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  1. Yes please!

  2. So happy its finally coming out.  I’m going to wear my Flash ring to my LCS Wednesday

  3. I never got around to catching up with Johns’ other Flash stuff, or the pre-FC stuff. Or Waid. I don’t care; I’m still reading this first this week. 

  4. Damn, I thought it was an ongoing.

    So I’ll assume that they will announce in San Diego this year what books Johns will be writing in the coming year seeing that he is only doing one ongoing (Green Lantern) . . .

  5. @ScorpionMasada: The assumption is that just as the GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH mini-series lead to GREEN LANTERN, so will FLASH: REBIRTH lead to a Flash regular series.

  6. Ooh, yes. Can’t wait for this one, so excited!






  7. Can’t wait to pick this up.

  8. I hope that happens.

    But maybe I should wait to see how good the mini-series is before I hope too much.

    It is Johns though.

  9. First time reading Flash.

  10. This makes me sooooo happy

  11. Flash n00b as well but I’m all signed up for this ride!

    Also:  My first Johns book.

  12. Barry Allen is back full time. I have high expectations with what Geoff Johns can do with this.

  13. I’m trying so damned hard to get into the DC universe and learn some chracters. I’m excited to get this title.

  14. check off another Flash newbie.  It just looks incredible, I can’t say no.

  15. This is coming out!? I didnt realise!!! It’s not like DC has put splash page ads all over their comics these last 2 months….

    I hope this is good, I mean I am not a uber Flash fan but it’s Geoff Johns going back to what made him famous to begin with….Should be good.

  16. I’m digging all the love that’s out there for this title – – already!!!

    And I do believe that this will lead to Johns writing an ongoing for Flash, that will re-launch the title at #1 again. Same formula that worked for Green Lantern. This can’t fail. 

    Can’t wait to see what Johns does with Barry Allen on a regular basis…..and all speedsters for that matter.

  17. Oh, and I also heard Johns would love to write an on-going title called Roges. That could be cool too…if DC let’s him do it.

  18. I don’t agree with Barry Allen being brought back, but if there’s anyone I trust to do it it’s Geoff Johns. Can’t wait for this!

  19. Wait….this isnt revamping Jay Garrick?

    Pass! 🙂

  20. YES.





  21. Never picked up more than the odd Flash issue, but I’m looking forward to this.

     Don’t we have enough other Flashes to create a sister title, Flash: Lightning Corps? 😉

  22. excited to be reading a flash book. i came into comics around the time of bart allen’s death and that is the last flash comic i read.

  23. I’m a little scared that this has been hyped to the point where there is no way it can live up to the expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definately getting it and know I will enjoy it, but the build up has been going so strong for so long I am afraid there is no situation where it can live up to everyones expectations.

    I hope I am proven wrong though:)

  24. Hot damn! This book is going to kick ass! It’s finally here. iFanboy will start talking about Flash again. lol

  25. @Parker: Overhype is often the case with comics these days.  Me, I’m just hoping for a good story.

  26. @flakbait I might could be down with that, but who would write it? How about this thing that will never happen: three flash books after rebirth.

    The Flash: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis

    Lightning Corps: ?, ?

    Rogues: Ivan Brandon, ?

    I went with Ivan Brandon on Rogues because Johns is the only DC dude I can think of for Flash, but Brandon’s Kobra one shot makes me think he would write a killer rogues book. Also, he’s one of the few dudes around DC who feels like a young up and comer. I have no idea about a Lightning Corps book, who would write it, what kind of book it would be.

  27. I just hope this story doesn’t kill any of the current Flashes. I really don’t want to see an end for Jay or Wally.  I am really excited for this book.

  28. NOMG.

  29. @Conor-Me too.  I don’t know what the story will be about, haven’t read too much of the interviews or solicits.  I just know that I like these guys working together and hope to enjoy the story that they are crafting.

  30. I was hoping Barry Allen died in Crisis on Infinite Earths I already bought a compiled comic book of that saga and I read and saw Barry Allen as the Flash died dried up and turned into a skull. How did he survived and returned in the World of the Living? I just hope my favorite Flash villains will be here and that is none other than Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Gorilla Grodd.

  31. Is it hard to ask for Johns to bring back The Turtle?

    That’s what this mini is about right? The return of The Turtle?

  32. Is the hype really that big? Meh, just ignore it.

  33. So excited for this. All 4 Flashes in the same title? Hell yeah. 

  34. I hope Wally has a big role in this and in the new on going series.

  35. Yeah, I just hope (and have confidence) that Geoff does as right by Wally (and Bart, but especially Wally) as he did by Kyle in restoring Hal.

  36. @Evil09 — Your posts are my favourite on this whole site. What. Up. Barry Allen came back in Final Crisis, but one of the fans of the series will have to explain how 😛

    I’m looking forward to this as much as the next fanboy, but does anyone know or have any theories about what will happen to Wally West? I mean, it looks like Barry will be the Flash again so … where does that leave Wally?

  37. whoo, let’s just slow down everyone, it’s like Conor and Parker said, wait until you read the first issue before getting over excited about the series.


    Remember Johns isn’t the flashiest (little "f" flash, not capital "f" flash) writer, i get the feeling the book will have a slow built until an exciting ending

  38. One of the first DC comics I ever bought was Flash #1 by Mike Baron. Wally West has always been my Flash. Who is this "Barry Allen" imposter? Plus Geoff Johns is a nice fellow but not a good writer.


  39. Geoff Johns + Flash = AWESOME!!  So glad he’s back on the book.  His run on the Flash was one of the best.

  40. @SamMorgan

     As someone who grew up with both Barry and Wally as the Flash, give it a chance.  I think you will find Barry to be just as an enjoyable character as Wally is.

  41. very excited for this, hopefully I get to see him on Wed as well

  42. @SamMorgan. nah, stick to your guns, dude

  43. @edward – oh, I will!

  44. OK i didn’t read Final Crisis, will i be able to jump right in if i just know who barry and wally are? Will it explain how barry is back or was that explained in FC?

  45. @RoiVampire: It probably will, but isn’t it just enough to know Barry is back?

  46. @conor Yeah but i wanna know why incase it’s really important to the story. Like i don’t want wally to be all "Glad that monkey death ray brought you back uncle barry" and then i’m all like "Whaaaaaaat?"

  47. @RoiVampire: You’ll just have to go with it.

  48. @RoiVampire

    Money death ray? Way not to mark your spoilers I was trade waiting for Final Crisis! Geez!

  49. Is this the most pulls a book has gotten?

  50. @simmons It sjure seems like it

  51. @Conor: I understand, but some don’t like to "just go with it". Some people enjoy knowing more details. Different strokes and all eh.

  52. @simmons – Secret Invasion #8 had 800 pulls.

  53. There is a big difference between wanting to know some details and refusing to read a story because you aren’t intimately familiar with a characters 50 year history though.

     I think a lot of the fanboys on these boards (And I get caught up in it too) confuse their excuse of "I don’t understand this story" with the reality of "I understand this story just fine, I’m just not intimately familiar with every trivial bit of the 50 plus years of history with this character so I don’t feel comfortable with it."

     Classic example is The first few issues of Final Crisis when Dan Turpin was used.  People screamed "I don’t know who this guy is… I’m confused"  Well the story tells you the guy was an former cop investigating a crime, and for the purpose of the story thats all you needed to know.  But fanboys turn the not knowing this characters entire history into a "I don’t know whats going on." excuse.  Now I wish I could explain the rest of final Crisis confusing story away with this example… but sadly I can’t as that was truly out there.

    Bottom line ….if the book interests you, Pick it up and leaf through it… if it STILL looks interesting, buy it!  Don’t handcuff yourself with worries of… "will I know the backstory or not?".  If you grasp the current story you are already in the home stretch.  If you have the time and the inclination to fill in the back story after… then fly at it.  There is nothing wrong with that.  There is something wrong however, with confusing absolute knowledge of a comic world vs. knowing what is happening in the current story.

  54. @JumpingJupiter: I agree ith what Hawkboy said above. The idea that you have to know everything about everything in order ot read a story is becoming more and more common among comic book readers.

  55. Perhaps the concern isn’t so much "will I understand?" but more "will the writer prominently use unfamiliar backstory elements?"

    I dunno…

  56. It is officially Wednesday! Which means, hours from now my lcs will be opening, which means Flash Rebirth will be on the shelf, which means I need to get there before hand when they’re not open and play the waiting game… so i can get a copy, which means other people will be doing the same thing, which means I have to get there even earlier, which means other people are probably thinking the same thing, which means I may not get a copy, which means…. Actually I’ll just go right now.

    This is going to be awesome…. Johns has yet to fail me, honestly I don’t think that man can’t write a bad story. Even if he tried to it will still be good.  

  57. @RoiVampire — Half the people who read Final Crisis didn’t understand what happened anyway, so you’re not too far out of the game. If you know who Barry & Wally are (& who Geoff & Ethan are) just pick up issue #1, & if you’re into it — pick up issue #2 & if you don’t like it? Well, that means you didn’t like a book by Johns & Van Sciver, which means you hate comics, & life & puppies.

  58. @Connor, Hawkboy and JJ. I think there is a little truth in each person’s point of view.

    Here’s my two cents. I think the compliant of “I don’t understand this” is born out of the sense that the full importance of a story is not completely evident to a person unfamiliar with the characters/universe.

    So if a book is written so as to reward older fans, newer fans are left wondering why a particular scene was considered fantastic or the tremendous emotional significance of two characters hooking up or whatever.

    The compliant isn’t “I don’t understand this” but “I don’t understand why this is good”

  59. @edward yeah, that’s it right there. I don’t often feel that way, but it’s for sure a real thing.

    But I think Johns might be better than anyone else at call backs for the old fans that don’t alienate the new. Legion of Three Worlds is a work of high continuity porn, but I despite having very little legion knowledge, I love it whenever it comes out. Green Lantern Rebirth, was actually my first comic in DC continuity and I had no trouble enjoying it.

  60. @Edward-I mostly agree with what you say.  The scene in Final Crisis where Barry and Iris kiss and Barry says "I’m sorry I’m late" had no real meaning to me.  Then I listen to Tom Vs. The Flash and learned that Barry was always late to everything he did with Iris.  It was a running gag.  So while I appreciated and enjoyed when the two got together in FC, that juicy tidbit didn’t resonate with me the first time I read it. 

    I agree you get more out of a story by knowing the back history, I just think people use their lack of knowledge too much as an excuse for skipping out on good comics. 

    Just dive right in people!  If all else fails, use Wikipedia or the iFanbase.

  61. yeah, but my point was there are certain books written specially in this style of rewarding older readers. Doesn’t make them bad, it just doesn’t make them especially new reader friendly.


    but, still pick it up, try it. it’s not going to cause your sack to peel off

  62. "but, still pick it up, try it. it’s not going to cause your sack to peel off"

    Oh yes it will. Yes, it, will.

  63. But in a good way.

  64. This is the first time I’ve bought an issue of the Flash since 9th grade. What an awesome day

  65. I was able to pick up Green Lantern Rebirth with absolutely no knowledge of Green Lantern beyond recognizing who he was. I followed that fine, so as long as Johns goeas about this the same way I don’t see anyone having trouble following it.

  66. Eh….It was okay….Not mind blowing.

    I dont think this was all worth the hype if you ask me.

  67. Yeah it was good, but as someone who has never read a Barry Allen Flash book, man he came off as a dick. After listening to some of "Tom Vs. The Flash" podcasts I thought Iris was supposed to be the one who didn’t give a crap about other people.

  68. It kind of felt like Johns wrote Barry as Steve Rogers. Which is fine, I guess, but the issue as a whole just didn’t grab me like I was expecting. It was far from bad, but it felt a little lacking.

  69. I started reading comics in 2004 and Green Lantern: Rebirth was one of my early favorites so I was really looking forward to this.  I never read Barry Allen before, but growing up I loved the Flash as a character even if I wasn’t reading comics.  I gotta say, I was super disappointed in this.  I don’t know what I was expecting exactly but I really just didn’t like Barry at all and found myself wishing I was reading a Wally story at one point.  I’m definitely gonna stick with it because I want to like it, but I don’t know.  Hopefully I end up liking Barry a lot more after next issue.

  70. I gave this a 3/5 on both sides of this comic. I didnt think it was terrible, but I didnt think it was great either.

    This was by the numbers storytelling and nothing stood out. This is exactely the same way Marvel brought back Captain Marvel after Civil War. The two mini’s (so far) are so identical it’s mind blowing.

  71. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Quick question: did a miss something?  Bart Allen’s NOT dead?  And he’s a teenager again?  What did I miss?

  72. @Hawkboy, re: ‘I think a lot of the fanboys on these boards (And I get caught up in it too) confuse their excuse of "I don’t understand this story" with the reality of "I understand this story just fine, I’m just not intimately familiar with every trivial bit of the 50 plus years of history with this character so I don’t feel comfortable with it."’

    WOW. Great comment. Not to diss anyone personally but, yeah, I think "I don’t understand this" is used as a crutch too much. I remember back in the late-’80s/early-’90s: my friends and I knew only really trivial facts about so many superheroes, and yet we read the books just fine. We learned more as we read more, and didn’t complain about it. I always think about how convoluted X-continuity was back then–before the internet, before wikipedia, before X-cartoons and movies–and yet little kids had NO probably picking up x-comics, and happily learning more about the universe as they went.

    I do think JumpingJupiter has a great point, though, when he says that ‘Perhaps the concern isn’t so much "will I understand?" but more "will the writer prominently use unfamiliar backstory elements?"’ For my part, I just wish the average comics readers today (who, after all, have more learning tools and are older, and smarter than the average new X-Men fan from 1991) would be more willing to take their own inititive to learn about any unfamiliar backstory elements that bother them. 

    I think maybe the root of the issue here is readers not being comfortable with not knowing everything displayed on the comic page. It’s FINE not to get every reference! It’s OKAY not to understand every tiny detail of a story! Don’t worry, in most cases you’ll get the basic plot just fine; meanwhile you can use your brain to infer backstory elements based on how they’re referred to; and if you really need/want it, just ask someone online to explain something to you. It’s not a big deal! You don’t need to make sure that you’ll be able to understand all there is to know about a book BEFORE opening the cover! 🙂 Imagine someone looking at a closed comic book and saying, "Well, this is a big commit, a big risk on my part…Jeez…Do I want to risk opening this thing? What if I don’t ‘get’ something–what THEN?! Best…best just not to risk opening it…" Absurd!

  73. ^Oops, I meant "little kids had no PROBLEM picking up x-comics", not "no PROBABLY". (We really need a edit function, guys…You can’t expect us to proofread our own words until AFTER we post them. ;-))

    BTW…Is this the most pulls ever??

  74. @flapjaxx: nah, apparently secret invasion issue 8 had over 800 pulls

  75. @jeffr Bart Allen came back as Kid Flash in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3. He appears to be De-Aged and ready to kick some butt.

    I just put this issue down and wow… what a ride. Not the greatest story ever, but I really enjoyed it. I had a huge grin on my face the entire time I was reading this. And the EVS art was just fantastic. Perhaps I’m letting my bias from last week’s poor showing make me look at this week’s books through rose colored glasses.

    For those of you out there worried if you need to know about Final Crisis to understand this book, the answer is no. As a matter of fact, it is implied Barry’s appearance in FC is coincidental.

  76. It was a ton of fun.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as a few other books I had this week.  It wasn’t what I expected, but that isn’t a bad thing.  Worth the wait I think.

    And Van Sciver drew his ass off.  I have the man credit, this book looks fantastic.

  77. This is more of the same.  Good same, but same.  I would have liked something a little more "back-to-basics", but this is perfectly fine.  Nothing new, but fine.  Three stars. 

    Is there anyone in this book who hasn’t died and come back?

  78. Was anyone else annoyed that eight pages were given over to a Power Girl preview?  It would be one thing if it was an original story, but this is like paying for a commercial!

  79. @itisscritical The same preview was also included in ManBat which was $2.99. 

  80. Yeah, I completely skipped it.  I have no interest at all in that character or her absurd boobs

  81. I just have one response to flash rebirth: Geoff Johns will you marry me?

  82. Two things:

    1) Why are Big Daddies from Bioshock attacking Power Girl?

    2) Who was that character wearing the green hood, has an big A on the top of it, and was prepairing a speech when he sees Barry? No idea who that was, but it was still funny none the less.

  83. 1. Power Girl is actually a grown up Little Sister.

    2. Dr. Alchemy I’m pretty sure.

  84. @drake: Thank you.

    Seriously Microsoft (or the developers of Bioshock) should sue DC. That is just balantly ripping off of their characters

  85. Fantastic.  Loved it.  Retcon.  Recon.  Neo-con.  I don’t care.  Go Johns Go! 

  86. Was anyone else annoyed that Barry’s shirt changes colors between two pages?  First it’s white then it’s red.

  87. @jstump BS Fan logic to explain it away: Barry was moving so fast his shirt was superheated! Thus red! But all kidding aside, I didn’t even notice. 

  88. @PraxJarvin – yeah I was actually shocked I did notice.  It’s not something I would normally pick up with how fast I read a book.

  89. @itiscritical — Not really, we got 30 pages of story for $3.99 when a lot of books these days are $3.99 for 22 pages.

    I think I pumped myself up way too much for this comic, because it didn’t blow me away like I expected it to. It was good, but not awesome. The art was GREAT, but I learned one thing reading this — I don’t know Barry Allen at all. He was before my time, I grew up with Wally West, so I guess not knowing or caring about a character much takes away most of the impact of any story.

    Anyway, it was a good read & I’m sure the rest of the series will be too, it just wasn’t 5/5 material like I expected.

    It was interesting how Wally West fans point of view was kinda told through Kid Flash’s stance on things on page 14, saying "Wally West IS the Flash, Wally earned being Flash" etc. He is kinda written as a whiney little bitch for complaing … hmmm. Hidden message from Johns? 😛

  90. *complaining

  91. I liked this a great deal. Fun trip! It was like, "ooh look at that! What is that? And this! Oh that’s cool too!"

    I didn’t get some things that seemed to be continuity references, but not at the expense of the bigger picture which I enjoyed. I also like that Barry and Iris have things to sort out. As a married man, I enjoy seeing those concerns represented in mu comics (but The Mighty does it waaay better!). And the scenes with Hal were great! I liked most of it, but it was an up down read for me. Looking forward to re-reading!

    Good fun! I’m in!

  92. Thanks be to Lord Thomas Katers for making me able understand this book!

  93. I also really liked the cover treatment. Everythiung says "FLASH"! I hope they keep this layout throughout the series. That would look great on my wall.

  94. this is one of the best covers of the year. EVS nailed it!

  95. I expected nothing. What I got was a fun read with some meat for the rest of the series. I think it’s great, solid 4 for me, going to re-read it, maybe a 5 for me.

  96. A few questions: That corpse the kids find, does it add to the scene to know who that is? Dont tell me who it is if it doesn’t.

    Also, If Barry’s been away for decades, why is Iris and everyone else apper the same age as him? Is that comic age thing where everyone always stays roughly the same age? Or does it have to do with the speed force?

    Did you guys’ copy have like a wide vertical white running behind the panels of the first few pages and two thin lines on either side?

  97. Also, are we supposed to know who murdered those two dudes at the beginning?

    If not, well then, this is a mystery/intrigue story. I think some of us were expecting this to start on a big stakes level.

    I like that this seems "street level". What’s happening to the speedsters? What does it have to do with Barry? etc.

    P.S: Please please please tilt the title at the bottom at the same angle every time! Please! It’s sooo cool! Bah! They won’t do it! It would completely obscure the figure in the next issue. *sigh*

  98. Oh and one last thing, is it just me or is the clock showing time go back and forth a little?

  99. i loved this. i am so excited for the rest of the story.

  100. anyone notice that the second line in the book dident make any sense???

  101. @JJ-Hmmm….I’ll give you my answers.  Hopefully they aren’t off base.

    1. I don’t know who that guy is, but I have seen pictures online of that costume.  It might add to your enjoyement.  But just like with Savitar, all you really need to know is that it is someone from the Flashs’ past that most likely has a connection to the speed force.

    2. Crazy comic book continuity and floating timelines.  Just go with it and enjoy the story is what I say.

    3. I don’t remember getting that in my book.  But I have to wait until I get home tonight to verify.

    4. Nah, I think thats the murder mystery that Iris gets a call about.  It does imply that it is someone from Barry’s past, but I have no idea who.  I want to be surprised by it, so I’m not thinking too much about it right now.

    5. If the clock is indeed going back and forth, then that makes me think of one certain character.  I won’t mention who though. 😉

  102. I love that Black Flash costume….that was designed by Lynn Varley for Dark Knight Strikes Back right? If not then I guess it’s an earlier reference….but that was the only good thing about Miller’s DKSB.

    If we could somehow get a Brave and the Bold comic where it’s just Hal and Barry talking in the Philadelphia Art museum…I’d buy 10 copies of each issue instantly.

  103. @TNC No, the Black Flash costume has existed since before DKSB. And the one from DSKB is Black and Gold, not black and red if memory serves. It also has shorts. I think the Black Flash first appeared in 98 or so?

    JJ, you should probably know that the Black Flash is more or less synonymous with the New God’s Black Racer (as revealed in Final Crisis), so the Black Flash is death. He is tied to the Speed Force as well. (Indeed Wally has now outrun death, literally, many times in his career, once in Final Crisis and once in Our World at War: The Flash #1 and more.)

  104. @Prax: Oh ok, gotcha. Your right it is Black and Gold, still that is a great costume by Flash.

    I’m guessing that is Death buried in that farm field? Guess that’s why everyone is suffering at the end of the page in this.

  105. I first saw Black Flash in Mark Millar penned comics in about ’98, yes.

  106. I don’t think you need to know most of those answers JJ, Johns will catch you up as we go along if his pattern of writing continues.

     The age thing is different. He’s been gone 20 years in Real Time, Comic Book time he’s been gone somewhere between 5-10 years. The only problem is he’s reacting to cell phones like hes been gone since the 80s. If he’d been gone 20 comic years, Nightwing would be in his late 30s early 40s. 

    So I just imagine that culture changes in years in comics rather then decades, they’ve only had cell phones for 5 years, personal computers for 10, etc. It’s comics though, you can’t think too hard on serialized comics…even though I just did. 

  107. I really hope Barry doesn’t stay so moody.

  108. @crucio i’d say barry has been gone for ten years probably and 10 years ago cell phones couldn’t do half of what they do now. barry didn’t seem puzzled by them but he did seem entertained at all the stuff people were doing with them

  109. I’m with Bart … Barry’s ok but Walley is MY FLASH!!!

  110. I started reading Flash during Geoff John’s run, so Wally was always the only Flash i knew. I didn’t know why they had to bring back Barry, I just wanted Wally. He had been Flash for so long and really earned the right to the name. I thought Barry worked great as the hero the other heroes all respected for making the ultimate sacrifice, but Wally had filled that legacy well. I didn’t think it was necessary. Then i read this comic. One issue was all it took Johns and Van Sciver to hook me for the long haul!

  111. @JohnVFerrigno – I’m kinda on the same page as you, except for your last sentence. I’m not really happy with hout DC has treated Wally West lately (but the same could be said of a lot of characters …). I like Rebirth & I’m sure this series will be quality, but by the end of it I just hope Wally West isn’t thrown in the trash. I’m more interested to see what happens to Wally in this series than anything else.

    When this series is over and they restart Flash at #1, starring Barry, if Wally West also has his own book — I’ll be getting that one.

  112. I think DC really weighed Wally down by giving him kids.

  113. If by "weighed down" you mean, made a massive mistake — I agree 😉

    After reading this issue again, I liked it way more … the artwork is off the scale & you guys are right about that cover, probably the best of 2009 so far (IMO)!

  114. i liked how wally interacted with the kids in this issue, but when they were introduced i dropped the flash because of the kids.

  115. @Wade: Well, yes it was a mistake. A mistake that really ties a writer down. Everything Wally does now has to include the kids in some way, otherwise he’s a shitty father. The story must always go back to the kids.

    I think Johns sort of adresses that in this issue. Wally is trying to interact with soem other characters but is constantly interupted by the kids. He reprimands them and says how easy it was to train Bart in comparison. I may be reading too much into it but I see meta text in there.

  116. man, i can only give this 2 out of 5. i don’t care about Hal and Barry talking about speed force mumbo-jumbo or the school-girl crush every hero in the DCU has on Barry. I groaned when a read the “and I still can‘t catch it” line after his child-hood scene, that’s Opah’s book club painful characterisation.

    and the topless weirdo that jumped out of Barry’s chest was ridiculous.

    But the new villain is intriguing. Remember, just my personally opinion

  117. It almost seems like there is no way a writer, even Johns, can make Barry live up to the expectations that have been built for him He has been dead so long and, because of the way he went out, anytime he was referenced in a book it was always as the ultimate hero who had no flaws.

    Well now that he is back we are seeing that he does in fact have flaws and it is shattering this perfect image of him DC has spent the last 20 years building up.

  118. Just a note on new reader friendly elements, I’ve read Flash before but other than Crisis, have never flipped through a story with Barry and I loved it. 

  119. I too am not versed in Flash lore, but I found this issue to really hold to one of Conor’s oft stated comments about a comic "Everything you need is on the page"

  120. HOly ShITe this was boring! It felt like a Final Crisis Epilogue. So much of the interior art seemed Jones and Ross’ish that I found myself flipping to the final page with the art credits before I finished just to be sure it was EVS I was seeing.


    WhhhhyyydiiiiiiidIcraaaaaaavvvvveanaccccctionscenesoooooobaaaaadlywhiiiiilereeeeeaaaaadiiinnggttthhhiiiisss??? Barrrrrysuuuuuurrrreiiiisssdramatic.  

  121. i’ll try to translate this dialect of annoying:


    why did i crave an action scenes so badly while readiing this? barry sure is dramatic.

  122. Thanx, Edward! I guess the speed force got the better of me there. Is it obvious that I miss Zoom already? Really hope Johns brings him back. I always enjoy deciphering his dialect. 

    Before I get mistaken as a hater know that I did enjoy this and am eager for more. I got faith that Johns will make a nice run on this. #1’s can hardly be taken as make or break material. That is, unless you’re Champ, of course.


    Would someone remind me when Kid Flash returned? I’m sure I read it but seem to have forgotten when and where. Was he on the skrull ship? 

  123. @FACE: Kidflash came back in legion of three world, the final crisis tie-in that hasn’t even finished yet! WTF, huh?

  124. yes, i vaguely remember that happening.. vaguely. somehow i got suckered into buying the second issue of that series (suckered, meaning – i forgot to drop it from my pull list). i really struggled to get thru the second issue and suppose if it’s only a three part series i may as well finish it. but, damn, is it hard to follow. i suppose as far as timing goes, it is placed in the future, so it doesn’t really matter when it’s released.  

  125. @FACE It’s a five part series. Part 4 is supposedly slated for April 15.

    While I realize everyone’s not read that issue, it’s amazing to me the sheer amount of times I (or someone else) has had to answer that question! 

  126. It’s official: 

    Flash: Rebirth #1 is the most pulled book on iFanboy ever. 

  127. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya, a conspiracy. No DC book can be this popular!

  128. Yeah, what the hell, it just dropped a pull!

  129. 64% as the favorite?  People must be reading some garbage books.  It was good, not great for me.  I don’t care for the art and I usually like Van Sciver.  I read the article about him wanting to create a certain feel for Flash to convey speed through the art.  It feels too much like 90s art.  Too busy.  I’ll take simplie line art any day over this style.

  130. I already got me a copy of this comic book and I should say it’s one of the best ever comic book I ever bought and I’am not ashamed I got me a copy I’am thankful I got one.

  131. Did anyone else get the impression that Barry wasn’t spending much time woth Iris? I dunno, if I came back from the dead that would be my first thought: "Where’s Shayla?"

    Either it’s too show how preoccupied he is or to show hw he’s detached or something… Iris seemed cool with it.


  132. Was not impressed with this issue, but I’ve never grew up reading Barry stories. Wally’s my Flash though they kinda mucked him up now. Not my PoW (Scalped!) but hoping this series gets better and I grow to love the Flash(es) again.

  133. I find it funny to hear people say the DC messed the flash up and that it hasn’t been good since Johns left.

    well Johns was the one who gave Wally twins, sent him into the Future and made Linda a Doctor, all without fleshing out these points (just like he did with a revelation in Booster Gold that the follow up writer has just ignored) , just leaving them as time bombs for the next guy to come along and pick up and try to deal with, and we saw how that turned out!

    its almost like it was part of his plan to get back Barry???? 

    it seems a shame to replace such a unique character in Wally as the first truly graduate sidekick with a blond haired blue eye man out of time  cough Triumph cough Sentry cough Captain America cough 

  134. I did grow up with Barry Allen as the Flash. I have wanted Barry back as the Flash for decades. After reading issue #1 I have to say at this point I am still missing Barry Allen. I will give this the chance it deserves but honestly this start was weak.

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