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The clouds split down the middle, making way for a single shining beam of light accompanied by the sounds of trumpets and angels singing, and floating down to earth along that heavenly beam was the 63rd issue of Invicible! I mean seriously, this issue is amazing! Ryan Ottley’s art just gets better even when you think it can’t be improved upon. Those two page splashes were absolutely beautiful, especially the one with only Conquest and his dialouge. As far as story goes, Kirkman hits it out of the park like always(and I don’t think you’ll find his name on that list with Sosa either), he has obviously been building up to this issue for a while, or maybe it’s the next issue, I don’t even know because every issue I find myself saying, “God I can’t wait till the next one!” I haven’t felt like this reading a comic in a long time, it was like the end of each page was the end of an issue and I was hanging on to every word. I actually found myself taking like a 30 second pause after each page just to soak it all in before I turned to the next one. This will definitely be an issue can see myslef re-reading many, many times! This is my pick of the week and anyone who didn’t pick must not have bought it!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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