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Batman may have survived the Court of Owls’ first strike (barely), but even as he recuperates, the Court is preparing to launch its most deadly and sweeping attack yet.

Plus: The secrets revealed in this issue will change Batman’s world forever! You won’t want to miss the issue everyone will be talking about!

Written by Scott Snyder
Pencilled by Greg Capullo
Inked by Jonathan Glapion
Cover Color by Francisco Javier Perez
Lettered by Comicraft
Colored by:
Greg Capullo
Francisco Javier Perez

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 72.2%
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. There are several aspects of this title I enjoy quite a bit. But the best aspect might be the covers. Every single one has been so, so good. Capullo floors me every time.

    • I agree. Those covers are amazing!

    • Parri Parri (@pazzatron) says:

      Agreed. They are brilliant. This might have toppled #3 as my new favourite.
      Such a shame they have to stick that God-awful logo on it though. DC really needs to take a long hard look at its book title logos.

  2. Woo! I’m so glad I got into comics just before Snyder started writing Batman, this series has just gotten better and better.

  3. We already know that this will be this week’s POTW. Well, for me, at least…

  4. I love the copy that reads, “You won’t want to miss the issue everyone will be talking about!”

    Isn’t that like every issue so far? What a great series. Can’t wait!

  5. Yeah it’s gonna be hard to ever top #5, but so far Snyder/Capullo has done the best work in the new 52 by far. Can’t wait for this!

  6. can’t wait

  7. What can I say that everybody hasn’t already said.

    This and Animal Man are the reasons I love the DC right now, the story is new, exciting, suprising, and the art is matching up great and bringing in it’s own flavour to the mix.

  8. Please, God, may this never become old and boring. I love this book and everything that Snyder touches.

    Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash are the books I cannot live without since the relaunch.

  9. Guys – this is the issue w/the biggest revelations so far. Let all of us on team Batman know what you think – eager to hear πŸ™‚ Thanks so much. S

    • Bigger than what we’ve seen so far…wow

    • NICE-Making me all excited like a fat guy at a buffet.

    • yep – biggest revelations and secrets revealed so far. promise

    • Keep it up

    • Scott, you’ll have to stop teasing us and topping your previous issues, eventually, one of us is going to die from excitement or from multiple, repeated, nerdgasms! (Actually I don’t care, NEVER STOP PLEASE!)

    • Not as eager as I am to read it! Love what you’re doing with the character.

    • Just finished this. I must say, it was amazing(same as all the other issues). Scott, you are one of the few Batman writers today that can actually surprise me after having read Batman stories for years. I actually gasped when Bruce punched Dick( I won’t spoil why for those who haven’t read it)!

    • And I love how he can punch Dick just so that the one thing he wants to happen, happens. Cuz, y’know, he’s the Batman.

    • @ssnyder1835 I hope you read this: The brilliance in which you’re interweaving the past canon with the future truly cements the idea that the owls have been there all along. If this title continues the way it has since the reboot you’ll have cemented your name with the elite Bat writers. Your run on Detective was epic and this one is probably going to top that. The story is great and the take on Bruce as arrogant and confident but always the investigator is truly genius when now we see him as arrogant but, for the first time, afraid.

      He isn’t afraid of the pain or the court he is afraid of being wrong. He is afraid of his misconceptions about his own history and Gotham’s. I hope you get his birds in play because Bruce is going to need them even though, in his arrogance, he would rather have them safe. I could go on and wax philosophical about this title forever but I want it to be short enough to be read. The writing on this is simply some of the best to ever be put inside a comic.

      Now, for the art! Capullo’s pencils have been amazing. I’ve got his Deviant Art page favorited so I can check in every week for the chance of seeing something new. That isn’t all that’s amazing though. The colors have been out of this world! Their composition really started to shine in book 5 with the Owl statue splash and in this book it’s got to be the change between the first few pages (with the owl by the moon) and the mood setting shades as the book continues. Bruce still looks battered and underfed but not down and defeated. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  10. Awesome. Thanks for putting out original and intelligent books every month, Scott. You are without a doubt my favorite writer. I can’t wait for batman #7 and even more so for swamp thing #8.

  11. I remember back in the Wizard magazine days when i didn’t know what most comic writers even looked like…now i’m casually replying online to one of the best writers in the industry, thanks for being human Scott:)

  12. I think issue #6 was one of the best issue of Batman I’ve read. I love the page when Batman is being attacked and sees the picture of Alan Wayne. His body has been destroyed, he’s taken all this punishment but Batman can’t give up. It’s not in him to. So good. Always look forward to this.

  13. Scott Snyder is probably the reason I read comics. His run on Batman is the best it’s been in forever. All of his work is fantastic. Can’t wait to continue reading this awesome series.

  14. This is the highlight of any month in comics, and my first read whenever it’s out. Scott, you’re capturing everything I want Batman to be! I sure hope you’ll let this run go its full length.

  15. I thought by now I would be done with the Court of Owls no matter how good a villain is or villains are; its only a matter of time before the story starts to suffer. Demon Knight comes to mind. But Scott Snyder makes me want more with each issue. This is how you write a plus five issue arc.

  16. Keep ’em comin’, Scott. Really looking forward to this as always.

  17. I haven’t read much Batman but this is one of my favourite stories so far along with The Long Halloween.

  18. The most surprising thing about this title for me is Capullo. We already knew that Snyder is amazing on Batman from the Black Mirror storyline, but the art on that storyline is vastly different from what Capullo brings to the table. Congrats to both Snyder and Capullo for figuring out how to tell a different Batman story than we’ve seen. This very well might be the best comic being published right now!

  19. Really enjoying the current run in Batman. Looking forward after every issue to the Night Of Owl, hopefully it delivers !

  20. Between American Vampire, Swamp Thing, and Batman, Scott Snyder has become my favorite comic book writer going. There is no other book that I anticipate reading month in and month out more than Batman.

  21. Feels like a lifetime ago since issue 6. Snyder is taking Batman to new heights.

  22. This is a huge Wednesday for me and I can not wait to jump back into the comicbook world. Comics are my escape from reality like most of us comicbook readers and this comic is one of the reasons why we read!!


  23. I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it! I know, I know, I know that I like you…like you!

  24. My top title and the comic I look forward to most.

    Keep up the good work!

  25. I was hoping that this issue would make sure the brilliant Batman and Robin #7 would not be the best bat book of the month. If the retailers reactions on twitter are any indicator then this issue may top #5……..which is near impossible if you ask me………….

    • nothing will top 5 for innovation – Greg’s brilliant idea to have the book turn is un-toppable in that area πŸ™‚ But this issue has the biggest reveals so far… hope you enjoy it!

    • I find it amazing that the BAT team is able to create fantastic issue after fantastic issue, when so many other quality teams are unable to keep the consistency. Blown away………..

    • You guys better win some awards for #5. That was amazing on all fronts.

  26. i like the idea that the talon is but one of many in an army of ninja like characters like the first one that was introduced to us before he was disposed of. i like that bats could have a hundred reunion battles with the character and it be a different man or woman each time. sounds cool. i wonder if they only take him on one at a time because of some rule, or if they’re allowed to pounce on him all at once if the situation calls for it.
    can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow at my lcs.
    this series rocks! \m/

  27. The tweets incoming to Scott Snyder’s twitter have me going crazy! I want it to be tomorrow evening now!

  28. This series has been nothing less than amazing so far, I am super impressed with the writing/artwork teams on this book, one of my favorite Batman stories to date…sooo pumped for tomorrow!!!!

  29. Scott snyder is a God-like specimen of epic proportions. i need to make a shrine in my closet of him……. is that weird?

  30. Great issue, easy pick of the week. Last panel reminded me of the flying monkeys from the wizard of oz.

  31. Dear Mr Snyder.

    Immense admiration for your stellar work on Batman (as well as AV, Severed, yet to read Swamp Thing).
    Had a question for you. How was Alan Wayne’s photograph as seen by Batman last issue just before his fightback (which was Bloody Sweet to behold), in color? That picture must have been taken circa early 1900’s, right?

    Thank you. Your work is an inspiration.

  32. So when do this, and Black Mirror get Absoluted?

  33. Okay, Batman just passed The Flash and Wonder Woman as my favorite DC title. 5 stars!

  34. Wow, that was just,… just …. awesome! I don’t think any of the other books I’m reading this week can top this.

  35. That is one big ass Dick reveal. (She totally said that.) This should be interesting. I can’t wait to see how Conor feels about it.

  36. This was a great issue, but I wasn’t wowed by the reveal all that much. Even if Nightwing #7, which I read before, didn’t spoil it for me I wouldn’t be that surprised. I’m not saying it’s bad or it makes the issue bad. But after the brilliance of #5-6 this wasn’t as perfect as I thought it was going to be. But Snyder still wrote one hell of an issue and Greg Capullo is killing it with this series. I want that page of the owl killing the bat.


    • I don’t think the reveal is what made it a 5/5 for me because that’s just a plot point. What made the book amazing for me is the fear that Batman has. He’s lost his confidence in a place he never thought he would because his entire history wasn’t what he thought it was. The tie in to Year One at the beginning to Dick confronting about his feelings. He’ll never really open up and he even let that slip a little with Dick.

      What he was protecting Dick from wasn’t that their was a criminal in his history, Bruce was trying to protect him from the same thing he was shocked to the core by: My entire world view of Gotham is wrong. Gotham is my city. I am Gotham.

      Suddenly none of that is true. If none of that is true then what is the truth? Bruce didn’t want Nightwing to have that same reflection, that his entire past wasn’t really what he thought it was. Dick get’s it more than Bruce does though because he even said, “we are who we choose to be.”

  37. Who is Harper, the girl who rescued Batman? That tripped me up, I don’t remember her from any previous issue.

    My favourite bit was the retelling of the bat’s story from year one.

  38. I loved this book, but I also loved Wonder Woman. I don’t know which to pick for Pick of the week.

  39. @ssnyder1835: I’ve been a Batman fan since before I could read. I enjoy many other titles and heroes, but no one will ever replace Batman at the top of my list. After all the hundreds of stories I’ve read (many of which I’ve read over and over), I can’t say I’ve ever been worried about Bruce Wayne quite the way I am right now.

    Almost every superhero comic puts the hero in danger, and the reader is expected to fear for their hero’s safety to the point where they absolutely must buy the next issue. It’s been this way since the beginning. Of course, we all know it doesn’t work that way. It’s almost the eternal running gag between publishers and readers. At the end of the day, we all know ____man is going to be fine. Because, let’s be honest, they’re not gonna really kill ____man. That’d be ridiculous.

    I’ve seen Batman relive his parents’ murder again and again. I’ve see him have his back broken. I’ve seen him hold his dead sidekick in his arms. I’ve seen him give up the mission after his city was shaken to the ground. I’ve seen him driven to madness by shadowy syndicate after shadowy syndicate. I’ve seen him shot through time. I’ve seen him fight Superman in his sixties and literally let himself die (however temporary). Through all this, I’ve felt the appropriate emotions; the tinges of concern in response to those “oh shit” moments, followed by the shivers of excitement when he inevitably triumphs. But I’ve never felt so bad for him, or feared for his mental state in the way I have during the Court of Owls story.

    The point of this longwinded, melodramatic rant is not to flatter you, Scott. It’s not an effort to stand out in the ever growing waterfall of acolades you’ve earned this past year. It’s simply to congratulate you. You and Capullo have managed to surprise me after almost twenty years of enjoying Batman stories. More specifically, you’ve forced me to doubt my confidence in the closest thing I have to a deity. It’s honestly a bit uncomfortable. In the back of my mind, as always, I know Bruce is going to make it out of this more or less intact. But for the first time in memory, I’m genuinely scared for him. I actually do NEED to buy the next issue, just to make sure. And that’s a beautiful thing.

    So yeah, … thanks.

  40. the undead soldier-assassins are a great idea. it adds a horrific morbidity that i’m very fond of. bats workn’ on a dead body in the bat-cave was awesome. not to mention dick getting bitch slapped. funny and unexpected. i love snyder’s use of history and fun facts. i loved this. a solid 4 stars. a very good story. the art is always great. this has all the ingredients to be one of the best batman runs ever and is off to one helluva start. it deserves all the love in the world, but this is by no means POTW by my standards.
    if i had a fanboy flag, i would be raising it right now. so often batman has deserved the honor of POTW, just not this time. it’s like we want snyder to win so bad that minds are made up before it even comes out and a herd follows suit.
    i know all this is subjective, but i think there was a lack of objectivity this week.
    i know some people genuinely loved this book above all others and their vote is by no means invalid. additionally, i don’t want everyone to think alike. quite the opposite. i want them to think for themselves and love what they love.

  41. CAPULLO IS A GOD. Snyder is pretty damn good too.

    • Snyder’s story wouldn’t have the emotional gut tearing it does without the brilliance on the artwork side. You know how beaten he is but to see him like that is what ties everything together and makes it magical.

  42. They should have a Jock/Capullo arcw/ the 2 artists alternating issues based on whose art is better suited for each issue, like they did w/ Jock and Francesco. Capullo does the horror/blood/guts/weird mutations, Jock does the action. AWESOME.

  43. Thank you Scott & Greg from a lifelong Batman fan. πŸ™‚

  44. I’m thinking I should replace my current robin bitch slap pic on here to this awesome new batman nightwing bitch slap lol

  45. really enjoyed this. I thought the connection between the Owls and the Circus makes so much sense. Really nice way to connect things like that.

  46. i have a nitpick.
    i wasn’t going to say anything, but i’ve had some cheap cognac in a fancy snifter, so what the hell.
    on the opening page, bruce is wearing a suit, bleeding to death. i haven’t gone to the trouble of going through my long boxes, but wasn’t bruce wearing jeans and an old army coat when he was in the chair talking to the bust of his father in year one? am i to believe he was out fighting crime for the first few times in a suit?

    • Relaunch, man. Relaunch.

      I noticed that too but it’s one of those things we just have to deal with.

    • He was wearing that in the YEAR ONE but he was wearing other clothes in other versions of that scene over the years, before and after YEAR ONE.

    • There ya go. What Conor said.

      Year One may be the be-all-end-all, definitve origin story for many of us, but it’s certainly not the only time that scene has been done.

    • i’ll just pretend that he started out fighting white collar crimes.
      i guess to fit in like a ninja, he had to wear a monkey suit before his bat suit.
      from the looks of it, the corporate world can be a real bitch.
      fuck enron. wayne corp motherfucka! represent!

    • Here’s a nitpick. In this issue the bat that inspired Bruce flew out the window and was eaten by an Owl. In a Grant Morrison issue drawn by David Finch called Batman: The Return the same bat flew out the window and was eaten by a larger bat. That bat obviously holds the key to the new DCU

  47. Batman #7 was awesome! A great transition between the Court’s initial attack on Batman and their full-on war against the whole Bat-family. How is it possible that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo get only better with each issue?

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  48. I’m really blown away by this comic. Each week’s run has been better than the last and I love how my interest continues to grow. I look forward to next weeks!

  49. Finally read this over the weekend, I really liked the way Batman is showing how worn down he is from the ordeal with Talon and the Court of Owls. Normally after a panel or so he is all better and ready to go, not this time!! He looks weathered and more touched in the head then normal! This artwork is very special, every month I look at it and I can honestly say this is original artwork like no one else is doing. Snyder is doing a fine job and has really taken the Bat to new lows and highs, love it.
    Great issue I gave this a 4.5 for sure and can’t wait till next month.


  50. Jus brought this one today and read it. 8/10

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