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“Oh my god Philip Tan is the next artist!”

“Head for the hills because going from Frank Quitely to Tan is a bad idea!!”

“Now I can’t enjoy this comic with no Frank Quitely”

I never saw these specific comments on this website for the change in artist. But lets face it; this is how we all felt. No disrespect to the Tan’s because they can be great then what some people will tell you. When you do compare the two it’s just no contest. It’s like going from a five star hotel to a four star hotel. Sure they are still great hotels but clearly one has more faults then the other. So now we have a new arc and new artist with ‘Batman and Robin’. Will this title suffer cause of the change?

Normally I focus on the writing first but because of the controversial change I think this needs to be addressed. This is probably the best work by Philip Tan in any comic book I’ve seen. No joke, serious here, this is really an amazing looking comic. The entire sequence with Lighting Bug running from the heroes to ending up with Red Hood and partner (I forget her name so I apologize) was gorgeous. Especially him jumping to the other apartment building, that left me amazed. For ninety nine percent of this issue I can say this was a great comic to look at. My only problems were the sequence with Red Hood and his partner in the red room and Tan’s design for The Penguin. Those were a little shaky to me. Other then that though, totally have to give it up for Tan.

There is a great balance of crazy Grant Morrison and action Grant Morrison. Anything with Red Hood is pure crazy ranting by him and this Gravedigger character reeks of Morrison mantre. Also some good humor in this like with the man in the apartment mourning his parrot or the ‘Hood’ discussion with Dick and Damien was funny. This did feel more like a regular comic book then anything Grant Morrison would write. I know that sounds a bit strange but if we compare this issue to the previous arc; it’s like reading a different writer. But it is still a Morrison comic with small touches of his brilliance….or insanity….whatever works for you.

If people are still worried about this art change, I say they can sleep easy tonight. I’ll admit it’s not close to the brilliance that Frank Quitely gave us for three issues. But if this issue is any indication; then this is going to still be an amazing comic series to read.  Oh and one more thing cause I know people are going to discuss this like mad. If the rantings of Red Hood means anything it’s that this is not Jason Todd. No way could he speak that eloquently or like a philosopher. Me detects a certain ‘Clown’ underneath that Red Hood…

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I really loved the layout for the building-jumping scene. Not as impressive as the layouts in Detective Comics, but then nothing is.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the art.  It didn’t work as well for me as I had hoped.

    I think Jason Todd is certainly capable of speaking like a philosopher.  I’m certain Bruce would have made sure he received a solid education when he was serving as Robin. 

  3. @stuclach Considering how he acted in ‘Battle for the Cowl’ and other comics I’ve read….I doubt it. He’s just crazy now.

  4. @TNC – Could be.

  5. I really think it’s neither Joker or Todd. It’s probably a totally new character. They just put that big red light bulb over his head to throw everybody off and stir up some shit.  You know Morrison.

    The art didn’t bother me much at all.  I can’t wait to read #5 already!

  6. @robbydzwonar: I agree.  That is the Red Hoods gag, each Red Hood is a different person.

    @TNC: I liked Tan’s art here.  I think it works a lot better here than his work with GL though.

  7. @stuclach I like Jason Todd alot and it’s never been demonstrated he’s ever had a philosophical thought before. Really the unmitigated violence and streets smarts of Black Mask seem more up his alley. I can see this totally being a new character though.

    Good review, Champ. I wasn’t a fan of Tan on GL, but I did enjoy this work on FC Revelations and Spawn, so I knew what to expect I guess.

  8. @Prax: I don’t see how Jason could be Black Mask either. Mask is doing some shit in Battle for the Cowl during the same time Jason is fighting his family. Maybe I didn’t see the time jumps in those scenes but I seriously doubt he just goes into organized crime with supercriminals.

  9. @TNC He could’ve been running around has both.

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