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  1. I have to say, I’m getting a bit tired of the blood and gore with every single issue of this lately. That being said, I’m looking forward to the continuation of the battle with Conquest.

  2. Uh….looks like he sprung a leak.

  3. I with @Paradiddle on the blood and gore in this book recently.  That cover is brutal.  Guess I won’t be showing this book to my kids any time soon.

  4. This book has been brutal and violent since way back when Ottley first took over.  It’s nothing new, only know it looks even more fantastic because of his evolution as an artist.

  5. Mark looks odd in that shot. I don’t mind the goriness though, although I can understand the complaints.

  6. Ottley’s gore has never bothered me before, but seeing that big chunk of bone sticking out of Mark’s arm on this cover … yikes. That gets to me. I think it’s because it’s relatable; I can’t imagine someone tearing out my intestines or punching me so hard my brain busts out the back of my skull — but breaking my arm so badly that it comes through my skin? That I can imagine.

  7. that looks like what i did to this fucker that was looking at my girlfriend last night!!

  8. That cover really expresses the violence and the magnitude of this fight. Fingers are crossed 😐

  9. Loving the new found direction this book seems to have gotten. Also, if you haven’t read the "press release" from Kirkman and the Image boys it is quite entertaining.

  10. havent read an invincible book yet, really i have no interest, not sure why…but im getting this for the amazing cover.

  11. You knew it had to happen, but it didn’t make it any less awesome/heart breaking.

  12. @Parker  Seconded!  Really well done stuff

  13. Kirkman is just a kid shoving m-80s up his toys’ butts at this point. If he finds his characters so disposable, how am I supposed to feel about them? This issue had the emotional resonance of chewing a piece of gum. I don’t feel like I ever got to know [character name redacted] in the first place. Shrug!




  15. This has to be the POTW.  If it’s not, I ain’t listening.  Pick a Batman book next week.

  16. @Jimski

    I may just be jaded from Loeb doing it SO much worse in Ultimatum. I mean compared to that this death was treated like a princess. 

    Plus I think Kirkman has shown that death isn’t always the end in Invincible. I mean other than {REDACTED for Trade Waiters} a few issues ago Angstrom was the only character we had gotten to know that has really died, and even then we were just allowed to believe that for 20 issues or so.

    Everyone else was really just a death of a character that was just introduced to start a story. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see this most recent passed on character to come back in a big way in 15-20 issues. If it was as a new big bad that would be AWESOME!

  17. "Larsen School Of Comicbooking:  Even thought they know you’re going to do it, don’t be afraid to.  They’ll all get over it and thank you for it later."….even though I personally think this will MUCH, MUCH later….

  18. Ummmm Wow…

  19. Jesus Christ!

    Mary Mother of God!


  20. Great book..great story, but how much more can Mark take???

  21. The art in this issue is transcendent. I don’t know what Ryan Ottley is taking, but holy shit, keep it up, man!

  22. Man, Kirkman is succeeding in making Conquest one of the most loathsome, purely evil villains I’ve read in a long time. Never before have I wanted to see a villain go DOWN in a big way, except for Superboy-Prime, perhaps. I don’t know how the hell Mark is going to do it in the shape he’s in, though. The next issue may be my most-anticipated of the year so far.




    Tony Moore has been my favriote artists for a long time but, man Ottly is closinging on that title. 

  24. I don’t think Eve is dead.


  25. i think she is!

    i wouldnt put it past kirkman to kill her!

    that shit is fucked up!

  26. well at least it was better to kill her off this way then on the hospital bed….

  27. Kirkman doesn’t resurrect characters.  If you’ve read any Walking Dead, it’s a testimony to that concept.

  28. This routine is getting a little old– issues full of gory violence and speechifying. Well, I guess at least you know what to expect when you buy a Kirkman comic. 3/5.

  29. @ vadamowens
    That’s a whole separate universe with its own laws regarding death. Kirkman keeps that book realistic (to an extent, obviously) while he can have deaths in Invincible be retconned as the supernatural world he’s created allows for that.

    @ kwisdumb
    A) Good job cutting right to where everyone else was intentionally skirting around. I know everyone should know better than to look past the comment line before reading the book, but c’mon.
    B) Counter to my point about there being separate universal laws in Kirkman’s 2 books, a similar thing happened in Walking Dead so that does show that Kirkman is willing to let his main characters die for realsies.

    @ Invincible #63

  30. that double page spread of Conquest gloating. that choise of the close up is the first page to make me go wow in such a long time.

  31. gwen

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