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In the final chapter of “Batman Must Die,” all is lost and everything has gone to pieces! Is Dick Grayson alive? Will Damian make a pact with the devil? And what will happen after the final confrontation with Dr. Hurt?

Variant cover by FRAZER IRVING

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  1. Quitely continues to dazzle on his covers for this book!

  2. Is this the last issue?

  3. @Onic:

    No. There’s another issue that I’m thinking is a sort of epilogue written by Morrison, and then in #17, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are going to be on the title. 

  4. @DKJ (or anyone else who knows)-I remember that Quitely was going to be on #16 as some sort of ‘bookend’ initially, is that still happening or have they gone in a different direction now??

  5. Gleason and his Chucky looking Damian is on deck, love Gleason though.

  6. @misterj last I heard Cameron Stewart was doing 16. I’m holding out hope that it’ll be Quietly but that might not be the case.

  7. @mikeandzod21-Thanks.  Not the worst news, but not the best

  8. @misterj at least it’s not Phil Tan

  9. I would like to hear george costanza complain about how Quitely can’t be rushed because he’s a such "delicate genius"

  10. @edward "When huge sums of money are involved then the delicate genius can be disturbed!"

  11. More Morrison/Batman lateness? Hooray!

    But unlike ROBW, this has been a fantastic arc by Morrison and Irving. Can’t wait to see what happens here. 

  12. More making lateness the primary response to comics even as they ARE coming out? Groan.

    But here’s hoping this will be drawn entirely by Irving. If the last half of a comic are going to be drawn by a different artist (Kollins filling in for Jock and Quitely, Nyugen for Clarke, Gray for Sook), then I wish DC would give us a heads-up before hand.

    That cover looks great, though, and I can’t wait for the confrontation between Damian and Hurt in particular. In Batman #666 Damian said that he supposedly sold his soul to protect Gotham. I wonder if that’s going to go down here.

    And Cameron Stewart said that at one point B&R 16 was going to be drawn half by him and half by Irving. But I think that changed because Irving couldn’t keep up.

  13. @mikeandzod21-Very true.

  14. Wasn’t Quitely injured or something? Like, pretty badly laid up in hospital?


    Either way, late Morrison is still Morrison, so better than 95% of everything else.out. I’m loving this bonanza of Bat-goodness this month.

  15. YES!!  Instant POTW!!

  16. I’m just noticing it now, but I’m shocked DC is getting away with showing a backward cross on the cover.

    Then again it’s not like I want religious people protesting saying that this comic advocates the antichrist…..Then again, again; we know Dr. Hurt throws sexy parties… 

  17. @TNC – There is an inverted cross on the Pope’s chair (throne).  It is the symbol of Saint Peter, not a satanic symbol (though they may be using it as such in this image).

  18. @stuclach: Now how can a symbol represent a Saint AND the Antichrist?

    ….Sorry I’m getting a bit off topic arn’t I?

  19. maybe this one will work better. here

  20. I gotta admit I’m a bit lost in this book.  Hopefully, the conclusion will pay off for me. 

  21. If I could only get one book this week, it would be this.

  22. @MoodSmoothie-You’re right, that is gorgeous.

    @TNC-The inverted cross has been a symbol for St. Peter for nearly two thousand years.  The inverted cross being a symbol for satanic rituals is recent and probably came about because an inverted crucifix was long seen as disrespectful and people eventually just left off the figure on the cross.

  23. @TNC St. Peter was crucified upside down thus the inverted cross. In the early 20th century it became a sign of protest to the church but that has faded.

  24. Have you ever noticed that all the characters Frank Quietly draws kinda look like Frank Quietly?

  25. @kennyg that’s true of almost
    Any artist. They all seem to
    Look like the type of character they would draw.

  26. This is always a sure thing for me.  It’s not disappointed me yet.  Gonna miss Grant.

  27. Well, there goes the inverted cross.

  28. Cross, no cross, I need this damn book. Preview is up at the Source.

  29. I recently reread the entire Batman and Robin series up to this point, and even though I’ve liked the series so far, I definitely have a greater appreciation for the story. Hell, I even enjoyed the Red Hood arc this time around, even with the horrendous Tan art. Highly anticipating this issue.

  30. I’m not surprised they took the cross off, but I am disappointed.

  31. @mikeandzod21 Har har, what I mean is, facially they resemble Frank Quietly. Sometimes it’s almost like he looked in a mirror while drawing!

  32. @Conor: Good eye, my friend. 

  33. The Morrison Batman run has been a tremendous achievement, probably my favorite ongoing story of the past 5 years.  I’m excited to give this entire thing one massive re-read, starting all the way back at Batman and Son.  As much as I like this, there’s a lot falling through the cracks

  34. what issue does tomasi take over ?


  35. I think Tomasi takes over after next month’s Cameron Stewart issues.  People are still talking about that Tan Red Hood arc.  They must not read much Marvel cuz I’ve seen way worse artwork over there on regular occasions.  Secret Invasion, anybody?  Now that shit was wonky…

  36. People think Tan’s art was good but Yu’s art was bad? I need to go outside to check if I haven’t stepped into some Bizarro world.

    I’d fight a bear if it would mean Yu would draw Batman and Robin.

  37. @kennyg yea, there are alot of artist whose art looks like that. It’s a very bizarre phenomena. I’ve met Quietly and he looks, from fram to structure, like one of his characters.

  38. Irving isn’t causing this book to be late guys. It’s Morrison.

  39. Jeez I’m gone for a full day and the cross suddenly disappears for the cover?……Did I do that accidentally?

  40. @TheNextChampion: I noticed it too. That’s too bad. C’mon DC, it fits with the story and it’s Quietly art. You just don’t touch Quietly art.

  41. @comicbookchris  I would fight two bears!

  42. If i remember where it was positioned correctly, the B&R logo would have obscured it anyway. It’s probably better this way.

  43. Lookin forward to this and #16. Hell I’m looking forward to Tomasi and Gleason too.

    The "Morrison Future" for the batboys really intrigues me. Almost as much as everything he’s done over the last few years. I hope Damian bargaining with Hurt has some tie to it. My guess would be that Hurt really does shoot Dick in the head (they did show it happening), but then Damian makes some deal and Hurt brings him back via some Barbatos ritual. But this is Morrison, so guessing is almost always pointless.

  44. @WheelHands: You’re right, Morrison is too unpredictable, but I do like your scenario!

  45. Pretty enjoyable issue, and Irving’s art just keeps getting better and better, but Morrison really requires you to suspend belief in this one, with all the escape acts going on, and the non-fatal shot in the back of the head, whoa, oookayee.  Loved that last page though, always may fave portrayals of Batman when he’s silhouetted.  Also enjoyed seeing Damian going balls out, and showing that reckless moxy and bravery, as if he really has a conscience despite his dark upbringing.

  46. This was really fun.  I admit that the first act with the Joker was so enjoyable for me that it probably colored the rest of the book.

    Damian was great as he always is when G-Mo is writing him.

    As far as the non-fatal shot goes, I would have preferred an explanation like a half-charged bullet more than placement, but whatever, its a comic.

    I really want Morrison to write the next encounter between Joker and Bruce.

  47. This was just as great as the previous two. Well worth the wait. Also one of the best opening pages I’ve seen in a long time. "Robin Graves. heheheheheh." Fantastic.

    So Hurt/Thomas/The Devil was taken in by the Waynes? Interesting piece of his puzzle. The face-to-face between he and Alfred was chilling. Apparently Alfred’s been keeping more from Bruce and the boys than we thought. 

    Gordon in the dollotron costume was very Killing Joke. It’s amazing how when a villain messes with Gordon, it pushes the buttons of every Batfan out there. A great device when used sparingly.

    Even though he loses, Damian kicked some serious ass in the fight on the front lawn. Snappin’ a dog’s neck and choppin’ off fingers. Bitchin. 

    The headshot was a bit of a stretch. But honestly a .32 pellet is pretty small. The fact that Dick leaps to his feet ready for action is what pushes the disbelief.

    For me, Morrison’s "Gotcha" never gets old. Nice tie to the Miaganis. And finally, the return of Bruce Wayne in all his icey coldness. Gotta say it excited me more than I thought it would. The next issue has been solicited as an epilogue but it seems to me you could easily get another issue out of this storyline. It’s not quite finished yet. Bring it on. 

  48. Man…that last page is the moment I hoped for and never saw in the whole Cap: Reborn series. I’m a little confused about how Dick and Damian knew Bruce would be back, but this might be explained next issue. Anyone else have any ideas? Is it Darkseid? That’s what I took from the "gotcha."

    Absolutely gripping.  

  49. Overall this was as great as the other two issues by Morrison/Irving. If you liked the previous two then you’ll like this.

    But the ending really confused me and let me asked a lot of questions.

    A) When does this arc take place if that is Bruce? B) Why would Bruce not help Dick/Damien through out this whole ordeal? C) Or why would he let the city go to hell like this? D) How would Dick/Damien know Bruce was there to help them when they never seemed to have a moment to plan any of this out?

    I know these questions won’t matter if it isn’t Bruce. I should say that if it isn’t Bruce next issue then it won’t bother me…..But until then (and if this is revealed as Bruce) then I gotta say that the continuity for this arc just went all over the place.


  50. Oh and I forgot to add:

    Dr. Hurt’s lawyer is Professor Pyg! That blew my fucking mind. (Pardon the language) 

  51. @Wheelhands – definitely a stretch, even if it was a .32, from point blank range and bullets that can fly at like 300 m/sec, would’ve gone through and through really, and it would’ve been instantaneous death going through the brainstem like that.  And it’s not even about the size of the bullet, but the kinetic energy and force generated, enough to almost disintegrate or fragment a bullet upon impact….was a good enuf comic overall to compensate for that part fortunately.

  52. I thought the shooting part was weak too. Morrison could have come up with a better, more believable threat to manipulate Damian with. Kinda "jumped the shark" for a bit there.

    The "Gotcha" and double-punch practically had me cheering – that was awesome! At first I hoped for an exploding batarang in the box, but the punching was much more fitting. I really like Damian – such a little shit, but boy he can back it up. His fight on the lawn was really well done – I could totally visualize a Matrix-style brawl from Irving’s multiple panel layout.

    I’m not gonna bitch about late books, but having these things not be in chronological order really lessens the impact. OK, I lied. I bitched a little.

    More importantly, but related: is it Bruce or not? If not, then who? Where is the Joker during all this? Morrison had him disguised as Oberon Sexton, what if he’s in the Bat-suit? How freaky would that be?

    Also – seeing as how Hurt, Pyg, and their minions and fiends are all over stately Wayne Manor, don’t a shit-load of people now know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Call Zatanna to mind-wipe them!


  53. It’s Bruce.

    This is his official return to the DCU. We’ve seen him back in action in The Road Home one-shots. We’ll see how he gets back in the last issue of Time Masters.

    It’s Bruce. 

  54. My bet for next ish: 

     Hurt ends up fleeing the scene, slips on that banana peel the Joker drops, and falls into the open grave (the Hole in Things).

    Also liked the symbolism of Hurt on pg. 8 – he’s sitting in an Omega-shaped chair, marking him as a Darkseid minion. It’s like the anti-Metron Mobius Chair.  

    The bullet in the brain strains credulity for sure. As does Hurt planning to use it to control Damian forever. But it makes for a better splash page. 

  55. * We’ll see how he gets back in the last issue of Return of Bruce Wayne. My bad.

  56. @wheelhands I was going to say… I’ll be suprised if Time Masters even has Bruce in it…

  57. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    The music video starring Grant Morrison is up at My Chemical Romance’s website.

    I like ’em. 

  58. I wonder if we’ll find out who Dr Hurt is any time this decade (not theories/guesses)? LOL J/K!

  59. @WadeWilson: He’s the hole in things. Duh.

  60. The bullet in the brain bit. Its all right there in a panel in issue #14. 6 melons lined up in a row. Each one a little less of a mess than the one before it. Hurt was perfecting the shot before the real deal. I find it funny that people can’t buy into this in a time jumping story.

  61. @RolandofGilead: Good call. I usually pick up on that stuff. I am both impressed and ashamed. Well done sir.

  62. very nice! 291 of 500 votes for Batman&Robin

  63. @RolandofGilead – yea, but time displacement is more like science-fiction, where the suspension-of-belief is a given or is taken for granted as far as defying the laws of physics; whereas getting shot in the head at point-blank range is more like reality-fiction if you will.  Doesn’t matter how much you practice that, it doesn’t fly that you wouldn’t kill or cause devastating neurological damage with a shot like that. 

    I mean there are peeps who have survived head shots due to the specific trajectory of a shot missing vital parts of the brain or the brain altogether, but those people usually either were shot at extreme angles or shot themselves in the face at an angle such that after they basically had no face as a result.  That shot was in the back of his head straight on, not exactly a subject of science-fiction, but as a physics defying moment in a comic book?….that’s fine and acceptable, it didn’t ruin the book for me.

  64. Omega sanctions and God bullets exist. What Hurt can do with a gun? Can we really question the limitations of what this man, being, or thing, is capable of? He is the hole in things. 😉

  65. I’m in the minority but I don’t like Irving’s art; never have. His lack of backrounds have made the setting if certain scenes in this arc questionable.

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