one person has rated this issue so far and that person gave it a 5.  The numbers will get more meaningful as the day goes on.

  25. Yes, if at all possible don’t have this one spoiled!  I read this one last night and it was AWESOME.  I was way stoked for this book and I was not let down.  Lots of notable stuff happened in a first issue which was what I wanted to see and the book ends on a great note.  I’m on for the duration of the ride

  26. So what are the chances of this book making sense on its own; what else am I going to have to buy? Civil War got so sprawling and in the end takes up a huge amount of room on my shelf just to really follow the story. Does anyone know if this farily self contained or should I get that second mortgage?

  27. Pompster: Bendis has said the two Avengers books are the closest things to "essential" tie-ins, because they show a lot of backstory and how/when characters were replaced – but you can still read the series on its own. He likened it to a "extended director’s cut" if you include the Avengers issues.

     As for the rest, just get stuff you already read or what looks interesting to you. If you dont give a shit about Fantasic Four or Inhumans.. then why would you buy the FF and Inhumans tie-ins? Just use common sense and you’ll be fine!

  28. @ Pompster – I believe it’s billed as being self-contained, but of course the major tie-ins will be Mighty and New Avengers. I’m not reading either, though, so am hoping that it will indeed be a good self-contained story, which Civil War was definitely not.

  29. Holy crap this book was awesome!

  30. Just read it.  It was good. Damn good.  The end–no spoiler here–with the face off, I was like, "What the crap…huh?" Which at this point in something like this is exactly where I want to be with somethign like this.  Good job, BM Bendis.  Damn good job.

  31. I’m worried that I’m going to be the only one that didn’t like this so very much. The whole thing just seemed to lack cohesiveness. Everything was a little too scattered and seemed forced. And the whole thing with Bendis saying he was going to show all his cards in the first issue… what answers were we given exactly? I finished this issue feeling very confused, rather than very excited.

  32. There’s a lot of stuff going on, but thats because of how well planned the attack is.. literally everything happens at once. They hit SHIELD, The Peak, the Baxter Building, Thunderbolts Mountain, The Raft, The Cube, Tony all essentially at the same time.

    They crush 90% of the earth’s defenders in the span of about 90 seconds while at the same time insuring any sort of orginized resistance will be almost impossible, and then thier fleet arrives.

    As for answers we got at least 3 confirmed Skrull reveals, although thats not really what I think Bendis meant. Going on past Bendis stories once might have assumed they would spend the first 3-4 issues just digging around looking for Skrulls but thats not what this is, this is a full blown invasion and the Skrulls show up with overwhelming force in this first issue.

  33. I can’t say that I thought it was the Second Coming of <insert your personal favorite mini-series here> but it wasn’t teh crap like House of M #1. Whew – that one stunk like one of Ron’s silly voices.

    I’m looking forward to hashing out the meaning of certain things from this issue. My only beef is how much continuity is overlooked in the Marvel U. these days. This is a common refrain here amongst the hardcore – – and my core pretty frekkin’ hard — but come on, one team has their main HQ completely wonkified and I guarantee we won’t see this in the main team book.

    In any case, I certainly will be riding the pine with the rest of my Bendis-loving brethren until #2. Issue #2, that is. 

  34. @Drew: In regards to your complaint… did you look at the tie in checklist in the back? It will answer your question as to where the effects of that will be shown.

  35. @Balefuego – I missed that. Thanks for the heads-up.

     <rant> However – I’ll still stand on record as saying we need a little more continuity. </rant> 

  36. I thought the story was awesome, though I found it strange that two pages of this showed up in Incredible Herc not too long ago as a mistake. Plus, there was a printing error and I basically have two of each page in here. I kinda feel ripped off.

  37. I couldnt help but think back to Spidey’s comment in the early issues of New Avengers "Nobody ever LANDS in the Savage Land". LOL

  38. Dude, how good was this book? I think this is one time where it actually lived up to all the hype. Admittedly I am not a fan of Yu’s art or at least wasn’t when he first jumped on New Avengers, but it worked out just fine for me??

    I’ll agree  SteveM, what was with the face-off thing at the end?? Definitely looking forward to some resolution there. And I didn’t really get the "he loves you" thing??? Anyways, great book. it was my pick hands down. 

  39. @Unoob: I wondered the same thing–thought Bendis would have to have them crash just to keep the joke going.

  40. Well at least the ship Spidey was on crashed.

  41. Hmmmmm. Picture this.

    Skrull Leader: Is the plan in effect?

    Skrull Minon: Yes your Skrulliness.

    Skrull Leader: Good, We have struck blows against all of earth’s major powers!

    Skrull Minion: Well there are these mutants left sir. The X-Men, The Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, Young X-men, X-force, and several other mutant groups.

    Skrull Leader: Like I said. We have struck blows against all IMPORTANT powers on the earth!

  42. @Chris Go – Bendis has said he likens the Skrull invasion to, on some level, religious fanaticism.  I can only assume that the "He loves you" refers to some sort of Skrull god.  This is a Holy War for the Skrulls, which, to me, only increases the sense of danger.

     Very cool issue, leaves me hungry for more, and I really liked Lenil Yu’s art here, better than ever before.  And, hey, the "Easter Eggs" in all of those old issues really gives Joe Q some TPB’s to hawk, huh? 

  43. @Andrew
    I skipped Onslaught, Age of Apocalypse and most of marvels books for a very long time after Secret Wars II. If those two events are anything like this first issues of Secret Invasion (Awesome!!!) I’ll have to check out the trades.

  44. We aren’t supposed to know who "He" is yet.  check out Joe Q’s editorial at the end. 

    I really enjoyed this book.  Its been awhile since I put a book down and wanted to scream for more story.  That’s not to say that BMB didn’t give us enough, its just that now I’m dying to see where this is going to go.  Its gonna be a fun 8 months.

  45. It was pretty good.  The faceoff at the end left me scratching my head.  I’m just not that into this iteration of Skrulls because they do seem to be too powerful and undetectable.  Hopefully, this will make more sense eventually, but I just don’t get how Wolvie or Strange or Stark wouldn’t be able to notice something different about some of the people they are around. 

     Anyway, I also wanted to point out how great Yu’s art looks when it is properly inked.  I don’t think they have been inking his New Av stuff, so Morales’ inks is making Yu’s art really POP in this issue; definitely a lot clearer than his NA work.

  46. @jaglo- Don’t waste your money…

  47. Seriously, I cannot imagine how one might enjoy Onslaught without some severe nostalgia clouding the issue. It is so poorly planned out, the writers have admitted they made it up as they went along, just introducing ideas without any plans for where it was going to go.

  48. The one BIG FAT question mark in all of our theories is this.

    Bendis said that a lot of Skrull sleeper agents dont even know that they are Skrull sleeper agents.

    Thats a mind f that opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. 

  49. a fun issue, to be sure. but one fun issue does not an awesome event make; i remember similar comments to the ones above being made at the start of civil war, which ended to a different tune. there’s huge potential for this thing to go either way right now.

    very fun, but not an automatic pow. 

  50. Does the end remind anyone else of a Legion of Superheroes story from a long while back (at least 10 years ago)

     Basically we found out that a number of the Legionnaires were actually clones and that some bad guys had grabbed the real ones and cryo-freezed them so we later on (after the frozen ones were rescued) got young versions of some of the characters interacting with their older teammates (and self’s)


    I’m not saying that this is a bad story, in fact it kicks ass i just thought there was a parallel


  51. I’m glad to see that not all the Skrull’s are super powered, I think that Captain marvel may not be a Skrull but found out that one of the thunderbolts are a Skrull. Maybe Norman Osborn??? Also I think this is a great way to make Hank Pym an enjoyable character again b/c it may have been a Skrull who hit his wife.

  52. Also you know that Nick Fury is going to kick some skrull ass when he finds out they took his buddy Dum Dum. he would have gotten involved to save the world but now its personal.

  53. Well I have to say that I really liked it.  Though I did call most of the skrulls that were reviled (even though at one point or another I accused everyone of being a skrull) I’m excited to see what is up next.  I’m thinking more skrull reveals and some all out war. 

    By the way Onslaught was my second major event that I ever collected and I thought it was great, so there!  I do understand that onslaught is and event that most people hated and some people loved it.


  54. Actually this whole storyline reminds me of DC Comics’ MILLENIUM miniseries from even longer ago than the SW6 Legion thing. But only because MILLENIUM and SECRET INVASION have almost axactly the same plot. MILLENIUM gave the world Extrano hopefully SECRET INVASION will set the bar a little higher.


    Still all in all a pretty good first issue. It didn’t suffer from the pacing issues that dog most of Bendis’ work. And Yu’s art is better than it’s been in a long time.

  55. This. Was. Really. Good.

    I read it twice, so I’m very sure of it.

    Considering this is 8 issues, we’ve only just begun to fall into this Skrull filled rabbit hole.

    I really can’t wait to see where it goes. So good. 

  56. Where do you go to write a review?

  57. @ultimatehoratio – Click on the "Your comics" link on the top left of any page when you are logged in and you will see a "Write a review" link under each comic you have pulled.

  58. OK. I did it. I just could  not wait until my books came in the mail from heroes corner at the end of them month. I just HAD to download this so I could read it. I am so glad I did, because it was freakin awesome.

  59. This book was awesome. While some of the Skrull reveals left me kind of ‘blah’ (mostly because I haven’t really sat back and thought about it), the last 10 or so pages really ramped things up. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. And it threw out enough questions to keep you coming back. Great Bendis book. 

  60. Okay, I gave in and bought it.  I wrote some smack about Leinil Yu’s art recently on last weeks New Avengers and I must atone for it here.

    I picked this issue up at the store, looked at it, and I felt like I had to make a public apology to Mr. Yu.  I still think there are too many lines on some faces that make people look creepy or really really old…but I blamed dropping New Avengers on him, when my issues may have been with the whoever colors his pencils in.

    So, I’m sorry!  I doubt I’ll do all the crossovers, but I’ll read Secret Invasion.  This summer’s all about the DCU for me. 

    Kudos to Mr. Bendis as well for a well plotted out story, I’ve only got a little back-issue reading to do, surprisingly.  

    Consider me atoned. 

  61. I just read the <a href="">Secret Invasion: Prologue</a> on Marvel’s digital comics site, and it’s a great set up for Dum-Dum Duggan’s role in this issue. He’s always been one of my favorites.


  63. Civil war was fun, but this seems like its going to bring me many OH SHIT moments 🙂






    Are there Skrull gods?  I ask because Thor in Strazynski’s book is doing a lot of Thunder God-esque things, like recreating Asgard, reviving all the gods, entering Odinsleep and battling Surtur and talking to Odin.  I don’t see him being a Skrull, so that means the Skrullship Thor must be fake. 

    Unless our Thor is the Skrull Thunder God.  o.O

  65. @HBD: There are Skrull gods, and the Incredible Hercules tie-in issues are actually about Hercules outting together a team of Earth gods to fight the Skrull pantheon.

  66. Maybe I’m seeing things but is it just me or does that smashed up machinery that the Avengers come across and dismiss a little too quickly in the Savage land, look a lot like the transporter that Evil Zombie Reed Richards uses in Ultimate FF/Marvel Zombies?

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