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A new epic begins with the debut of this new, ongoing series!

Don’t miss the first fateful meeting of Batman and Superman in The New 52!

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Jae Lee
Cover by Jae Lee, Kenneth Rocafort, & Guillem March

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I have really been looking forward to this one. I just think Jea Lee’s art is so cool.

  2. I love Jae Lee’s art, but wonder the tone. I think he’s great for Batman, but will have to sell me on Superman!

  3. I love what I have seen from the art thus far. What I am worried about is that the art will not appeal to the masses. It’s beautiful but not exactly what’s trendy these days.

  4. The art is the draw.
    Jae Lee is a true artist.

  5. Jae Lee was one of those artist from the 90s that I didn’t care for, and then years later I was looking at promo art for the Dark Tower mini realized who the artist was and completely blown away by his style. Such an improvement from what he used to do that now I’m a huge fan. Looking forward to this book.

    • I agree the style is unique, and the same as Dark Tower. Story seems to be a rewrite of old Batman/Superman or Worlds Finest books, too many have been written to say which one. I was curious but I won’t buy another issue. When I first started buying comics minimum wage would get you 13 books for an hours wage, today you get 2 for that same hour work, the tax takes the third one.

  6. On a huge week for me, I think the 3.99 price may just persuade me away from picking this up.

    • My thoughts exactly. Plus I don’t need to start on another monthly right now. My pull list is in a good spot for the next couple of months.

  7. Looking forward to this. Pak is hit-or-miss with me, but Lee’s a no-brainer. I miss seeing these two together on a monthly basis. I was always a fan of the pre-relaunch B/S that started with Loeb and McGuiness. We’ll see if the N52 duo brings the same magic. I hope so.

  8. I usually deter from photo-realistic art, but Jae Lee adds a certain element that makes this artwork so damn appealing.

  9. I would love if DC put out a variant cover without any text.

  10. Oh, yeah, I really want to pay an extra buck for a Greg Pak story! Thanks, DC!

    I guess if your artist is named J. Lee DC charges extra. Looking forward to passing on this one, just like I did with Superman Unchained (though I did look through it several times – I just was worried if I picked it up I would have felt ripped off and pissed on.)

  11. I really liked Jae Lee’s art on Ozymandias, but I don’t think the same style would fit here. Something more like his work on “Inhumans” is what Id prefer. I don’t think everything looks good with misty backgrounds and characters who look like they’re floating in most panels. But I’m happy DC’s kept him around, and I’ll check out the first issue to see what it’s like. Hopefully it captures some of what was good about the previous series.

  12. Wow, how did i not know this existed until just now? It has Jae Lee’s name on it, therefore i must buy it.

  13. I love Jae Lee’s work on Captain America Marvel Knights story from 2001-2002. So cool

  14. What’s with that font?

  15. I have a feeling this is the start of DC moving to all $3.99 titles. But I suppose it is going to happen eventually. I’m in.

  16. That cover looks so cool!

  17. I was wondering how I was going to like this initially because Superman doesn’t scream ‘Jae Lee’ as an artist. But then I read FANTASTIC FOUR: 1234 last week and I realized Lee can change his style slightly to not look so gothic (like the cover). Anyways, I’m excited for this because Pak is such an underrated writer. If he writes Superman pretty damn well I’ll be just as excited for Action Comics in November.

  18. I thought this was still months away, what a pleasant surprise! I forgot to add this to my pull-set so I hope my shop has plenty to left.

  19. I miss the old logo 🙁

  20. I grew up on World’s Finest Comics and enjoyed Batman/Superman from the pre-boot days. So this seems a natural for me to get.

    I always enjoy Pak. Lee is hit-or-miss with me, but the pairing of The World’s Finest team is something I find almost irresistible

  21. Great issue, has me excited for Pak on Action. Jae Lee is one of those artists that, for me, can draw all the comics along with J.H Williams, David Aja and Frank Quitely

  22. It was really confusing…

  23. Well, I had no idea what on earth was going on in the story, but this book was so pretty and so nicely presented that it was a pleasure to read. Jae Lee & Ben Oliver did a superb job on the art.

    I wonder why Wayne Tech would design such strange looking robots, but whatever, I’ll roll with it. POTW.

    • I’m pretty sure that the batman who was with superman in smallville was supposed to be the earth 2 batman, if that’s what you were confused about. Also I completely agree, this was a great. I haven’t read all of my stuff yet but this will probably be my pick too.

    • Was it? It would have been nice to see that explained. Is this an ‘Earth 2’ book then?

      I didn’t pick up on that at all.

    • Me neither. I was totally lost.

  24. Avatar photo OzChops (@ianosborne1976) says:

    I really liked the story and the illustration, but I was confused too. I’m guessing the storyline in this series will run separately from other titles?

  25. Man I had really high hopes for this but it just didn’t do it for me. Jae Lee’s first eight pages were great but some of the art was rough after that. I like the way Pak writes Superman/Kent and Batman/Wayne but idk about this story line of going into earth 2. Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination but I’m a little disappointed.

  26. It takes place in the past. I think the reader is supposed to be jarred about what happened because that is what the character is feeling. Might be potw but i’ll have to mull it over, this week has been amazing.

    • I WAS jarred. And confused. And disappointed too. The thought these feelings would add up to POTW never crossed my mind.

  27. Shouldnt have pick this up…….dont wanna spend any more $ a month

  28. The art was stunning and the story well told. 5/5

  29. Definitely a different tone than a lot of previous Batman/Superman tales, but I guess that’s what they’re going for. Sometimes I think I just can’t adjust to the post-relaunch characterizations, and other times I think it’s all in my head and they’re being written the same way they always have.

    Either way, I did enjoy how brash and green they both are in this issue. Clark’s over-confident egomania is just as entertaining as Bruce’s, and I think Pak is the first writer since Morrison to write the T-Shirt Supes in a way that makes me wanna see more of it.

    I’ve been a fan of Lee for years, but it seemed like there were just as many panels that worked as there were ones that didn’t. Once you get past the idea of both locations (Metropolis and Gotham) having an over abundance of gargoyles and curly Tim Burton trees, it’s really beautiful stuff. Still, a little shaky in parts.

    I wasn’t confused by the transition. Thought it was a neat idea. Looking forward to more.


  30. Anyone else get migraines from the narration boxes? I had a hard time reading them cause they were so small! I wear glasses and that didn’t help.

    If it wasn’t for the microscopic narration this could easily have been POTW. Pak gets these two guys and the new ‘introduction’ to the two heroes was interesting to read. The art by Lee was absolutely gorgeous as usual and the fill ins by Oliver was a nice way to keep everything look similar. Strong start to this series and it also makes me excited for Pak taking over Action Comics. But for the love of god fix the narration boxes next time!


  31. I can see a tim burton-esque style comparison. I loved this issue, too soon to tell but I think i might stick around for the long haul on this one.

  32. Just as “Batman and Robin” explored the special relationship between Bruce and Damian, this series is remarkable because of the startling clash of personalities that is Bruce and Clark. The artwork is sublime and the writing was solid. I look forward to more of this for sure!

  33. I dunno. Mixed reviews and a $3.99 price tag means I’ll wait to hear what Conor/Josh/Paul have to say about this before I invest. I am still Ultron’d and very fearful of getting suckered again.

  34. Avatar photo ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

    The art change felt really jarring to me. Not really that bad just not as good Lee.

  35. Enjoyed this a lot, Lee’s artwork is stunning. I’m not sure I like that they’ve involved Earth 2, I kinda wish they’d left that out of it, but I’m interested to see where they go with it at the very least. Really liked Pak’s dialogue as well, the scene with Bruce and Clark in the park was great.

  36. The art looked killer.

    Even on page 19 or so, where it changed to the other guy, it was still great.

    The story seemed pretty cool, too, from what I read.

    The trade of this could be quite beautiful.

    I can’t justify this as a regular purchase.

    I’d certainly be willing to buy it in the format I usually get this kind of stuff in anyway, which is trade.

    We’ll see in a year or so how it compares with the rest of the output.

  37. Jae Lee’s art on this was fantastic. Greg Pak’s story was pretty good, especially with Lee’s art.

    The Ben Oliver art was mediocre. A big drop off. It’s sad this book was late and Lee still only finished 18 pages.

    I can do 25 pages for 4 bucks – but I wish it was 25 pages of Lee. If next issues is 20 pages for $4 with half of it being Oliver art, I don’t know that I’ll stick around.

    They should just make this bimonthly and let Jae Lee do all of it – but I’m not even sure if he could keep that schedule. I love his style, though.

  38. Overall a good issue, yes the ending was a little confusing but looking at Earth 2 Batman’s costume gave you a clue something was up. (Of course we didn’t see much of E2 Bats in that book). The only thing that’s bugging me is that if this is set at the begining of their careers, sure both “our” Bruce and Clark will know about Earth 2 years ago, so having Karen Starr and Helena Wayne be a secret shouldn’t really be a shock to either of them now.

  39. Beautiful and elegant, but what the fuck happened in the last handful of pages?

  40. ARRRRGH!!!!!!

    My retailer forgot I ordered this added to my pull-list and sold out! He re-orderd it from Diamond, but I won’t get it for another 2 weeks … ;-(

  41. Tried it, hated it. I couldn’t tell you what the eff was going on in this book. I honestly tried. $4 for that?

  42. This was good but I was a little confused towards the end. I’m sure it will all make sense next issue though.

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