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She’s a thief who lives to steal just for the thrill of breaking the law. He’s The Dark Knight, obsessively driven to battle evil with every ounce of his strength. They should keep each other at arm’s length, but…they just can’t seem to help themselves!

Don’t miss this issue – things are gonna get messy!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Liked first issue, my wife loved it. I might pass for myself but my wife insists on continuing this. So I’m in for another. 🙂

    • I loved this issue. I don’t care what people say. Winick and March did a great job.

    • I meant I loved #1. I’m getting this.

    • We met a guy at NYCC who said the same thing. He loved it and he gave it to his wife and she loved it too.

    • Yeah Connor, that was me! At NYCC Dan Didio said sexuality has always been a part of Catwoman and the Selina/Bruce/Batman/Catwoman love affair has always been there with solid roots in Batman Year One. I honestly feel like people who were some how offended by this are rather prudish.

    • Well, I didn’t care for the 1st issue, and I only picked this up because of March’s art.

      One of my points for disliking the previous issue wasn’t because I was prudish, hell you should see the film that I’m shooting now. My reasons were that everything that we loved about Catwoman was stripped away much like her clothing. Her smarts, her luck, her determination was all gone. Winnick’s Catwoman just has her sexuality.

      And after reading #2, I say that the art is the only worthy about this. For one thing, there is no direction in the storytelling, and her character is really dumbed down. For me itshard to care about her when all she has is sexuality, plus Winnick pretty much emptied his bag of tricks with the sex scene with Batman. It can only go down from there.

  2. I know tons of people have complained about the Catwoman portrayal. But I love it. I know of women who’ve read this and didn’t think it was “sexist”. In the “sex”scene, if you notice, Batman is the one with his shirt off …

    Last issue was so much fun. I loved Darwyn Cook’s catwoman and if I wanted it, I’ll just go back to my long box and read it. I applaud Winnick and March for trying something new. Personally, I believe Catwoman to be a villain. She is not a murderer, per-say, but she is a villain and she breaks the law, so we don’t need to have her be a goody two-shoes.

  3. What this books needs is more controversey. I think Winick should have Catwoman go after Damian.

  4. I enjoyed most of the story and the art save for the last scene, but i have no intention of supporting this comic anymore. Just don’t agree with the Zennoscope like characterizations and i’m not interested in reading those types of comics. Had potential to be a pretty fun story, but it is what it is. The sales numbers will tell if the sexytime gimmick works or not.

    • @wallythegreenmonster – I respect your opinion. I can certainly understand that upping the “sexual” aspects of comics can alienate people and in the case of “The Outlaws” book, it should, that was trash. But I don’t think DC should commit to making only “one” kind of comic book. One of the reasons the comic book industry has been failing is that all the stories are the same and there is no variation.

    • “butthurt DC Fanboys”

    • Oops wrong person 😉

    • @amircat–i hear you. Honestly i enjoyed like 75% of it, but that last 25% i can’t get on board with. There are just sooooooooooooooooo many books coming out, i’m looking for more reasons to cut stuff (esp the new 52) than i am to keep things. Thats just the nature of the beast these days.

      I don’t want to start that debate again…

    • @wallythegreenmonster – yes it makes total sense. Comics are expensive and they add up. I do like the discussion though as I enjoy reading the other point of view and learning a few things. Like Ali (ifanboy writer) made some great points about not liking Catwoman on fuzzy typewriter with Paul. Eventhough I didn’t agree with them, I enjoyed hearing their point of view.

    • Didn’t agree with overall assessment, but some of my own ideas were changed.

    • Ali and others have made some great points on it. And its obviously a love or hate type of thing. The current pulls versus issue #1 is interesting in and of itself.

      i don’t think it has as much to do with people being offended as it does what you are looking for when you read a superhero comic. For me this book doesn’t have it.

  5. Attn: Butthurt DC Fanboys,
    Welcome to the new style of comics. Marvel has been doing this for the last couple of years with Marvel MAX books. The first issue was pretty TAME in my opinion, was a correct and true portrayal of Catwoman.

    It is what it is, get used it it.

  6. Are we going to go on the political merry-go-round every time an issue of this title comes out? ‘Cause that would be boring.

    • Amen. Hopefully that won’t happen because presumably all the people who disliked issue one aren’t going to buy issue 2 right? That would just be insane?! I mean what sort of masochist would keep buying something they didn’t like just so they could go on the internet and tell other people that they still don’t like it? I mean that would be ludicrous right? Nobody would do that! That doesn’t even make sense. HA! I’m making myself laugh… also cry.

  7. I hope this issue doesn’t cause my monocle to pop out and land in my sauv blanc like the same issue did

  8. Well, I guess I won’t be reading the threads on this book from now on.

    • You’ll be missed.

    • No he won’t.

    • @FishyBoy and CaeuZokul If you guys can’t be adults then please don’t comment. It’s a violation of the Terms of Service to personally attack other members and these are borderline delete-worthy.

    • @Conor I think you’re judging my statement based on the assumption that I was being sarcastic. I quite enjoy his rather interesting take on this book and will miss his delightful insights.

    • That being said, I’m a bit offended that you made this assumption then implied that I was childish. Yes I’m serious.

    • @Connor; I just reread this thread, and looking back, and I think I need to apologize for being so succinct. I felt the book and this thread are both worth looking forward to every month and that if one stops checking out either for reasons other than the content of the comic or the friendly banter here, it’s ones loss. There are plenty of other great objective comments to read. That’s all I meant.

      Looking back, I probably would miss JNewcomb’s contribution.

      Please forgive.

  9. Enjoyed last issue a lot, looking forward to spiraling down Selina Kyle’s dark view of Gotham!

  10. The preview for this issue certainly shows a 100000000000x improvement in the Catwoman/Selina Kyle portrayal then the first issue. So maybe Winick learned his lesson.

    • yes, the exact same tone and style really is a huge turn around

    • This issue was certainly already written before the “controversy” got going. Perhaps there was some kind of story Winnick had in mind that required more than one issue. Who knows, it’s a mystery.

    • no, no. Burritolock, Judd Winick heard that TNC’s sensibilities were offended by the first issue, he then flew to canada and set fire to the palettes full of the second issue and re-wrote this

    • I think I did see that on nightline, which is weird cause I don’t watch nightline. Fate???

  11. I loved the first issue, despite all the controversy. Loved the art and the story. Psyched for this.

  12. Once you get past OMG they had sex, you find out it was a fairly good read. Hope the second issue is just as good.

  13. My fav title of the new 52, and nothing about it was controversial to me. Bring on the Wednesday!

  14. I like that sexy cover. The logo is a bit crap though. Also, looking at Batman and Catwoman, why would those two NOT have sex?

    • After reading this issue I’m even more sure of my previous statement. Guilty pleasure or no I’m digging this series so far. I love the page where Selina steals the painting and the note she leaves.

  15. Nope, not gonna happen.

  16. I thought this was gonna be the cover of Batman #5. Why is it that I see Catwoman the most likely book to get a hangover story arc?

  17. I just saw the preview pages…this is definelty in the top ten best art of the 52.

  18. I liked what Winnick and March have started and I look forward to seeing where they take this character. I am not going to read anything featuring Catwoman. She is not a must follow character but when done well, I am in.

  19. almost 50% less pulls than issue #1. That’s something kinda interesting.

    • It will be interesting to see if that’s indicative of the general market, or just this audience.

    • That isn’t that weird at this point. Pulls will add throughout the week. Batman, WW and JL are all at about 75% pulls and they will probably end up at around 90% of issue 1. Cat, nightwing, red hood, supergirl, GL Corps and Birds are all between about 50 to 60% pulled right now and will go up over the next few days. The other DC titles are at about 40% or less at this point.

  20. All I know’s is that I borrowed Catwoman (Dwaryn cook/Brubaker) from someone and read them a few years ago. I then bought all of them, went to my local comics shop and got a box. It’s the reason I read comics, and I think I pull close to 15 books a month now. So I want to get sick so I can go home and read this.

  21. First off I don’t care about the controversy at all. However I wanted to give this book till the 2nd issue and it was decent but didnt really stand on it’s own compared to some of the other epic new 52 titles. Dropped but may consider trade if it gets good ratings later. 3/5 Dropped.

  22. I enjoyed this a lot as someone with no prior Catwoman knowledge. I wish it were more Catwomany though. I kept waiting for Batman to rescue her each time.

    • @Lightstepper

      I’m not trying to be sarcastic or confrontational, but I’m confused about what “Catwomany” means. How does someone who describes themselves as having “no prior Catwoman” knowledge have an opinion on what is or isn’t Catwomany?

  23. Awesome. This series is staying on my pull list. 5 stars.

  24. Catwoman is kinda lame regardless of how many dudes she bangs.

  25. Pretty good. Loved the story and art. Having a real hard time sticking to waiting till the books drop to $1.99

  26. My first 5 star of the week and early contender for POTW. I thought it was fun, actiony, and the sexytime sprinkled in was just the right amount, or maybe I was prepared for it from last issue. This book has a few different levels. There’s Bruce’s inner conflict, then theres the raw action, and then the intrigue and of a heist then a twist to said heist, then some emotional moment and of course sexytime. A lot of very good ingredients came together to make this a very fun read for me.

  27. Gave it a 5! This was right up there with JL and Batman for sure; the art was great and the battle with the mob was very intellectual! Her realationship with Batman and now the developing Bruce Wayne interaction has been very hot and has a 007 spy feel to it. Controversy? I say that is just silly; some peolple are just not liking the way this book feels; a little dirty, a little mysterious, and just an all around book for romance and fun. Did I mention the art was exceptional!! lol
    If you like romance novels, action movies and fun this is here for you!

    Just sayin’,


  28. I also gave this 5 stars. That makes three commenters in a row who have done that. This was a blast to read. After reading this issue I hope that some of the critics can see that there was a point to the sex in issue 1. Very well told story, and they are giving readers a Selina Kyle that is very interesting to follow.

  29. I didn’t mention this before but I also gave it a five. I thought about it for a bit then figured I couldn’t have enjoyed this comic much more than I did. Make that four in a row! 😉

  30. the book is way less appealing if you imagine Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

  31. This story was terrific on its own. The involvement of Batman/Bruce Wayne is an added bonus.

  32. I was surprised by how much I liked this. I liked the first issue too but my experience was spoiled by the prior knowledge of it being “controversial”, so naturally I was disappointed when it wasn’t “controversial” in the least. Kinda hard to read when you can’t drown out the wailing of prudes.

    This book feels like Catwoman to me. Winick gets her. Anyone who feels his characterization is way off base is just wrong. Maybe it’s not for you, but so far it’s met the expectations of the relaunch; it’s new and exciting, without betraying the essentials of the character. I remain on board.

  33. My fav series of the relaunch so far, a very good, solid series, classic Catwoman. I did find the first issue a bit stronger than this one, bring on issue 3 baby

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