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  1. liked warren ellis on thunderbolts so i hope he is good here as well

  2. I am very mixed in my feelings about this.  Only time will tell.

  3. can’t…decide.  I like to get at least 6 or 7 books a week and only have 2 or 3 this week, so if I get this it is only because I can’t pick anything else to fill the void.

  4. There is something very different about Simone Bianchi’s art (especially on an X-Book) that has me really looking forward to this issue.

  5. I dislike that cover.  And I’m not sure if I’m excited about Ellis.  I love Transmet and Fell, but I’m not sure that those themes will fit in here.  I’m going to keep an open mind and divorce this run from the Whedon Cassaday run.  Look at it as a number one… join me.

  6. I am so glad that STORM is back with the X-Men!!!  I picked up the sketchbook and I really love the designs for the characters.  In the book he also did a redesign of Dazzler, so I’m interested to see what role she will play.

  7. I’ll stick with it for awhile. Seeing previews it feels a lot like a Whedon book. Plus Ellis has done no wrong lately, so it cant be too off or worse from Whedon’s run. Still it’s gonna be hard to topple that juggernaut from all time X-Men titles.

  8. I’m not sure about how well this guy is going to do with interior art. I’m not even a fan of his covers.

    Plus I’ve never been able to get into Ellis. Hopefully this series changes that.

    I’m on board, but if the first arc doesn’t impress me, or doesn’t seem comparable to Whedon’s run or fit in with the #1-24 storyline, then I won’t continue on.  

  9. I really like Ellis, but I’m not a huge fan of Bianchi. The Wolveriene arc Bianchi did almost killed me. But from the preview pages I’ve seen, the art is much tighter and…..enjoyable. Looking forward for the start of the SF X-Men

  10. I have only read Fell (which is AMAZING) and Gravel (not sure what to think) from Ellis. Bianchi’s art is mixed for me. Sometimes I love it like with his Angel and Nightcrawler designs and other times I hate it like with his Storm and Emma designs (the bottoms on the their costume designs in the sketchbook look like they are packin’ heat if you know what I mean).

    I am going to be honest and say that although I loved parts of Wedon’s run before this I was mostly lost (might have been the length of time between issues or the sci-fi aspects). Whenever the X-Men go to space I get hopelessly lost. I feel the same way about Morrison’s All-Star Superman as well. They are both good books with beautiful art but I feel like characters just appear out of no where and things happen with little explanation. Anyone else have this problem? Hopefully I can follow this arc better (please be on schedule Mr. Ellis so I at least have a chance).

  11. I think this is where I jump off Astonishing. I like Warren Ellis some, but I’m not much of a fan of Bianchi.

  12. I love Ellis, and I’m lukewarm on Bianchi.  Loved his Seven Soldiers work, was somewhat displeased with his Wolvie work (although, that may have been Loeb’s writing that turned me off).  He definitely has a striking style and a unique look.  Beats the hell out of Greg Land anyway.

    To those of you expecting this to be as good as Whedon’s run, or a continuation of it, put that out of your head NOW.  @TheUnemployedShortstop is right, treat it as a #1 issue.

    Also, to those of you who liked Nextwave and aren’t that familiar with Ellis’ other work, don’t expect this to be at all similar.  Nextwave was a comedy book.  This is X-Men.  Whole new ballgame.

  13. And hopefully, if Dazzler is in this, they won’t mention Claremont’s terrible New Excalibut (where she’s been cooling her heels since M Day).  Dazzler is the shit though, hopefully Longshot isn’t far behind.

  14. I’m really excited about this.  Whedon/Cassaday is over, plain and simple, but there is so much potential with the ‘Astonishing’ line.  I’m interested to see how hard they try to tie it in to the current continuity.  From the previews it looks like they are going to try to stay tighter than Whedon, but I guess that also was the case when Whedon started his run Pre-Mday and Pre-MC.  I’m really looking forward to the new X-base if not for anything else but a nice geek-out moment.  I hope it doesn’t spoil anything from #500 though…

  15. @ActualButt–Longshot’s gonna be appearing in X-factor from now on.  I’m much more interested in David’s take on him than I would be in Ellis’s.  I have a bad feeling about this book now. Kinda wish they had just ended it last month.

  16. I liked the wheedon run for not needing to be involved in the other books’ continuity. I hope that’s the trend here – i don’t pick up the other x-titles generally, because it’s a slippery slope. Wheedon was like grip tape on that slope. (i’m sure there were some continuity cross-overs… take me to school, anyone?)

    I do think ellis will be a great match for this. I Don’t know his Thunderbolts stuff; but, his Avatar titles (specifically Black Summer, Anna Mercury, Docktor Sleepless) could be an indication of a slightly distopian take on X-ville. i like that idea. Wheedon left me feeling pretty awful; so, ellis has a dark place from which to start. 

  17. We’ll see how it goes. If it sucks, I’ll drop it like it’s hot, ’cause I can always stand to lose some books from my pull list.

    Still, if Thunderbolts is any indication, it’ll probably be excellent and I’ll be pleased and annoyed at the same time.


  18. Wasn’t the original plan to rename this comic and start again from 1?  I recall reading about this a few months ago and seeing it billed as Uncannily Astonishing X-Men or Astonishing X-Men Platinum Tiger Dragon or something.  I recall the idea being that Warren and crew didn’t want to detract from Whedon’s run.  But maybe it’s about branding.  Maybe Marvel is positioning Astonishing X-Men to become the Marvel Knights line of the X-Books, as in "good and what the X-books should really be."

  19. I love Ellis’s work that i have read so far. Thunderbolts was amazing and if this is anything like that i will be in no matter how good or bad the art is. Bianchi is still undecided on my part. His Wolverine work sucked, but i feel that was Loeb more than him. His Green Lantern work was great though so hopefully this book stands strong!

  20. Speaking of Dazzler, I just picked up the "Dazzler: The Movie" Marvel Graphic Novel for $.25. Boy does that suck! Like the character though…

  21. Bianchi does not interest me.

    Ellis does.

    But i don’t buy books with ads in them.

    So I’ll skim the trade and decide then whethor or not to give it a chance.

  22. @ActualButt: Didnt Wolverine mention to Armor in Whedon’s run that: ‘If you fail on your first mission I’m shipping you to Exicubsuck?’

    Something like that, so yeah we’re not the only ones who hate the series.

  23. Let’s see. Astonishing X-Men… Warren Ellis… Simone Bianchi… I’m in.

    After Ellis’s work on Iron Man and Newuniversal, I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for this title. I love the art, by the way (based on Bianchi’s work on the Wolverine title and the Astonishing X-Men Sketch Book Special. Say "Astonishing X-Men Sketch Book Special" ten times. I can’t).

  24. I lost all faith in this book when Ellis said that Cyclops was Marvel’s Batman…

  25. I’m nervously anticipating this.  I think Ellis is a fascinating writer.  I love the characters he’s using –when’s the last time Cyclops and Storm were in the same book?  They’ve always had a great dynamic.

    But I’m nervous about Ellis doing his thing with characters I already love.  I really WANT to love this book.  Hmm. 

  26. They’re replacing Cassaday and Laura Martin with this?  I like Warren Ellis, but my instinct tells me he’s not an X-Men guy, and Bianchi is horrifying.  Maybe Ellis ends up telling an interesting story, but I’m not sticking around to find out; its painful to look at what Bianchi is doing to these characters

  27. Loved it!!

  28. Loved Ellis run on Thunderbolts and Im very excited to for this.

  29. I thought Bianchi’s covers for Detective were quite cool. But ever since I saw his interiors on Wolverine I’ve been out. Did he do any interiors before that?

  30. story still has a chance to early to tell, but so far i am very unhappy with the art direction!

  31. Not a fan of the art. Also Cyclops is in bed without his visor on, and I can’t tell if his eyes are closed, or he’s possessed. I’ll stick out the arc, and then make my stop-or-go decision.

  32. I really liked the art, although i wish he would learn to draw some facial expression other than – man with closed mouth –  man with open mouth. The story was quite lame but ellis did pretty well with the characters. Cyclops was less skrull like than normal and beast seemed very horny…for science. PerhapsEllis is over his need to spend 8 pages talking about planes and costumes and can start writing something for the characters to do.

  33. I like the story, but want to see where it is going.  However, the art for the most part was horrendous.  Very disappointed in the cover AND inside work.

  34. Oh, yay, I really liked that!

    Enjoyed the character dynamics, and Warren Ellis ("Taking the Fake Science Seriously Since 1994"!) introduces some cool high-concepts to play with.

    I can’t say I loved the art, particularly the coloring — and what the hell were they wearing? — but I’m optimistic about the direction of the story.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is a new number one.  Comparisons to the Whedon series (which I loved) aren’t really relevant. 

  35. @ohcaroline I agree with you about it being pointless to compare this to the Whedon run.

     I thought the story was a little dull, but there were some good idea’s in it. I like the place where space-ships go to die, and that makes me excited to read the next issue. I think I’m going to enjoy Storm and Emma together. I like the artificial mutant thing, but for the most part this failed to keep me excited.

    Art wise, there were some pages i found simply stunning, others poorly put together, and many colored in a far too muddy fashion. i hope they can fix that in time for the next issue. Which I will be picking up.

  36. I haven’t picked up an core X-Men book (Cable and Cable & Deadpool were my others), and I wasn’t sure what to make of this.  It was a really good story, and I felt a strong jumping on point.  They gave enough back story to help those who have not been reading, but didn’t do enough of it to alienate those that have been reading the title for a while.  The artwork really helped with this story as well.  Having not read Whedon’s run, I was surprised at the concept of this story as it put the X-Men in a real world situation and the clean "realistic" art (well as real as you can get with a big blue furry man) and it made it easier to get into the story.

     I think I’m going to stick with this title a bit, and potentially pick up the Whedon run in trade form, or hopefully a giant collected hard cover.

  37. this was a great introduction to the new volume despite being numbered in the old volume.  Loved it.

  38. I don’t get why people are hung up on the numbering.  Comics change writers/artists all the time and that doesn’t always warrant new volumes.   Whedon had a run on a comic, that’s it.  It was good, but we’re dealing with the same team and everything, so why break it out as a volume?

  39. Great story line. I love Ellis’s take on all the characters and his little character moments were great. From the Storm and Emma squabble to Beast and Cyclops talking about Scott turning soft. The science ideas are always out there with Ellis but well worth it and its something fresh for Xmen.

    For the art though i was greatly dissapointed and surprised at once. Its a great improvment from wolverine but for a supposed "superstar" artist he sure cant do anything with faces. And i feel the colorist really fell short on the issue.

  40. I want to read it for Warren Ellis, but Simone Bianchi’s art just turns me off.

    I think they should have ended the book after Whedon and Cassaday’s run; I have a feeling it’s eventually going to turn into another X book.

  41. @thebouv  I think the argument re: numbering is that if this is the only X-title someone is reading (and for a lot of people, it seems to be), you’re just going straight from them going to sleep in Westchester to waking up in San Francisco, with virtually no transition or nod to what’s happened in between.  I don’t think it’s a big deal — it’s not like creative team changes are that unusual — but I can see the argument.  What they did is probably smart marketing, though, as it’s getting more Whedon fans to try it (and the Ellis fans will be here anyway).

    @johnorlandello The Whedon run is great (and if you’re a Cable & Deadpool fan — represent! — you’ve already seen the core team in the "Burnt Offering" arc).  But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be essential/closely related/similar to what Ellis is doing here.

  42. Basically just read Giant Size Astonishing X-Men first, then read this issue #25.

    You’ll be shocked on how dip of quality of the writing and drawings are for this issue. I’m not gonna drop this title, and I dont think this is a huge failure….But man trying to read this again hurt my eyes, the art is just not that good. Considering Ellis had over a year to think about a story, he sure made his first issue underwelming.

  43. I loved the story for this.  Sure, not a lot happened, but it was a great character issue.  It was nice to read a comic that took more than 5 minutes to finish.  I’m mixed on the art.  As was said above, there were several stunning pages, but it seemed that he rushed through a few of the smaller panels.  I couldn’t stand the coloring.  The muddy/darker-is-better look just doesn’t work for me.  I’m not asking for neon, but go ahead and let the art pop a little bit.  We’re dealing with the X-men here, not Batman.  All in all, I’m hooked.  I guess I’m an easy fish though, cause I’m still buying Cable for some reason…

  44. hmm i havent read any of the Astonishing X-Men series’ so i picked this one up to fill up my non-moneyless gap this week. it wasnt too bad but not a HUGE fan of the artwork

  45. The art just doesn’t do it for me, but the story was sort of interesting. Maybe give it another issue…maybe not.


    Very disappointed in this book.  I love Ellis’ work, but the story here didn’t work for me.

    From the X-Men becoming "Avengers San Francisco" to Armor whining about her name over and over to the general dullness of the story, even Emma’s usually enjoyable snark seemed flat.

    And the art…gah.






  47. It’s only one book so far but I like what I’m reading. Great artwork too! I’d dare to say I like it better than Cassaday who I always thought drew a wonkey looking Logan. Can’t wait till the next issue!

  48. The story was okay, but I’m beginning to hate how Ellis writes superheroes now. Everyone is the same. In every book he writes all the characters speak exactly the same "If there’s coffee I’ll simply die!". The dynamic between Storm and Emma, while humorous, just felt off. He clearly has no handle on how to write Storm at all.  The art is muddy and in some spots downright ugly. I thought his Wolverine stuff was okay but not worthy of being put on the top X-book.  This one’s going to be a tough call. It’s still early and the story will almost certainly be unique and interesting. I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle Ellis’s dialogue.

  49. Just recently got back to the x universe and really digging it.  It’s quite Astonishing, loved Whedon’s run but the art and the story here are great

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