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  1. Sweet!  Issue #60 finally hits and I am so excited I don’t know what else to say.  Yippie!

  2. I’m. So. Excited.

  3. When is the next trade coming out? The last one went through issue 47 and we’re already at 60! That’s two trades worth. Someone tell Kirkman to get his ass in gear.

  4. One oversized issue may turn into one oversized mess. i want to see Spawn making a name for himself in this issue. Invincible needs to get his ass kicked… he’s almost too good.

  5. It’s kind of weird to see a universe wide cross over one shot coming out. I’m really curious to see how this will turn out. Can you imagine DC or marvel doing something like this? That would be weird. The real test will be to see if the threat really feels epic and if universe show up as something more than just a series of cameos.

    I wish kirkman would do another thing like this, but instead of the Image universe, just the Invincible side characters. I can’t get enough Invincible side characters. Kirkman should put out an Invincible side characters OGN. I’d lose my shit over that.

  6. @NealAppeal – I think at the end of his last issue he was asked if he was going to start a Guardian’s of the Globe book… may be coming soon. who knows. 

  7. @danj-Invincible gets his ass kicked all the time.  Just last issue he got it handed to him.  Also, if you have seen the promos for the upcoming arc…well, lets just say Mark gets f’ed up!!

  8. @drakedangerz – sweet. looking forward to it. Last issue was pretty dark too… fried like my eggs on Sunday morning… didn’t see that coming, Kirkman. 

    Kirkman kicks ass.   

  9. This will either kick AMAZING ass…or will be a complete and utter MESS.

  10. @ tommy – i have to think it’ll be a little bit of both – some messy ass-kickery.

    i have NO interest in this issue, in that i don’t give a crap about any non-invincible image characters. but i have to admit, i’m sort of intrigued by the whole idea of a universe-spanning crossover all in one book. AND i’m glad this sort of nonsense isn’t stealing invincible for more than one issue.

  11. feels like forever since i seen invincible

  12. @TehDave: Agreed.  The basic concept amuses me…but I dont REALLY care about Spawn, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, etc…just get it done, let Kirkman make his point, and get back to the awesome.

  13. Pitt!!!! You can see a claw and some chains! Kirkman really delivers so I’m feeling pretty confident this is going to be awesome.

  14. This is great. I’m so excited that I can read this without having to pick up other crossover titles of crap that I’m not reading!

  15. so it’s going to be the image universe vs. the 16 alternative-reality invincibles from the end of issue 58, right?

  16. @edward I forgot about that! Man, I hope so. Now, I’m more excited for this.

  17. I just hope this is better than the last issue. It’s hard for me to be excited since I have no investment in any of the Image characters that are gonna be in this book. I’m interested in the fight with all the Alterna-vincibles, but other than that… I’ll just have to wait and see.

  18. @nealappeal: that’s what makes me edward

  19. um…I’m really bummed out by this issue.  /spoiler = if Atom Eve is dead I’m dropping this book, its just so ‘women in refrigerators’ to kill a love interest, its the biggest comic cliche. if Kirkman really wants to be original and interesting, show us a relationship that works for once. 

  20. @speaknspell /SPOILER  from what I’ve heard kirkman say about Atom Eve’s role in the series, I seriously doubt he’ll choose to kill her now. He’s been saying that she’s going to become more and more important as time goes on, and that he’s got big plans for her. Her dying now doesn’t seem to fit Kirkman’s usual definition of a big plan.

    I thought this issue was crazy epic. I like the way Kirkman tells a story. It seems like every time he has a choice between wrapping things up simply and leaving things messy with more future possibilities, he chooses to the later. Kirkman never closes a door without opening like five or so more.



  21. I can’t believe it…he killed my favorite character.  Oh Rex, I loved you so much.

    Awesome issue.  Crazy and hard to follow at times, but overall I very much enjoyed it.  Right now its my POTW, but it might change later.

  22. That was awesome but I think it could have faired better if it was two issues instead of one.  It was still a nice little experiement though.  I am pretty pissed about Rex dieing, but at least he went out well.

  23. Very strong contender for POTW. I think it would’ve worked better as just a huge Invincible epic without all the guest stars, but I guess I can’t complain. A little hard to follow at times, but still, 5/5, Kirkman does it again.

  24. Good experiment but would have been better over multiple issues.

  25. i think this might have been the weakest issue of Invincible ive read yet (and ive read the entire 5 year run over the course of 3 months).  it just seemed to move to quick with none of the great charcter stuff i love from this book, which we onyl got a tease of at the begining with him and Eve.  But when Eve is injured, it happens off panel.  more than once i found myself flipping back a page to make sure i hadnt skipped one.  for a book that is usually soo strong this was a jumbled mess on an issue.

  26. @mikeandzod – I think thats the main thing that got me about it.  I get that we were watching a lot of time go by, but something about the whole issue just felt gratuitous.  If anything, I’ve come to expect INVINCIBLE to be well thought out in the past, but this just seemed like a lot of flash that was somewhat unsatisfying.

  27. Kirkman… certainly doesn’t stretch things out. I think this book’s storytelling style is too economical for its own good; I believe I’ve read every issue now, and I’m still not entirely sure who half the characters I’m seeing are. By the time I finished this, it was *exciting,* but I didn’t really *care.*

  28. I have to hand it to Kirkman – he created a single issue crossover mega event, and made it more exciting and meaningful than Secret Wars and more intelligible on the first reading than Final Crisis.

  29. it’s an incredible place to leave the story

  30. I like where the issue left things off… but most of it was just meh.

  31. @Jimski. I’m glad someone else is having that problem. I caught up this summer by reading issues 1-50 in about two weeks. I loved the book, but I still don’t feel all that connected to any of the characters.

  32. @ Anson17 and Jimski

    I wonder if some of the problem your having doesn’t stem directly from having read the entire series for the first time in one big chunk.  I started reading somewhere around issue 8 and have been on floppies ever since, and have no trouble whatsoever keeping the characters straight.  I think that month in month out reintroduction to the characters helps me get to know them better.  As evidence I can cite Queen and Country.  I read the series in the new Definitive Editions, and I absolutely LOVED it, but I can’t remember a single characters name off the top of my head.

  33. I’m all the way on board with how things are going in this book. In fact I’m loving all the work that Kirkman is doing. Wolf-Man is finally good, this is reaching crazy heights, Walking Dead is Walking Dead. And boy he sure does know a couple guys who can draw.

  34. If secret invaison was one issue how great would that have been?


    A whole lot better if you ask me. 

  35. =| this was my first issue of Invincible! xD!!!! WHAT A NICE WAY TO RAISE EXPECTATIONS! Nothing but down from here eh?

    No real witchblade action, I biched about it to my store owner, he gave me a free copy of Witchblade. At that moment I shat up. =)

  36. It was okay. Nice experiment, but more of a gimmick. I will miss Rex.

  37. My head kinda hurts after reading this but it does sure as shit set a new line for the series.. im certainly excited to see where this takes us.  Kirkman is a god when it comes to genuine feelings.  Rock on robert.. Rock on!

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