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Renegade Green Lantern Sinestro sets a course for Korugar with one purpose: To free his homeworld from the scourge of… The Sinestro Corps?!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by DAVID FINCH
B&W variant cover by DOUG MAHNKE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. What’s Hal’s credit score? Find out this issue!!!

  2. I love the dynamic between Sinestro and Hal but GL is just spinning it’s wheels at this point. I’m just not interested in different colors fighting against each other, it’s time for something new. I have a feeling that 3 issues from now it will feel like we’re still in the savage land

  3. The most unbelievable part of GL is not that fish-people are flying around, or the rings, or that there is a space Police corp. The hardest thing for me to believe is that a fighter pilot could be out of a job. You know how hard it is to become a test pilot? He could do consulting work. Lazy ass Hal.That jerk.

    • Just marry Carol and make her your sugar mommy.

    • A test pilot that constantly flies planes past the test parameters and ends up crashing them and acting like a badass and you’re lucky to have him? I’d fire his ass too.

    • Yeah, and being a space cop creates a junkie like impression to your superiors as your either away for weeks, when you do show up to work your under the effects of mind control or space sores or you get a secret message and have to leave a meeting after 6 minutes

  4. Issue #1 worked. I hope the trend continues. I don’t want this book to turn into a Sinestro book, however.

    • I disagree, I love this as a Sinestro book! And the way he was schooling Hal on how to really use the power ring was a cool dynamic I though. “Look dumb ass…this is how you save people with a power ring!”

  5. I’ve been reading Green Lantern in tpb for awhile now, but I’ve taken the opportunity to jump onto issues with the new 52 reboot. I don’t want to buy the other lantern books though as they are a little substandard.
    Do you guys think I’ll be able to keep up or will I be lost as soon as they start doing their next event?

    • If DC does a cross over like war of the Lanterns, Sinestro Corps War, or Blackest Night, like always you’ll have to read more than 1 GL book but I assume like in past events not reading the other titles between the events won’t be necessary.

    • Somebody told me that War of the Lanterns didn’t make any sense unless you were reading all the books. The nice thing about reading them in tpb was that they combined series for things like the Sinestro war into one book. Maybe I should just jump back into reading them in trade and ignore the issues

    • No I agree. During the cross-overs you had to read all the titles, but in-between the crossovers you didn’t, and it was easy to jump on and off each title. I read only GL until the Sinestro Corps War, jumped on GLC for the cross-over, jumped off and then back on for Blackest NIght, then jumped back off. When the War of the Lanterns came around, I was only reading GL but jumped on the other two fro the cross-over, then stopped after it was over. The difference between GL events and others is that the issues are not just tie-ins but necessary components. So ultimately, you can read just GL for the time being but when their is a the inevitable cross-over, you’ll have to jump on the other titles. If you’re concerned about this then I would stick to the trade.

  6. Eh, issue one was ok, but I think I’ll stick with New Guardians.

  7. Good book and Hal is my favorite GL so if he is your favorite then this is the book for you!! Thats basically the differences in all of these books is who do you like as your GL thats it! I for one can’t wait till Wednesday!!

    Just sayin’,


    • Completely disagree. The differences in the GL titles is more about tone and direction than the individual lanterns. GLC is a GL team book. GL is a GL solo book. GLNG is a multi-colored lantern team book. I’m sure that those who prefer a certain earth lantern will be drawn to their book but I don’t see that as the defining characteristic of each.

  8. Really enjoyed the first issue it being my first Green Lantern comic ever. Im hoping this feeling continues since most complaints ive heard are from long time readers of Green Lantern.

  9. Ohhh this was surprisingly good. I was only mildly impressed with issue 1 but I really like where this is going now. I still think the faces look weird from an art standpoint buy that’s a minor complaint. Bravo 4.5/5

  10. Best book I read this week hands down. Sinestro is my favorite comic character and this issue shows exactly why. Loved it and I can’t wait for the next issues. 5/5.

  11. man, that green lantern design really blew my mind in this issue. did you see it?! he had funny little squiggles on his shoulders. great work there, jim lee

  12. Can’t say I like Mahnke’s art much…

  13. Naturally i’d like to respond with “Mahnke still sucks”, but I’m gonna take the high road and say I might be beginning to respect his detail. Up close and personal panels are still a shock on first glance.. There were a couple shots after Hal got the ring that blew me away though. Gorgor was f’n retarded looking. Whoever comes up with new character designs for GL needs to settle down. Besides Gor Gor is a dinosaur from a Gwar song. Look it up!

    I love dialogues between Sinestro and Hal. This has been their bestand most revealing encounter since Sinestro was being held in the prison cells. Anytime I feel sympathy for Sinestro this book’s rockin.

  14. Johns continues to make Sinestro one of the most interesting characters in the Green Lantern books. His “teaching” of Hal in this issue was fantastic and underscores what kind of character he is: he wants to make the universe better, and not just kill for the fun of it. I am a little sad that deadbeat Hal may be on the way out. I would have liked at least a couple more issues before he got the ring back, even if this is not a true ring.

  15. Hopefully they revisit Hal Jordan the bum later. Or at least check in on Earth every once in the while to show how being a Green Lantern ruins his normal life.

    I’m not completely sold on this book but Sinestro is so great that I have to stick with it for now. I still think John’s single issue pacing is a bit too slow for my tastes.

  16. Pick of the week if easily for the last line only. Curious how Geoff Johns is going to spin Korugar from where Sinestro left it into him redeeming it. Especially since he’s know a lantern and he was Korugar’s downfall. But then again…John’s has been setting him up for redemption.

  17. Yawn. Has anybody heard how DC is going to handle digital trades? Like, will there be a time when I can read the first six issues of GL for 80 cents an issue?

  18. I heavily enjoyed Sinestro knocking Hal down a peg.

  19. I completely missed out the whole War of the Green lanterns and now i’ve jumped back into GL with issue 1. Is there anything important that i need to know from that event?

  20. The problem I have with this book is trying to reconcile the idea that Hal is still considered the “Greatest Lantern Ever” with the sad sack loser we see in these two issues. Although it is Sinestro ragging on him, the perception Carol has of him is off, too. How the hell is THIS guy the greatest space cop in the universe for any amount of time?? Sinestro’s story is the interesting one here, and I kinda wish Hal wasn’t around to ruin it.

    • It could be like saying the best cop on the force has the worst home life. You put so much of your time into your profession and the rest suffers. The ring slinging can become an obsession. I remember Barry saying “When was the last time you took your ring off, Hal? Hal is going into withdrawal and having to pick up the pieces of the life he’s discarded.

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