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It’s the return of Steve!

Yes my friends, Steve Epting has made his return to the interiors of
Captain America! In some ways it seems like he never left. He was still
doing the covers for each issue, and was replaced with Luke Ross, an
artist with a significantly similar style. The real master of
illustrious illusions here, though, is the unsung third corner of this
volume’s trinity, colorist Frank D’Armata. His color palette has stayed
consistent throughout Brubaker’s run.

Ed’s storytelling, however, is definitely the main reason why this book
has been considered one long story throughout its career.  While some
writers will be accused of writing for trade by taking their time with
a a certain storyline (i.e. Bendis and the Savage Land loitering in
Secret Invasion), others such as Brubkaer admit to writing one
continues story, and are left alone by their fans who patiently read
and stay along.

Well, I think I’m finally getting a bit impatient.

In the second installment of the story involving Professor “Pandemic”
Chin and (the body of) Jim Hammond the original Human Torch, Cap and
Namor revive their partnership from the old days and try to retrieve
their fallen, stolen comrade. Something tells me that Namor never
really considered Bucky as an equal, or at least on the same level as
he did with Jim and Rogers, but that doesn’t mean he is going to turn
his back on a fellow Invader anytime soon. It was a nice moment as well
– like your older brother’s dead but you hung out enough with your
older brother’s friend that he’d be willing to help you out, even
though you did some fucked up stuff in the past.

And I think said fucked up stuff is what is making me impatient: being
the Sentinel of Liberty, especially after dealing with the loss of a
big brother (who happened to be the original sentinel) as well as one’s
horrid brainwashed past, is going to make you pretty stressed. But do
we really still need to read more about Bucky’s doubt and angst? I was
hoping the gist of his demons would’ve been resolved after #42. Eh. At
least he’s not sulking in the corner and letting the shield collect
dust.  I’m hoping Barnes’ big plan to infiltrate Chin’s headquarters,
which is very relevant to all this, will be his last big therapy
session for a while.

Other than enjoying Natalia’s scene, I suppose that’s all I have to say
about this issue. One of those “transition chapters” that Bru is
becoming more and more prone to using. Still, if that’s the price to
pay for the greater story, then I can hold on for awhile longer.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. You know it’s funny, with the preview thing on the main page you make it sound like:

    ‘Yes Steve is back! Yes my friends Steve…’ I bet you a lot of people though, Rogers? 🙂

    Great review, but I though it was one of my most boring issues I’ve ever read for this series.

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