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  1. All you should know that this is Mongul….and that makes this pick of the week already 🙂

  2. Can i jump on here? any recent issues good jumping on points?

  3. Wait, this cover has them with rings on, they took their rings off last issue didn’t they? hmm.

    also, has anyone noticed that there is no gl book out this month just the glc book? or is that a glich on dc’s page?

    @aquaman: i dont think it would be too confusing here, but you might want to just pick up the last issue too.

  4. @Ion79-Could be there just isn’t a book out.  Maybe they want to give the artist more time to finish the arc?

    I think this issue will be bloody.  Quite so.

  5. They pushed GL #39 back one week.

  6. i love this series so much. its making me love the whole blackest night storline

  7. @ Ion79 – I think they just depowered their rings rather than taking them off.

     I’m pretty psyched about the Mongol/Arkillo throw-down. I badly want Mongol to get trashed, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. 🙂

  8. I wonder what Arkillo’s breath smells like.

  9. @ wadewilson: worse than a dragons after eating onions and garlic I’d imagine. lol.


    @ flakbait: oh, ok. that makes sense.


  10. Gleason’s pencils are really starting to tick me off. So inconsistant, it’s ruining my enjoyment for this title.

    Having said that on the writing front it was another soild issue.

  11. Is there a way to give a book a 6??

    The writing in this issue is why I buy superhero comic books.

  12. i didn’t like this one as much it just sorta seemed like mostly filler and not enough of the main action, idk gonna look at it again later and see if i still feel that way.

  13. Oh no the dreaded "filler" comment!! J/k, I actually liked this quite a bit, the story progresses apace.

  14. Freaking fantastic!  Tomasi’s characterizations are so strong.  I actually started hating Ion towards the end of his rant!  And that fight scene was incredibly gory.  God I love this book

  15. I haven’t read all my comics this week yet but I bet this will be my pick of the week.  The Arkillo/Mongul throughdown was awesome.  I’m liking this book more than the standard GL book.

  16. This and Green Lantern are pound for pound 2 of the best books on the shelf right now.  Between this and the other big 3 at DC I’ve dropped all my marvel.

  17. I absolutely sympathise and agree with "Ion".  Imagine his point of view.  I would be ready to rip my mom’s head off if she brainwashed me and killed my friend.

    He is quickly becoming a very interesting character.

  18. I’m liking the hole thing with sodam and his mom that was good characterization but i think it took up too many pages. i was expecting more of a fight between mongul and arkillo  and how exactly did mongul win i mean one sec arkillo is standing there seaming victorious and then the next he just falls and isn’t anymore….not sure what happened there. overall it was a solid issue but still thought the parts that were drawn out were done so a bit much and the other parts could have been drawn out more.

    i think thats why i thought there was filler, the pacing was off for me. by like idk a page or so.

  19. This really deserves to be a top-tier title. The last issue of Green Lantern felt jumbled; too much forced into a single issue. Here, Tomasi handles several storylines without coming off forced or rushed. Just fantastic storytelling.

  20. awesome awesome awesome.

    i didn’t even know i cared about sodom yat until this issue. his first scene was really amazing – shocking that it didn’t feel over the top or melodramatic, a real credit to tomasi.

  21. Ok, so I liked the story but did anyone else think that the art kinda sucked in this issue? It really looks bad in places, especially the faces and body proportions. 

  22. @Garrett: I’m with you on the art.

    Gleason is great with fight scenes and incredible with designing aliens. But his faces in general are pretty damn poor. I dont think he’s a bad artist, he’s just really inconsistent with every page.

  23. I agree with the Soadam Yat comments. Ever since he took over as Ion he’s just been an empty shell with zero personality. Thank the comic pantheon that Tomasi stepped down as an editor and began writing. He has breathed such life into a cast of characters that had basically turned into little story points for Guy or Kyle to play off of.

    I forget her name, but the chick from Korugar that is with Kyle now has the most interesting story to me so far. I cannot wait to see what happens when she returns home. Hopefully this leads into something with her later on becoming a little too much like Sinestro.

  24. I hate hate hate hate Mongul.  I think that’s what I’m supposed to feel but I really want Sinestro to just obliterate him.  I just think he’s had a good run and its time for him to be a non-factor.  I cheered inside when we thought he was dead on the black mercy planet.

    I feel like the way Tomasi write the star sapphires is a bit of a departure from Geoff Johns interpretation, I really like the way Miri (I think that’s her name) is a very interesting character.  I hope that the way that corps goes follows that thread as opposed to the vibe I got off them when Carol Ferris gets re-recruited in the Origins and Omens fo the last issue of GL.


  25. @speaknspell-Yeah, I too hate Mongul.  A bit of a one-note character.  I figured they wanted to keep him around to have a showdown with Sinestro, so I was terrified that they might have Mongul kill Arkillo this issue.  Glad they didn’t.  Arkillo may be a baddie, but I love that guy.  Sure, he didn’t come away unhurt, but I’m glad to see that he is walking away from the fight and will still be a part of the story.

  26. Another great issue … except for the art. It was kinda like ass water. Gleason is usually REALLY good, so I’m guessing there was a new inker on some of the pages? There were 2 inkers listed … one of them must have worked blind folded & drunk. But, like I said, still a great issue, with half the pages of exellent artwork & a kick ass story. Like stuclach — this type of issue is why I read comics.

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