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  1. im callin new pull record on this

  2. Not, sure, I think losing FQ might lose it a few pulls. How come it’s a two man art team this week? Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion?

  3. @Spidey2 – I’d be surprised.  The fact that Mr. Quitely is off the book and Mr. Tan is on it will probably lead to fewer pulls than previous issue.  But I hope I’m wrong.

    I’m really, really hoping that Mr. Tan will pull this off.  Do we know anything about Mr. Glapion?

  4. D’OH! The cover tricked me into excitement!

  5. He’s the inker I think –

  6. I’m trying to be optomistic about this arc, so here’s to hoping its good

  7. It looks like Mr. Glapion worked with Mr. Tan on Revelations and a number of other projects.  I hope they are in top form for this arc.

  8. @stuclach Unless im mistaken he was with Tan on his run in Green Lantern. I think he is the regular inker for him.

    I have to agree though that the pulls will be at least slightly fewer. The change of art is the only reason though. THis book is great so far. 

  9. @rift1128 – It appears you are correct about him being his regular inker.  I also agree that the writing has been so exciting that the art would have to be exceptionally bad to turn me off of the book.

  10. I am enjoying Damian’s character development, I’m sure finding out the girl he was meant to save has been recruited by the Red Hood will be great fodder for Morrison. Hopefully the new artist will sell Robin’s growth as well as FQ did.

  11. I’m indifferent toward Tan so I’m just hoping the writing stays solid and there’s nothing to suggest it won’t so I’m looking forward to it.

  12. Yeah, Tan and Glapion work together as a full-package "Art team" that pencil, ink and color their stuff. I think the fact that Glapion wasn’t attached to the Agent Orange story is why it looked so heavy.

    Looking forward to this. Can’t wait.  

  13. I hope Tan’s arts better in this than it was in GL. His style seems to fit Batman better than Green Lantern, though.

  14. Not a fan of Tan, especially after that medicore Agent Orange arc in Green Lantern.

    But I’m not ready to condemn this thing just yet. Morrison, I’m sure, will provide another exciting issue like he has done for three straight months. Who knows? Maybe Tan will actually be suited for this thing.

  15. People, people.  There is a time and place for such rampant optimism, and the internet is never the place!  😉

    All kidding aside, as long as the art is not terrible, I will pick up whatever Morrison puts down in his Bat-saga.

  16. So how long are they going to wait before they tell us it’s Jason Todd under there?

  17. @viewt Prevailing supposition suggests that Todd is Black Mask. I have a feeling the resemblance to an Animal Man character means we’ll be getting a twist in the identity.

  18. I still believe Jason Todd is Black Mask, so naturally I’m assuming someone else is ‘under the hood’.

  19. I hope, and I have no evidence to support this, that the Joker is back as Red Hood

  20. @MisterJ: You’re not the only one. I haven’t seen Joker since the end of RIP like last Xmas!

  21. This is the comic book equaliant of the rebound girlfriend. You know how you date a less than beautiful girl after a really attractive girl dumps you just to feel better about yourself?

     Phillip Tan: the rebound artist

  22. Really looking forward to this. I’m excited for a new artist interpretation.

  23. Even with the artist change, this title is out-pulling Blackest Night (at this moment). Interesting.

    I also think it’s a toss-up between Joker and Jason Todd as being under the hood. I think in some interview from this past spring Morrison said that he was going to use Jason Todd in B&R, though, so he might’ve given it away then…

    I’m curious about the art change, but I’m even more interested in seeing if the storytelling shifts some for the new art as well.

  24. i’m also thinking it’s the joker

  25. If it is Joker…..I really wanna know why.

    Cause if it’s Jason Todd then it’s obvious why he would take the name. But why would Joker wanna change his M.O.? It’s not like it’s a joke or anything, this would be a complete personality change.

  26. @TNC What’s a sicker joke than creating an evil Dynamic Duo?

  27. @Prax – Creating an even more effective (from the public’s point of view) Dynamic Duo and then publicly executing/corrupting them before the real duo can stop you…..I think I just turned to the dark side.

  28. @edward classic… yet true

  29. @Prax: Hmmm that’s a good idea. Plus Morrison/Dini has addressed how far in advance Joker plans out his ideas.

    Oh and he did get run off a bridge with RIP. So maybe he has memory loss?

  30. Wasn’t there a line of continuity at one time that had the Joker beginning his career as the Red Hood?  I am not a master of pre-crisis DC stories. 

  31. @Crippler Please see The Killing Joke. (which is post-Crisis.) But yes. This is conceivably why it is logical for Joker to be Red Hood again.

  32. Wikipedia to the rescue.  I’m not crazy – "The Red Hood first appeared in Detective Comics #168 "The Man Behind the Red Hood" (February 1951). In the original continuity, the man later known as the Joker was a master criminal going by the alias of the Red Hood." 

    Having the Joker under the Hood as a nod to the original story would be just like something Morrison would do. 

  33. Curious. I didn’t know that Alan Moore’s story was based off of continuity. Fantastic!

  34. Well Ed Brubakers ‘The Man Who Laughs’ was suppositely a continuation of Killing Joke. It’s like the first time Batman actually fought the Joker. That referenced Red Hood quite a bit.

    Red Hood has been a staple for Batman books for a while now.

  35. it would be great if red hood was joker…but lets be honest, it’s jason todd.

  36. The Joker is going to be showing up in Gotham City Sirens before this B&R arc is over, so I think that might be a strike against him being the Red Hood. Who knows with Bat-editorial, but I don’t think they’d overlap Joker stories.

  37. Can Conor just put this up as POW now?

  38. I would be completely entertained if Jason Todd was both Black Mask and Red Hood.

    @AlexG-This book would have to be completely mind blowing to him for him to give Tan POW.  It’s not impossible, but it is really, really improbable.

  39. I just picked up FC:Revelations and the Tan art in that is pretty damn sweet.  There are certainly times where I can’t tell what is going on or it looks rushed, but no where near the muddiness that was in Agent Orange.  Hopefully, since he is working with Glapion, we’ll get some great artwork here.

  40. @drakedangerz – I didn’t particularly like the Tan art in FC:R.  I’m not an art expert, but it felt messy (for lack of a more appropriate word) to me.  Too many things happening on the page at once.

  41. @Stuclach-I totally see that, but I feel it was much better than his GL work.  He has great potential to convey fear and creepiness, which I am guessing is what Morrison wanted with this arc.  I’m somewhat surprised he isn’t doing some work in Blackest Night instead of this actually.

  42. @drakedangerz – I sincerely hope you are right.

  43. Oh my good lord!

    There is a preview for this and it’s kinda long on So if you dont wanna see a good 1/3rd of the comic then I wouldnt recommend it. But I didnt read the narration or the diaologue, I just saw the art.

    This is amazing looking. Absolutely amazing. I am going to love this comic just by judging this preview.

  44. Those preview pages are better than I expected.  It’s still a bit too busy for me, but this looks stronger than much of Mr. Tan’s past work.  Everything is also still just a bit too dark for my taste.

  45. I hate how they tease you with a Frank Quitely cover….

    Still gonna get these issues though. I’m absolutely loving this series.  

  46. Not getting those, I’m waiting for Cameron Stewart.

  47. I’m so down for this. I saw the preview on IGN. The art doesn’t look bad at all.

  48. I kinda hope it’s Jason Todd.

  49. I could be the joker. Morrison is the one that says the Joker likes to change his Psychosis every now and then because hes just THAT crazy.

    I dont ever Recall a moment where Dick had to face the joker 1 on 1 before without bruce. 

  50. It could be joker* GRAMMER MISTAKE

  51. This was really good, i like that it jumped ahead a few days it seemed. i also still have no idea who the red hood could be which is great

  52. I enjoyed the story, but the book didn’t have the pop it did for the first 3 issues.  The first 3 felt revolutionary.  This one felt like a very solid book that was a bit unspectacular.  Mr. Tan may be a wonderful person and is certainly a better artist than I can ever be, but his art just feels too messy and too busy for my tastes.

  53. *slow claps*

    Fantastic art by Tan, definitely looked better then on the computer screen with the preview. Everyone, including conor, can sigh relief for this. Cause this was a beautiful looking comic. The story was also pretty great too….if your into that sorta thing.

  54. the only thing missing are the little quirky touches that quitely puts in the background. the art looks great but the magic isn’t there. a great issue, i just don’t understand why quitely can’t be the regular artist. i knew he wouldn’t last long but only 3 issues? that’s just teasing.

  55. I am having a VERY hard time getting past the Red Hood costume. It may very well be the most ridiculous looking costume I have ever seen in my life, and it is completely taking me out of the story.

  56. for specualtion… whatever did happen to the first of the 3 batmen? can’t remember his name but the marksmen that shot the joker?

  57. @RLPrime: Last we heard, in Batman #674 Lane "The Third Man" reproached Bruce for having broken the "gun-Batman’s" hands. Since he wasn’t there with Lane and the "Bane Batman", I assume he didn’t break out of police custody or whatever. It would really be anticlimactic for Morrison to make that guy the Red Hood. On the other hand, the part of me that’s obsessed with the minutiae of Morrison’s Bat-run would love to see that guy again, but…I doubt many others even remember that guy.

  58. @Hexsas: He’s too slow to do a monthly book.

  59. @HailScott  I kinda like the fact that he has a ridiculous costume.  It’s not like he is really trying to be stealthy or anything.

  60. @RLPrime/flapjaxx: One of the Batmen died, the Bane one never was found after debuting. The final one who is Michael Lane is now the new Azrael. In the 3 issue mini this summer it explains why he’s the new Azrael.

    Alright I wanna put my 2cents on who this Red Hood is. Because it’s probably going to be the talk of this issue and the next two. I believe it is not Jason Todd only because of the way Morrison has Hood talking. Now Jason is a grown man and of course he could talk like a philosopher like Red Hood did in this issue. but considering how Todd’s personality has been lately….He’s too much of a brute to do this type of speech.

    However, and if you look back at the older Morrison issues, this has to be Joker. Red Hood sounds exactley like how Joker has been talking in Morrison’s run for the last couple of years. Plus (as PraxJarvin stated among others) he is so insane that he’s changing his M.O. to do the joke. Plus the final line he makes in this issue where he’s talking in his H.Q., he laughs. That to me is a dead give away.

  61. Although I miss Quitely’s art this was still an easy 5/5.  I’m not sure if this will be my POTW as I still have to read Blackest Night and Reborn.

  62. I gotta say I really didn’t like the art in this one.  Especially how he drew Batman.  Thank goodness he’s only on for 2 more issues.  What this does reinforce however is how perfect Morrison and Quitely are for each other.

  63. @TNC: You mean the gun-Batman (from Batman #655) is dead now? When did that happen? I’ve never read any of the new Azrael stuff. About the "Bane Batman", he technically did reappear after debuting, because he first appeared in 664 and then he reappeared to help Lane in 674.

    And about the Red Hood, yeah I did think that the one word "Heh" was potentially the most revealing of the character. Morrison is always like that, giving character’s distinctive little tics. (Bruce has "Hh.") As to whether it’s the Joker or not, I have no opinion. Could be.

  64. @flapjaxx: The Batman who shot at Bruce and tortured him for a bit became Azrael. The one that went after Joker I believe died. You are right about the Bane batman, he did come back. However I don’t believe he came back since that issue. I need to reread that trade where they come back.

    When Morrison wrote for Joker, he used the word ‘Heh’ a bunch of times. Besides it just seems something Joker would do. Trying not to laugh at his ultimate plan, because he doesn’t want to give the joke away.

  65. I didn’t care for the art in this issue.  Enjoyed the story, but the artwork was too distracting

  66. See I don’t understand how the art was distracting. I’m probably seeing it threw Morrison colored lenses, but I don’t see any problems with Tan’s art in this.

    His Penguin is a bit off putting but other then that I have no major problems with it.

  67. @TNC-well I do

  68. @TNC: Gotcha. Let me know if you track down the issue that makes you think the gun-Batman died. I think he’s still out there, unless he’s referenced in the recent Azrael stuff. He wasn’t killed in Batman #655. The last reference to the gun-Batman that I know of is in Batman #674, with Lane saying that–while Bane-Batman broke out of prison–gun-Batman is still out of commission with broken hands that Bruce apparently gave him.

  69. Good issue, art was definitely distracting. I was willing to give Tan the benefit of the doubt, but the dropoff is very noticeable

  70. I wasn’t too offended by the art here. I thought the action/costumed scenes were alright, but the civilian side looked pretty bad to me. It also didn’t have great pacing. When the Hood appears in the building w/ the crime bosses, I found myself going back to the pages before to try and figure out the layout of the room to see where he came from. Not out of curiosity, either, I just felt lost. Which, if I can’t accept a caped individual appearing out of nowhere in a Batman book, I think it’s the fault of the artist; I thought maybe he came in through the window, maybe he was there the whole time; all I know is I should be able to just go, "Oh, he’s there now.", but I didn’t. Maybe it’s just me, though.

  71. The art was also distracting to me. Some of those faces were so distorted and overworked.

    Still liked the story. 

  72. As long as Morrison is on it I will buy it  (Another classic).

     I like that the art changes from arc to arc
    because I like to see differnt points of view of the DCU.

    Frank is awesome though dont get me wrong.

  73. I absolutely LOVE Tans art on this book. I personally prefer tan to quitely. The coloring was great in this book as well. Im loving where this book is going. As long as Dick is Batman im never gonna drop this book.

  74. This is the artist that was supposed to be the worst? It is pretty good especially the first couple pages. Yeah, he’s no FQ but no one is except FQ

  75. Is this a downgrade from Quitely? Absolutely. If you look it like that then I can definitely see why anyone wasn’t down on the art on this.

    But if you look at it (like I guess how I looked at it) and see it as just an issue by Philip Tan and nothing more…’s totally the best thing I’ve seen of his. So while I definitely respect anyone who didn’t like this issue because of the art, I think we need to judge this more as a single issue and not for the big change here.

  76. @smeeeee
    I made a face of sheer horror when I read your comment. We must duel, sir.

    Speaking of faces, the the comments above mine look like the much anticipated team up of Batman, Nightwing, and Conquest (featuring Lieam the mouse, if my avatar is included).

  77. Very good issue. The art is different but I really enjoyed it. Just look at the first two-page spread with Lightning Bug jumping from building to build, great art, great layout great langauge telling you what to read in what order. That’s good comicbooking. However, I do agree with Stuclach that some of the panels are crowded and busy, but I feel that Tan’s heavier, darker style fits the story. Quitely’s work is a little too… whimsical for the type of Tarantonian-violence depicted here. 5/5 for me. I’m still thinking it’s Joker, though. 

  78. @capbastrd- Yea well im one of those ppl who dont understand ppls love for quitely’s art. I just cant get down with it. And this is the best ive ever seen Tan. I get kinda mad when the ifanboy guys bash tan and his art because his style is one of my favorites.

    There are a LOT of ppl who dislike Quitelys art and the same goes for Tan. But if ppl really hate Tan that much, DC wouldnt have let him draw in DC’s hottest book. 

  79. Good issue but would have been better if Quitely had drawn it.

  80. @PraxJarvin – I couldn’t agree more.  That first 2 page spread was awesome.  As much as I stare and drool at Quietly’s work I would now consider myself a fan of Mr. Tan’s as well.

    As for the Red Hood my money is still on the Joker, but I’ve had a new thought.  With Thomas Elliot going off the deep end and pretending to be Bruce, is there any way that he would go so far as to become the Red Hood as well?  I know I’m really going out on a limb here but I had to share the thought.

  81. Just read this and was really impressed with Philip Tan’s art…really gave it a gritty feel and highlighted all the badassness of the hood and scarlet,,,hands down the best book out there not independent,,,

  82. @PraxJarvin & @DarthDuck – I am left wondering what it would look like if Quitely used darker tones.  I recall him doing a bit of that in We3, but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else.

  83. I’m with the Tan supporters here.. I thought his GL stuff was just okay, but obviously GL isn’t in his wheelhouse.  The art in this book was great by any standard and while I really enjoy FQ’s unique style, I don’t think there’s any change from the high quality book we’ve seen so far in this series.

  84. I like Tan. I like Morrison. I like the new Batman & Robin, I approve,


    And Damien still has some of the best lines. 


    " I can hear you breathing and beat you senseless in pitch darkness. Your point is?"

  85. the art did NOT bug me.  Enjoyable issue (and I also think it might be the Joker under the red hood).  Once again, a good "shared moment" ("nice night, huh?") as we watch the relationship develop between the new Batman and Robin.  I hope Bruce Wayne stays away for years (or comes back as DC’s version of "Nomad" or something) because this new pairing is the most exciting thing to happen to Batman in many years.  I’m on board for the long haul. 

  86. @smeeeee: i think Quitely best work was the new x-men run he did with morrison. If you haven’t already you should check that out and try me it’s not good.

    I Like that weird motif Morrison uses of equating or describing superheroes and supervillians in terms of sex appeal and coolness. It’s like he applies the rationale behind Bands and Musicial acts to superheroes.

    He’s kind of admitting; Hey, come on, we all like these people because they look good and (in some case) dress cool.

  87. I didn’t like Quitely’s New X-Men work. I actually didn’t like New X-Men in general. I may have to go back and read it some time. 

  88. @smee So you prefer Tan to Quitely, eh?  I’m starting to think that ‘typo’ wasn’t a typo at all, and you are in fact The Joker.  And now i’m scared.

  89. Damn this issue is down to a 4 overall. Pretty damn low (though that was my score).

  90. @edward, miyamotofreak
    I didn’t like the 1st few arcs Quitely did on New X-Men. Jean Grey looked like a giraffe, Cyclops’ face looked like an Easter Island statue, Emma Frost looked like a midget with average-sized legs and arms, Wolverine looked like some kinda weird, 50 year old body builder from the 1940s or something. When he came back on for the Riot at Xavier’s arc I liked it a lot better; he really toned down the stuff I mentioned (all of which I realize is due to my already having preconceived notions of the characters and how they should look). For my money, his best work is All Star Superman with We3 not far behind.

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