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  1. Is this a good jumping on place? I’m only reading Final Crisis but I did read the Sinestro Corps War a few months back.

  2. Too early to tell. If you wish, wait a few days for people to find out. What I can say for sure is it’s a continuane of the last GL issue, which ended an arc cleaning up Jordan’s origin and adding Atrocitus (ugh) the Red Lantern into the story. The preview shows a lot of blood and monsters and creepy dialogue and not much else.

    Anything else about this title, from newbie-friendliness to exactly how connected it is to the mainline Final Crisis story, is unknown. I’ve been buying every FC branded book thus far but am passing on this one, because I’m done with Green Lantern until the Blackest Night actually begins and I’ve learned that buying "preludes" usually is a waste of cash.

  3. @S1lentslayer I can’t imagine that this won’t be a good jumping on point.

  4. So this will probably be collected in trade with the other issues from this storyline right?  I’m reading GL in trade and am unsure if I should pick this up or not?  Thoughts?

  5. @zattaric You are a much more patient man that I am. I could not possibly wait for GL to come out in thrades. It’s one of my favorite books.

  6. *trades.

    I wish we could edit our comments.

  7. How many issues is this going to be?

  8. I believe it’s just the one.

  9. Yup, one-shot.  I have no idea how they are going to collect the Final Crisis tie-ins, particularly this one and Rogue’s Revenge.  I would venture to say it would be included in one of the GL trades, but I wouldn’t take the risk.  Pony up and buy it, you know its going to rock!

    And I would also say its a good jumping on point.  If you have already read Sinestro Corps. war, should be fine

  10. sick cover!

  11. I am more excited at the prospect of this book than I’ve been about any book for ages. Apart from Flash: Rebirth of course. Can’t wait!

  12. A book mixing Geoff John’s GL run and Final Crisis gets my money.  This thing has to be good.

  13. Once again, I’ll be jumping up and down outside the comic shop when they open 🙂

  14. my only complaint is that Van Sciver and/or Reis aren’t involved in this. i’m picky about who draws my GL

  15. @Face – Reis is off a couple issues because he is working ahead. Looks like he is the man fo GL in the future, and with the big stories they have comming they probley just wanted to give him some breathing room.

  16. Instead of a "sightings" banner, DC should put a "written by Geoff Johns" banner on their important books, then I would certainly buy them all.

  17. Just turn over all DC books to Johns and rename the company GJ Comics!!!

  18. I think this book is designed to be a good jumping on point…just read it!!

  19. Aw, what the heck. It’s just a one shot anyway.

  20. @kthx-Its a one-shot but its the first issue of the Rage of the Red Lanterns arc that will continue in the Green Lanterne monthly book.

  21. sigh, I read some negativity here and I just don’t get it.  For me, I suddenly get a 3rd GL book in one month…its a fantastic month 😉

  22. I think I’m gonna pass. Even though I did read Sinestro Corps War, I was never really into it and quit after it.

  23. This could be the book of the week this week and looking at it Geoff Johns is one of the best writers right now and I love his stuff and to think about it I am one of the biggest Marvel fans but after reading Johns books he seems to pull you to DC. Green Latern will always be cool esp this week

  24. Jared, the same thing happened to me.  I’d always been all X-books, then I went into a dark age, but suddenly it was the DC books that pulled me back in.  interesting to see how one writing style and story can totally change your perspective.

  25. Since it’s a one-shot, I’m all over it. Lord knows I can’t not jump on the Blackest Night bandwagon. This will be my first DC purchase in months.


  26. I’m pulling this for one reason only: Geoff Johns. I’ve never read Green Lantern and have no idea what to expect. Johns has really blown me away with his Action Comics run lately so I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed here. Anybody know a good place to go online to get a good recap of Johns’ GL so far?

  27. Can’t wait to pick this up! been looking forward to this for months

  28. i liked Shane Davis on the Superman/Batman Search for Kryptonite arc, so i expected a good job with this…  i was not disappointed…  i liked it as well as anything Reis has done… 

  29. Holy Fuckin Moses was that awesome on all levels.

  30. I actually enjoyed his art quite a bit.  A few panels were off, but overall it really fit the tone of the red lanterns quite well.  Loved that blue cat, his ass is going to be trouble.  I wish Bzzd was still alive, would love to see a cat vs. fly match.  And I totally didn’t expect to see another color show up at the end, that was great!  Finally they all start showing their faces, I am salivating!

  31. Ooooh, that darn cat! Seriously though, every panel with that thing in it made me feel like I was insane.

  32. With blood and rage of crimson red, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate, we’ll burn you all, that is your fate!!  Man this was good. 

  33. This was a great book, but it was the fourth best book I read this week.  And I pretty much loved this.  That’s a good week.  I’m totally on board for "Blackest Night", and I love what Johns has been doing the whole way.  One caveat: in no way is this a "Final Crisis" tie-in.  Maybe it is, I’m not reading FD, but… I think there’s a mention of FC in the beginning of the story, some reference, but I had to double-check the cover when I came here and read that it was a tie in to FC.  Great issue, but I just don’t see that.

  34. Shane Davis has amped up his artwork with this book.  He has done nothing but get better since the Mystery In Space mini, but this issue was on a whole new level.

    Green Lantern has definitely found a new go-to artist.  With Van Sciver begging off to do Flash: Rebirth, Davis would make an admirable replacement artist in the rotation.

  35. This was excellent.  Sinestro is one of the most interesting villains in the DCU right now.  I showed this to a coworker of mine who was a massive green lantern fan 20 years ago, but hasn’t bought a comic in decades.  He immediately went to the store and bought this and the Sinestro Corp trades.  I also suggested that he check out  I’m such a shill.

    So, is "indigo for compassion" the only lantern color we haven’t seen (other than a full on black lantern in costume)?  Or was the guy at the end supposed to be indigo and we haven’t seen blue yet?  I will be honest.  I don’t know if I can tell indigo (for compassion) and blue (for hope) apart all that well.  Does that raise questions about my emotional wellbeing (I am an economist, after all) or my ability to see colors (my brother is actually color blind)?

  36. The guy at the end was Blue Lantern.  Right?

  37. Check the bottom of the the last page. It said Meet the Blue Lantern next month in GL.

  38. @gnanniv – I saw that.  So, does that mean we are being introduced to the guy on that page, meaning he is a blue lantern, or does that mean the guy on the page is the indigo lantern and we will meet the final lantern color (blue) in the next GL issue?

  39. I looked up the Blue Lantern’s insignia in my Sinestero Corps trade. Guy on the last page is a Blue. I asssume he was sent by Ganthet to help Hal. After what went down in this issue, it looks like he is there to also provide "Hope." Power levels 200% would definitely give some me hope.

  40. Were those two Watcher looking dudes going to be the first Orange lanterns? It looked like they were "Greed"

  41. @AlexG : There is supposed to be an upcoming character named Agent Orange, who i’m assuming is saying "No it’s mine".  The two bald guys (and they do look like The Watcher) are Controllers and I don’t know much about them.  Maybe they find the Orange Light and Agent Orange takes it for himself.  Not sure.

  42. Yeah, the last guy was a blud lantern.  You could tell by his insignia and he said he was sent by Ganthet.  Its kind of cool if those guys are going to be mostly defensive, like healers.  Maybe thats just one of their skills, but it really had me intrested in what else they are going to do with other lanterns.

    Yeah, glad to see I wasn’t the only one that thought those guys look like Watchers.  I know they were mentioned before in one of the GL books, I just can’t remember off the top of my head.  I personally can’t wait to see who the guardians are going to be for all the other lanterns

  43. This book was good, but not great.  Maybe Johns’ has just spoiled me or maybe its EVS’s or Reis’s art, but something just didn’t click with me enough to give a 5.  Maybe it was those really high expectations I had going into it. 

  44. Really appreciate that Shane Davis didn’t stray much from the look of Van Sciver and Reis. This definitely worked for me. Blackest Night’s buildup has been so worth it and, once again, Geoff Johns defines comics as they should be.

    Besides, Uatu showed up and that means something really big’s going to happen.   

  45. Not only Uatu, but his brother Uato showed up too

  46. I’m pretty sure that the controllers are another tribe that came from maltus like the Oans and the Zamorons.  So they’re the same race as the Guardians but with different motivations.  They’ve also been shown to be seeking the Orange light so they don’t seem to have a power source yet like the guardians do.

  47. @speaknspell-No, I’m pretty sure they are the Watchers from the Marvel Universe.  That would make far more sense

  48. awesome issue.

     also i have a new favorite villain in the evil red lantern cat. What do you think his name will be? my vote is whiskers

  49. @micahmyers – So you feel that the cat (and I assume the rest of the red lanterns) are evil.  I am not sure how I feel about them yet.  They are driven by rage, but it is a rage based on something foul that was done to them by their targets (if I am interpreting them correctly).  Take Atrocitus for example:

    (from Wikipedia) Long ago, when the rogue Manhunters rampaged through space sector 666, Atrocitus was one of only five beings in the entire sector to escape death. He and the other four survivors formed a terrorist cabal known as the Five Inversions, bent on the destruction of the Guardians of the Universe and all who served them, and with Atrocitus serving as their leader.

    Is he evil for wanting revenge against the guardians?  I can understand that there are less violent ways to get his revenge, but the approach he is using seems like one (very direct) method.  His motive and behavior are not all that different from those of the Punisher.  Is he evil?  I am not questioning your opinion (or giving mine), I simply haven’t decided how to interpret him and am looking for help.

  50. @stuclach-One thing I learned from Johns’ run on GL is that just because someone is the antagonist does not mean they are evil.  After Sinestro Corps war, we really found out Sinestro’s motives and the way he thinks.  That totally made me question what I had always thought about him.  So yeah, it makes sense to really go into this event with an open mind and consider the motives of all characters before you catagorize them as evil.

    @micahmyers-I vote for Meowz, or Hairball

  51. What I don’t understand is why the Red Lanterns are doing "evil" type things.  They seem to be more like revolutionaries against the fascist Guardians.  I would almost characterize the different lanterns as different nation states, with Green being some ideal USA analogy and Yellow being the "terroist state" of the week. I how the Indigo and blue lanterns will end up being characterized?  Maybe the black lanterns will be the "nazi evil" they will all team up to fight?


    Oh, and Shane Davis is a pretty amazing artist.  His work on Superman/Batman was pretty phenomenal, and I for one am glad they are giving his some event type books to work on.  

  52. I don’t think there is a direct political analogy to the Lanterns, I think it’s more primal than that and perhaps the point is that these emotions and tension exist within ALL political systems. I also don’t think the black lanterns are going to be evil…I think they will go to war on ALL the Lanterns–Light vs. absence of light.

  53. Yeah, if the Black Lanterns are those that have no emotions, then how can they be "evil"?  Thats part of the fun, thinking what exactly Johns’ story is and what structure this upcoming battle of the Lanterns is going to take

  54. FYI : The cat’s name is Dex-Star.  I remember it from an interview.  I think it was with Shane Davis either in Wizard magazine or on Newsarama.

  55. From the Wizard Magazine interview :

    Geoff Johns : One of my favorites is someone that Shane came up with, Dex-Star.  He’s definitely become the most sadistic and malicious of the Red Lanterns.  Hate comes from small places I guess.

    Shane Davis : Really small hearts have big hate.  I wanted to be able to contribute in a way that I’m not just drawing an alien with a power ring.  My goal is 10 years from now, someone will point at a Red Lantern and say "Oh yeah.  The cat, Dex-Star"

  56. dex-star….that is a little dissapointing. i would have preffered the green lanterns talking about the menace of "whiskers" or "snowflake".

    @ stuclach: i guess your right about the red lanterns not being evil per se, but i think vomitting acid blood in someone’s face would at least be considered rude if not evil.

  57. Really fun stuff. the kitty Red Lantern might be one of my new favorite characters, adorable yet deadly.

  58. Dex-Star the cat.  Win.

  59. This was an awesome issue of GREEN LANTERN 😛 I’m not sure why it had the Final Crisis branding, it had NOTHING to do with it …

    Anyway, it was a great all around issue, even if I’m not a huge fan of an evil, blood vomitting space-kitty. With all those scary lookin’ aliens, a cat seems way outta place, but I guess that it’s meant to be ironic?

  60. This was awesome.Easily the pick.

  61. i think i hyped this up a little bit too much in my head and i ended up being dissapointed slightly. it’s still really good though.

  62. @micah: Well the ‘rude’ lanterns are brown just to let you know….I could say why their color is brown but this is too complicated to mention.

  63. @Kory: Thanks, didn’t know he had a name. i want a Krypto the super-dog/Dex-Star the fucked up evil space cat battle royal

  64. i LOVE dex-star…hands down fave red lantern

  65. @WinTheWonderboy- I wasn’t addressing you.  I was saying that Dex-Star the cat is awesome.  I should have said "Dex-Star the cat, for the win".  No biggie, just clearing it up, sorry for the confusion. 🙂

  66. @Kory: no need to apologize, man s’cool. and Dex-Star is indeed awesome

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