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Personally, I think any book that has that DC Nation page we got this week deserves a little bump-up in points, don’t you?  Anyways…

This arc, I believe, is the last one before the Blackest Night kicks off.  It’s called Emerald Eclipse, invoking the famous/dubious Green Lantern tales of Emerald Dawn (Hal’s origin) and Emerald Twilight (Hal’s unhinging) with a certain ominous flavor to it.  The story continues out of what has been established over the last few arcs, particularly with Mongul’s ascension in the Sinestro Corps (and the fight with Arkillo) and the blooming Kyle/Soranik romance.  The former is bloody and barbaric while the latter is nice and subdued.  Kyle has always my Green Lantern so the fact that Tomasi has been building the character as a competant and respectable Corpsman while maintaining his roots is something I love about this book.  This relationship is a good step for Kyle’s character; it gives him a grounding Hal or John doesn’t quite show even if they are similarly romantically entangled (unless I missed something… whatever happened to John’s blue alien wife?).  Still, the fact that Korugarian feminie underwear is supposedly indistinguishable from Earthling feminie underrwear is kind of amusing.

This issue was also the one that made me remember I don’t trust Sodom Yat.  There’s this moment in the start of the book where, while completely justified, reminded me how both enraged and cocky Sodam can get at times.  Arrogance and anger in a Green Lantern… that never goes well.  Just ask Hal and Sinestro.

Despite some… other person’s disparaging remarks toward Patrick Gleason, I really like his art and have since I jumped on the book.  I feel he does emotion rather well and know how to compose a good scene with the right images and angles.  The only real problem I had here was that Kyle kind of looked like Clark Kent a little.  Nevertheless, I thought the art was well done.

Overall, I really liked this issue.  I really like this series.  I’m very happy it’s #2 on the pulls this week.  It really does deserve it.  Tomasi and Gleason do a great job on this space cop opera, consistantly a worthy pick of a week contender for me.  They’ve really done a lot to maintain the momentum of Sinestro Corps War with good stories and are doing great for setting up for Blackest Night.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Other person?

    Oh Tork….you dont even have the decency to name me in general? 🙂

    I said in my review some of his pencils look great. While other times it’s ugly as hell. I didnt call him a bad artist by any means, just inconsistent….Your review made it sound like I crucified the man lol

  2. You said you wanted him off the book in the worst way.  How am I to take that?

  3. @Tork: Well I just want him off cause his inconsistancy is driving me crazy!

    Again I never said his entire pencils look like shit, it’s just so off model at points it looks so ugly. He needs to learn how to stay on model every single panel.

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