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I’m starting to worry whether or not Brubaker can handle this title without an epic storyline going threw it.

Dont get me wrong, reading a Captain America issue by him is still a good read. But now that this has become a regular series again and not a sprawling epic…..I’m starting to get a little bored here. I mean I like it Brubaker is going this route with the Invaders. I would love to see a return of the team if that is his goal. But right now I just dont really care what is going on. Brubaker has a nice voice for Namor but I dont care about Black Widow and what she is trying to find. Plus I just dont care about Bucky’s old life as Winter Solider. I know his past is a factor for this storyline, but I wasnt interested with Winter Solider before the ‘Death of’ arc…why would I care now? Plus this issue had the weakest ending I’ve ever read. I seriously read the last page and thought: ‘That’s it? He just looks at a camera and it’s to be continued?’ That’s the last page to hook me in to the next issue? Lame.

But the great thing for this issue is that Steve Epting is back as penciller! Oh god how I missed him! Now the panels have a lot of fluidity and the character models all dont look so sketchy. Seriously you look at Luke Ross’s pencils and then look at Steve Epting’s pencils and there is no contest on who is better. So if anything, you should pick this issue up for the art in here.

So yeah….maybe it’s just because of the ‘Death of’ arc but I feel totally bored and burned out from this series. I’ll still pick it up and see where this story goes. I just hope this doesnt turn into ‘Daredevil’ and the series start to lose steam after a great previous arc…sorta turning into the theme of Brubaker for me.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Yeah, I agree.  Almost fell asleep when i was reading this…

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