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  1. I did not really like the first 3 issues of this series, but I hope that my favorite DC character right now, Green Arrow, puts some life into this book.

  2. I think Green Arrow will definitely add a crap load of coolness to the Outsiders.  Let’s face it, he is gonna be the only one who can question Batman and get away with it.

  3. And it’s gonna be awesome!

    (I hope)

  4. I sure hope that the first 3 issues were just an aberration of Dixon being handed the book at such a late date and that going forward we’ll get more of the action packed writing that I’ve come to expect from Chuck.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed the first three issues but yes, you can tell he was handed the book and the story with little to no planning.

  6. I too enjoyed the first couple of issues.  I’m pretty excited about where this is going now, especially after catching up to the storyline from the third Checkmate trade.  I think Ollie well add that extra punch to it.

  7. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Last issue, one of the scientists working for Batman had on a t-shirt that read,

    "Don’t taze me, bro." 

  8. Since the first three issues have been getting mixed reviews should I bother buying the first three? I’d been resisting this tiltle, but it’s just too pretty for me.

  9. i’m jumping on this title for the first time because i love green arrow.  here we go.

  10. After the initial bungle, this cover is probably the first time it’s been sheer excitement again.
    I wonder if this might incidentally indicate the point where Dixon locks in, and takes full control of the direction.

  11. I was reading it anyway, but if GA shows up, all the better.  Hopefully there will be some good scenes between him and Bats.

  12. I’m looking forward to this one a lot.  I’m surprised more people aren’t praising the art everything looks so shiny.

  13. It’s nice to see a DC book being one of the most discussed titles of the week.

  14. Has there been a delay between issue 3 and 4?  It just seems like a long time since I read it.  But i’m definitely on board for this series.  Its a group of characters that aren’t being used anywhere else (besides bats and GA).

  15. I’m loving the colors by Bit on this title.   Lush and beautiful.

    I just re-read #3, I’m curious about the REMAC, I’m guessing big things unless all goes awry.  I want this title to be as outstanding as it should be.

    Can’t wait for Wondercon!  Looking forward to meeting ufanboys! 

  16. Very much looking forward to this – first 3 issues were great and hopefully we will get a bit of interaction between bats and batgirl…

  17. Meh. A non-issue issue. Nothing of import happens except that they devalue Batgirl as an ‘ importantforce’ immediately after her introduction. Bad writing. A year after she pretty much handles Batman and Shiva, traditionally two of the top combatants in continuity, she gets jobbed by Green Arrow?

    The rules of any fantastic writing are simple: You can tell me anything is true, literally. Anthing. You, however, then have to follow the rules that you have created for me to believe in.

  18. very average issue. The art is pretty but I think I’m done with this once this arc ends.

  19. @Zombox, GA took a year off after Infinite Crisis to train his fighting skills up to Deathstroke levels.  So, while he shouldn’t be comparable to Bats and Shiva, he should be close.  The kick into the crocs was a lucky shot.

  20. I dug this issue.  The art is really good and I like the inner workings of the team.

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