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Maybe my expectations were just too high after Whedon.
I’m a pretty big fan of Ellis, but I had a hard time getting through this.  Though Whedon made the book more of a traditional super-hero affair after Morrison’s “New X-Men,” Ellis has dragged it into another direction altogether.  The story picks up (at least) months later, and though using ridiculous sci-fi elements like a flying car to solve crimes in San Francisco.  I generally have no trouble just sitting down to read an issue of anything, but I wanted to stop reading this more than once.  I can handle boring, but not uninteresting.
The art was also difficult to get through.  Unlike Cassaday’s sharp, clear visuals, everything has become murky and bizarre.  To say Bianchi’s art was distracting is putting it mildly.  I subconsciously just began ignoring the dark splotches in the panels and reading the word bubbles.
I was very disappointed with this first issue, but then again, it was a first issue.  I’ll try picking up the next one or two now that my expectations have been completely reset.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. Not as abysmal as Ultimates 3, but nowhere near how good Astonishing should be. Nice to see the gigantic X’s on their uniforms though…I forgot which team they were on.

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