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HULK #13

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  1. pfftt, stupid Loeb

  2. Oh goody, now this series is apart of Dark Reign. I’m sure that’ll make it better.

  3. Y’know, I’ve been the biggest Hulk apologist since Loeb and McGuinness came on the book, but last issue was so insulting that I just can’t defend it anymore. I’ve pulled it, but if a flip-through in the store doesn’t wow me, it ain’t makin’ it home.


    … just so hard to pass up McGuinness art…

  4. I’m gonna check this issue out, but if I don’t like it I’m just gonna stick with Incredible Hulk.

  5. I’m with CaseyJustice on this one. I really don’t want this book but I do so love McGuinness art. As above, this gets read in the shop and if it is rubbish (which I fully expect it to be) its not coming home with me.

  6. Funny to see how few pulls this has.  Could just be the DC bias around here though.

  7. jeeze Kickass, you really dont like DC do you? You said something similar in the cap thread. What is so bad about them? I hasten to add i only read 1 DC book so i am no particular fan. DC just seem to be doing good things atm. Marvel have ben on top for so long its not like they are getting short shrift. Oh yeah, Loeb has sucked on this book.

  8. It might not be a bias but it is true that the ifanboy community buys in proportion many more DC books than the overall comic book community (looking at the sales charts).

  9. At least with Incredible Hulk coming back out I have a place to get my fix for Hulk again.

  10. While not too particularly thrilled about a Dark Rein tie-in, I think it makes sense. And the last issue was great. I’ve enjoyed the entire series thus far, and still don’t know why some people are so hostile toward it.

    I’d like to see them do better.

  11. @J4K3-A big reason that people are hostile is the fact that they feel that they have been lied to/misled by the author-or whoever writes the solicits.  The insinuations about a Rulk reveal have been present since the first arc, with NO PAYOFF.

    Further, what has been done has been poorly crafted, storywise, with no real suspense-it just jumps from one action sequence to another.

    These two aspects, especially in conjunction with one another, is where the hostility comes from.  I love me some big, dumb action, but there has to be some payoff.  And granting Banner what he has wanted since the gamma bomb accident does not count.

  12. @MisterJ: My advice to you is to not get all caught up in the solicits. Judge the book on the book, not on whatever someone in marketing wrote. That goes for this book or any book.

  13. Peter David must be rolling over in his grave.
    He’s what? Oh… AWK-ward!
    This book is bound to get good again eventually, right? *crossing fingers, toes and other appendages*

  14. @Conor-It’s not about being caught up in the solicits, it is about story payoff. (for me)

    Initially, I was just reading the book (1-6), and I believe they said it in the book.  Not completely sure about that, but that is beside the point, as I was reading it to find out who Rulk is and they dragged it out so long that I stopped caring, and consequently, reading.

    But leaving the first point alone, my feelings on the second point would remain unchanged.  

  15. Judge the book on its own merits? You must REALLY hate it!!!

    You know what I’d like to see? A ‘Hulk Scriptbook’ for issues 1-13….. gee… I wonder what they’d write on the SECOND page 🙂

  16. This is the worst book in the world.

  17. @threegreatone the worst book in the world was Hulk #600

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