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Personally I never liked silent issues. I always thought they were a experiment that failed but still stucked around. I say this because this issue of Invincble could have been silent and I would still pick it as pick of the week.Ryan Ottley detail drawings and layouts make this issue beautiful as much as a bloody battle royal can be.  He has maybe 3 or 4 panels a page but the fight scenes seems to flow alot better than most comicbook fights are. Even the blood in the fight scene seems to flow with choreographic style. The scene where that one character falls from the sky and the blood spirals up at you, its beautiful. Plus the amount of detail he puts into these pannels are beautiful. The facial features in this fight scene whether it be hurt, grief or enjoyment is highlighted beautiful. You can clearly see Marks and the other character emotions to the point you feel for them. Also I dont know if their is an Eisner for best splash page but that page with Conquest covered in blood deserved an award.

In the end, For the first time I can say that the words made the art better.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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