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  1. Only buying this in hopes that Damien will be seriously hurt or killed.

  2. This is gonna be a great issue. I can feel it in my bones.

    Great cover btw

  3. @:  What Damien is the best thing about this!

  4. @TNC agreed, super cool


  5. Death to Dicks!

    Damian’s the true and only Batman.

  6. Going to take the middle ground as this book starting with issue 1 is the first Batman and really the first DC comic I have every purchased. ( i have read 5 essential batman trades though )

    I like Dick Grayson, and I like Damian, well, I don’t like Damian yet, I do appreciate the relationship though. I just want to remind everyone that some of the best coming of age stories start with unlikable characters.  

  7. You’re not really supposed to like Damian right now…

  8. Goodness, is it already time again for this? Hooray.

    Thought I’ve got to disagree, this isn’t a very good cover (IMO I guess). Next month’s is wham-blammo amazing though.

  9. @ conor…

      I gotta know, why are you not really supposed to like Damian right now?

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Because Damian is a prick. He’s written intentionally as a spoiled brat. 

  11. If you like spoiled brats, give me a Hell Yeah?

  12. @Reform: Damian is a bratty little kid, you’re not supposed to like him.

    This should be good, though, Morrison and Quitely have never disappointed. I haven’t read it yet, obviously, but anything they do together is always a strong contender for POW.

    Pretty neat cover too.

  13. *sniff sniff* I smell a POW!

  14. @Reform: As everyone has said, Damian is a spoiled brat at the moment. Presumably, one of the storylines that will run through this new era of Batman is Damian becoming a better person. That will be one of the stories to tell. Characters have to grow and change as they start in one place and end up in another.

  15. And thats why I like him.

  16. @ MrGlass  HELL yeah!

     @PaulMontgomery  and  kwisdumb

    I get it but still,  the dude is cool.


    Imagine you are the son of BATMAN and your mom is

    the daughter of the DEMON and you have been raised by the L.O.A. to be a ruthless killer…


    How would you not be a prick bratty little kid?

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Yes, it’s a compelling character. We’re saying we wouldn’t want to go kayaking with the kid.  

  18. Yeah, there’s a big difference – a character you don’t like isn’t necessarily a character you don’t want to read about or follow.

  19. Damian reminds me of myself, seriously.


    he’s isn’t a prick, he’s just not a bitch

  20. Everyone says Damian is a dick, and while he is a bit bratty….I thought he acted pretty normal in the first issue. If we’re talking about dicks, go to Morrison’s first introduction of Damien. THAT’s a dickish and selfish child.

    Here Damian is still a bit bratty but seems to get that he’s got a legacy to fulfill. Or maybe that’ll be the overall message when this series is over.

  21. In a Morrison interview from about 2 months ago he said that Quitely really did a fantastic job on issue two, that in issue two Quitely really starts to perfect the slightly new style he started doing in issue one. So, I’m looking forward to that.

  22. It is my understanding that Batman & Robin is going to tie into Batman #666 (I believe that is from a Morrison interview. It’s mentioned here:  If so, this is as much a tale of Damian’s evolution from douche to dynamite (alliteration’s draw was too strong for me) as it is a tale of Dick’s struggle to fulfill his destiny.

  23. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.  Damien is the coolest one out of the group.  For some reason, Tim Drake and Dick Grayson both seem like a couple of cornballs.  Morrison throw Damien in there to make it more obvious.  I’ve read Morrison’s run on Batman since it started and I think Damien actually got me into it more. 

     …but I suppose if I were a person who has been reading Batman regularly for a hell of a lot longer, I could see why Damien is a real prick so IDK

  24. @robbydzwonar: damian did kill a dude

  25. Of course Damian is a little douche and is intentionally being wriitten that way. Sometimes I just wanna reach into the book choke him silly. But, I think it adds to the enjoyment of the book and as time goes on and he sees Dick kickin ass and what-not, he’ll come around.

  26. I think once of the larger reason for people not liking Damien is because people love Tim Drake Wayne. And Damien has replaced Tim as Robin. So there is some backlash to Damien as Robin. This isn’t the only reason people don’t like Damien, it’s just one part of it.

  27. I’m new to DC so I’m glad they’re starting so many new Bat Books to jump on. They’ve all been ridiculously good. i can’t wait to read this. (my first comment)

  28. Damian is one of my favorite characters in comics right now. If you had the lineage he has had you’d act the same way. Love the interaction between him and Tim. Best kid.

  29. @musicologist86 – Welcome.  I am also loving the new Bat Books.  They are really well balanced.  Are you reading Red Robin?  Issue #1 was a very nice counterpoint to B&R #1.

  30. The dynamic that Dick and Damian have has been very interesting, with Damian being more of the "kick your teeth in, no nonsense" type and Dick being more free spirit adventurer type. 

  31. @winthewonderboy: Did you mean the dynamic of dick and damian the differient dynamic duo? dunno

  32. @stuclach I enjoyed Red Robin but it probably would’ve had more impact if I knew the extent of Tim Drakes relationship with Batman. This was my first exposure to his character.

  33. Was this arc already in the can before it’s release?  My gut says to expect 2-3 months between Quitely books. 

  34. I like how, so far, the backgrounds just have a very bright color to it. First issue had a bright yellow background; here it’s a bright blue background.

    It sets the tone for the nightlight of Gotham but also makes Batman look so sharp.

  35. Agreed Robby.  Dick n Tim are kinda uptight and got a bit of Silver Agey feel at times.  Though Tim less so because sometime he is full of teenage angst.  Damian is just so unlike them it makes great interplay with he and Tim and he and Dick.   I love how he treats Alfred like a servant, I love how he even expresses how lame Dick and Tim can be. 

    @ Conor:  You are right you could mine some awesome stories from that.

  36. First issue set the bar a bit high, fingers crossed on if they cominue the good story

  37. I’ve never minded Damien.  Considering his background and who his mother is, I’m not really sure why people get so annoyed by him.  I think I’d be a spoiled little bitch if my grandfather was Ras.  He was trained by a group of deadly assassins and has the financial means of the Wayne family.  Wouldn’t you guys, at least, be a little spoiled if you were in his shoes?

  38. PYG! YES!

  39. I’m still surprised that of all the books that could showcase (to me) the quality of a good DC book, this would be one of them (the others being Detective and Flash Rebirth). Morrison impressed me with the first issue, and when combined with the quality of Detective Comics 854 convinced me that DC is doing something special with the Bat-books. I’m glad I never completely dismissed them as others have.

  40. The Batman books have been just fantastic, and this book in my opinion is at the front of the pack.

  41. @Crippler

    Quitely is off after the first arc is done (and will be back)

    to keep B & R from having 2 to 3 month gaps between them.

  42. Does anyone have a link to the variant?

  43. Was rereading my Batman and Son trade and in the future Damien story there is a character that gets nailed up to a cross, upside down named Pyg and he is mentioned as one of the 5 crime bosses of Gotham,  just throwing that out there

  44. Thanks gnanniv. The variant isn’t the best Kubert cover. I might skip it unless I find it cheap today.

  45. wow, 100% pow as this post.


  46. Hahahaha. Someone jumped the gun.

  47. It’s only 2 issues, but I am ready to state this will be the best comic of 2009.

    Loved every moment of this issue.

  48. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is some next level awesome. 

  49. That was an excellent read. The art was hands-down rocking too.

  50. Sweet mother mercy was this good!  LOVED Alfred in this.  

  51. i guess akamuu picked it before anyone else had a chance

  52. I didn’t think it was possible to get any better than last issue but it did!

  53. I enjoyed this, but it didn’t have the kinetic excitement that I felt from #1. Still a very, very good comic though.

    @edward – I think Akamuu works for a shop and gets access to a lot of issues before the masses.

  54. oh my god, i’m going to enjoy this series, waiting for the next issue is gonna kill me. I love how this issue focused on how the realationship between batman and the cops has subtlely changed. Dick Grayson has his work cut out for him. still a bit unsure about damien but i have faith in morrison in making the charecter notable.

  55. I was so pissed off that I have to wait a month to read #3 when I finished this!!  Well at least Streets Of Gotham #2 can hold me over a little.  Maybe Winick will do better this month too now that BFTC is offically history (thank God).

    I actually thought that the regular cover looked cooler then the variant this time.  I still bought the variant though anyway, the guy usually only charges an extra buck or so.

  56. I am starting to think they should rename the site iBATfanboy. This issue, Batman and Robin 1, Red Robin, Detective 854, all recent pick of the weeks in the last month or so. All great stuff, but just saying…

  57. Wow, this was incredible. It’s the only book I’ve read so far besides 2000AD, but this is already a strong contender for POW. The pages between Dick and Alfred were definitely the best of the book so far. I’m also loving the whole Circus of Strange idea. This whole revamping of the Batman line has been excellent, especially this book and DETECTIVE COMICS. 5/5.

  58. Is this a record number of pulls? I don’t recall ever seeing a book get over 900.

  59. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Check the numbers on the first issue.  

  60. Amazing. Simply amazing. 5/5 POTW for me. From the beautiful first page to the ballet-esque fight scenes. This is truly where comic books shine as a medium. Wow. I can’t say enough good things about this issues.

  61. *sees pulls for first issue and then this*


  62. Another great issue, but not quite POTW for me. In fact, right now it’s placing 3rd for me. Still, I’m loving this arc, and I can’t wait till the next issue drops.

  63. @noto what was your pick?

  64. It’s amazing to me that people still want Bruce after all these sweet fucking comics have come out.  Let’s move on to newer, more creative horizons.  I like that the transition is going to be difficult for Dick.  It should be.  He has big shoes to fill, and new oppurtunities to adapt the Batman model to himself and his personality.  I also don’t understand why people are so bitchy about Damien.  I love characters that I hate.  I think it’s a challenge to be empathetic to someone that’s the exact opposite of you.  I think Conor’s right.  His biggest challenge will be growing into a responsible and compassionate hero with all of the integrity that the monicker of ‘Robin’ provides.  Things have changed for the better and will continue to go that way, hopefully.

  65. @vadamowens – I picked Irredeemable #4. My #2 pick would have been – much to my surprise – Marvel Divas. This was, IMO, an exceptional comic week. I gave out 5-stars like Christmas cards and I still have several books to read so it’s possible the generocity will continue.

  66. Boy… that sure was pretty.

    @ greenbillblue
    That would make Ron cry.

    The whole "you’re not supposed it like Damien thing" isn’t directed at those saying they do like him, it’s at those who are claiming he’s a detriment to the book/the Bat-family books.

  67. yeah, Irredeemable was a very close 2nd for me.  I didn’t pick up Marvel Divas.  Already had 20 titles this week, lol.

  68. 88.8%.

  69. Bruce is still around in Batman Confidential (which just started a new arc) and Superman Batman (which is about to start a new one too).  It’s not like anybody has to dig deep to get their Bruce Wayne fix or anything.  Kevin Smith is about to put out a new Bruce story too.  The world is far from over.

    Irredeemable #4 would’ve probably been on my pull list if I had read #2 or #3 yet.  I can’t find #2 at any of my local shops so it looks like I’m just gonna have to wait another month for the trade.  Oh well, by then I’ll be all caught up on that AND The Boys so it is all good in the hood.

  70. I really liked this issue and Enjoy seeing Dick as Batman.  However, did anyone else think the issue ended rather abruptly.

  71. @jestr Yeah, I think Morrisons doing some tension building.

  72. Pretty feaking awesome!

  73. Morrison and Quitely are doing their version of the classic Batman"-a-gogo" tv show. 


  74. They had me at the first page! This book is delivering the drama, the action, the cool-ness of Batman, AND out-of-this-world art. Love it! The true struggle for Dick, the arrogance of Damien, the wisdom of Alfred….come on!!

  75. holy moley. 90.7% !!!

  76. I know Chuck D told you not to, but believe the hype! This is near perfect comic booking: well paced, fun, gorgeous, and leaves you needing more. Morrison is clearly setting up something big, but it never feels confusing or overly clever. Quietly’s art does as much heavy-lifting: just the postures of Dick and Alfred on the first page sets up their discussion at the end of the issue. Even the action scenes tell you this is a different Batman: all acrobatic grace and poise. Love it. 5/5.

  77. Any translations/meanings for these parts I don’t understand?

    Big Top – the Fat Lady?

    Rex – Fire head Dude?

    OUMMF – ?

    KUSHTI – ?

    RAKLO – ?


    TOBER OMI – ?

    WOODEN GALLOPERS – (a merry-go-round?)

  78. Well, gaffer is a master or sometimes a father.  I know that much from Tolkein.

  79. I’m pretty amazed by the 90% POW by the iFanbase, but I guess you have to take a few things into account:

    – The Morrisonites (who probably had this as POW before they read it).

    -The people who think "If Conor & everyone else picked it, if I don’t pick it — I’m wrong!"

    -But I think the main reason is that with such a massive pull number, that’s more people to read it & more chance of being their POW.

    Anyways … I liked the issue, don’t get me wrong, I thought it was pretty good, but as usual I am baffled by the general super-high praise some books get on this site. It’s good to see a G-Mo "Batman" book that is weird/quirky but still readable!

  80. ^Don’t forget the fact that this could probably have been over 90% if you take into account:

    – The people who hate Morrison so much that they slag him off every chance they get even when they "liked" the book.

    -The people who think "If Conor & everyone else picked it, I have to make a big deal of my NOT picking it so I can look like a ‘maverick’."

    -But I think the main reason other people didn’t pick it is that there are a lot of other books out there and a lot of other people with other opinions. There’s also room for people who think this issue is really "weird/quirky", just like there’s room for people who think Beyonce and Britney Spears are examples of really "funky" singers. And there’s still room for people who insist that G-Mo’s Batman is "unreadable", just like there’s room for people who think hiphop isn’t real music. It’s all good, and you’re onlyshortchanging yourself.

    I only had two other books this week, that’s mainly why I picked this as PotW, even though I’d only give it a 4. 

  81. 90.1%

    What’s the record for percentage?


  82. @Conor, Josh, and Ron: Could you guys add a section to the website with the iFanboy records for pulls, comments, and percentage?

  83. @flapjaxx Thanks for that. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    @WadeWilson I’m a total Morrison Fanboy, but even with how great this issues was, there was a small contest between Green Lantern Corps and Iron Man for my POTW this week. However, I reread the issue and was amazed that I still thought it was great. If you look at the POTW page for this, you’ll note quite a few testimonials about Morrison haters picking this up and liking it. 

  84. Ok, I read the first one, and thought it was pretty cool. It didn’t blow me away, and it wasn’t terrible. I wasn’t gonna buy this issue, but I gotta know if I’m missing something.

  85. I made this my POTW because… was the best thing I read this week.

    GLC was rushed and was a pain to read. Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth was a decent first issue and nothing more. Finally USA Comics was a great homage to Destroyer, but the art ruined some of the aspects of making it a great comic to a good comic.

    You dont have to believe me cause I am such a Morrison fanboy. But on a whole level of writing and art, this was the best book of the week.

  86. I wouldn’t go out of my way to call myself a Morrison Fanboy, but if he keeps this up I just might. I didn’t like R.I.P. until the very end, but I loved All-Star Superman and so far Batman and Robin is kicking some solid ass. However, I still have 2 books this week that I rated higher. Perhaps I’m just more easily pleased.

    That said, pulls don’t always award a POTW. Otherwise, New Avengers would have alot more picks to match the pulls.

  87. @WadeWilson: I wouldn’t even sweat it, man.  Anybody who has to insult somebody instead of just disagreeing with them on a internet messageboard is a person you should just pity for having too much time on their hands and forget about.  It’s even worse with the Microsoft FANboys on IGN dot com that are always to busy insulting the Sony people that don’t wanna be bothered with it because they would rather be playing their video games instead of arguing about them.  I just let it rollover me.  You know none of those punks would ever say anything to you in public in front of your girl or nuffin, if they aren’t too scared to even come near you.

    …but anyway, LOL.  Batman & Robin #2 would’ve been my pick if it hadn’t been for Final Crisis Aftermath RUN! #3 which I just found to be a lil bit more fun.  I think the real reason so many people are backing this one up is because everybody just wants to put R.I.P, Final Crisis, Battle For The Cowl behind them and just read some fun stories regardless if the status quo has changed for the better or not.  Having Bruce Wayne temporarily die doesn’t bother me much even though I barely understood Final Crisis much so I just wanna get past all that and read some regular Bat-stories whether Grayson is the new Bat or not, and it looks like the Circus Of The Strange was just the place to start out with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as interested in seeing what Firefly and this new Abuse dude are up to in Streets Of Gotham too.  The only one I don’t really give a sh!t about is Winick’s new Batman stuff so far.  I’m just not excited about Two Face or The Penguin right now, especially after reading Battle For The Cowl a whole one time!  I’ll still buy it and read it though, just because it’s Batman, Wayne or Grayson, it’s still Batman when he puts the cowl on.

  88. I guess I just don’t get it. I absolutely hated this just like the last issue.

  89. @Robby- True words, dude.

  90. If you can’t discuss something without resorting to personally attacking/insulting people then please don’t comment. Thanks.

  91. OK … so indirect passive-aggressive bitch type insults are fine, but talking strait to defend yourself will get your posts deleted. Got it.

  92. *rubs hands*

    Alright people, we got 14 hours before they post the new comics for the week. We need 7 comments, count’em, 7 comments before we hit 100. Once again for a Batman issue that would be another notch at our world record here.

    Let’s doooooo ittttt!!!!!

  93. I want to say Batman Confidential 31 is a good issue like this and when you read them together, amazing pure Batman week for me.

  94. 90% POTW, 1000+ pulls, is this the mesaiah of comics? nope just a really fun book, I hope bruce stays "dead" for at least a couple of years.

  95. I dug this book, but not 5 stars in my book. A solid 4 stars though.

  96. I wasn’t a big fan of the first issue (nothing special in my opinion), but this was a very well done issue.  I still have some worries on where this could go but I also see the possibilities of a great story (just as long as Damian doesn’t remain Jason Todd-ish for the whole thing–maybe the beating will help matters like in Robin Year One).  And, no; the sooner Bruce is back, the happier I’ll be but at least it’s starting to look like a good story in the meantime.

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