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Variant cover by IVAN REIS and OCLAIR ALBERT

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  1. Can’t wait to pick this up in collected edition.

  2. The first issue piqued my interest enough to keep me around.  I love that cover.

  3. Let’s hope some of the ‘meh’ stories (Hawkman, Firestorm) are better this time.

    Excited for more zombie sharks though. 

  4. I’m still loving the Norman McKay vibe I’m getting from Deadman

  5. never cared for Aquaman but he is carrying this book for me

  6. I want more zombie sea animals.

  7. Hope the spotlight shines on the lesser known/liked characters this time around.

  8. Love aquaman an deadman although before blackest night I didn’t have much knowledge of them apart from who they were. Want to Like firestorm but its hard to do that at the moment. Still, Geoff hasn’t let me down yet (yes I didn’t mind flash rebirth)

  9. Still on board…for the moment.

  10. I’m enjoying it. I like that we’re getting more Aquaman and Black Manta.

  11. I’m not reading this, do you think it will effect my enjoyment of Green Lantern? I noticed the last issue said continued in Brightest Day, but honesly I can’t afford another twice bi-weekly book. How essential does it seem?

  12. @zeppo i don’t think it will effect your enjoyment of green lantern, it may make it better as your green lantern consumption won’t be diluted so much. I’m not reading every brightest day book as I’m not that rich. Just follow creators and characters you like in this case for me that’s johns, aquaman and deadman

  13. @thegoose I didn’t really get the black manta thing last issue. Was he meant to be dead or something or was it just a comment to say that when heroes return, villians can too?

  14. The last page with Black Manta in  1 has had me excited for this for the last week and a half!  I hope it’s awesome!


  15. Has Hal Jordan even appeared in this book?

  16. @jumpingjupiter yeah he was in issue 0 or 1 with sinestro and Carol tertiary for 3 pages. Nothing substantial

  17. They are attempting to find out who will wield the white light, so I say that’s pretty substaintial.

    Near as I can tell, Hal will be in this and GL. Not sure if they will be interweaving stories though.

  18. @drakedangerz I just think that the white lantern aspect will be picked up in the GL books. I agree I think Hal will be in this but the main focus if this book will be on those brought back such as aquaman. My pediction is deadman will be the white lantern and anyone who has come back including superman, vary Allen etc will be invited to be part of the corps although I don’t Think they will except and the corps will be the heroes in this book led by deadman. Doubt it will happen but they could kill deadman at the end of this series once the white corps has been created

  19. @Sammy:  Dunno if Manta was meant to be dead. Most of the time he’s been a striaght up pirate who’s wanted Aquaman’s death and power. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Johns and Tomasi are planning with Manta.

    It was weird seeing him in that fish shop since, with Aquaman gone, he would’ve had gotten everything he wanted.

    I did get a Dark Knight Returns vibe from when Manta decides to go back to being a villain when Aquaman returns. 

  20. Black Manta sucks. Look at him. Why is he even remotely popular because he was in Superfriends? Well, get over that because it was good then and it’s not ironicly good now. He looks like he has a urinal puck for a head

    Having said that, i’m enjoying the book

  21. @edward. What kind of urinal puck looks like that?

  22. I’m only enjoying maybe 2-5 pages out of each issue. There are some story lines like Deadman and Aquaman that I want more of…and then I want less of everything else. Def dropping this, maybe pick it up later in collected form. 

  23. @theConfessor: the ones that have been in the urinal for a little while but not too long so that the edges are just worn a little bit.

  24. @edward: Really? I love Black Manta’s design and not ironically. It’s sleek and simplistic. It removes all traces of humanity and signs of emotion.

    Characzation-wise, he’s one of the most cold-blooded DC villains ever. I mean, he killed Aquaman’s infant son!

  25. @TheGoose: i will say that it is a double standard to say he looks stupid when they’re all wearing skin tight clothing but he DOES look stupid

  26. Black Manta is actually one of my favorite villains. After nearly 45 years of existence, very little is known about him. He’s ruthless, cold and willing to kill anyone or anything to kill Aquaman. 

  27. Black Manta’s superpower is that he owns scuba gear.

    Don’t mess with him. 

  28. @edward: Eh, different strokes for different folks.

    PraxJarvin: They have given two origins about Black Manta, but they’ve been rather coy on his family and birth name.

    One was that he was a kidnapped child who was sexually abused and tried to call help from Aquaman on the kidnapper’s ship. He eventually escaped and swore revenge for Aquaman not helping him.

    The other was that Manta was an autistic child who was cared for at Arkham Asylum. Manta felt comfortable in freezing water and felt pain while sleeping on cotton beds. Unforunately, none of the doctors helped him much and, instead tried experiments to help. One experiment did seem to help him, but left him violent as a result. Manta eventually escaped Arkham.

    For the most part though, Manta’s only goals have been to plunder Atlantis, kill Aquaman, and get power thourgh any means. That’s why I find it odd that he was working in a fish shop. One would think, with Aquaman dead, that he’d be getting as much treasure from Atlantis. Still, he does seem his cold and violent self.

  29. Let’s me get this straight.  You get 40 pages, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, a sweet David Finch cover, Aquaman, and (perhaps) some more zombie fish all for the low, low price of only $2.99!?!

    I’m half expecting that DC will toss in a sham-wow or a snuggie.  This is a no-brainer kiddies.

    "PULL IT!  PULLLLL IT!" (screamed in my best Sam Kinison volume ten)

  30. @sammy

    Thanks. I noticed that GL 53 said to follow Hal into Brightest Day 1, but the solicts for future GL issues look to be about other things so I’ll probably just stick with GL.


  31. @zeppo not a problem my friend. Sure the site will keep you updated if this book becomes essential, although I don’t think it will. Majority is split on this and I. may drop if if it doesn’t get much better

  32. @thegoose cheers for the black manta info, still dont know if it warranted a last page reveal

  33. @thegoose  I think over the years it’s become less about power and more about killing Aquaman. After Arthur died he probably just lost all direction.

  34. I might drop this….. But i have to see the battle that was teased for next issue!

  35. Now that’s how you hook me for another issue! Jesus, the Entity might be a prick. Why would he put Deadman in such a bad spot?

    Nitpick: If you have a character on the cover, let’s see him/her for more then one single panel.

    Other wise, this was a solid issue. I’m starting to like it a bit more although the Firestorm portions are just not interesting. Martian Manhunter stole the show, especially with fantastic Gleason art and a creepy ass beginning section with a psycho mother. I want to see an ongoing Martian Manhunter series with Tomasi and/or Johns with Gleason. 

  36. I think the Anti-Monitor will be like the Borg in the later seasons of ST:Voyager. He won’t really be a threat, more like a nuisance.

  37. I like how the Entity stated "FIGHT" at the end. Like it was Mortal Kombat or something.

  38. I’m on the fence with this one.  The Firestorm and Hawkman/Hawkgirl segments seem like they could get interesting but haven’t quite hooked me yet.  This issue was dominated by Martian Manhunter and while the art was great, I don’t know much about the character and was a bit lost/didn’t care.  Deadman (or Aliveman) and  Aquaman by far have the most of my interest so far and they weren’t in the issue much.

     I’m still on board for now.  My only worry is the 22 pages of story are being spread a bit too thin.   Hopefully the series can manage to focus in on these 5 threads and largely leaves the other 6 ressurected characters and most Green Lantern stuff to the other books.

  39. So spoilers… the anti-monitor shows up?

    Just wondering. Does he like, do anything?

  40. I really liked the first two issues but I didn’t really care about this one. Art was really inconsistent in this issue too.

  41. Someone explain to me why Aquaman is on the cover but appears in like 2 panels.  I think I’ll wait for the inevitable Aquaman Rebirth.

  42. Good ending and only about interestng by half. Three issues in and not everything is working all the time and no single plot has taken a strong lead as my favorite the way the Booster plot did in 52.  Maybe Martian Manhunter’s.

  43. I really enjoyed this issue. But then, I’m a big Firestorm fan. It seems like the idea is going to be splitting the stories 1/2 and 1/2 between the two issues in a month, which is pretty good idea. Not much I can really say, though. GOod threads laid. Interested to see where the Martian Manhunter and Hawks stories go, too. 4.5/5

    Oh, and I’m happy to see that "Combined" Firestorm is still black (or perhaps now bi-racial?) because at first it seemed like they were going to make him white. I hope when their story is resolved we get a situation where they switch off who’s the body and who’s the floating head.

  44. I have a feeling that this is going to read much better in trade.

  45. God help me…I’m interested in Firestorm now.

  46. I feel pretty burned by the Aquaman bait and switch. I really could care less about Firestorm. I’m hoping they pull an "identity crisis" and have him go out with a bang. I want to know more about Deadman. I thought he was supposed to be the center of this series, and he’s a complete afterthought. 

    This series so far is all build up with not much pay out. Seems like every issue will end on an epic cliffhanger that they will never touch on again.  I should have listened to my gut and dropped this book like i kept saying i was gonna do. =(

  47. @wallythegreenmonster: Like 52, the pacing of this series is going to be different than your normal monthly comic book. I wouldn’t call Deadman an afterthought, he’s in the background right now. He’ll move to the foreground and someone else will move to the background. And then vice versa.

  48. I already read 52 and thought it was good but not worth the investment to buy in issues IMO. And it kind of didn’t really do anything much for the characters really. Other than Booster and Dibny. So I’ve decided I’m not reading this series. It seems they are trying to recreate the same kind of thing. Not for me I think.

  49. @JJ-Yes, you decided not to read this series about the time #0 came out. You keep reminding us of that every time a new issue comes out.

  50. @Drake: Slip on a banana peel.

  51. I hate it when parents fight!
  52. I liked this issue a lot. I don’t see how people can complain about the pacing. I thought this one was action packed. I’m also a little surprised to see guys dropping it already, considering it’s only issue #2 of a 26 issue bi-weekly. Patience is a virtue. 

    I was delighted to discover J’onn being the focus of this one (although Aquaman fans have a valid complaint since he’s barely glimpsed in this issue despite being on the cover). I found the stuff with Erdel’s daughter to be rather touching, and I like that they’re adding different layers to J’onn’s origins after ignoring it for so many years. And how crazy was White Martian Suzy Homemaker? Death by Rockband drumstick? Pretty rough. 

    The Firestorm stuff has me interested. I’ve said it before, but I totally dig Jason and Ronnie sharing the matrix. One of the things that separates DC from Marvel is the importance of the legacy characters, and to have two generations sharing the same mantel is an original twist. Also, can’t wait to find out who the third presence turns out to be.

    I do agree that the Anti-Monitor becomes increasing less effective with each new appearance. I mean, when you look at how big a threat he was in COIE, anything less than multiverse-shattering destruction is gonna verge on pathetic. I got excited when he showed up in Sinestro War, but since then I feel like his reputation has been soiled. Pretty soon we’ll see him drinking next to Crazy Quilt in some rogues bar. "Ya know … I used to *hic* I used to be sumbuddy!" 

  53. @wallythegreenmonster You do realize Ronnie was the one that was blown up in Identity Crisis right? Why would they bring him back just to blow him up again?

    @WheelHands I could be mistaken, but isn’t the third presence just the Black Lantern Firestorm persona?

  54. @Prax: That’s what I was thinking. Especially given Deadman’s vision in issue #0. But how can it be if Ronnie’s alive? I guess that could be the mystery, but it seemed a little obvious to me. Guess we’ll find out.

  55. Good to see some Martian Manhunter action, I’m not familiar with him really, but he has always been interesting to me. Still curious to see how the other Brightest Day titles will be tying into this.

  56. I can’t help it – I thought the last page, despite its pure ridiculousness, was pretty awesome.  Even if the Anti-Monitor’s been getting beat down more than Galactus lately.

  57. @WheelHands Uhh Marvel doesn’t really have Legacy characters at least not anywhere near the level of DC.  Superman, Wonder Woman, MM, and Aquaman are currently the only big name DC characters that aren’t legacies. And before I get flack from others Flash and GL are silver age legacy characters. Alan Scott and Jay Garrick are the true holders of those mantels and I won’t read them until they are returned to there rightful place!!! (joking)


    My big problem with this issue is one moment. "Shut up, white boy!"  I personally don’t see a need to add the "white boy" part. Why not "Shut up, @#$"?  It serves the same purpose.  I don’t see why race was brought in there.  I like Jason am a black man from Detroit and I find it a little insulting that it is just accepted that, that is the way black people talk.  That would be like me writing a Wesley Dodd Sandman story where  every now and again he says "that colored fellow" you know to make it feel more authentic. Because that’s how most people talked in the 40’s(not all most). Once again DC proves how out of touch it is when it comes to the issue of ethnicity. Before I get hate Marvel does it from time to time too but this was a DC book.  Anyways that’s my 2 cents thank you. 

  58. Edit: It wasn’t Jason that said Shut up, White boy but it still has no place in a main stream comic.

  59. The cover was great. Inside, pretty darn good. The Firestorm stuff was good and interesting, I want to see where it was going. I was not offended by the "white boy" part (white boy myself) – I assume whoever "said" it was just trying to get a rise out of Ronnie. I don’t think it was Jason. I’m not that big on the Hawks anymore, and I’m a pretty big Hawkman fan – just kinda "meh" in this book. The Martian Manhunter parts were excellent. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I really thought it was a touching story.

    More Aquaman please, that is really interesting stuff. Deadman vs. Anti-Monitor? Really? Weird. We’ll see.

  60. @prax. 

    no i didn’t realize that, thanks for pointing out. In all honesty i’ve never had much interest in the character so i’m not that familiar with his history.i just really liked that scene in Identity Crisis, and happen to dislike Firestorms pages in Brightest Day. Just not that interesting to me. I want more Deadman and Aquaman dammit!!! =)

    @conor and others

    part of me was expecting this to be a bit more action-y like Blackest Night. I understand that this is a different kind of story….more of a "setting the tone for the new direction of the universe" kinda thing but still. Leaves me a bit unsatisfied. The First act should really hook you in….


    its not really 26 issues though is it?…I was under the impression that it was like a 6 issue mini with lots of side stuff. the Brightest Day banner is being used pretty liberally like on the new Flash series…i don’t see the direct connection. 

  61. @wallythegreenmonster: Yes, this is a 26 issue series. Again, like 52.

  62. @DamonS23: Maybe I wasn’t being clear with the whole legacy thing. I wasn’t making an argument for DC against Marvel. I was pointing out the fact that one of the fun distinctions between the two is the focus placed on the legacy characters in the DCU, and how the current situation with Firestorm is a unique spin on that focus.

    Although I can think of at least one important shield-wielding legacy hero in the Marvel U, and I’m sure some others in the iFanbase could reference a few more.

  63. @Wheelhands I know there are a few in the Marvel U just not on the level of DC. And Bucky Cap won’t last forever they will switch it back sooner rather than later.  Marvel does an interesting thing with their legacy they put their main chacacters into new costumes and give them new names after a while that character switch back to what ever they originally were and a new person takes up the mantel of the other costume. Like U.S Agent.

  64. Iron Man -> War Machine -> Rescue.

  65. @JJ Would you consider that the same as Jay Garrick-> Barry Allen-> Wally West-> Bart Allen? Or Alan Scott-> Hal Jordan-> John Stewart/Guy Gardner-> Kyle Rayner Or Dan Garret-> Ted Kord-> Jaime Reyes As much as I love Marvel they don’t have legacies like that.

  66. I was just trying to think of "legacy" characters in Marvel, wether or not you think they are legacies is up to you, I’m just brainstorming cause it’s interesting to me. Iron Man seems the closest to a legacy to me. You also got:

    Spider-Man -> Spider-Woman -> Spider-Girl -> Venom? -> Carnage?

    Hulk -> She-Hulk -> Red Hulk
    Avengers -> Young Avengers

    Wolverine -> X-23

    Would you consider those "legacy" characters?


  67. I enjoyed this but, and this usually never bothers me, but Aquaman didn’t even appear in this. The cover should have featured the Martian Manhunter, that’s where the really story and focus of this issue was. I was kind of meh on the firestorm part and the Hawkman stuff was fun. The best part though was the white Martian in disguise killing her ‘family’ while they played Rock Band. That was fucked up.

  68. @JJ They are a different kind of legacy character.  The closest to a DC style Legacy character in the MU would probably be Captain Marvel.  Captain Mar-Vell-> Monica Rambeau-> Genis-Vell-> Noh-Varr.  They have all held the name Captain Marvel in their own book(except Noh-Varr…for now) which to me says legacy character.  The people you’ve named are part of those characters legacies not really legacy characters.  But that’s just me.

  69. @conor and others

    i didn’t realize it was a 26 issue series. I originally thought that but then became convinced it was smaller than Blackest Night. Thats going to force me to revaluate everything and if i indeed have the patience to see how this plays out over the next year. I’d really hate it if they give us cliff hangers like in issue #1 and then not revisit it for 6 months.  

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