• It’s No Longer Coming—It’s Here!

• Does The Return Of The Phoenix To Earth Signal The Rebirth Of The Mutant Species? That’s What The X-Men Believe!

• Unfortunately, The Avengers Are Convinced That Its Coming Will Mean The End Of All Life On Earth!

• The Stage Is Set For The Ultimate Marvel Showdown In This Oversized First Issue!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr. & Scott Hanna
Colors by Laura Martin
Cover by Jim Cheung

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 23.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. First event comic since Civil War that I’ve gotten excited for. No jaded comic hater is going to deter my excitement for this.

  2. This should be soooo fun, so let’s just do it that way!

  3. So I got this in my shop last week. Did they put some out early?

  4. I really want to read this but 12 issues at $3.99 is just too many.

    • This is 34 pages of story if that makes a difference. I’m fearful issue 2 will be 20 pages or something weak like that, but at least in this issue you get bang for your buck.

    • Wait for the nice collected editions and you will get a better format cheaper.

    • I actually didn’t know that! That does make me want to give this one a chance. We’ll see, it’ll be a game time decision at my LCS this week.

  5. I haven’t been reading any Avengers or X books for quite a long time and I had been waffling about trying this out. I had some store credit and tried the zero issue out last week, and the head butting sequence with Hope alone has got me to give this issue a try.

  6. Marvel, you have me until you lose me.

  7. All right guys, Its here. Ive been eagerly waiting for this ever since it was announced. With this, The new Captain Marvel series, and the Avengers movie. I think its safe to say this is gonna be a great year.
    As for if im an Avenger or an Xman.
    My side has been chosen.
    I am an Avenger.!
    Everyones whos with me post below!

  8. Fear Itself tricked me but I feel like this should be better. It’s using characters already established instead of bringing in a new Thor (I.E. Kinda boring) baddie as the main villain. Plus it seems inspired by Civil War which was great. Plus Bendis is a much better writer than Fraction.

  9. Well my store recieved their books early so they would have them for Tuesday nights publicity stunt at my CBS. As from what I was to understand most CBS’s were supposed to hold some sort of promotional publicity stunt for the release of this issue?! At my store they are part of a chain and certain stores support each group and customers are supposed to dress accordingly. My store got stuck being a X-Men store, BLAAACH! I am an Avengers guy myself so yes…. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!
    Hopefully this will explain to everyone what happened out there with the early releases for #1, some stores just don’t care and comic are comics to them so they let them out or they just did in error. Then stores like mine are having parties and cool shit like that. Issue #0 was very good and I am on board for the whole series I hope????


  10. Let’s hope there’s a plot and it’s not just 12 issues of an X-man Vs an Avenger. The MTV videos certainly have ramped up the hype for this. Whatever happens, I’ll get getting this event.

    • Ive read in interviews that they made it 12 issues so that they could tell the whole story, plus the aftermath without having a whole nother series. (Im looking at you Fear Itself the Fearless)

  11. I think the thing that makes the “Which Side Are YOU On?” aspect to AVX waaaay more fun than Civil War is that there’s little rationale behind the choice beyond “they’re my favorites!”

    With Civil War, taking a side meant adopting a philosophical stance. That takes some careful thought and consideration.

    This time around, I’m with the X-Men because the Avengers are a bunch of government stooges!

    GO X-MEN!

    • Going to side with the Avengers just because New Avengers is probably the longest running team title that I’ve bought.

      Luke Cage is also cooler than Cyclops.

    • Live free or die! Let’s go X-Men!!

    • The Avengers are the aggressors in this event. Not that you can expect anything else from such people anyway.

      X-Men all the way!

    • I´m with you GO X-MEN!!!! I hope this will be fun.

    • You dirty mutants are gonna get whats comin to ya!

    • Considering whose books I’m enjoying more right now, I’m with the stinkin’ muties on this one!

    • I’m against anyone who puts all their eggs in the ‘Messiah’ basket.

      Captain America throws his mighty shield!!

    • X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never. X-Men forever. Avenger never.

  12. maaaaaaaaaaaaan am i gonna be pissed if they tie, or x men win.

    cap better fuck up cyclops too. (just for kicks.)

    • Bendis said there is a winner and a loser.
      And im with ya all the way man about Cap teaching Cyke some manners.

    • The Phoenix Force is going to destroy everyone and everything. The “rebirth” will be MarvelnU. A complete reboot. Clearly WE are the losers. No clear winner.

  13. Can’t wait for the company wide relaunch?

  14. (Oh yeah X-Men are clearly better.)

  15. Just seeing Wolverine on the Avengers side on that cover is enough to make me puke. I get that he’s been a “New Avenger”, but for a crossover like this it’s just wrong.

    X-Men would clearly be better if we were playing under standard, meaningful rules. Unfortunately due to the commercialization/Bendisification of the Avengers property, we now have an Avengers team that includes Wolverine, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Storm, Red Hulk and others.

    • I’m with you. I hate when writers try to put their own mark on a book and “shake things up.” I wish they would just stay with the same old, stagnant norm.

    • hahaha

    • I think Schism has more to do with Wolverine choosing the Avengers than his Avengers status does. Same with Beast.

    • @RoiVampire: Bingo.

    • Yeah, I’m not so sure commercialization can be hurled as a negative at anything related to superheroes. Sure, there have been some art-for-art’s sake things done with superheroes, and of course we as fans have come to hold them in high regard, but for the most part… superheroes exist purely as commercial properties designed to make money.

    • We will probably see some heroes switch sides before the event is over as well.

    • @ScorpionMasada: That too.

    • Completely agreed with @kenochalek. Looking at superheroes as anything but commercial properties is a little foolish. As Ken said, yes there have been some highly artistic moments, yes there have been some moments in superhero comics that reach the literary; but by and large they are commercial properties designed to make money. There is a reason Marvel has had dozens of movies and television shows based on their properties in the past ten years while a publisher like Image only has the Walking Dead and Witchblade. It’s not that Marvel properties are inherently better, they just have a broader appeal.

      Also @flapjaxx, aren’t you the guy who wrote a long, rambling, ranty “review” about Batman last month and how much The Court of Owls parallels The Black Glove? So there you can waste several paragraphs deriding Snyder and the iFanboy community in general for likely such a, in you opinion, striking similarity to a previous story; but here all you can contribute is “make this story more similar to what I’ve seen before?” More than a little hypocritical…

    • I completely get why Wolverine is on the Avengers side, but I’m still hoping he switches so we can get a Spiderman vs Wolverine issue.

  16. thought this would be top of the pull list

    • I wouldn’t read too much into that just yet. The pull list has only been online for a few hours. Some people can’t be on the computer all day.

    • People are fed up of events, and $3.99 comics. it’s certainly not a surprise that this isn’t top.

      What is a surprise that retailers have ordered 250,000 copies of this.

      Expect to see piles of issue #1’s weighing down shop shelves for months to come.

    • And keep in mind that while the iFanbase is a pretty diverse group of people, we have no way of knowing if we’re a truly representative group of the audience (and the smart bet is, we’re not).

      I mean, Animal Man and Swamp Thing are the most pulled books around here each week they come out, but they don’t fare nearly as well in Diamond’s rankings (which is also a problematic metric tool, I know).

      So while it’s easy to read the comments around here and conclude that “people are fed up of events” you can’t really extrapolate that into anything meaningful about the larger audience as it pertains to this particular event.

    • it also only the 8th pulled comic on Comixology’s print pull feature.

  17. I dunno what I’m more excited for… this, ASM 683, and AC 8; one of them will be my POTW for certain.

  18. Cool! Clicked on the cover image above and loaded the Marvel AR app on my iPhone. Not bad.

  19. I’m waiting for New 52 vs. X-Avengers

    • Dude, i really hope that happens.
      At the end they come together and form X-Avengers or Avengers-X or X-vengers or something.
      That would legitly be shaking it up.

    • the X-treme Avenging League.


    • Announcing The 52 DCX-vengers!

      A team of 52 characters that sell the most lunch boxes and pyjamas and are also super easy to draw.
      Book comes out 9 times a month for $3.99, 16 pages …also every issue is a crossover and has 10 variant covers

  20. i’m interested. hope its fun…

  21. My store owner was probably unaware of the rules, and I got this last week. It was great! I’m really excited for the rest of the series. I think the rotating creative teams will be what makes this really interesting as an event.

    I think I’m with the Avengers if only because most of my favorite X-Men fell on Wolverine’s side of the Schism. But, if guys like Iceman and Havok start getting into the fray, I may change my mind. Actually I think both sides will be sympathetic through the course of the series. More than anything, I’m for the event as a whole.

  22. Got mine last week. Solid 4/5. We’ve already seen a good bit of it in previews, though.

  23. Well I am with the Avengers 100% and the X-Men can kiss my arse!! I have always been a fan of Marvels main stream heroes and really in the last ten years have been on and off with some of the mutants. There seems to be so many mutant titles and Avengers titles that it is hard to pick the best quality title in each. Right now I read The Avengers and Avengers Assemble, Wolverine and the X-men, Uncanny X-Force (still catching up in trades) and dropped Cykes crappy X-Men book.
    I also would like to see Cyclops get his arse really handed to him, he is such a dick monkey! For me Marvels top characters are in no real order:

    Iron Man, Capt. America, The Hulk, Daredevil, Spiderman, Thor, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Quicksilver, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ant-Man, Beast, The Thing and Collosus.
    For me it will be Avengers all the way and I do believe that there will be sides being changed, traitoris bastards!!


  24. Oh and of course the greatest hero right now in the Marvel U:


    I hope he just eats popcorn and watches with great amusement as I will!!

    • he’s one of the guys i’ll be watching for. it’s interesting cuz he’s a mutant, but the xmen rejected him when he wanted to join them and he has ties to cap. so he’s kinda like a swing state. i bet(and hope) that he’ll be team avengers.
      nothing personal, i just think the xbooks have been run into the ground the last few years. not that the avengers are far behind.

    • There’s no way Cap would be okay with DP on the team. Rember what happend to Punisher in Civil War?

    • cap had DP on a team in deadpool’s title for a few issues a while back.
      i don’t remember how it ended, but i think well. so it’s been done.
      i’ll have to dig into the long boxes to be sure, though.

  25. I’m looking forward to it. I think it’ll be fun. Everyone likes it when super-heroes fight each other! My only worry is the ending. Seems that events are fun and that, Marvel especially, has good ideas for events but have trouble actually finishing them.

  26. My shop had this for sale last week and i have to say it was a really good read. I was not going to get this but had a really light week and I’m glad i picked it up. After reading this I am looking forward to the event. And that new Marvel AR app is kinda cool on some of the pages.

  27. I got to read this early and I really liked it, I think this event has a lot of potential.

  28. I am going to wait for the trade on this. Unless I read some pretty amazing things here. Marvel events have just been all sizzle and no steak for too long.

  29. If you aren’t supporting the X-Men, you are a straight up bigot. Plain and simple. 😉

    I really hope this series can simultaneously revel in and transcend it’s ridiculously simple premise.

  30. I finally read a preview of this is FF today and I have to say I’m a little unsure. I know Scott has become single minded in his determination to save the mutant race, but after all the personal hardship and suffering the Phoenix has caused him, I find his ability to accept it as a solution to be WAY out of character.

  31. Wolverine disgusts me. At least Beast (the most hypocritical character ever) has the decency of wearing an Avengers badge instead of an X-Men on. Wolvie change your X to an A or J or something. Your no X-Man. I hope the X-Men wipe the floor with you. Your gonna be the best at getting your ass whooped boy!
    #team X-Men

  32. With the digital download there is a free extra Nova backup story. Does anyone know if the rest of the AvX books will come with some kind of backup story with the download?

  33. I can’t see the Avengers losing since they are Marvel’s big property right now because of the movie. Just like they will overcome and emerge victorious by the end of the film, they will “win” at the end of the event. If you think about it, the X-Men have traditionally been losers / outcasts / persecuted in the Marvel U, so they will get the short end of the stick plot-wise, but also will have the “moral victory” of knowing they did the right thing.

  34. Regardless of how gimmicky the story may seem, I can’t see how it can fail with the list of creators on this mini. 52 seemed weak, but look how good that turned out.

  35. Very cool promotion at my LCS (mile high comics ) got to pick up some variants and read the book a day early. Got some buttons and posters as well. The AR app that enhances some of the pages is very cool. Check it out if u have an iOS. The book itself was fun the colors really jump off the page and fit nicely with Jr Jr’s pencils. Great effort by Marvel and kudos for giving the customer a little more for their money.

  36. Why is Cyclops looking like he’s wearing gold leg warmers…?

  37. Did anyone try the Nova tie-in digitally? Was it any good? I’m skipping the main book (personal reasons – not because I hate comics and/or fun), but was curious about Nova.

    Is it worth a look?

    • I liked it. I am at a loss though, since I missed a few years of comics. Who is this new Nova? Where is Richard?

    • I think the new Nova is Rickard’s little brother. He became part of the Nova Corp towards the end of DnA run of Nova. For right now Rich is dead but as we all know that could change.

  38. Bought it. Wasn’t impressed.

  39. I haven’t read this yet, but I am already conjuring up images of the choreographed gang fight in ‘Ace Hits the Big Time”.

  40. I was underwhelmed by this first issue but I will keep reading it because the premise is promising enough to keep me interested. That art though was pretty stiff. Also, who was that weird kid on the first page?

  41. Bought it. Loved it. A solid four stars. Cyclops is a xenophobic dick, and I got a chuckle out of Magneto’s awkward collar tugging moment. The Marvel AR thing is cooler than I initially gave it credit for, after using Layar and other useless crap like that. After seeing it, I think there is SO much more neat stuff they could do with it. The Nova story was plenty cool too. Not “need to know”, but added another layer to the story.

    I’m totally on board unless there are some serious mistakes later on.

  42. it’s been mentioned that some heroes might switch sides during the course of the event(logan), but i’m curious if any of us readers might switch sides at some point. not so much the casual reader, but the hardcore fans of each side. i find it to be an interesting prospect the possibility that i might switch from team A to team X. not a fan of xbooks at all, but i really like some avengers stuff, so the story will have to be very powerful for me to overcome my prejudices.
    and it’s not so much that i love the avengers, i just hate cyclops and it baffles me that magneto isn’t the leader of the xmen. it just doesn’t add up that he would take orders from a snot-nosed punk like cyke.
    so if they can convince me to switch sides, that would make this event a huge success in my mind. but until then…
    death to scott summers!

    • Although I favor the Avengers (not enough to seriously see myself on a “side” though), I expect that the story will have to make me feel sympathetic towards specific characters if it will be successful.

      I don’t know enough about the story yet to see which side will have my sympathy.

      If I don’t care and just favor characters because of past emotional ties, I don’t think this event will work for me.

    • they definitely have their work cut out for them. but they’re off to a nice start.

  43. i’d like to call it now without reading any of the stories yet, that this whole battle will end with a new enemy appearing that forces the Avengers and X-men to team up and save the universe from imminent destruction…that way neither side has to lose.

    • Civil War had a definite losing side, right?

      I think this will be the same.

    • Several of the creators have said one side will win and one side will lose, so I don’t think we’re going to get a kumbayah moment in issue 8 or 9. Now, there’s still a lot of wiggle room in a statement like that (characters switching sides and the like), but as much as folks want to be cynical about another event (and I don’t blame them), the rhetoric from Marvel is sounding a little different this time around.

      I think it was Hickman who was quoted saying something about how AVX tells an entire story and has an actual ending. It’s not just the set up to a new status quo.

      He’s pretty frank when discussing the inner workings of a project, so I believe him.

    • admittedly i haven’t been reading too much chatter about it. That was just a silly guess.

      I’m still holding out hope that the last panel of the series is a john hughes style freeze frame jump in the air high five with every member of the Marvel U. C’mon that would be so awesome wouldn’t it? =)

    • @Wally
      That would honestly be pretty bomb.

    • If you read X Sanction which opened the door up on this you know Cable is out there alive and well and ready to kill the Avengers to prevent the end of the world as we know it (and Hope, of course…)

      My bet is he comes back at the end and somehow fixes everything…


  44. This was MUCH better than I anticipated. Enjoyed it quite a bit and while im not the biggest fan of JRJR’s art I must admit in retina quality CMX-HD digital it was breathtakingly beautiful to look at! Also the nova story with the sweet digital transitions was pretty rad as well. I think assuming things don’t go out in left field I will be in this for the long haul 4/5. Cautiously optimistic

  45. Dammit! Why isn’t work over yet? I want to read this!

  46. Wrkngclasshero (@joinedtofollow) says:

    I do not like Marvel comics.
    I read close to twenty monthly titles, none of which are published by Marvel.
    I know very little of the characters outside of those that have a movie, that being said…

    I like AvX #1. I think it was far better than it had any right to be. I don’t know who most of the characters are and I don’t think I was the primary audience, but I will be buying this every two weeks.

    My only complaint (and this is a larger Marvel complaint) is the cost. I read all digital, and I purchase my books 4 weeks after publication as most publishers reduce price by at least $1. Marvel does not engage in these price reductions (one of the reasons I don’t buy their books) but I may just have to bite the bullet for the next 24 weeks. We’ll see what happens.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book though!!!

  47. I really enjoyed it, a great first issue for this arc. I liked some of the AR stuff too, it showed a few panels going from raw pencils to the final printed page which I always enjoy watching.

    I also picked up AvX: Infinite which was friggin awesome for a 99cent digital-comic. I’m in this for the long haul.

    • I think this AR thing has potential, I liked the commentary track bits and I loved the trailer thing built into the cover… kinda wish they did more of that through the book with s-f/x and what not. And I loved the AvX: Infinite, great use of the storytelling abilities of the digital medium that don’t exist in paper. (Which brings Marvel utp to where web-comics were about 15 years ago, but with a much bigger budget and better delivery medium–ie smartphones and tablets over computers and laptops….)

  48. Bought it and I really enjoyed it, I hope to see other X groups get in on the fight. But I’m on the side of Spider-Man at the moment. So I guess AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

  49. I am simply stunned that this has 100 fewer pulls than Swamp Thing and Animal Man!

    Really, even given the tastes/demographics/whatever of iFanboy, it’s stunning that Marvel’s “biggest” or “most promoted” event ever is having trouble cracking 1000 pulls. I remember back when the big event books (Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, Blackest Night, etc) would always hit that mark without much trouble. Especially their #1 issues.

  50. So… Can we not pull AvX: Infinite? Am I just missing it?

    Because THAT’S PotW.

    But this excellently paced, character focused intro to an appropriately epic story is a close, close second.

  51. I wasn’t going to get this, but my curiosity got the better of me. Now I can happily forget this book because it’s the same tired Marvel crap that made me drop every one of their titles. And there’s 11 more issues to go! Have fun with it. My POTW was The Boys #65 which was great and actually had surprises.

    • Marvel is successful for every hater they get to buy even one of their books.

      They will get you again.

    • @ScorpionMasada. Even the might of Marvel Comics has its Achilles Heel. Trade-Wait and buy said trades used. That’s how I’m dealing with Marvel comics as a whole from now on.

    • So… you like reading their books, but you don’t want to support them so they’ll be around for you to read them…

      How logical.

    • Do what I do, read the reviews to keep current and then wait until the over-order hits the discount boxes at the comic book shows. It’s far easier and more pleasant to pay 50 cents for a story that you might not like-or are certain you won’t like-then to pay 4.99 and up.

    • @CaseyJustice Like some of their books? Sure. Trust or respect Marvel Comics? Not happening anymore. And this is speaking as someone who has endured much back pain moving my boxes of old X-Men/Force/Factor etc around rather than selling off my collection off and replacing them with trades.

    • Right, but you’ve still chosen not to support a product that you wish to continue enjoying. It seems… well, foolish, frankly. I can understand it when there’s a monetary consideration, but this seems like it’s firmly out of spite.

      You don’t respect them, you don’t trust them, but you still read the books that they put out. If you have such strong convictions against the company, why support them even tangentially? Why even read the books? You still enjoy their output on some level. Avoiding events is one thing, but this zealotness seems silly. You act as if they’ve wronged you personally.

      Sorry. Perhaps this was a misplaced rant.

  52. WOW.
    So I haven’t gotten AvX #1 yet, but I just finished the Nova Infinte Comic.
    All I have to say is wow.
    This was amazing.
    Mark Waid is a genus.
    For the first time ever I’m actually excited about Digitial Comics and where it could take this medium.
    Honestly the only place to go is up, with people like Waid working on this, and hopefully he’ll inspire many more, the future for comics is a very good one.
    As for the paper comics we all know and love, “Enjoy it while you still can.”
    I truly believe this is the next step for the medium we all love the most.

    • I really liked Nova Infinite. Waid and Immonen and the creative team did a great job and I felt like it was a very good value at 99 cents.

      But as much as I liked it, Nova Infinite #1 felt like a PowerPoint presentation.

      To make sure I’m clear, I liked it a lot! I just don’t see this particular digital comic as The Game Changer for digital comics. Hopefully it inspires other creators to experiment further and truly discover what Infinite Comics can do.

  53. Is the some gas that Utopia emits that makes people have really unreasonable fights, I feel that conversation needed another page to heat it up and get to the fight.
    Scot is the new Magneto, i do like the path he is on, i hope they handle it correctly.
    When i was a kid I started comics as an Avengers fan, teen years and my second phase of comics was very xmen. I am torn here. I consider myself on the side of X but i think i am routing for the Avengers, it may be because of Cyclops over Cap, I choose Cap. Fingers are crossed, lets have fun.

  54. I am honestly excited about this, but man I do not think I can pull the trigger at $3.99. If Marvel would at least drop to $2.99 a month after release I would be buying at least 5 Marvel titles. Currently I am buying 0.

  55. I have to say that this being the pick of the week is a little much. I enjoyed this first issue, and will be reading in hopes that this turns out better than FEAR ITSELF, but voting this pick of the week is like saying Brittney Spears latest album is great because it sold the most copies in its release week. I would hope that substance counts for something. I don’t think I would even put this in my top 5 this week. Comics that were better that I’ve read so far…..Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Wolverine and the Xmen, Ultimate Spidermam, and I am sure 1 of these will also prove to be a better read Action, OMAC, INVINCIBLE. I’m not trying to be completely negative, but most hype should not be indicative of pick of the week. That being said I may be a little pissed that Scott Snyder did not get a Eisner nod, and I have resprted to taking it out on event lovers. Sorry, event lovers, and Brittney Spears fans, but you all kinda deserve a little hate.

    • Isn’t it entirely possible that, your own subjective opinions of quality aside, AVX just happened to be Conor’s favorite reading experience this week?

      Our standards for our individual PsOTW might be different, but over and over again the guys have said that the official POTW isn’t about naming the “best” book of the week, it’s about identifying the book they enjoyed the most.

      Fatale was my POTW, but AVX was really the perfect book to read on a warm, sunny spring afternoon. A solid start to what looks to be a fun story.

  56. This was a straight up 5 on my rating and right now my POW however; I have like 14 other books to read so I don’t want to leave anyone out. But; DAMN!!!! That was really, really a fun read; good old fashioned comicbook, comic right there!! Deadpool is still my wild card and I can’t wait to see how that rolls?! I believe I read somewhere up the board something about if you don’t root for the X-Men we are all biggots or something?? I like to stir the pot and have some fun with this as well however; that really just crosses the line I think. This should be a good clean fight for all the fighters and readers, nothing below the belt now shake and come out fighting……DING!! DING!!
    Avengers are still my pick and it is because that group has all of the characters that are Marvel and will always be Marvel!! Not to mention I really can not stand Cyclops, he’s a real Bi#ch!! How could any of the X-Men follow him, I really think he has lost it and I mean broken!! The way he was training Hope (more like abusement!), was way over board and Magneto is a real fu#king weirdo just standing there and watching. Then the White Queen comes in does’nt do anything about it either?? Most curious….. It seems to me Magneto and White Queen are getting everything they have wanted out of Cyclops and more, I think that in itself is another story line that is going on and Scott better wake up soon or he is going cause a lot more damage to mutant kind then he has started already. he really is a wack job and almost seems to enjoy beating Hope…… If I was a mutant I would have kicked his ass if I saw that. Then there is the cheap shot to Cap. by Cyclops, I really, really, think he has lost it and is well on his way to villiany!! The other X-Men that follow him are dumb as dirt if they do, Magneto and White Queen are really doing a number on him and his group…. Wolverine got away in time and I think the proffessor is helping Logan some how.


    • I made the comment that if you are against the X-Men you must be a bigot.

      I didn’t intend for it to be taken seriously by anyone, I just wanted to play along with whole “Who’s side are you on?” silliness. Since the X-Men have always been an allegory for discrimination and prejudice, and many of their antagonists are actual bigots, it seemed like a funny comment in it’s extreme ridiculousness and in keeping with the banner-waving, fist-pumping spirit of AVX.

      If anything, I think the first issue of this event shows that the creators have done a lot of work to balance the “Who’d win in a fight between This Avenger and That X-Man?” with a bit more substantive conflict (is the Phoenix a good thing or a bad thing and how should it be handled?).

    • @KenOchalek – I figured that s what you were doing and having some fun at it and I was just trying to nip all of the negative responses in the bud so we could stay on track here and have a good clean fight. nothing below the belt. We all know there is no way you would say something like that and mean it, everyone it is all in fun like what happens in the books. Let me try a stab at it Ken….. If you like the X-Men you like genetically-altered humans, so odd and scarey!! Take that, in your face!!
      How did I do?? Go Avengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Ken I really was’nt trying to bust your bubble just trying to make people understand this is for fun and lets duke it out and make this fight even more dramatic!! The Phoenix to me seems that Marvel is trying to being something back that was once a big deal and now I guess we will see right? I for one see the Phoenix story, I was just saying there seems to be something outside of AVX going on with Cykes. He really is broken!
      @KenOchalek – I take it you are on the Avengers side?? If so your leader is an abusive, genetically-altered human being with a god complex in his own broken little mind. HUH???? How was that??
      JK lets do this.

      Avengers Go!!


  57. Love Cyclops’ characterization in this. The weight of his entire species rests on his soldiers and, after the last couple of years, he’s definitely at the end of his rope. He is desperate for a way to save mutantkind, and with the Phoenix coming for the Mutant Messiah, he needs for that to be it.

    I knew shit was real when Scott busted out the “my people” line. Although it goes against my history, I must side with the scrappy underdogs.


  58. Cap needs to start serving up some ass-whoopin’s next issue.

    And Marvel? I’d buy this book even if it was 12 issues of Cap bitch-slapping Cyclops.

    So make it that.

  59. The Avengers steal the show on this one; at least they do something heroic. The X-Men are so boring nowadays and this issue is not the exception. John Romita Jr. does a great job, and the straw the broke the camel’s back was well done. The X-Men need to catch up quickly because the Avengers win this round.

    Please check my mini-review of AvX #1 here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  60. Just a question, what happens if Cap does get hold of Hope? Does he kill her outright, have SHIELD experiment on her, hold in custody, get her off the planet…? What?

  61. I’d hate to be the Marvel intern who had to create 100 fake profiles on this site to push this above 1000 pulls.

  62. Philosophical quandary: How much of the current 4.0 score is based on the book, how much is blind Marvel event hate, and how much is blind Marvel event love?

    • i would venture to say that there are an equal amount of blind lovers/haters, so they cancel each other out. leaving the majority who care less about politics and more about being honest comic observers.
      that’s my hypothesis.
      i also would like to think that people would be more objective and put their emotions to the side and judge it for what it is.

  63. Avengers vs XMen, yeah, yeah, whatever. Average at best. But the AVX Infinite digital comic – stunning. Making this a grudging 5*/potw, as there’s no way to vote on them separately. AVX Infinite was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Loved it.

  64. This issue was a very fun read. I think Bendis is trying to get fans on the side of the Avengers, because Scott was once again the militant dick and that’s being compared to Captain America. I was wondering why AR kept showing up every couple pages, but then I found out why at the end. Hopefully this event will go above and beyond and not limp to the conclusion like Fear Itself.

  65. Even more disappointed having read this … because the compelling story worth reading here is the story about Hope discovering and realizing her destiny. THAT story didn’t need to be told within and/or overpowered by the cover of Avenger vs Mutant. It could have stood on its own. And I’m just not convinced that it is worth spending another $40+ to read the story worth reading in this maxi.

  66. With two issues under its belt so far, this so far hasn’t been as much of a chore to slog through as Siege or Fear Itself, both of which felt like events phoned in by Marvel for the sake of events. I’m enjoying the care being given to characters and interactions in what I’ve read so far, just as much as I’m enjoying the obligatory Big Things Going Boom action bits. I think the turning point which spawns the titular conflict was a bit rushed and not entirely plausible, but that’s comics! In these big splashy blockbuster events, story is just a clotheline on which big bashy battles are hung, so like duh. With these low expectations, I’m having a fun ride with these books so far. As for the Infinite Marvel AV content, it’s interesting. It’s like DVD extras for your comic book. A fun gimmick, but not exactly “the next evolutionary step of comic books”. At best, it’s a fun trick to show your non-comic geek friends. Mine were agog.

  67. Without a doubt, the best part of Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite #1 is the visuals; from Stuart Immonen and Marte Garcia’s pencils and colors, to the stunning effects, to the transitions, this is a very different and exciting way to enjoy comics. But because nothing is perfect, it seems like the writing took a back seat on this one.

    Please check my mini-review here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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