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  1. All you had to say was that Joe Kelly is writing Deadpool again. I don’t care what book it’s in, but if you have that combination, I’m buying that book no matter what!

  2. Marvel would be wise to one day put out a collection of Skottie Young covers.

  3. I love this cover.

  4. Can’t Wait. Joe kelly Deadpool.. epic.

  5. I’ve hated this ASM run, I swore off of it (although I did try #600 a while back).

    But give me Joe Kelly doing Deadpool again and add in Spider-Man to the mix. I am so in!! This is the most exciting issue of the week for me.

  6. i was sorely disappointed with the last arc, which i had high expectations for, so it’s nice to feel confident in this issue, being that Kelly is back.

  7. Great cover!

  8. ASM with no clones! praise the lord!

  9. And I thought Wolverine made too many appearances in Marvel Comics in a month! I knew this issue was going to be a filler… but Deadpool. This issue is going to the bottom of my stack.

  10. The Joe kelly deadpool run was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining titles i have ever read. I am really looking forward to this


    and Cente is awesome too

  11. Amazing cover. Good to be back on ASM after the month break I took.

  12. Yeah for no more clone bull shit.

  13. To be honest with you people, I know about as much about Deadpool as I do advanced plays from the 1800s, but as long as this story is better then the last arc, I’m down.

  14. @captbastrd: Agreed, I would buy a book of Skotty Young covers in a second.

    I don’t think I have every bought an issue of amazing Spider-Man but this cover, Deadpool and Kelly has me sold, even though I didn’t like Kelly’s story in Deadpool #900.

  15. Man Skottie Young is the bomb.

  16. this will be a great issue but sadly some people wont be able to admit it……(shifty eyes)

  17. I love the cover.  Hope we’re moving past this clone garbage. 

  18. So … for someone not following ASM, what is this issue exactly? Can I pick this up as a one-off & not be lost?

  19. @wade wilson

    I think if you have a vague knowledge of Spider-man you should be ok. They are trying to make the book new reader friendly, and I don’t think the big arc (the gauntlet) starts until next issue. I think this is a one-shot to have a bit of fun before the seriousness starts.

    If you need to know anything Kraven’s wife and daughter are recruiting Spider-man supervillians to take him down. I doubt even that will be important though.

  20. I so sick of Deadpool!!!! One of the worst characters in comics!

  21. I would be upset not to commend Skottie Young on another fantastic cover. He’s killing it on cover art this year. Just a nice joke on 90’s comics, at least that’s what I think he’s making fun of

  22. The cover was funnier before I noticed that Skottie Young always draws tiny feet.  Still great though.

  23. I hated this book so much, I’m mad at them for making it.

    Gahhhh… fucking Deadpool.

  24. Yay joe kelly deadpool and spider-man!!!

  25. akamu, where art thou?

  26. @vadamowens

    I’ve been wondering the same thing.  Worst Tuesday night ever. 

  27. I think with this issue, if you don’t like Deadpool, you will probably hate it.  I thought it was pretty good and set up the upcoming Gauntlet storyline pretty well.

  28. This gave me happy memories with Deadpool again. Joe Kelly just killed it with the writing on this. It’s like he never left the character in the first place. Only Kelly will give you the most epic ‘Yo Mama’ fight in history. Shame about the god awful art in this. If the art was 100x better I would’ve made this my pick. Still, if your a fan of Deadpool or just wanna remember the good old days with the character….Your gonna love this issue.

  29. My comic shop closed for Veterans Day.  God Damn shame.

  30. @TNC I loved the art. I thought it fit the tone of the book perfectly.

  31. I did not like the art either, just not a style I like.

  32. @Roi: Maybe it was just the style, but I just couldn’t get used to that abstract-like designs.

    Seeing Deadpool or Spider-Man with a triangle shaped head was bugging the crap out of me.

  33. Ugh. At least the cover was funny. I know there are a lot of Deadpool and Joe Kelly fans who will love this, but this particular brand of random, self-referential humor does nothing for me. "Yo mama" jokes? Really? Oh well. I hope The Gauntlet justifies the fact I’ve stuck with ASM through Ben Reilly and Deadpool, two of the more regrettable things to come out of the 1990s.

  34. That "break the fourth wall, I’m-in-a-comic" stuff really is the hackiest crutch on the market. Just… so lazy. And on every page! Joking about how bad you are does not excuse how bad you are.

  35. In spite of myself I laughed out loud several times.

    On the subject of the art, did J. Scott Campbell draw this with his eyes closed?  What the hell?

    Didn’t really enjoy this issue too much.

  36. I loved the Geoff Johns ‘cameo’ in this. Even if it was a joke, they had to have gotten permission by DC to do it. I wasn’t prepaired for the Blackest Night slam there. lol

  37. This comic kept going back in forth between being really funny and being severely annoying.  It doesn’t get much better than that Lady Stilt-Man sequence, though.

  38. Annoying in both story and art, that is.  One panel I’d think the art was neat and stylistic, the next I’d be cringing.

  39. I don’t understand how people can hate the art in this. Does everything have to look like Jim Lee for people to like it? i thought the art was full of energy, fresh and original. How can people like this cover but not like the interior, they are similar styles. The only girpe i had with the art was that i thought the inks could have been thicker, im not a fan of the "sketchy-ness" of the ink job (even though it appears to have been done by Canete himself)

  40. This was hilarious and I laughed at every page, and I don’t even read Deadpool. The art was different but it suited the vibe the issue was going for.

  41. Joe Kelly is the King of writing deadpool.. I loved this book

  42. @mikegraham6

    It is just not a style I care for.  If you like that style then it was probably drawn quite well but I just do not care for it, don’t HATE it but I am far from loving it.  I think it worked for this issue because of Deadpool or on a cover but no way do I think this would work for other issues of ASM. 

  43. @cubman987 it’s a very indy style, unconventional. if you ask me, i think more mainstream titles could do with a injection of "different." its a breath of fresh air in Marvel

  44. man I have not had this much fun with book in a long while. Also that Geoff Johns joke was hilarious

  45. I think the art would have looked a lot better with a different ink job.   If you are going to go abstract with your designs, you really need to make sure your lines are crisp so that the viewers don’t get confused on two fronts.  

     This was a busy comic.  There was a lot going on.  It’s going to need a re-read. 

  46. I respect Marvel for trying something with the art in this issue. I don’t think it worked fully, but the risk alone was worth it. i wish more unusual art styles were used in the mainstream stuff.

  47. And here I thought the Clone stuff from the last month would be the worst Spider-Man issues of the year…

  48. I was reading this while eating and had to stop. Damn you Deadpool! <3

  49. I guess this comic just isn’t for me.

  50. its one of those comics that youll love or hate

  51. Weird.  The rating is under 4, but 10.5% have it as POTW.  I’ll have to read this one soon.

  52. i dug it.

  53. I loved the story, including the Geoff Johns bit. But the art is what kept this from being POTW and a 5 rating. At times, I had trouble telling characters apart. 

  54. i know art is completely preference but i loved it. The book was hilarious and the art completed it for me. 

  55. Gave it a 2, story is a 4 but the art drags it wayyyy down.

  56. Fuh. King. Loved this!

  57. The story was great and this might have been a good jumping on point if the art wasn’t so turgid. Just an ugly ugly book, the faces looked weird and so did peoples bodies. If the story wasn’t so good I’d have given if an F! So I’m hoping for a full return to form next issue. Joe didn’t need to show all the multiple personality boxes to make DP kickass awesome.

  58. I enjoyed the story.  Some parts made me laugh.  The art wasn’t my thing, but it was ok.  I also didn’t care for the recap page.  Anyone know if Joe Kelly is writing the upcoming arc?

  59. @400yrs   The next arc is MArk Waid but i think Kelly is doing an arc in the middle of "The Gauntlet" but don’t quote me on that

  60. Thanks!  Waid is good too.

  61. This comic played into a larger storyline that is too complex for me to care about.  I’ve never been a HUGE Spidey fan.  I saw what they were trying to do with the whole "Quip-off" but it was way overdone.  I love Deadpool, but this comic sucked.

  62. THIS is how Deadpool should be used. He does not require 4 effing thousand monthly ongoings! If he kept up limited appearances like this every once in awhile, I think we would all be just fine!

  63. I hated this issue.  I hated the art, I hated to the story, I am mad at myself and my brother for us buying this.  If comic books were flowers this would be a turdblossom.

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