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Lex Luthor’s all-consuming quest for power leads him straight into conflict with Deathstroke, the Terminator! What happens when the DCU’s most ingenious mastermind meets its most lethal killer? We don’t know, but it’s sure gonna be fun finding out…

This issue also features a new Superboy story by Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH) and Pier Gallo (ADVENTURE COMICS) – the creative team of the upcoming new SUPERBOY ongoing series!

Co-feature written by JEFF LEMIRE
Co-feature art by PIER GALLO
"DC 75TH Anniversary" Variant cover by IVAN REIS and OCLAIR ALBERT

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Loving this. Paul Cornell makes Lex Luthor a fascinating character.

  2. This is easily in my current top 5.

  3. This always comes out on light weeks for me which means that even if it isn’t always as good as the first issue of this arc, i will probably never drop it until Cornell leaves. All of this makes me a happy panda

  4. This book rocks. Don’t even know what else to say. In the future, I’ll actually be rooting for Luthor if cornell is writing.

  5. Ohhh… Superboy co-feature only makes this issue more awesome.

  6. I hae decided that Deathstroke bores the snot out of me. One eye. Hard on for Titans. Very good with weapons. Too many children. I like Lex and Cornell, so it gets a chance. Also interested in Superboy, who will almost have to be more interesting thatn what Supermanis doing right now. Pinnochle? Fixing a water main in Dubois? Eh.

  7. It appears that this is the era of the bad guys acting like good guys (Incorruptable, Thunderbolts, Action Comics,etc…).

    Comic book writers and fans are like those ladies who fall in love with convicts and end up marrying them.

    Every week feels like a congical visit. 

  8. Looking forward to some heartache and hockey in the Superboy back up co-feature!

  9. Going to try to jump on with this issue. Hopefully I don’t get too confused.

  10. I love that Luthor’s got this awesome badass battlesuit, but is still too cool to wear a helmet.

  11. I don’t know why, but that cover feels ‘Spider-Man’y doesnt it?

  12. @Ruo21 – Go for it. But if you like it, I highly recommend at least the previous two issues. Great fun.

  13. @flakbait-Luthor needs no helmet with that massive ego for a shield!

  14. @flakbait – or Luthor can use the blinding glare off his head to blind his enemies.

    @AmirCat – There’s nothing wrong with getting "congical".  If I get your meaning.

  15. Cornell has been kicking ass on this book.

  16. Cornell is kicking ass, but Pete Woods has never looked so damn good.  He leveled up for sure after New Krypton.

  17. Agreed, Pete has really brought his a-game for this series. He’s becoming one of my favorite artists at DC

  18. Yet another good issue. Awesome stuff from start to finish. Wish the Superboy thing was a co-feature until the series starts, but whatevs. 5/5 and my POTW.

  19. lex fighting to control his emotion with his intellect. thats what sells this issue.

  20. This issue was good but not amazing. I’m still intrigued enough to buy it though.

  21. The previous issues were better but this is still a four star book.

  22. I feel like I should enjoy this, but I just don’t. I enjoy Cornell’s writing usually, but this seems all over the place for me.

    And the Superboy co-feature just saved me 3-4 dollars a month as I now don’t feel bad about not picking the new book up. Gallo’s art wasn’t doing it for me.

  23. If not for the cover, there are about 3 pages that would have been pretty confusing on the first read.  On the other hand, a less plot-specific cover would have resulted in a more surprising read.  Either way, great storytelling, great art, and a very nice take on Deathstroke.

  24. Really diggin the Lois robot concept goin on in this arc, kinda perverse.

  25. I’ve really been enjoying the Lex Luthor "hijacking" of Action comics. A fun issue. My only complaint is that they tried to cram some action into some panels that were too small or two awkward and there was some confusion as to what was happening during some of the battle scenes. 

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