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  1. Snap Crackle and Pop! I’m so excited for this. I can’t wait to see the next chapter, and I’m interested in how Jones & Pacheco’s art is gonna mesh.

  2. So so so so excited. as far as im concerened, this is the best "event" i’ve read in years (not counting sinestro war, althought that certainly was on the same scale as far as ‘events’ are concerned).

  3. There’s this one Foxtrot strip where Roger is flying to "Boonhurst" (I think is the name). His trip has been absolut hell and he’s miserable. The in-flight movie was about "true story" about plane-crash survivors cannabalising on the lucky ones who died, the snack cart came by and gave him salty peanuts to eat two hours ago and he’s had little or nothing to enjoy the entire day.

    Then the drink-cart comes along and they put a cup and a full can of soda on his tray.

    2nd Panel "Yess…"

    3rd Panel "Yeeesssssss…"

    4th Panel *He’s standing up on his seat* "Yeeeeessssssssssssssssssss…"

    I think that same exclamation every week when Final Crisis is finally released. So glad I started picking this up.

  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. sweet!

  6. That cover is awesome, dudes.

  7. indeed – this cover is the new hotness.

  8. OK, i still feel like I missed something….at what point in the storyline was the anit-life equation released?

  9. Heres a question since Final Crisis is not tied in to all the books like Secret Invasion should this be a graphic novel or a mini series release in one month.

  10. @finbarbat-**SPOILERS**re-read the end of Final Crisis #3, it was released to everyone through email

    @Cyberauron-Its really hard to tell what you are asking.  Are you wanting to know whats the best way to collect the series once all issues have shipped? 

    I am excited for this issue.  More so than I am for Secret Invasion, which is sad because I will be the first to say that I am a Marvel Zombie.  Or at least, I was up until a few months ago.  Loving DC now and giving equal love to all who want it.  I know, I’m a comic book whore.

  11. @finbarbat – last few pages of Issue 3. Simultaneously through the e-mail and Wonder Woman’s infection, if I read it correctly.

  12. Cant Wait Cant Wait Cant Wait!

    Loving this event, and not just because I love Morrison. This is easily the most entertaining event of the year. Plus with four more issues to go *including this one*, there is no telling where we’re going with this.

  13. By far, this is the book I’m most excited about this week.

  14. Dude, Darkseid is so bad ass he is punching his own hands.

  15. I can not wait to see this! Man it has been a while.

  16. I’m interested to see where the art goes with this issue as it’s the first that Pacheco is drawing.  I am totally loving this series though.

  17. I’ll be like an addict waiting outside my comic shop when it opens tomorrow at 3:00

  18. How high do y’all think that Darkseid appears and says "Booyakasha"?

    Sorry, but the but his pose reminds me of Ali G.

  19. @DemonBoy – your store opens at 3am or 3pm? 

  20. I am worried on the art side of this event though. Cause advance solitcitations show (SPOILER!!!)


    That J.G. Jones is off the book by the time #7 comes out. That worries me on how drastic the art will change within 3 issues.

  21. Yeah, J.G. offered an apology on cbr.  Didn’t talk about it, just said sorry for not being able to finish the job.  Thats pretty weak, but I’m not beaten up over it.  Thats probably one of the only things that SI has over FC, artist finish the job and the books have (so far) come out on time.

  22. I like how the button of this page says SUBMIT. Yes, master darksied…

    I’m totally hyped for the continuation of this story. The art doesn’t bother me so much, Jones is good but he’s not irreplacable in the same way as someone like Frank Quitely, I’m sure Pacheco will be just fine. I hope they keep the colouring style the same though, I think that’s one of the things that makes the book stand out, it’s subtle and brilliant.

    Anyway, it wouldn’t be a Gmoz book without art plaguing it’s completion… Seven Soldiers, Invisibles, X-Men, Batman, AS Supes, Authority/Wildcats. Great books all, just really damned late, and sometimes with incredibly choppy art.

  23. I hope this is the issue where it gets really good. Haven’t really enjoyed the other issues, but still trudging along out of curiosity.

  24. @drake I mean that since it is not as connected as Secret invasion should Final Crisis be a mini releade in a month or just on graphic novel.

  25. Are we considering creative teams changing up "Spoiler" material now?

  26. nah, thats not spoilerific.  Its sad, but no spoiler

  27. Change of artist or no, this has been a great story thats been really hurt by the gap between issues.  It’s too bad because for me this was so far and away superior to the train wreck Secret Invasion has become…

  28. lol I’m sorry, I thought that was a big reveal that the artist is going to change drastically in the coming months. I bet if I didnt warn you, you’d be typing away on how I just ruined the event. 😉

    But it’s not even like Pacheco is staying with this event either. Apparently Doug Mahnke is taking over for issue 7. Where the hell did he come from? lol

  29. Creative changes are definitely not spoilers.

  30. Yeah, Mahnke on issue 7 is a huge WTF. And I really doubt that it can (or will) be explained through some narrative turn like "Now everything in the universe is as it was in Superman Beyond!"

    I’m not even a big fan of JG Jones, but it would have been so much nicer if he did the whole thing. And I was prepared even to accept the assist from Pacheco if it meant getting the 4th and 5th issues before year’s end, but this….

    …Oh who are we getting. By this time tomorrow we’ll probably all be so impressed with Final Crisis #4 that we’ll barely care.

  31. This is the make or break issue for me. If something interesting doesn’t happen I’m out.

  32. "Creative changes are definitely not spoilers."


    What if Chuck Austin took over the writing duties for the last 2 issues? Would you consider that "spoiled"?

  33. @MikeFarley-Nope, creative changes are definitely not spoilers.  So says Conor!

  34. I will definitely miss JG Jones’ work on issue 7 but as an artist / writer I can definitely sympathize with blowing a deadline.  Unfortunately for him it just happened to be on a huge project and we don’t know what his reasons are for not finishing.  9 times out of 10 when this happens the reasons are beyond your control.

    @Garrett : Yes, my store opens at 3:00 AM.  It caters to a large crowd of vampires and insomniac comic book geeks.  I sneak out of bed and hope my wife doesn’t catch me but if she does I just tell her I’m going to see my other wife across town while I’m actually paging through beautiful artwork and stories by the moonlight.  I’m being a wiseass but that actually sounds kind of fun.  DemonBoy’s All-Nite Comic Emporium….hmmmmmm 🙂

  35. Wow, a store that opens at 3am. Nice!

  36. This is what I’m talking about!!!

  37. Very good issue, I’m gald one company is doing well with their big events.

    Although I must admit, you can balantly tell what Pacheco drew to what Jones did.

  38. At least DC is being smart about the artists that they are using to fill in for final crisis as opposed to infinite crisis.


    fucking great issue. only 96 pages left.

  39. I guess I’m missing something.  I didn’t like this.  I didn’t even finish reading it.

  40. after the first read this issue was kinda meh for me. but maybe i’ll change my mind after the 2nd and 3rd read. it IS a morrison book.

  41. There was a lot here and I liked it but it wasn’t the best of the issues so far.  Maybe after I reread it again I’ll better know the depth of this but the first time through I’m giving this a 4.

  42. Ollie! Noooooo!

  43. Holy Shit!  One last beacon of light in a nigh unstoppable flood of darkness.  One last hero tasked with walking through the valley of death.  That was my kind of comic. 

    In my opinion, the new Darkseid is infinitely more impressive/oppressive than his previous incarnation.  I cannot wait to see Barry Allen rip these "gods" to shreds.

  44. This issue was so good.  I give it a big gray thumbs down.

  45. Wow that was a lot of characters I know nothing about. This is the only DC book I’ve been reading so I’m definitely a noob. Despite all the unknown people I still followed what happened.

  46. This issue did it for me.  I was really not that into the first 3 but this issue was really good. It really gets that feeling the end of the world across really well.

  47. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous the idea that everyone in the world is infected by this equation.

    In the point that, how is everyone not infected by this thing? Your telling me all of these heroes/villains didnt look at a computer/tv screen or anything else that projected the image? I guess if that was the case then there would be no Final Crisis….Still…

  48. Pretty good issue.  I liked #3 better, but this was very entertaining.  As a Marvel Zombie, I have to give it to Final Crisis this week.  And wouldn’t it be sweet if Barry Allen’s kisses could cure cancer and AIDS as well?

  49. I kind of got annoyed by Green Arrow in this issue.  I get it, you hate corporations and totalitarianism (don’t we all) but enough already.  Good issue though, nitpicks aside.

  50. Wait, so Turpin is now…that’s weird, right?

  51. @ drake

    good point! do you think the series ends with barry allen running around at superspeed kissing everybody to cure them of anti-life?

  52. Even better on my second read of this issue.  Now I’ll be re-reading 1-3 sometime today.

  53. @TehDave-That would be freakin’ sweet.  I would love a kiss from Barry.

    @Kory-Yeah, Arrow pissed me off a bit to, a bit of a one note character.  But T-man was the same way.  I guess it was to balance each other out?  Whatever, it was still a great read.  I reread it again and thoroughly enjoyed it even more!!

  54. ok i like the series but i’m a bit confuse who is the human body for darkseid?? is it batman???

  55. It’s Dan Turpin.

  56. I get that it was Dan Turpin, but then who was the guy that was in charge of the Dark Side Club?  I thought THAT was supposed to be the human body that Darkseid was in. 

  57. I think it was…but then he was wasting away and his minions thought. ‘Hey here’s fresh meat to put our master in’. I mean he kinda looks like Darkseid in a way even if it’s in human form.

  58. I didn’t really understand what was going on too much since I’m really only just starting to read DC books, but I had to give this a 4.

  59. Fantastic. One of the best times I’ve had reading a comic in months. The scene’s with Barry in particular, on the attack and with his wife will be remember by myself for years to come. 

  60. @conor, drakedangerz, and TheNextChampion- How great is it that it was Dan "Terrible" Turpin that had to fight a willpower tug-of-war with Darkseid?  I know he lost, but it was a fitting and noble end for Terrible Turpin, who, I believe, made his debut in New Gods #5.

  61. I thought that was a great way to have him narrate the whole issue. Great struggle and I really thought for a brief second he wasnt going to turn. But that last page was rendered beautifully, I’m gald Jones was able to do that page. In fact I think the Turpin stuff and Barry/Wally scenes were the ones Jones did…and everything else was Pacheco.

    Gotta admit though, other then that lion thing being Kalibak…I have no idea who anyone else is. lol

  62. I thought it was great.  Loved the way he kept on fighting up until the very end, quite fitting.  It just went a long way in showing that for once, the bad guys actually did win.  I know that Morrison has been saying that for a while now, that its the day evil wins, but how often do you hear that??  Its just fun to see it actually happen and to fully believe it.

    And my favorite scene was probably the Barry and Iris kiss.  I’m a sucker for romance I suppose.  Seriously, if Flash just went around kissing everyone then the heroes would win.  It would take him all of an hour I think.  After rereading this, I changed it to my POTW. 

  63. 1) I didn’t notice a terrible difference between Pacheco and JG Jones art. Not to to say that there 100% consistent, but it all fit fairly well. (Definitely similar to the way Ordway’s pencils mesh so well in late COIE).

    2) This issue was basically all about character moments. The use of the new Tattooed Man, the Flash Scenes. (Hell, Morrison even summed up Barry so well in this little snippet. "Sorry I’m late." Simple, consistent… but so effective)

    3) I actually feel like these people have lost something this time.


    So yeah… Pick of the Week for me. And the more into this series I get, the more I see that rereading it after it all comes out will result in an excellently executed  story.

  64. @drakedangerz- Darkseid possessed Turpin’s body after he visited the Dark Side club in issue #1

  65. I think that the art switch blended pretty well.  If I remember correctly, Jones is all the pages with the black background and edges and Pacheco is the pages with the white edges.

  66. @Kory-Really? So did that guy that was the original vessel die?  I don’t have the issues in front of me, so I can’t remember what happened

  67. @Drake: If I remember vividly, Turpin went to the club to investigate a case of missing children. He barged into the boss’s office and we learned it was Darkseid in a body that was in the process of decaying. After seeing what Darkseid did to the kids he got knocked out and somehow Darkseid’s soul transfered into Turpin.

    I want to add, 12 reviews for a single issue. That’s got to be some type of record right?

  68. This is one of the most insane comics I’ve ever read. I guess we know how Grant Morrison feels about the modern world now.

  69. @drake- TheNextChampion got it right.  We never actually saw the transference, but in issue two Turpin started noticing his behavior was changing and when he looked in the broken mirror he had the lines on his forehead like Darkseid, which was our clue that Darkseid was possessing him.

  70. This issue had too many people riding giant dogs & repetitive dialogue about how bad things are for me to get into it. Now it’s 4 issues in, I can safely say that I liked Infinite Crisis about 2000 times more than this.

    PS — I think this is the only comic on the stands that has an interview with the writer on Newsarama a week after it’s released to explain it … & it needs it.

  71. I dunno, I don’t get anywhere near all the DC continuity references in this series but I feel i don’t need it at all. The images and words are pretty powerful on a relative noob level for me. I mean, I don’t need Morrison to explain the anti life equation when I get panels with workers being told "Work, Consume, Die" I get it…I live that every day, so I get it. I can’t help but feel that Morrison thinks the Anti LIfe equation is actually out in the world now.

  72. Here’s a reference I didnt get:

    In the page where Green Arrow and the others in the JLA HQ there’s a panel where we see a room with various stuff through out the history of JLA. One of them looks like the original JLA members in a glass tube banging on it….What is that about? Are these clones or robots? I didnt get that reference at all.

  73. @TheNextChampion: I might be worng, but I thought it was from the adventure where Green Arrow joined the league, freeing the others with the diamond-head-arrow.

  74. @Alex: Well I remember that story, I just mean there is a panel in this issue where the JLA is banging while in a glass tube. It’s right before everyone gets ready to get transported to the Watchtower.

  75. @Champion:  They could just be figures not really moving or anything.  I figured they were just statues.

  76. @Champion: Oh, yeah. I see what you said now. Sorry.

    I just thought you knew that was supposed to be the JLA’s trophy room. They have statues of themselves on their base.

    On Morrison’s run, on the JLA-JSA story, Triumph even comments how conceited that is. 🙂

  77. You know what’s funny, is that I am definitely seeing ‘Rock of Ages’ in this story now. Before when I was hearing the comparisons, I’m like: No way, this is an original story. But now looking at this issue I’m like: Okay yeah this could be how Darkseid controlled the world during that storyline. I still think this is an original story by Morrison, but it probably isnt bad to say that that JLA storyline was a rough idea of this event.

  78. I really hadn’t a clue as to what was going on.  I guess that’s the hazard of taking so long between issues and not reading the crossover/tie-ines.

    I guess that really hurt it’s chances of it being very good to my eyes.  Nothing seemed especially compelling the art was adequate… the rest was just kinda a big WTF?

    I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine that if you have to go get the rest of the issues out and re-read them you’ve:

    a.  done a piss poor job of recapping
    b.  taken way too long between issues
    c.  I don’t care anymore
    d.  the story is confusing
    e.  all of the above
    f.  my fanboy cred is lost


  79. None of the Final Crisis comics make any damn sense to me at all.  Stop pushing back Batman!!  Everytime I go to the comic shop, find out that the new Batman comics are pushed back again, and then try to understand what’s going on in some of these other DC comics, it can really ruin my week.  Just to get let down again next week when I find out Batman RIP has been pushed back AGAIN!!

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