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An absolutely perfect issue. I know they’re gearing up for some big
storyline, which may or may not bring back Steve so it was all the more
impressive they held off on having it start until the went back to the
old numbering next issue. I love the flashbacks in this issue,
especially the first one with 16 yr old Buck. I thought the camaraderie
between him and Toro in the second one told more of a story than all of
the Avengers/Invaders issues to date. Luke Ross, looking for all the world to me like Epting,  does an amazing job of
showing action and emotions on faces. Nothing mindblowing or story
driven happened in the main part of this issue, but it was still a lot
of fun. As for the back up story, I honestly didn’t read it, because I
can probably recite it to you with my eyes closed, even the stuff with
the replacement caps. I will say that Martin is one of my favorite
artists and he does my favorite cap period.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. The pencils in this issue are done by Luke Ross.

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