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“Event Burnout”. Its an actual term now days and with every event that comes there is a growing sense of fear. Is it really worth it? Secret Invasion steps up to the plate for Marvel this year and does it deliver a definate answer… Yes.

Secret Invasion stands as a very simple story line that we have all heard before. We sit in a world that has been invaded by a group of shape-shifting aliens and we cant tell the difference. “Who do you trust?” Simple, provacative and man does Brian Michael Bendis run with it. Bendis has been planning this for years and vows to leave no stone unturned. As with previous Events, we have seen that the first issue is usually a preperatory issue and nothing more, but Bendis comes out of the gate playing with your emotions and thoughts. In a book where no one can be trusted, he seems to gain great joy in hinting at every characters possibility to be lying. And dont worry, some reveals are made.

But ultimately more questions are asked and that is why the issue became so strong! We all knew coming in we had questions. Everyone is suspected from Tony Stark down to the Hulkling, but we dont just have reveals. Its extremely reminiscent of the TV show Lost. How do they keep viewers happy? Answer the questions. But how do you keep them interested? Each answer leaves more questions asked. You leave the book questioning how you could have suspected someone while at the same time questioning how you didnt catch the other person. And suddenly your extememly invested into knowing who is involved.

Leinil Yu joins Bendis after completing a thier previous run on New Avengers. The artwork lends itself well to the books tone and many of Yu’s previous inconsistencies are worked on. His muddy inking has been corrected as his works were touched by Mark Morales. Morales inks dramatically help Yu’s work for the better. Some facial features still look a littly wonky but overall its some of his strongest work yet. The overall artistic team does a great job of bringing a tone to the book with its art, inks and colors.

Its a strong start for the Secret Invasion and Bendis’s work seems to be tight and ready to go. But just remember you dont have to take my word for it. After all, “Who do you trust?”

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Nice review – however, it sounds like you loved the writing and liked but didn’t love the art. Why a 4 for each? How about a 5 for the writing?

  2. I did love the writing the writing. I just feel that its very hard to get a perfect story. I think the style must be liked and if you dont know who S.W.O.R.D., Agent Brand or half the special agents are you might be a little confused. Other than that though its very close to perfect.

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