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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. I’m excited for this. Curious to see if the Star Sapphire Corps will include men or not.

  3. This is still one of the best titles coming out of DC.

    Having said that the last issue bored me to tears. I never would’ve thought that an issue focusing on Guy Gardner would bore me. Hope this issue changes that.

  4. @PraxJarvin – You would think they would.  Or could.  The whole thing is based on finding those two dead bodies or lovers, a man and a woman, right?

  5. I love how these two books (GLC and GL) are both building the emotional spectrum.  The slow build to Blackest Night is working very well.  I can’t wait for the inevitable collision.

  6. Pat Gleason draws the scarred guardian soooo ugly, and its perfect.  The guardians are sort of turning into overbearing parents (starting?) and I’m curious to see what this new law does.  its funny that they were kind of teasing a relationship between Soranik Natu and Kyle Rayner a few issues earlier and I wonder how that’s gonna play out.

  7. @Speaknspell-she is rather hideous isn’t she?

    Yeah, I am really curious to see what this new law does as well.  If you really look for it, love has been all over the last couple issues of GLC, and even some of GL.  Making it illegal is going to piss of more than a few of the corp members.  I can already see the catastrophe that awaits the corp!!

    Also enjoyed that both the Guardians and the Zamorans both make equally valid points, until they both start sounding ignorant and close minded.  Very close POTW for me

  8. This is great…I love how well this works with the GL main title, but that you don’t "need" to read both. I also really like how unlike a lot of ‘events’ recently, in this and GL we see how it’s the choices being made now that will lead to the Blackest night. I found this issue very thought provoking.

  9. Another great issue. 🙂

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