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  1. Whoa, $5?

  2. Rarefied air is expensive.

  3. It’s 48 pages.

  4. whuuf.  gut punch.  really have to think about this one.

  5. Going to have to drop another book to get this, but it’s worth it.

  6. Going to wait to hear if this is good before buying it. $5 is a lot, even with extra pages. Pinching pennies these days and this book, which I like, has been a little light in quality lately. Kind of fleeting stuff. 

  7. If the preview pages are any indication of the rest of the book then it should be well worth it.

  8. I know I am in the minority, but have never been a big fan of the mixed-artists issues. Can feel kind of pin-uppy, a new word. Damn good artists on here though. 

  9. Think about it like this:  its only one more dollar from its regular cover price for double the issue.  Not too shabby

  10. this better be awesome!! for 5 dollars. but hey more pages!! i cant wait!!

  11. @marvelzombie   agreed, not shabby in the slightest

  12. I am not saying it’s inherently too expensive. I get the price. It’s just my economics. A book I’ve been up-and-down on lately, is it worth $5 to me? Those $5 could go a lot of places I’d either read/watch/cook with more often than I would this. 

     If I hear it’s great, will totally give it a shot. Just need to drop something.  

  13. well its only $5 for this issue

  14. It’s not like we weren’t shelling out the same amount of money for all those foil covers back in the day. At least this time the comics are readable.

  15. Bully for subscription. Really pays on stuff like this. Cant wait for this issue, unfortunely that’s exactly what ill have to do cuz subscription is mega slow.

  16. My personal economy is doing well enough that I’m not flinching much at this right now…and the preview at CBR was quite promising.

  17. @Ruo21. good call

  18. yeah, as a a subscriber you get it for about 1.75 an issue. it’s worth the wait.

  19. man i hope they dont pull a cover stunt. crap imma have to get both covers…..

  20. Is there an old issue of Avengers as a reprint backup in this? That seems to be the trend these days with Marvel?

  21. I think this issue might be my last. I just haven’t been digging it very much and with the upcoming Dr.Strange arc(I love the character, just not how Bendis writes him)it seems like the time to drop.

  22. Shit! Immonen is gonna be taking over art duties soon. I might have to keep getting it or check it out when he comes on board. or maybe a subscription seems to be in order.

    How came Spider-Woman always throws the Metal/Rock devils horns? m/ m/ 

  23. When does Immomen start again? I like this guy ok but man Immomen is top notch

  24. @RoiVampire: Issue 55.

  25. How do you make it a "Pick of the week?"  I haven’t figured that out yet here on IFanboy.  Or do you have to be a member or something?

  26. @KickAss   once the books are out, like after noon on Wednesday the ability to rate them, write a review or make them your pick should be there. POTW is a light colored blue-button under the books current rating to the right on your main pull list page.

  27. This is the make or break issue for me. As much as I love having a team with Luke Cage and Danny Rand and Bucky Cap, I have been losing interest in this title since Secret Invasion, and last issue did nothing for me. Essentially, I’ve gone this far, sticking around to have a "50 issue run" doesn’t seem that bad. But here’s hoping Bendis can surprise me and keep me buying an Avengers book.

    Don’t cross your fingers!

    (On a lighter note, if you are enjoying it, I’m glad, I do like what’s being done with the whole Avengers line, just not the execution so much.)

  28. You know what , for me being 28 years old with a wonderful girlfriend,  I felt oddly turn on with Ms. Marvel being bent over on page 4 or 5.

  29. Boy, I wish that cover had related to the contents.

  30. @Jimski  My thoughts exactly….

  31. Pretty much bought this for a NA vs DA fight… =/

  32. I loved it. I’m glad the DA didn’t show up for the fight. It gave clint a reason to go on TV which was the best. Man that was a Network quality rant, or the pilot of Stuidio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

  33. when did bendis turn into such a hack?

    not only did this cover not happen, but it’s been part of the promotional art for the new avenger since the last issue of Secret Invasion. This make me feel like marvel is lying to me… and it PISSES ME OFF.

    If any other company advertised a product which they didn’t deliver I would never use them again. So what the different here?


  34. @edward the diffrence is they can always say the art was symbolic. and they’ll be right

  35. I actually forgot about this cover having a back so I wasn’t disappointed by it. Was it a great issue? No. But…. I did enjoy it. And it’s keeping me on New Avengers for the foreseeable future. I’ve never felt so good after reading an issue.

    I also thought the "guest artist" bit was handled beautifully. New Avengers, HO!!!!!!

    One weird thing to go along with Xis said earlier, why exactly was Ms. Marvel bending over to watch the TV, other then for cheesecake. And why was her ass rubbing against Mockingbird’s thigh!? Billy Tan’s Lesbian fantasies playing out on the page?

    Triumphant dialogue this issue, too. Though, Bendis doesn’t seem to completely grasp how Brubaker writes Bucky Cap. 

  36. @BoiVampire. Come on now. you know it and i know it. that cover isn’t symbolic, metaphorical, allegorical, abstract, a meta-commentary or emblematic… it’s just a contrived way to get money

  37. This issue was.. good?.. overall.  Had some real nice bits in it.  I agree with PraxJarvin– Bendis doesn’t seem to have much of a feel for the current Cap– similar to how his Thor in Secret Invasion was a far lesser character than the Thor we’re currently seeing in the JMS series.  Or, for that matter, in Fraction’s amazing one-shots last year. 

    And, I’m starting to feel more than a little strung along by this series.  Almost like the soap operas I watched as a kid… the end of the show (particularly on a Friday) was have some cliffhanger, making you think the s**t was really going to go down next episode.  Then, next episode would back away from the promised development– leaving you feeling chated by the whole thing.  

    And, the $3.99 and $4.99 cover prices aren’t helping me rid this feeling….

    Finally, can someone at Marvel please order a redesign of Bucky Cap’s mask?  Having the ears tucked inside the mask, but keeping the wings poking out up top– it just looks ridiculous.  Either poke the man’s ears out like a true Captain America– or if you want to cover them, also get rid of the wings.

  38. I loved the fact that you expect one thing and get another. And that "another" was enjoyable.

  39. @edward do you think people bought the book soley based on the cover? People who bought this book bought it because it’s new avengers. The cover could have been the whole team standing around in the hellfire club it would have sold the exact same amount. I think the first two years of USM have spoiled me. I just don’t care what the cover has on it in relation to the story.

  40. @RoiVampire. i agree. People who buy new avengers will buy this no matter what is on the cover. eg, Cage and Iron Fist becoming intimate. That doesn’t make it cool… I mean the cover not being representative of the issue, not Luke and Daniel going at it, that’s fine

  41. @edward i guess i just don’t see the big deal. the cover looked cool and i got a cool story that looks to be my POTW. whatev

  42. i didn’t pay any attention to the cover– when i sort of allude above to expecting one thing and then getting another, i was referring to both what was set up in the last issue, and then some of the promotion of the book i saw in the weeks leading up to today.  again, didn’t pay attention to the cover at all.  but looking at it now– if i HAD based my decision to plop down $5 for this book in part on the cover– then yeah, that would reinforce my vague feeling now of "the ol’ switcheroo."

    having said all of that, i do believe this was a very good issue of new avengers, and i certainly don’t regret buying it.  well, except i’d rather it hadn’t cost $5.  but it was one of the strongest books i’ve read so far this week.

  43. "…You’ve had sex?" Win

  44. I think that anyone who says that this issue promised New vs Dark Avengers and didn’t deliver missed the entire point.  This was the New Avengers going up against the Dark Avengers, and in this world, the Dark Avengers fight by using the Hood and his army.  This is brilliant, in Norman Osborn the Avengers have an enemey that they can’t beat with fists, magic, or science.  I hope the dark reign gives us at least two good solid years before we get the next crossover/status quo.

  45. I was amazed that the slightly gimmicky sampler of all the other books woven through this issue didn’t annoy me, usually I hate that shit, but I…well, liked it.


  46. good book, good fight, good story, good…comics?

  47. I really hated how this comic read. Bendis has put out some really fantastic stuff before, but I would have never imagined the New Avengers spending a good chunk of the comic gathered around the tv sizing up their DA counterpart.

    This issue also depicted the members of the DA as just being blindly obsessed with killing whoever, however, and whenever. After all the work and depth Ellis put into this Thunderbolts team it seems like it’s going to get destroyed by this event.

    I’m interested in what you guys thought of the preview for Hickman’s FF preview in the back! I thought it didn’t really stack up to the way Miller’s been handling the characters but it was just a preview and Hickman’s other marvel book was great.

  48. i was enjoying the issue, in spite of billy tan (ok, ms. marvel bending over isn’t too out there in my opinion; in a crowded room, i can see someone bending down to give others a good view… of the tv i mean. but look at her domino mask in those 1st few pages, it looks like they forgot it and drew it in w/ a pen as it went to print!), i loved the guest artists (i must now get the david aja iron fist TPBs) but then the bucky cap page came… "there’s a time in my life where i could easily have found myself on the other side of this fight"?? when did winter soldier ever have a villianous team up? "screw osborn and screw tony stark"?!? what, the way of setting him apart from rogers is to have him think "screw"? that stank. then clint walks out of the room and apparently right into the studio of a news program. wearing his silly ronin costume i was so hoping to see disappear this issue. that did it for me, my 1st 3-star rating for bendis (for some reason i have a big drop off from 4 to 3)

  49. This cover is the most blatant case of false advertising I have ever seen.  Any chance we can get a class-action suit together and get our $5 back?

  50. I counted one preview and, what, two ads that wasn’t in the cover?  Even if I DIDN’T get the New Avengers vs The Dark Avengers, I’m good.  If THAT’S what constitutes a $5 book from Marvel, I’ll shut up.

  51. I wouldn’t say this was a bad issue, but does every character have to be a smartass and give snarky responses all the time?

    And if I’m have to pay 3.99 for a comic where it’s mostly sitting around and watching TV, then I think I’d be content paying 3.99 an issue when it’s in trade form.  I’m sorry to sound like a whiny fanboy, but these suckers ain’t cheap anymore.

    But this issue does get props for the Kung Fu reference.

  52. because I buy issues I pay no attention to the New Avengers trades. Do they still do Hardcover first then TPB? That crap annoys me. I like NA, but I don’t hardcover like it.


  53. @Kory

    i think it was a reference to pulp fiction referencing kung fu; slap an afro wig and some sideburns on luke cage and he’d be doing a jules impression. (i may be wrong, never watched the show, but i know he phrased it just like samuel l. jackson did)

  54. Damn good comic. That is all. 

  55. Decided to pick this up and am regretting it. Just didn’t really enjoy it.

    Not horrible but kind of boring, didn’t have the fight on the cover I was interested in, found the rant at the end to be awkward and I don’t know, just not my thing. I’ve never been big on Bendis with superhero groups with the exception being this series after Civil War.

     Just not my thing.  

  56. LOVED this issue.

    Who else is having a cupful of Bendis Kool-Aid?


  57. I thought it was really good. The inner monologue of mocking bird is setting her up to be an interesting character. I was pretty satisfied with the fact that the Avengers didn’t fight the Dark Avengers. I just think its to early for that, and Norman Osborne is suppose to be a criminal mastermind. Plus the limited amount of advertisment didn’t hurt either.

  58. Really hated the start, the whole luring the dark avengers to a meeting/laying their hands on the power dampener thing just didn’t seem to work.  But once that got out of the way and the trap was set I thought it was really enjoyable, with some nice pieces of guest art

  59. Classic Bendis – superheroes talking to each other.  I’m surprised so many people disliked the tv scene, that was probably my favorite part of the comic

  60. I haven’t laughed out loud this much at a Marvel book in a while.  But Hawkeye/Ronin’s rant went on for about two panels too long.

    I really cannot belive that I didn’t hate the extra artists, the gimmick was actually well used 

  61. To have a cover like that and not have it pay off inside?  Boo. 

    Content was great.  There was about two issues worth of dialogue and.. oh, what’s that?  I paid $6 (Can) frickin dollars for it?  So it was actually the price of two issues?  Well that sucks the proverbial bone.  I hate being torn between enjoyment of something and guilt for paying too much for it.  I loved the story but it could have been told in half the space for half the price.   

  62. I have to say that i like this issue. I loved the part everyone is fighting and you get to hear what they are thinking… this my be my pick of the week. Five buck i didnt know till you guys said something, If you like a book dont let cost get in your way.

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