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  1. Cover = Epic

  2. Was thinking of dropping this book since the last arc didn’t do too much for me.  The preview on Newsarama is making me think twice though

  3. OH MY GOD. Finally Steve Epting is back!!

  4. @rayclark: He is!?

    *looks at summary* He is!!!!!! Thank you God!!!

  5. Glad to have Steve back but Luke Ross was not bad at all. And they both look similar with the same colorist.

  6. when is the Omnibus Vol.2 coming out, this is killing me!

  7. @tittom

    I would assume not until issue #50 and even a while after that.

  8. Epting is back, and I am thrilled! Thrilled, people! Thrilled!

    (I really like the guy’s work).

  9. i have not picked up a issue of captain americain a cpuple of years. can i pick this up? 

  10. what happen to batroc and man in black

  11. @jorgevillatoro

     I assume so. There should be the recap page in the front like all Marvel books. Other then that just know Bucky is now Cap, he has a gun, and dates the new Black Widow.

  12. @Cyberauron: They got away at the end of the last issue.

    This could be one of those covers that Ron hates because it has nothing to do with the story. Mind you, if Cap and Namor don’t fight I’ll be annoyed by the cover too.

    Hopefully this arc picks up a bit as I wasn’t thrilled with the Batroc one. Seeing how it ended though it pretty much seems like a setup for future arcs.

  13. @reg5000 thanks. I can see namor and capt coming to blow because namor respected cap the most. so evenif its buck behind the mask i can see namor being pissed.

    I believe the last arc started the new  overall story. H epretty much wrapped up most the plotin the end of the red skull arc.

  14. I have all kinds of faith that this will be great.

  15. Excited for this more than anything else this week.

  16. @jorgevillatoro

     I also think you should be okay on this, but if this issue confuses you, the three issues before this one should answer any question’s you’d have. But the recap page would probably be plenty.

  17. So my LCS will not get this in till later today, is it worth the trip back to get the Cap?

  18. @forest: Cap is always worth it.

  19. "Avg Rating: 2.6"??? Who be hatin’ on Cap!?

  20. I requested the Djurdevic cover….it looks sweet.

  21. I be hatin on Cap!

    This issue was probably the most boring issue in the history of issues…..Maybe.

    Seriously this was so boring I barely cared about what was happening. The Epting pencils was the only reason to keep me into this.

  22. I have to agree with TNC. I felt this issue was slow, plodding even, compared to previous installments. Also, its similarities and differences to the overall arc of Avengers/Invaders is a little offputting.

    Still, I have it a 4/5, because it really enjoyed the art and basic story. The Namor "unaffectionate father figure" characterization was spot on it, I thought. 

  23. Loved the Namor scenes in this. Still want my WWII adventures of Cap/Bucky/Torch/Namor series and I want it now. 

  24. Yeah, I didn’t love this issue.  It was ok.  I’m just a little tired of Bru resurrecting people and using them.  Bucky, Grand Director (thats the cap wannabe’s name right?) and now Human Torch?  I mean, I understand that Bucky has tons of history and those are great stories to tell, but I want to read something not tied to the past relationships and with flashbacks.  Not sure if I want to stick around with this book

  25. This wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad.  I think I’m going to drop this and stick to reading it in trade.

  26. If there is a god, I would love to see Bru do an Invaders mini or reunion for this title.

    Cause, yes they are in this bad crossover with the Avengers, but I love me some original Human Torch and I wanna see more of him.

  27. Epting has really grown on me, and with this issue he reallly brought it.

  28. Did anyone notice in the scene with Natasha and Sims that Natasha grows and shrinks about a foot in each panel?

  29. @drake you probably wont get your wish. Capt, bucky, namor and even the cap villians all have their history with cap. the history is what makes the story interesting. the fact that namor is one of the few people that gave buck his approval without having to test him was the best part of the story. Plus, buck has an insight on namor thjat seems interesting

  30. @Cyberauron-Yeah, I look back and I realize my complaint is probably a stupid one.  I think I’m just looking for an excuse to drop this book.  Truth is I’m just not enjoying it so much anymore.

  31. @drake do what i do and only pick up the arcs. i dropped it when baltroc showed up and i came back for this one because it seemed interesting

  32. Wow, I can’t believe people thought this was boring. I *loved* this issue. Maybe it wasn’t packed with fights, but it was, I thought, beautifully written. I do agree that the last arc wasn’t amazing. But, reading this issue, I feel like we’re getting another short arc that will be satisfying on its own, and will also be the next piece in the larger story of Bucky. When a writer can do that successfully, well, that’s why I read comics.

  33. @Ameer Agreed. It didn’t blow me away but I didn’t find it boring at all.

  34. I’ve really been enjoying Bru’s run. The strength of this series is how it’s found a way to respect the history and gravitas of Captain America while deftly imposing a ‘new’ actor into the lead role.

    While I know it’s early but I think when it’s over (Bru’s run or Steve Roger’s return — side question: which comes first?) we’ll look back on this as maybe the most masterful handling of a "flagship" series in a long time (was going to say "in a generation" but I thought that’d be overdoing it). 

  35. Very good, as usual.  Brubaker should be commended on his planning and long term storytelling.

  36. I cant say why I thought this was boring. Maybe because subconciously I am burned out from this title. Seriously, once you read one of the greatest stories period from the previous 42 issues….it’s hard to really care about what is happening now. I’m still gonna pick this up, at least til issue 50. But if I’m still uninterested at that point that I’m considering of dropping this.

    Oh and here’s a problem with this issue; what the hell was that ending about? I felt like I was missing the last page or something… dramatic ending or anything to pull me into the next issue. Really weak by Bru there.

  37. i thought this book was OK, at best.  I love cap and ed bru, but this was just a set up I guess.  I’m not dropping it, but i’m considering it.

  38. I think Bucky made an excellent replacement for Steve Rogers as the new Captain America the Sentinel of Liberty and Captain Americe and The Submariner made an excellent team up their like The Flash and Green Lantern of DC Comics.

  39. @TheNextChampion
    I think he dressed as Winter Soldier upon entering the Professor’s… lair(?), which isn’t edge-of-your-seat exciting, but it’s a kinda cool situation where Bucky feels that this isn’t Captain America’s job to finish, it’s the Winter Soldier’s.

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