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The blockbuster Marvel comic of the year continues!! The timestream is broken and with that the Marvel Universe has fallen into utter chaos. Can the Avengers defeat Kang and even if they do, is it too late?

Guest-starring EVERYONE!!

Plus! Another startling chapter in the untold oral history of the Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis…!

PENCILS: John Romita JR.
COVER BY: John Romita JR.

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. What a great cover

  2. Pass on the third issue. Will have to page through this one before I decide.

  3. That is an amazing cover! This sounds like a fun issue!

  4. I’m giving this one more issue but so far this has been the most dissapointing marriage of title/writer/penciler in recent memory.

  5. Decided to stay through the end of this arc (#6, I think). Then switch to trades. New Avengers is hitting all the right buttons for me, but this one.. eh.

  6. It must be me, but I’ve never liked JRjr being paired with Klaus Jansen. I prefer a tighter inker inking his pencils. The book – art wise – looks rushed. The writing is typical Bendis; cutesy, funny dialogue. Its good, but get to the point! I saw of preview of this issue and – story wise – it looked cool.

  7. That’s IS a bad-ass cover.

  8. Done with this book. Even JRJR’s involvement couldn’t keep me interested in what Bendis is doing here.

  9. I’m sorry but Busiek would have have had them go to the future, beat the big bad, deal with the time anomalies in nyc and have been back and onto the next adventure by now. As much as Bendis is great at dialogue, dood needs to get to the point, already! Its a shame when they relaunched the Avengers titles they gave him both. It would have been nice to have a NEW voice scripting Avengers tales.

  10. heyyyyy, Spider-Man and Wolverine are on this team, aren’t they?

  11. RahUniQue – Jack & Stan would have had 8 classic story arc within the first 3 issues by now. 🙂

  12. @aBirdseyeView : lol, stop it.
    @AmirCat : true. So true.

  13. haha, sorry, I just had to.

    what about the surefire continuity error that will be cause by EVERYONE!! guest-starring in the book?

  14. @ABirdseysView – You might as well give in and JUST ENJOY IT. :p

  15. I agree Jdudhead. I’m giving it one more issue and I’m done. This has been really disappointing. I love the Avengers and I’m currently reading almost every ongoing and mini with the word Avengers in the title. but I haven’t enjoyed this. The art does absolutely nothing for me and it comes across as though Bendis is just going through the motions writing this book.

  16. I dig this book. While its not my favorite of the Avengers books, its the most fun. Id rather see Tom Palmer on JRJR, than Janson (he’s a classic avengers inker and a classic marvel heo style) i love the big superheroey stuff. Doesn’t have to be big fast moving superheroey stuff, just fun. I really don’t get all the disappointment with the book.

  17. @abstractgeek : MY disappointment comes from the book feeling as if its just spinning its wheels. Not feeling as if it has forward momentum. T-bolts feels that way. The Bendis Avengers books don’t. At least not to myself. I wholeheartedly agree on Palmer inking JRjr. That would be sweet. Jansen worked for JRjr when he penciled Daredevil. Not here.

  18. Just read the blurb…everyone? Really? Howard the duck? Slapstick? Spider-Ham?

  19. Wow, there’s alot of negative comments in here by like 3 dudes! 😉

    That’s what happens when you’re the most read comic of the week!

  20. I’ll probably be yapping about this ish on my crappy, drunken podcast if anyone’s interested. My buddies don’t like to talk avengers but I’m gonna force it upon them! 

    wednesday is for comics beercast on itunes. 


  22. Hey, I’m gonna buy this book just cus Wolvie and Spidey are in it!  JK

    They actually, Spidey especially, probably should’ve been killed against those Horsemen of Apocalypse.

    I’m gonna flip through this then un-pull.

  23. I like this book, I am very supportive of the Heroic Age.

  24. @abstractgeek For me the problems I’ve had with the book include an oversized cast that isn’t being fully utilized, rushed looking art, and a writer who is frankly overusing characters.  I want to like the main Avengers title, I really, really do.  Right now though, I’m probably gonna pick #4 up and see if anything has changed for the better and if not, it gets the chop.

  25. I’m going to finish this arc and then I think that might be it for me. Unless the next arc looks amazing or something. 

  26. What is it about this book? it really just seems to be missing something? It reads fine and is kinda fun but… eh. Unless the next arc just sounds insanely awesome I’m gonna have to pass. Ironically—cause I didn’t used to like it—New Avengers has been awesome lately, in my opinion.

  27. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    Even if i absolutely hated this book (which I don’t) I would still buy it for the pros pieces in the back.

  28. Weird range of opinions on this series.

    I don’t get the negative comments about the art. This isn’t JRJR at his best, but it’s not far off. Then again, I was never a huge JRJR fan, but his art is a selling point and I don’t see how what he’s doing here is much different from what he’s done in the recent past.

    Has far as the writing goes, I don’t have any problem with the decompressed storytelling ("Busiek would’ve had been back from the future by now"), and I like the big cast of heroes and villains involved. But it’s the dialogue that’s killing me. It’s TOO cutesy and chatty. Maybe Bendis has gotten more chatty by the issue or something, or maybe it’s just my tastes that are changing, because I loved his dialogue in Ultimate Spidey and Daredevil, but now everytime I see wordballoons next to Peter Parker’s head in an Avengers book, it’s like the mark of death. If I could possibly buy a version of this series without Spider-Man having any dialogue, I would do so. (The rest of the dialogue isn’t TOO bad, but Tony, Thor and Bucky Cap have all had clunker lines at times also.)

    Still, I’m hoping  things turn around a bit. I like the general "Heroic Age" tenor and WANT to like this book. If not, I can always pick up some old Busiek Avengers issues 😉

  29. I’ve liked this so far.  I also think New Avengers is hitting all my buttons better.  I’m here through the first arc at least.  

  30. @misterckent:  I agree completely.  So far this has been ok, and at least fun.  New Avengers is definitely the better of the two though.

  31. This is just such a fun book. This is what I wanted out of Slott’s Mighty Avengers.

  32. I don’t understand the complaints. I’m really enjoying this. It was fun to see the Next Avengers kids back in the mix, and Future Tony manipulating Present Tony is a special kind of fun.

  33. I too am losing interest in this book.  but yes, the Oral History is very good.  the real highlight of this issue?  that cover.  it is really nice.

  34. Ok, so I said I was going to finish out this arc, but I’m not.  After this issue, I’m done.  There’s nothing that I can really pinpoint that was done badly or that I disagree with.  It’s just that I DON’T care about what’s happening.  Plus I’m reading 4 other Avengers titles that I DO care about what’s happening.  I leave this book to those who love it.  Enjoy!

  35. This is the first issue I’ve truly enjoyed since the first one. It was fun and crazy without being too disjointed, which I think was the problem I had with issues 2 and 3.

  36. I think this title has been really fun. I am actually enjoying it more than I am the rest of the Avengers books. In fact I’ve pretty much decided to drop them all, except for this one. It’s not perfect, and JRJR has had better runs, but this is the light hearted Avengers book, I’ve been wanting for a while now. It feels classic to me.

  37. Best Current Avengers hands-down!

  38. I love this book. JR Jr. did a fantastic job in this issue, and I love these kinds of stories. Fun classic Marvel.

  39. Didn’t go with this issue. They have this great team and idea but the execution of the idea has been lacking

  40. So far this book has been nothing special but it is good fun and that’s pretty much what i’m looking for with this title. 

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