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  1. Extra pages? Price change permanent? This will be a breaking point if cap goes to 3.99. I will drop it.

  2. given marvel’s recent trackrecord, i’d assume its permanent

  3. Yes, it is.  Captain America 601 (coming out in July with no extra pages) is priced at $3.99.

  4. Last issue for me, unless it impresses the hell out of me.

  5. why are they staying off the story?

  6. @twooldridge: What do you mean?

  7. I may jump off cap but its not because of the new price.  Whether or not Steve Rogers comes back will probably determine whether I keep pulling it every month, I’m just not excited about this story anymore

  8. I’ve never read Cap before, and I figured #50’s as good a place as any. This should be interesting.

  9. I’m sick of talking about the prices of issues every week, but yet again, here I am.  *sigh* 

    This book is my most anticipated read this week.  50 issues is a pretty good run, so here’s my slow clap for Brubaker while I cross my fingers and hope for a homerun vs. the small ball he’s been playing the past year. 

  10. Looking forward to this issue, not really sure where the hate for the last issue came from, but I agree the previous storyline was less than stellar. Still, I’m on this book indefinitely… unless Steve Rogers comes back. 😉

  11. @Crippler

    I’m happy people are bitching. Marvel wouldn’t be doing this if their top selling titles weren’t already $4. It is the fault of the buyers. 

  12. Bummer, $4 book=drop book for me…..this saddens me. I’ll only be doing trades from now on.

  13. I agree with miyamotofreak. Ultimately this is the consumers fault for buying the books at $4. This book just isn’t worth $4 to me. It’s dropped.

  14. if this doesn’t wow me i’m going to drop it i think, too many $4 books and from the way things seem to be going i can switch to trades and not be left out of the loop which is astounding for a marvel books these days

  15. I agree with everyone about $4 books.  There’s only a handful of books I would pay that price for, and this isn’t one of them.  I’m going to trades.  There’s lots of cheap back issues I can read to pass the time while I wait for the trade to come out.

  16. So we have Cap #50 coming out this month and Cap #600 coming out next month, two anniversary issues in a row…

  17. First Thor #600 and now Cap and Amazing Spider-Man #600 within a month of each other

  18. ….And the August solicit is for Daredevil #500.  A year after Daredevil #100

  19. Woot Woot, the second Brubaker Captain America Omnibus is set to come out in August. Huzzah!

  20. Everytime I’m looking thru comments, I always seem to see at least 1 person saying they are dropping a book because it’s $4 and gonna wait for the trade.  The trade will never make it there if no one buys the single issues.  That’s the way the comic industry runs.  It is not the consumer’s fault the book is at $4.  It is the price of materials that makes it $4. 

  21. @Roadcrew- Whenever you raise a price on a product there will always be people who will be forced to stop buying it. Basic Economics. Not everyones dropping singles, so whats wrong with trade waiting on a book that is this popular?

  22. Damn… I am a huge fan of cap, have stuck with the series since  #1. This might be it for me or its going to hurt my wallet from this point on.


    Does anyone know when the run is suppose to end, Like issue wise?

  23. @miyamotoreak – I’m one of the bitchers.  I’m just saying that even though I complain, here I am, pulling the books.  The new price point is obviously not having a negative impact on the bottom line for Marvel, no matter how many people say they’re jumping off issues. 

    To all the trade-waiters: An increase in issue price will mean an increase in trade prices too.  It’s inevitable. 

  24. @Crippler: Even with price increases, trades are still cheaper than issue most of the time.

  25. Really excited for a look at Bucky’s history, and the big 50th issue! 😀

  26. @Ruo21….I can see dropping a book if you are not enjoying it, I do that periodically.  But just to blame the price point on something you enjoy seems out there to me.  Just my humble opinion.

  27. Not much going on with this issues, except the– SPOILER?– roadmap at the end toward Steve’s return in Reborn.

  28. "Captain America 601 (coming out in July with no extra pages) is priced at $3.99."

     Wrong.  Quoth the solicit:

    "A special double-sized issue featuring art by the legendary Gene Colan!"

    Anyway, good issue.  I especially liked his 18th birthday and the party at the end.

  29. Good issue, though for an "Anniversary" issue, it was slightly mediocre. Didn’t really do anything new for the character, and the "here" sequences seemed slightly bland. I have to say, we seem to have lost momentum since Death of the Dream that was only recouped last issue and suddenly gone again. Still, I gave it a 4/5 because it was among the better things I read this week, just not the top quality I associate with this book.


  30. I thought this was a really great issue. The end really caught me off guard for some reason but gave me goosebumps at the same time. Ending reminded me very much of JSA though lol.

  31. Yeah, I really don’t get all the anguish that a lot of people feel over the decision to pay a dollar more or drop the book. It should be an easy decision. If you REALLY like something as much as some of you say you do, you shouldn’t mind paying a dollar more for it. It’s. One. Dollar. A. Month. We’re not all paperboys in the 1950s getting paid two dimes a week or whatever. But on the other hand, I totally sympathize with people for not wanting to pay $4 for something they aren’t really, really digging. I haven’t been really digging this book for a while, though I’ve still enjoyed it alright overall. Thus: it’s dropped for me after this issue (or maybe after 600 once I look at the solicit). By the way, from everything I hear the price increase is totally warranted based on publishers’ overhead costs. Just saying.

  32. I have yet to drop a book because of price. However; what happend when gas prices went up… people drove less, people didn’t take as many vacations, etc. It went up to almost 5 dollars here in Californing for a while, just 2 dollars more per gallon than we’re experiencing right now, yet still it affected gas consumption. You might argue that the situation with gas is different than that of comics, but if you look at any product that has an increase in price than you will see people stop purchasing that product as much. Why is it odd to drop a comic because of its price? It’s not, and it’s a perfectly understandable reason to drop a book.

    If they increased the price of movies by $100 most of the community would stop seeing movies, but those with the funds to keep going would continue to go because that price increase would seem minor to them. $100 dollars seems like too much money to see a movie for us, and so we would obviously stop going to the movies. Money is money even if we are just talking about a couple dollars more per week. If you can’t afford something it’s smart to not purchase it… or you will purchase it without being able to afford it and we’ll end up in the economic situation we’re in right now…

  33. This was a pretty good issue.  At first I was pissed because the extra content was just a rehash of the history of Cap.  But then I realized it was Marcos Martin doing it, and then spent 10 minutes drooling at the art.

    This was fun, a cool romp, and fun to see Cap with the New Avengers getting ready to eat some cake.  I love cake

  34. @ruo21 I don’t think is anyone disputing that, I think the thing is that I, like so many others, am tired of seeing the same discussion in every thread of a book at $3.99! No one likes a price increase. It happened, but can we please stop hearing about it! Hell I saw a conversation about how people would rather NOT have the backups in the few DC books going to $3.99 and pay $3.99! It’s mystifying.

  35. I thought this was absolutely fantastic. I loved seeing Bucky’s Birthday stories, and how it all came together at the end. Just great comic booking. 5/5.

  36. I thought the ending was a tiny bit too sweet and happy for me….maybe we’ll find out that Faustus is messing with Black Widows head and making her make fun of Bucky’s age….

     As a whole, enjoyable and light.

  37. I just recently started reading cap starting from issue 48(although i know the basic story from trades)… might be something i havent picked up on yet but why are we going from cap issue 50 to  issue 600?

  38. Is it really that crazy to comprehend loving something but not able to justify buying it because you live in poverty?  I know its only a dollar more a month but to be honest I am squeezing now to afford the comics I can each week. I am a college kid that barley has enough food for the week and each week I buy about 4 book (not much I know) but if they all went to 4 dollars that would be a good chunk more than what I’m paying now.  Again I understand that it really isnt that much more and if I had a full time job and wasn’t going to school this wouldn’t really be an issue BUT the fact is I am in this situation and I can’t justify paying more for my comics.  

    The whole point of this is everyone is in different situations and different points in life so is it really THAT crazy to understand someone dropping a book for price? If money wasn’t an issue for me then yeah I wouldn’t complain at all about it and start any new series I want but I cannot, so I have to be very selective with what comics I pull each week. 

  39. What would be #51 of this series is the 600th issue when you count the numberings of all the previous volumes, so they’re restoring that.

  40. @ CaptainCanada thanks for the info

  41. let’s take a moment to disect the surprise party scene, shall we?

    Firstly, if a whole bunch of people were staying at my place, RENT FREE, and i came home to see one moocher with beer in hand and moving in on my girlfriend… i would be very up-set. Clint, you sleazy Bastard! I mean, Spider-man is right behind you with his hand on your wife’s arse, COME ON!

    Secondly, that picture of Ms. Marvel is hilarious. She looks like she’s tanked! She properly knocked back three vodka and cranberries before Bucky showed up and it hit her straight away. Seriously, look at the first panel of the last page of the regular story; she’s dancing in a corner by herself with her hands above her head. Mark my words, someone is going to have to take her home early… and i bet that someone is Wolverine. He’s just hanging back, waiting

    Finally, You just know Luke and Jessica felt like they HAD to be there. Like they seriously want to be at this kegger with a baby!  Jessica is going t make a lame excuse to leave the party before long even though Luke is enjoying himself for the first time since the kid was born. Ha ha, suck it Luke

  42. @edward Bravo sir. That has to be one of the best posts I read this month. As well, fun fact: Carol Danvers is a recovering alcoholic your supposition that she is drunk is hence doubly funny.

  43. @edward I’m so with you on this. I’ve decided to rename New Avengers the Slacker Avengers, because really, all they seem to do is couch in Bucky’s apartment and order Chinese takeout.

    It was a lovely book, but I was a little put off by yet another retelling of Steve and Bucky’s origins. Also put off by another month of Carol being not dead. I feel like a bit of a tool for buying into the Ms Marvel series because of this. 

  44. ^Haha, Slacker Avengers.  SO true.  Although, for the most part they are wanted on a constant basis so they have to lay low… or something.   Anyway, yes I also prefer something more substantial in an anniversary issue, something propelling the story forward.  However, we have two anniversary issues so 600 ought to have more story-wise.  Plus, we don’t know if those jet-pack guys could payoff or something.  It is Brubaker writing after all.

     And on the price point, three issues in a row with extra content.  But, skipped month in August.  Let’s assume or hope (whichever you prefer) that with #602, it goes back to 2.99.  Therefore, we break even on this book.

  45. High hopes for this but it turned out to be my least favorite of ten books this week.  Couple that with $3.99 and it’s been dropped.

  46. This was awful.  I’ve been on Cap every month since the beginning, but its been going nowhere for way too long

  47. @ cutty . Exactly. This issue was absolute garbage filler to get to the next issue. Oh boy some random "right wing nutbags" show up , BFD. This was awful filler to get to 601. I’ve been subsribed to this forever but seriously are you shitting me with this issue? 3.99 for this? Oh boy a rehash at the end of all the stuff I’ve already purchased, couple that with a meaningless primary portion of the issue and I’m almost 90 % assured of dropping this. Can you imagine the trade for this arc, I actually feel sorry for the poor saps that are reading this in trades.

  48. @jobob247 I complain more than anyone about raising prices of comics but I wouldn’t say this is a bad comic by any means. I’ve read BAD comics and I would not put this anywhere near those.  Yes this wasn’t the most exciting issue and it was a "filler" issue AND the price raise but really I don’t think it was the worst piece of garbage ever.

  49. @ecthelion – Its not that this is "bad".  Its that Cap was at such a high level for so long, and had the coolest, ongoing story that kept you interested month to month.  Now I feel like that’s gone, and its been gone for a pretty long time at this point, I just don’t care about the story anymore.

    I haven’t been excited about this book since Bucky took on the Cap costume, which was way back in #34 if I remember correctly. 

  50. I officially dropped this title today.  Sorry Bru, but you let this title slide for too long.


    @cutty – #34 was the last issue I truly enjoyed.

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