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I have always like Deadpool, kind of, but not really.

Back in the 90s Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool was a must read for me, certainly the earlier issues anyhow. I didn’t follow the character unconditionally and maybe that’s way i still don’t really dislike him as much i should, although i do. 

So when i heard Joe Kelly was writing Deadpool again in the pages of Amazing Spider-man, i was excited, happy, sleepy and a little gassy. My intial thought was “OH yeah, whoo, i definately must pick that up… if i remember to and i have extra four dollars, you know what? whatever.”

So here we are, a quick reminder, one trip to the store and four dollars later. I read the comic. Crasy, hey?

It was pretty good. Deadpool is still the embodiment of sad nerdy comic fan… with guns and swords. He makes geeky jokes, treats girls like space aliens and gushs like a school girl  around spider-man. He’s juvenile and stunted. It’s funny how both he and Spider-man are so similar; in appearence, in attitude and intent. Both represent that fanboy quality. I think while Deadpool is the fan in arrested development, Spiderman is the fan functioning as an adult but still mantaining some quirkiness.

There was a story in the issue it had to do with deadpool fighting Spider-man or something, who cares? it was fun and stuff happened.

Eric Cente is a geat talent. He has a expressive and dynamic style. Big action scenes and quicky comic moments.

That’s all. alright? ok

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Glad you liked it.  I should be able to pick mine’s up later if it ever stops raining so I can ride my bike there.

  2. where do you live, robby? the pacific northwest? watch out for sad vampires!!

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