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O.M.A.C. #7

Kevin Kho wakes to find himself trapped inside the Toledo Zoo and unable to “Omactivate”! But things turn really weird when he discovers the animals can talk – and they all live in fear of the horrific taskmaster known as Warden Gaym.

Now Kevin’s only hope to escape is to go through the place the terrified animals call “The Evil Factory.”


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  1. So sad this book is soon to be done.

  2. Let’s enjoy our last few OMACtivations. 🙁

  3. When’s the last issue?

  4. Oh, so sad to see this go. At least we get a few more issues to enjoy before it is canceled.

  5. We even got some Darkseid/mother box coagulation last issue! This could heave easily continued going and probably tied into Justice League if it hadn’t gotten cancelled.

  6. Glad to see Giffen is back on art!

    Maybe we’ll see this title come back again with the same team. A man can dream….a man can dream.

    • So true, at least a mini-series or something with the same duo of Giffen/Didio! Man, I miss O.M.A.C. already and there’s still two issues till we must part. 🙁

  7. In it til the end, DC Kirby forever.

  8. What an Issue. the spoilers i could tell…New Gods Kirby characters! non-New Gods Kirby characters! so much goodness!

  9. Shame this is getting the axe. Particularly after this issue it seems like they had a lot of long term threads cooked up that would’ve grown into a Kirby love-fest blowout. But, you know, nice ride while it lasted and all. I imagine the art style isn’t very popular in today’s market.

    • I’m trying to be unrealistically optimistic and convince myself perhaps it’s best that O.M.A.C. ends….it hopefully leaves legions of fans (like myself) wanting more, and if O.M.A.C. appearances in other titles boosts sales numbers then at least a mini- could be conceivable for the futurer.

      Because it’s only 8 issues, there is no staleness, filler issues, or creative changes….all of which is good. LONG LIVE O.M.A.C.!!!

  10. The more I read of this series the more angry I get. This is EXACTLY what I want from my comic reading experience and this is exactly what DC is taking away from me. WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?

    As usual OMAC delivers the same great style of quirky-extremeness. It’s bright, colourful, full of action and off the hook concepts. One big ol’ fun adventure done with a quality that the other ‘adventure’ books of DC could only dream of. Such a shame.

    I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that OMAC will end up being the target of someone else in another book. My only hope is that the character can hang around long enough to build a profile and lead to more Kirby-esque awesomeness. It’s the only hope I have to hold onto right now 🙁

  11. Can we have a Kamandi series by these guys next? Clearly they are setting something up after the end of this issue.

    Go from one Kirby idea to another is what I’m saying.

  12. O.M.A.C. would be a good candidate for the next Wednesday Comics. Anyone know when we’re getting another run of that series?

  13. Gutted this series is ending. It’s just so much fun. I look forward to seeing what Giffen brings to superman and hopefully some of the unfinished storylines will be explored in JLI.

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