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  1. Hrmmm. After last issue’s disappointment will this issue deliver?

  2. What is better than punching Hitler??

    Choking him out!

    Watch as Steve Rogers retcons OUR history!

  3. I miss Bucky as Cap already…

  4. I dropped this after the first issue. If it picks up i can get the trade but the last issue wasnt the best writing from Brubaker and the art was horrible.

  5. Look a that cover. Ha ha, cop that you stupid, stupid Nasi!!

  6. And after all that hoping that this would be one of the few deaths in recent years that would actually stick. Oh well, I’ll give this issue a chance, but if it matches the quality of the first issue I’m likely to drop it.

  7. First one sucked ass. If this one follows suit, I’m done.

  8. Damn . . . Brubaker backlash is intense in here.

  9. well, I was unsatisfied by the first issue, but it was because I wanted to know more.  How do you find out more about what was happening?  By reading ensuing issues.  No problem.

  10. The backlash has been going on for quite some time. 601 was an absurd filler issue that was probably on the shelf as a "brubaker needs a vacation issue". The art was great but sob I am so tired of the fluff. You have a new cap in Bucky that hasn’t even done anything yet.

  11. Maybe this issue Steve will flashback being in his house; then Ben appears. Finally Steve throws a hot pocket at him.

    Ah I love Lost….I mean Reborn.

  12. I’m not a regular reader of Captain America, but I got the last two issues plus Reborn #1 just to jump on the hype, and WHOAH, was I let down. I’ll check this one out anyway. Actually, I don’t have a choice since I have to Diamond preorder everything from my LCS, so I am committed to it even if it is a hot mess. Bummer.

  13. I’m done with this.  Might pick up the trade, but only if it’s worth getting. 

  14. What is going on here?  Was everyone here hoping to blow their Captain America load in the first issue and spend the next four issues cuddling?

    Being for or against the return of Steve Rogers is one thing but give the man a few issues to tell the story.

  15. ^My point exactly.  Brubaker has been telling this one continuous story since he came onto Cap.  I want to see him take his time because that’s what he does best.

  16. I’m a big fan of Bucky Cap. Maybe that’s why people are hating on this, they want Bucky to stay on as Cap.

  17. I’m not entirely convinced this won’t end with Bucky still in the uniform.

  18. first one was a let down but not giving up yet

  19. I’ll get it, but a special ‘Doom gun’?  How disappointing.

  20. Red Skull must be Ben in this comic.

    Dr. Doom is Jacob

    Bucky is Jack

    Black Widow is Kate

    Steve Rogers is Locke

    This is fun! 🙂

  21. I’m not against Steve coming back. I think the first issue sucked because I have already seen the "unstuck in time" idea played out in Slaughter House Five and Lost. I mean Vonnegut actually uses that exact phrase to describe his main character. I know it’s only one issue but so far this is monumentally disappointing.

  22. @DarthDuck-To me, this is a seperate story from what Bru wanted to tell in the Cap America book.  It’s a mini series.  And as such, it has to hook me right away.  It didn’t do that, so I’m patiently waiting for the series proper to return.

  23. I hope Steve returns to take over as head of SHIELD. And Bucky stays on as Cap.

  24. "This town needs an enema." 

    @darthduck In all honesty I was looking for a well written, smart storyline like we’ve gotten since the Brubaker reboot. Instead I got a exposition heavy (unnecessary exposition since it was covered in Cap #50 & #600) book that virtually went nowhere from when the book opened. As many have pointed out, the conceit of how Steve is alive seems derivative, each fan picking his pet Sci-Fi novel or show to compare it to. To me, it seems to hint that Brubaker didn’t have this planned out as much as we were lead to believe. It’s like watching a show where the actors have a vague sense of the general plot and they just keep ad libing because the show changes from moment to moment. I wanted to like this. I went into #600 dreading Steve coming back and came out of it feeling a bit better. (Hell, I was interviewed by Marvel at my LCS talking about being excited for Reborn. It’s on their site!) But Reborn just soured me.
  25. I loved the last issue. Excited for this one.

  26. It seems like Conor is the only one really on board with this. 🙂

    Oh and DarthDuck/Mister J too

  27. I enjoyed the 1st one alot and I could care less if bucky or steve is cap after this. 

    I wasnt born in the u.s. and it brings a tear to my eye when i see hitler in a chokehold..sniff.. its so beautiful.

  28. Been reading cap since #25 and I am excited for this next issue of reborn. I thought i heard somewhere that issue #601 was originally going to be an annual but marvel changed it to #601

  29. cynics be darned. i’m on full board.

  30. I enjoyed the first issue, but I so want Bucky to stay as Cap. Steve Rogers can go run S.H.I.E.L.D or whatevs, but give me my Bucky Cap!

  31. I think the Limited Series is going to do to comics what the foil covers did in the 1990s. The second ice age is upon us.

  32. I am so not convinced by this book. Like most people here, I want to like it but the first issue was SO uninspiring as to potentially sour the series. I will give this a flick through in the store and if it is good then I will commit to the series. If not… My first issue goes to the library.

  33. @conor I’m right there with you, man. I’m looking forward to this one.

  34. I didn’t realize so many people disliked the first one.  I didn’t think it was amazing, but I never considered not picking up this issue.  Maybe I need to reread it?

  35. I’m on board with both feet as well. When Steve was initially killed, the combination of that and all the freakin’ crossover stuff going on in comics at the time made me just quit buying and reading altogether. When I started hearing how good Cap was in the aftermath, I picked up the Omnibus and the trades and got back up to speed, now I’ve very eager to see how things turn out.

  36. For those wondering about the "bad" reaction to the first issue, it is worth nothing that Captain America Reborn #1 only scored a 3.7 out of 5 from the iFanboy community. As well, only 0.4% chose it as their Pick of the Week. 

    I’m curious to see where this goes, in all honesty, but I was let down by #1. 

  37. When Steve is reborn, who do you think he’ll resemble more, mom or dad?

  38. Brubaker has been bad for some time now on Marvel books.  He’s not A list, just doesn’t cut it.  Issue #1 felt very DC in quality.

    Issue #2 will be better.  (I hope)  Art was great though.

    Would have preferred if Nick Fury was involved, like he actually had a life model decoy of Cap America get shot, and had Cap underground or something.  Much more a Marvel idea.  Not this Lost stuff.

  39. @Kickass: I agree with you except for Captain America in general.

    His X-Men run was pretty bad, Iron Fist really turned into Fractions baby, his Daredevil run bored me to tears and I had to drop it. (Although I hear he is ending his run on a high note). Captain America, for 42 issues, will probably be the best thing he’ll ever write. But ever since that amazing story ended, I think he lost a lot of steam. This mini pretty much proves my point that he lost all steam with these characters.

    (btw, I did buy the first issue and read it more closely then I did last time. So yes I know what I’m talking about)

  40. I might not have enjoyed that last issue, but I disagree completely with the notion that Brubaker is anything but an A-list writer.

    And what exactly does "DC in quality" mean?

  41. @drake: Oh don’t get me wrong, I think Brubaker is fantastic writer. But I don’t find him an ‘A’ lister. Especially if you put him up against Johns, Morrison, Aaron, or Abnett and Lanning (I think it’s fair to call them ‘A’-list now). I find him either a B+ or A- type of writer. A man who has previous done amazing stuff in the early days of his career but is struggling to keep up the quailty in today’s age.

    Like Brian Michael Bendis or Mark Waid (although the latter is coming back into form). Again I find Brubaker a fantastic writer almost on all levels. But if you take Captain America away, what else have you got out of him in the last 2-3 years in terms of great comics? Not much.

  42. I think this one is going to get more interesting as it goes on.  After the first issue, I thought it was just a Lost ripoff, but the new preview for this issue looks interesting.  Lets them do some interesting stuff with Captain America’s past.

  43. Brubaker is one of the best writers in comics

    Captain America



    His first arc of Daredevil was ridiculously good. Iron Fist was well done as well.

    I’m not going to rip down other writers I like just to prove Brubaker’s status, but the man can tell great stories.

  44. @TNC-Still disagree with you

  45. I’m in this for the long run, even though I didn’t think the first issue was incredible. We’ll see how this goes!

  46. @Scorpion: Oh that’s right, I forgot about Criminal. I don’t read it (that would explain it) but I know that has always been good judging by critics. Was Sleeper out 2-3 years ago though? Cause I hear that’s good too, I’m just talking more about recently.

    @drake: It’s fine, I don’t mind if people disagree with me on this subject. It’s just how I always felt about the guy. Very good at what he does but he definitely isn’t the most perfect writer out there. He anit like Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison who churns out gems every week like machines.

  47. @ Scorpiomasada – I’d credit Bru’s first arc of Daredevil to Brian Michael Bendis.  He basically gave his proper ending of Daredevil to Bruski, therefore sacrificing the credit he’d get for it by giving it to Brubaker.  Bendis could have put Daredevil in jail and broke him out, as he planned to.  But he "Gave" that story to Bru, and Bru gets credit.  I think it was generous of him to lift up the new writer with that storyline.  And DD in jail cause a very slight sales increase too.

    @ Drakedangerz – c’mon, we all know what that means!

  48. This is gonna rock. I’m with Conor, totally excited to see how this story unfolds. And I have no problem with the Doom-gun. It’s a freaking comic book! For pete’s sake, the cosmic cube has been a huge part of Brubaker’s entire run, and what’s more ridiculously (and classicaly Marvel) than the cosmic cube!

  49. @kickass Actually, I was rather certain Bendis has been pretty vocal in saying he took Daredevil to the logical conclusion of the character. In his mind, he could do nothing else with the character after that point. Were it an independent book, it would have ended with that issue. Indeed, I stopped reading Daredevil with Bendis’s final issue. (One of my favorite runs in comics.)

    @ActualButt The "Doom Gun" name makes me think of a planet-destroying weapon from Star Wars (The Galaxy Gun anyone?)

  50. I’m saying right here just to balance the scales:

    Brubaker does indeed churn out gems every week.

    Fuck the Lost comparison! There has been an out of body character in nearly every issue of this comic.  Go back and read the issues.  Everything leads us to the point we are currently at.  Again, read the fucking books. 

  51. And Bendis should not get credit for "lifting" Bru up with the DD storyline.  Bru was going to have his first arc end with Murdock in jail.  He would have taken it there anyway.  Bendis liked the idea of ending his run with Murdock in jail.

  52. Looking forward to watching the story develop. I think it would be wise to hold judgement until the full story is told.

  53. How about if I put it this way:

    Johns/Morrison churns out great issues at a 99% success rate.

    Brubaker churns out great issues at a 85% success rate.

    Both are good numbers, but overall I think Brubaker can be more rough around the edges then other great writers.

  54. @TNC-I seem to remember you hating the JSA Marvel family arc, as well as the Agent Orange Green Lantern arc.  So you saying Johns has a 99% success rate is inaccurate according to your previous rants and doesn’t help prove your point.  Just drop it man.  You don’t like Brubaker that much, move along.

  55. @drake: Considering how much work Johns does, those only account for 1%.

    But yeah I got my point across.

  56. yeah, you got your opinion across

  57. I love cats speculating on Bendis passing the DD torch to Brubaker.

    Where is the interview that states that is how it went down?

    I recall Bendis saying something to the effect that "I unmasked Daredevil, put him in jail and said write yourself out of that dead end."

    That is not an accurate quote, but just about the sentiment that I seem to recall Bendis saying about the creative team switch.

    I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    Bendis has no problem taking co-writer credit and Brubaker has no problem giving co-writer credit.

  58. I believe that’s the short, more snarky version.

    I think Brubaker’s take on it was, he said to Bendis, "I kinda want my first story arc to end with Murdock in jail."

    Since Bendis considered jail anyway, he suggested, "How about your first story arc begins with Murdock in jail?"

    and the rest is history…

  59. I too am disappointed in Brubaker not indulging my own selfish desires.

  60. I would buy just about any book that had that cover.  Boy is that good! 

    That being said, it has to pick with this issue for me to keep going.

  61. Hitler in a headlock. Sold.

    p.s. – #1 was good, too.

  62. I enjoyed the last issue, somewhat. I’ve kept pedestrian tabs on Brubaker’s Cap through the podcast  so I’m a little lost in the details, but it’s still good. Solid 4, at least and I think it could be a 5-star Return book, just because of the talent involved. Then again, I don’t watch Lost and I’m saving up for the Captain America omnibus, so maybe I’m unaware of what should and shouldn’t be given a pass from Brubaker’s superhero work. 

    I don’t know what some of you cats are talking about the art sucking – this is the best Hitch has drawn since Ultimates 1. Then again, I haven’t read his Authority run, so maybe I’m giving him a pass too.

    Kick Ass’s "DC-in-quality" line made me laugh aloud and in real life. 

    @J4k3 – Seriously, say what you will about the product, but that is easily the best cover this month. Heck, best Cap cover I’ve seen for a while at least.


  63. In the first arc of Brubaker’s run Cap keeps bouncing around in time, having all these weird flashbacks to different points in his life.

    I have no read the entire arc, so maybe I’m missing an impostant piece of the puzzle.  But it seems, based on the info that I have, that this seems to all fit in with what has been going on the whole time?  Again, not having read the entire arc, I could be way off.

  64. "But he ‘Gave’ that story to Bru, and Bru gets credit."
    Even if he "gave" him that (a point where most writers would have had no idea where to go with the story), Brubaker still wrote that arc and wrote it excellently. It matters less where a new writer has to start than it does their ability. If he took an excellent starting point and turned it to shit, I’d be right there with you (there’s an example of this out there, I’m sure, but it’s escaping me) but he did just the opposite.
    And your "DC in quality" crack makes no sense. Have you seen their books lately? I was formerly a staunch Marvel/almost anti-DC fan until something made me check out Final Crisis (which I hated, but I’ll get back to that; both in terms of rereading and in this comment). Since reading Johns’ work, I’ve gotten into other titles and now am loving the place the DCU is in, far more than I am the Marvel U to be honest.

    What exactly are your percentages based on? Many people didn’t feel the same way about Morisson’s Final Crisis and RIP stories, so how does that factor into his 99% approval rating?

    @both A-list and A-grade are seperate things, lads. You may grade some of their books lower down the alphabet, but Bru and Bendis are in fact A-list when it comes to comics these days. Just like how you might think No Name Actor is god’s gift to stage and screen whereas Big Time Hollywood Somebody turns scripts of gold into shit, chances are BTHS is getting named for bigger roles by the important folks in Hollywood.

    @anyone who liked the art last book: …really?

  65. @captbastrd You’re certainly living up to your name. But I certainly agree on all counts (Well, except that I liked Final Crisis…)

  66. Well I flipped threw this and all I saw was Norman Osborn all over the place.

    No deal.

  67. Well, got done reading the second issue, and though I’m still not sold on Steve coming back, this issue was certainly better than the first one. I’m just glad they didn’t go over events already covered in previous issues, so it felt like things finally got moving again.

  68. I believe Brubaker criticized himself once saying in his Daredevil Jail arc, that Punisher shot an innocent person or something so he could get arrested and put in jail with DD.  Which he said he shouldn’t have written, but I haven’t read that comic in years, nor listened to that Word Balloon in a long time.  Anyone remember?  And if it’s something like that, then that is a pretty bad exampl of his writing.

    The thing about arguing if Bru is A-list or not, to me is that I feel people have been fooled into believing he’s A-list when he’s not.  His writing doesn’t stand up as well as others, mostly for the snooze factor.  I think in years down the road, less people will enjoy re-reading his Cap or DD then they will enjoy reading some other Marvel books.

    And yah TNC, the 99% mark for those 2 writers mentioned, waaay off!  (Just kidding they’re cool, just not my faves.  Bendis’s Avengers easily tops Johns, and that’s ’cause Johns Avengers was really good!)

  69. I’m amazed at all the Brubaker backlash going on here.  And the only people i’m seeing him compared to is Johns and Morrison.  It’s hard to be as good as those guys.  I could make a pretty solid case that Geoff Johns isn’t as good as Alan Moore, that doesn’t mean he’s not good.  I’m mystified by this entire thread.

  70. @magnum I agree with u about the Bru-dog hate…the mob of ifanboy is so fickle. Brubaker has done and still does some amazing writing, Sleeper, Criminal, and not to mention the last 50 some odd issues of Capt freaking America! I enjoyed the issue and the true quality of this Reborn arc will be decided when it over.

  71. Well i read it and i can safly say that this one was better than issue 1.  the story has picked up and has moved along.  still not the greatest but i can give it time to build up.

  72. I’m not 100% clear on what’s going on…

  73. @mountainwindcat  I think, until it gets to where it is going, you should be a little unclear.  Enjoy the ride.

  74. @KickAss
    My point about "A-list" is that it is independant from personal opinions of quality. An A-list celeb is not necessarily an A-grade actor/whatever. You and I don’t decide who’s A-list, sales and people in positions of power decide and, whether you think he deserves it or not, Bru is A-list all the way.

    Beyond that however, his writing doesn’t stand up to you (which isn’t even true, you rated this book a 4 last ish, higher than my own rating in fact. Oh yeah, I went stalkerrific on your ass!) you’re not one to judge whether it holds up in general. No one person is. I for one own the Brubaker Cap. Omnibus and have read it twice since buying it not too long ago and even having read the post Steve Rogers stories, am excited as ever to get the vol. 2 Omnibus.

    The "capt" part or the "bastrd" part? And like I said, I’ve got to try rereading FC & RIP with my newfound love of DC. I did try FC in the Morrison order, but halfway through the Superman 3D thing, my brain started siezing.

  75. I really wish people would say, "I have not been enjoying his writing," instead of "He’s not good."

    That aside, this issue definitely features a lot of forward movement.  I think those who were annoyed by the Steve Rogers stuck in time stuff last issue might enjoy this one more.  Maybe.

  76. Any book that quotes Thomas Paine can’t be all bad.

    The only thing that threw me off was Norman saying "We’re none of us innocent, Barnes…" Either I’m not reading that right or that am not better grammar.

  77. I’m not wholly sure it’s correct grammar, but it’s a common enough phrasing.

  78. This series has been great and this issue was great. Not the best of the week, but Brubaker still has it. And am I the only person who thought his run on X-Men was great? Sheesh.

  79. Did issue #1 of Brubaker’s Marvel Project come out this week?

    Cuz I saw it at my shop, but haven’t seen it in the pull list here.

    I kind of answered my own question . . . just wondering . . . did it come out a week or two ago or something?

  80. @ScorpionMasada: Thank you god!

    I thought my LCS was doing something illegal. lol

    Marvel Project isn’t suppose to come out for another week. Apparently Diamond gave the LCS’s the issue early because they want them to throw a ‘party’ for the release. Yeah….my LCS owner didn’t buy that. So people in Glassboro, NJ (and where your at as well) got to read Brubaker/Epting’s work before it’s offically out.

    Same goes for Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1. Cause my LCS got that a week early as well.

  81. I liked this issue a lot. The whole Cap to the Future thing is going a lot different than we all may have suspected. Perhaps he’ll get so fed up baring witness unto the horrors of WWII for a second time that he’ll act differently in the end, altering what happened in his life. Perhaps we’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes again, like the Invincible situation in reverse. Or perhaps he’ll opt to sacrifice what happiness he forsees in acting differently for the benefit of us all. Oh that Cap. This was a great issue with improved art from last time.

    The "We’re none of us innocent" is a famous line, by whom (or in what piece of fiction, if that’s the case) I’m not sure. The most comment results frin Google searching appear to be comic related, oddly enough.

  82. I was another disappointed with the first issue but I like Brubaker a lot and I was going to give this story the benefit of the doubt and I’m glad I did because I felt this issue was an improvement.

  83. @ Captbastrd – I gave issue 1 4 stars for the art babeh!

  84. I wasnt very happy with this issue. It was like Cap is just comentating on events that we have seen before. 1st issue was better I feel

  85. I did like the cover alot though. VERY NICE!

  86. Borat, why would you like that cover?  I thought you hate Jews and cheer people like Hitler?!

  87. I thought this was a BIG step up from last issue. 

  88. @kickass  Now we’re complaining about continuity in our internet memes? Ron is gonna have a fit.

  89. I agree.  I wasn’t blown away with the first issue, but this one really picked up steam.  I’m really looking forward to where this is going.


    I just want to say I’ve enjoyed Bru’s writing since "Lowlife", and his Cap is no exception.

    Also, I need to give some love to Butch Guice for the finishes!  They are exceptional, and the brushwork really brings Hitch’s renderings to life.


  91. big improvement over issue #1

  92. Brubaker just doesn’t cut it?  Seriously?  Criminal, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Gotham Central and his run on Batman and Detective Comics are all fantastic.  (I purposely left off Captain America)

    And the "DC in quality" line made me laugh out loud.  And not in a good way.

  93. I thought this was actually pretty good. Not 5 stars, but it set up some nice things and some interactions and characterizations were neat. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either, and I’m excited for where all of this is going. 4/5.

  94. I gave it a 4.  I liked the last issue, but after reading this one I wished that 3 was next in the stack.  Good stuff.

  95. i really liked this

    PS speeking of brubaker did any one go to there store and find marvels project 1 there a week earily

  96. I liked this issue alot.  Unlike Flash Rebirth (which I dropped), this is a reborn mini that I’m digging.

  97. Meh…having Cap relive this stuff removed any sense of drama from the scenes.  Some of the splash pages were beautiful, but the way the story is happening is sucking the life out of them.  And I don’t understand the creative decision on the incredibly dull full page final splash of Osborne…HUH?

    I think Brubaker is one of the greatest writers of the current era, but i also worry that he is starting to lose it on this title.  I hope I am wrong, but it is starting to feel repetitive to me.  And I agree that, well, Steve has not been dead long enough to be brought back.

  98. @400years I though the Flash Rebith has been better than this besides the delay in the next release, i haven’t found a book that I can get from marvel every month really besides spidey

  99. @kortum22:  Wally West is the Flash I’m used to and the last series by Bilson was terrible.  Rebirth just really didn’t do anything for me since it’s focused on Barry who seems to have the personality of a piece of cardboard.

    I think I get about 6 or so Marvel books, all of them "monthlies" that aren’t even close to on time aside from ASM.  In fact, the only books that are consistantly monthly and on time are amazingly all Image books: PROOF (every single month) and the Kirkman books make it monthly…… not much else.

  100. Major, major improvement! really good.

     And i finally "get" it.  The whole story is just a war flashback like an old crazy vietnam vet has while staring at a ceiling fan. It empathises the pathos of Captain America…. he was is the shit afterall.

  101. This issue was better. But not by much. Essentially the plot has moved barely a stepped forward from issue 1. As well… what’s this… another "lost" WWII fight scene AND a retelling of the origin? It’s like Brubaker read my complaints about these two tropes and decided to throw them in again. Sigh. 3/5. 

  102. I wanted to read more Bucky Cap before Steve Rogers came back. Lame.


    Also does it seem like every story always involves around Captain America in WW2? Annoying.

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