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Combine the justifiably hyped Batman Reborn franchise with the masterful Bat-machine that is Paul Dini, and you’re virtually assured at least a four star book.  And that’s what we’ve got here.  It’s not as brand changing as Batman and Robin #1, and not as intense a character study as Red Robin, it’s just a really solid story about the people of Gotham.

The city is still reeling a bit from the Battle For The Cowl era, prompting the police to question whether or not Batman is really still around.  The first subplot centers around Harley Quinn who just wants to buy diamonds with the money Catwoman payed her to be a good guy during BftC, but the store owner recognizes her as a criminal and refuses to sell them, so she takes them hostage, of sorts, just until she can pay for her diamonds and go home.  There’s a phenomenal panel where Dami-Robin holds Harley down and says to BatGrayson “She’s annoying me.  May I cut out her tongue?”  Waaaaaaaaay more badass than the early RobinGrayson who used to make “Surf’s up!” and “Is it hot enough for you?” quips.  (Seriously, read the early modern age Robin stuff in Dark Victory, Robin: Year One, etc.  You’ll want to smack the crap out of Dick Grayson).

But there is a much more sinister plot afoot being laid out by another B-level Bat Villain.  And his trail crosses over some disturbing scenes that we’ll probably be revisiting later in the series.

This is a dark, well put together book, with creepy turns by Damien, your b-level villains, and BatGrayson, not trying to outdark BatWayne, but succeeding nonetheless.  It also has a fairly fluid look to it.  Dustin Nguyen doesn’t use a lot of lines here, so each line that he does use, really stands out.Damien’s a little more square jawed here, then he is in other comics, but he’s Bruce’s son, so I guess it makes sense that he’s have Skrull Chin.  BatGrayson’s face always being in shadows is a good testament to the fact that, apart from Dami-Robin, no one is supposed to have time to see the face, the cowl is all that’s important.

This issue also marks the first backup Manhunter (Chick Manhunter, not Martian) detailing her arrival in Gotham, her first meeting with Commisioner Gordon, and a memorable I’m A Bust Up Some Criminal Scum In Gotham adventure.  I haven’t gotten around to reading any Manhunter comics yet.  But this little backup story has me thinking I may have to remedy that.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


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