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  1. I’m debating on whether to get this or the Captain America 70th Anniversary issue.

    Should I try this? I mean on one hand I stated I want to wait for trade…but the other hand it’s Dini and Nguyen working together again. Gah….I hate these Sophie’s Choice decisions.

  2. It’s $3.99 dude, not one of your kids.


  3. Im loving Batman, and this is a fairly light week for me, so I’m checking it out.

  4. Well considering while gmo was on Batman , Dini was way better on Detective I’d say this is a must buy…

  5. I’m with Ruo on this one.

  6. It’s Dini, so you know it will be consistently fun and well-done…but nothing innovative or too imaginative will be happening, sorry, and for $4…I’m passing. Anyone else feel like they’ve already read this and Dini’s "Sirens" title, even though they haven’t come out yet? I’ve already had my fill of these sort of stories by this author. I’ve read them all before. They’re good, but I don’t need any more of them.

  7. Anybody who could consistently make Morrison’s Batman look half interesting month after month can have my four bucks.

    I don’t know about paying $4 for Punisher though.  

  8. Thats another thing, this is a $3.99 issue but so is the Cap comic I was thinking of getting.

    Okay they’re comics, but it’s just as hard as a decision Sophie had to make.

  9. This book has a good shot at keeping the Bat-streak alive, its biggest contest will be Cap.

  10. Liked the preview for this book. We’ll see how it goes. Yay Manhunter!

  11. An absolute must-buy for me. Can’t wait.

  12. I’m buying both of Dini’s books.

  13. Dini and Nguyen haven’t let me down yet.  But I admit, if I wasn’t confident in the creative team this one would pass right by

  14. @MrGlass: No chance. Ron’s not buying it.

  15. i’m loving the bat-book, baby!

  16. ….ok! i liked Batman and Robin #1 so ill pick this up. Isent Paul Dini the one who writes an awesome batman?

  17. @Conor: Damn! Tell Ron to give up on GA/BC and buy this instead. Come on didn’t he see the magic Dini and Nguyen had going on Detective.

  18. @Aquaman – Dini writes awesome everything.

  19. Dini writing batman makes me 🙂

  20. I expect this to be great just like the other recent Bat-books.

  21. Oh fine I’ll give this a shot! If it’s anything like Red Robin then it’s right back to trade…

  22. I’ve been working on a scientific comics formula, I will share with you guys:

    Nightwing* + Manhunter = Awesome.

    (*Sorry but I refuse to call anyone but Bruce Wayne, Batman.)

  23. I didn’t even think I was that into batman but I’ve picked up each of the othernew books so I might as well keep going now! 😛

  24. Hmm, I don’t think I’ll give this a shot.  In all honesty, Gotham City Sirens sounds more interesting to me.

  25. Well if one Dini book isnt entertaining (which is mathematically impossible) then at least we got another title to try of his.

  26. Liked the preview. I don’t have the budget for all the bat books though. 

  27. I don’t have the budget for anything, but I’m still getting all the Bat-stuff.  I can hear the ice cream man going by outside going unanswered because the kids in this hood wanna buy Streets Of Gotham more then a Choco Taco.

  28. 12 hours and five minutes until my shop opens

  29. I dont know!  I told myself that I wouldnt buy all of the new bat books.  They are all so tempting!  Should I do it????

  30. Yeah I was the same way. I was gonna to just buy Detective Comics because of the awesome looking art, but so far everything’s been pretty stellar.

  31. Hold to your guns. Don’t be compulsive. Let some comics go by. There is always the hardcover if you hear great things about it.

    I was tempted but I let Batman & Robin and Red Robin go unbought. Even with the pick of the week honors going to both books . . .

    This book was a planned buy for me. Can’t wait to read it.

  32. This was a pretty good comic. It’s basically Detective Comics but with a different name. Plus I like it how it’s gonna deal with more of the stuff in the city then just another Batman adventure. What sold me in this was the horrifying murders Firefly did in this issue.

    That sold me for this comic at least for the first arc. Oh and the Manhunter part…..meh it was nothing special. Wish it was someone else involved then her.

  33. For anyone on the fence, this was definately worth it.

  34. Wow, this was really good.  It felt like the spiritual succesor of Gotham Central (notice that they even mentioned GC?).  I’m onboard for this series now.. and wow, suddenly I’m picking up 4 batbooks??? 

  35. Never Really folowed any in Continuity Batman, I thought this might be  a good jump on point. I enjoyed it but I need some filling in though, who is Thomas Elliot? and why did try to look like bruce? What did he mean "time with your old man or as close as you can get to him"?

  36. This book was 5 stars for the Manhunter story alone.

  37. @aliensurfer  Thomas Elliot is also Hush, and i’d check Wikipedia for the answer to your first two questions to get all the details.  As to your last question, Damian is Bruce’s son.

  38. It was nice getting the manhunter back-up story. This is my first real exposure to the character and I can’t wait until next month.

  39. I t almost felt like this was a story before BFTC. It almost read like any other Batman story except Batman was Dick.

  40. I thought Manhunters were Martians

  41. @aliensurfer: check out Dini’s run of Detective, there is a very good story called Heart Of Hush where he takes Catwoman’s heat out and puts it on ice via Mister Freeze.  That’s the story where Hush makes himself look like Bruce Wayne so he can kill all the Robins.

  42. @scorpionmasade Xenoist! 😉

    @aliensurfer I agree with Robbydzwonar, "Heart of Hush" is a good introduction to Hush without having to trapise through a lot of background material. (He first appeared in the Jeph Loed/Jim Lee 12-issue Hush story line which was a hit at the time.)

    Great issue. 5/5 for me. Great writing, lovely art and a real sense of being something a little different than a standard bat book. They’re really pushing Firefly here. I wonder if this has anything with him being a slightly plausible villain for use in a movie? (If I recall correctly he was in the Gotham Knight film).  I really enjoyed the Manhunter back up, too. Glad to see the character back in action. I have a feeling next issue will be just as good. Close to being my POTW, but just missed it.

  43. Paul Dini at his best. Enjoyed the back-up a lot more than I thought I would, as well. 5/5.

  44. Wow, Kate Spencer: worst comic book parent ever. That was the most selfish personal behavior I’ve seen in a comic since Peter Parker threw his wife under the bus to relieve his own guilt that someone shot his always-close-to-death-anyway Aunt.

  45. This was so god damned good!

  46. My POTW for sure. It is weird that this is a whole new title considering it picks up a lot of the threads from Dini and Nguyen’s last arc on Detective, but other than that it’s perfect. Nguyen’s pencils are gorgeous as always; I just love the moody, stylized feel he gives to Batman. I even dug the Manhunter feature even though I know almost nothing about that character. Well worth my $4.

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