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I try to pimp out Ed Brubaker’s Captain America almost every chance I get to people who don’t already read it, but I usually get two typical responses. One is from people who aren’t really into the comics game, who usually reply “Isn’t Captain America dead?”, and then I go into the long and complicated diatribe on how Bucky is the new Cap and how he got there, and I get puzzled looks since it sounds ridiculous coming out of my mouth. The other response I get is from those that are a little more wise to the comic game, and reply “They brought Bucky back from the dead to be the new Cap? That’s gay!”, and then I go into the long and complicated diatribe on how it’s not as lame as it sounds, and I get puzzled looks since it sounds ridiculous coming out of my mouth. But now, thanks to my lord and savior Mr. Brubaker, I can just hand them Captain America #50 and say “Read this and you will be turned!”

It’s truly a credit to Ed’s superior writing ability that he can make something as ridiculous as a “frozen-in-time Bucky with a robotic arm becoming the new Captain America” seem so streamlined, and that’s what he accomplishes with this issue. The saga of Bucky is what this issue accomplishes, and it does so through some intuitive and non-forced flashbacks. At the same time, an engaging fight is portrayed between Cap and these rocket-pack commandos. Both types of scenes are done well and they compliment each other. I love it when writers tell an origin story that at the same time advances a current one, only someone really talented can pull it off successfully.

Luke Ross suprised the hell out of me this month. Don’t get me wrong, I never hated his work, it just never really wowed me. It always seemed to me that he was trying to do a Steve Epting style gritty-yet-polished realism type of art, which he does for a majority of the issue. But then when Cap walked down into his apartment and was suprised by a super-hero suprise party, I was suprised too! It was so vibrant and colorfull, something I don’t normally expect from this book. It made the party scene seem really festive and alive, so big props to the art team this time around!

 Yeah, this issue was filler, but it’s the best type of filler. A stand-alone story that’s engaging to read and doesn’t have to rely on an over-reaching story arc, just on the strengh of the characters. On top of that, this was an excellent origin issue that was talior made for getting new readers on, so that’s a big plus. Let’s hope next month’s issue (which is ANOTHER anniversary issue, which makes it two anniversary issue in a row!) is just as engaging.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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